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1.- Write the name of each ride below the correct picture.



1 _____________ 2 _____________ 3 _____________

4 _____________ 5 _____________ 6 _____________

7 _____________ 8 _____________
2- Read the descriptions for each ride and match them to the pictures above.

___ Enjoy the most typical ride in the park with all your family as you go round & round.
___ This new coaster is a challenge for the brave. It’s 49 metres high and 450 metres long.
___ Experience the ultimate in loopings and twisting in this unbelievable coaster where you never know
where you’re going.
___ If you don’t mind getting wet, this is your ride, especially in hot weather.
___ Dogde cars on a track full of light, sound & amazing effects.
___ The funniest way of going rafting. Go on a exciting white water fafting trip
___ Twist and turn in great fun as you launch into total darkness.
___ An unforgettable train trip for the youngest.
___ Take the legendary boat ride around the globe on this tour of nations.

3-Complete a text. Fill in each blank with the approriate verb tense or form of the verb in brackets.

A theme park ____________ (be) a place with rides and entertainment designed around an idea or topic. Theme
parks usually ____________ (change) every year with the additions of new rides and the destruction of older
rides. You can ____________ (have) more than one park in one location, just like Los Angeles, which
____________ (have) both Disneyland and Universal Studios. Central Florida ____________ (gather) over 55
theme parks and fun parks. With different kinds of theme parks, visitors ____________ (stay) longer and
____________ (think) it ____________ (be) better to have more choices in just one place.

4.- Fill in the blanks in the following writing. Follow the hints below.

Nowadays amusement parks are very popular among 1 _______________. There are more and more 2
_______________ in the world every year, but not all of 3 _______________ are successful. In fact, some 4
______________ economic difficulties. 5 _______________ is that? What makes a good amusement park?

First of all, I think amusement parks are too 6 _______________. The tickets cost a lot of money.
Moreover, there are some where you 7 _______________ take your own food and they make you
8 _______________ at the park restaurants. In my opinion they 9 _______________ have picnic areas. 10
_______________ , amusement parks 11_______________ have rides for 12_____________: teenagers, families
and children. Most young people prefer 13_______________ rides like roller coasters which make your
14_______________ go 15_______________ and 16_______________.
17 ______________ rides are also very popular, especially in summer. Besides, 18_______________
are also important because in summer in Spain people like staying out late at night. Therefore, I prefer
amusement parks which close very 19_______________ even on weekdays.

Finally, I must say that I’m not very fond of amusement parks because I get 20 _______ very easily.

1- plural noun 11- modal verb

2- synonim for amusement parks 12- noun
3- pronoun 13- adjective
4- verb 14- noun
5- question word 15- preposition
6- adjective 16- preposition
7- modal verb 17- noun as adjective
8- verb 18- important aspect in a park
9- modal verb 19- adverb.
10- Linker 20- adjective
5.-You’re going to write a composition called “What makes a good amusement park?
Look at the list below and decide which features are the most important. Add any others that you feel
are important.

-size -closing times

-rides for all ages -educational aspect
-water rides -scaring rides
-picnic areas -food & drink

You must divide your essay into three paragraphs.

-1st paragrahp: general introduction to the topic. Write about fun fairs in general, the importance of fun
fairs for entertainment, different kinds of fun fairs….

-2nd paragraph: include all the features that in your opinion make a good fun fair. Don’t forget to give
reasons for your choices.
Use linkers like: In general, moreover, in addition, what’s more.
Use modal versbs like: must, should.
Use expressions like: in my opinion, from my point of view.

-3rd paragraph: end your writing expressing your opinion about fun fairs: I think fun fairs are great
fun, I don’t really like fun fairs much.... Give one reason for your opinion.

 Write down the composition with your own ideas.


1.-You have just moved to a new country. Write a letter to a friend telling about your life there. Include
what you do everyday and plans for the weekend.

Dear 1_______________,

Thanks for your letter; I really enjoyed reading it. 2_______________, is fantastic. At the moment, I’m living in
3_______________ with 4_______________ .
Everyday we get up at 5_______________ because we have to 6_______________ 7_______________
_______________. We spend most of the time 8______________________,. In the evening, we often
9__________________ or ___________________.
Next weekend I 10_______________ because 11________________________________________
What’s happening in 12_______________? Is it 13_______________, as usual? Here the weather is always
I don’t want to come home for another few months!



1- name
2- positive adjective
3- town where you’re staying or activity that you’re currently doing
4- say whre you are living (town, or house/ flat/ tent, etc.)
5- say who you are living with
6- say what time you get up
7- mention any classes or obligations you have
8- use a gerund form
9- say two things that you do in the evenings
10- say what you are doing at the weekend
11- give a reason
12- place where the friend that you are writing to lives
13- use an adjective to describe the weather
14- use an adjective to describe the weather
15- use an informal expression to finish the letter
16- sign your name

1.- MODEL. Read about Eminem. Guess words 1-4.

Complete the text with the correct words or expressions in Simple Past


Marshall Mathers ____________ (1) on 17th October 1973. He ____________ (2) in Detroit with his mother. He
didn’t like school, so he ____________ (3) when he was 14. He started to write words for songs. He recorded his
own raps too.
In the early 1990s, Eminem began rapping in clubs. He also worked as a chef because he needs the money. In
1995, he recorded his first album, “Infinite”. It wasn’t a success, but his next album, “The Marshall Mathers LP”
(4)____________ a lot of prizes and “The Slim Shady LP” sold millions.
Now Eminem is an international star. He lives in the USA with his wife and daughter. Music is important for
him, but he’s also interested in films and other projects.

LINKING WORDS: Because, so, too, also

2.- Translate the sentences.

1.- He worked as a chef because he needed the money.

2.- He didn’t like school, so he left when he was fourteen.
3.- He recorded his own raps too.
4.- He also worked as a chef.

3.- Rewrite the sentences. Use the bold words.

Diego Forlán plays for Uruguay. He plays for Villareal.

Diego Forlán plays for Uruguay. He also plays for Villareal.

1.- J.K. Rowling lived in Portugal. She lived in France. (TOO)


2.- Chris Martin from Coldplay plays the piano. He plays the guitar (ALSO)

3.- Brad Pitt wanted to be an actor. He went to Hollywood. (SO)


4.- Julia Roberts stopped acting for a short time. She had twins (BECAUSE)
4.- Look at the information about ANGELINA JOLIE. Make notes to answer the questions.

1.- When was Angelina born?

2.- Where was she born?
3.- What did she do when she was a child?
4.- What dis she do before she was famous?
5.- What was her first success?
6.- Who does she help now?

Full Name: Angelina Jolie Voight

Date of birth: 4th June 1975
Place of birth: California, USA
Childhood: - acted in her first film when she was five
- went to drama school age eleven

Success: - when she was young she appeared in music videos

- starred in The Bone Collector (1999), her first big film
- won an Oscar in 1999. Became famous in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and other films

Now: - is a film star and helps children’s organisations

- lives in the USA with her children


Write a short biography about any famous person you know well.

Paragraph 1: The person’s place and date of birth.

He/She was born on .....in……….

Paragraph 2: The person’s past

When she was............years old, she……

In 19……………., she

Paragraph 3: The person’s life now

Now she.....
At present,

1.- MODEL. Read the text. Choose the right alternative.

My typical weekend

On Friday evening, I usually/ never stay in. My friend Oliver sometimes comes to my house and we play
tennis/ computer games or surf the Internet.

On Saturday, I often go to Manchester to watch a tennis/ football match with my dad and my sister.
Then, in the evening, I always go out with my friends/ parents. We sometimes go to a friend’s party
or we go to the cinema in Stockport.

On Sunday morning, I never/ always get up early. In the afternoon, I usually meet my friends and play
sport. Our favourite sports are basketball, football and volleyball. I hardly ever go out on Sunday
evening. I usually do my English / Spanish homework!

2.- PREPARATION. Think about your typical weekend. Make notes to answer the questions.

1.- Do you usually go out on Friday evening?

2.- When do you meet friends?
3.- Do you play sport at the weekend?
4.- Where do you go on Saturday evening?
5.- Do you get up early on Sunday morning?
6.- When do you do your homework?

3.- TASK Write about your typical weekend. Look again at the model text and use your ideas from the
previous exercise.
Paragraph 1: Things you do on Friday evening
On Friday evening, ...............
Paragraph 2: Things you do on Saturday
On Saturday morning/ afternoon, ............
Paragraph 3: Things you do on Sunday
On Sunday, ..........
(Writing about plans: be going to)

1.- Read Simon’s email and John’s reply. Complete the missing words.

Hi John,
It’s Peter’s birthday on Saturday. What are you going to buy him?
Have you got any good ideas? ;-)
See you soon,
PS Are you going to his ................. at the weekend?

Hi Simon,
I’m going to buy Peter a ....................... I’m going to give him “Virtual Volleyball”.
Why don’t you give him a different game? He likes action games too. I’m going to go shopping with my
brother on Saturday. Do you want to come with us?
Laura’s going to come to the party with me! I’m going to meet her on Saturday afternoon in town.

See you at school,

PS Look on this .................... ! They’ve got some great games at www.playzone.uk

2.- Avoiding repetition

Complete the table with the pronouns and possessive adjectives from the model text.
Subject Pronouns Object Pronouns Possessive Adjectives
I ......... ..........
...... you your
He ........... ........
........ her her
We ........... our
......... Them their

3.- Change the words in bold. Use pronouns or possessive adjectives.

It’s Sara’s birthday. What will you give Sara? Her
1.- I’m going to buy Rosa a DVD. Rosa loves films. _______________
2.- Tom and Jane are fifteen. Are you going to Tom and Jane’s party? _______________
3.- I want to phone Tom. Have you got Tom’s number? _______________
4.- Those trousers are cool! Where did you buy those trousers? _______________
5.- My friends and I are having a sleepover. My friends and I are going to stay at Jo’s house._____________

4.- Imagine you receive this email from a friend. Complete 1-4 with names or pronouns.

It’s ................................ ‘s birthday on Wednesday. What are you going to give ...................?
Have you got any good ideas? ;-)
See you soon.
PS What are you doing at the weekend?

5.- You are going to buy a birthday present for your friend. Prepare answers for these questions.

1.- What are you going to buy for your friend?

2.- Why will he/she like it?

3.- What other ideas can you suggest?

4.- What does your friend like doing?

5.- What are you going to do at the weekend?

6.- Do you want to add any extra information?

6.- Write a reply to your friend’s email. Look again at the writing model and use the previous ideas

Paragraph 1: Ideas for a present.

I’m going to buy.....
Paragraph 2: Other suggestions
Why don’t you give him/her.....?
Paragraph 3: Plans for the weekend
On Saturday, I’m going to.....

1.- Read this e-mail to a website for teenagers.

Hi, I’m Alison and this is my first message on this board. Let me tell you something about myself.
I’m 16 and I live and study in Edinburgh in Scotland. I’ve got a brother and two sisters, and we’ve got an
enormous. My dog’s name is Castle. I like pop music and I love the American actor Johnny Depp.
I’m writing to this message board because I’m very interested in the environment. At school we’re studying the
problems of pollution in the world. I think that protecting the environment is essential because we’ve only got
one planet. At home paper is recycled every day and plastic bottles are taken to the containers.
Do you recycle at home? What other things do you do to help the environment?
What order does the writer mention these things in?
1- the city where she lives
2- her name
3- why she’s writing to this message board
4- her interests
5- her family and pets

2.- Find two mistakes in each sentence.

1- My brothers name is Keith.
2- i love basketball tennis and judo.
3- what do you think about the war
4- My friend best animals helps.
5- Why you are interested in fashion.

3.-You are going to write an e-mail to a message board with information about yourself.
First make notes.
Name, Age, City/Country
Family and pets, Hobbies and interests
The message board you are interested in (The environment, government, television, technology,

Why you are interested in this message board

Use your notes and the model to write your e-mail.
Useful language
- Use Let me tell you something about myself. to introduce your personal information.
- Use expressions of opinion such as: like, love, hate, don’t mind+noun, or +-ing:
I like films. I like watching films.
- Use words to give your opinion: great, terrible, fun