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awwmag.com | December 2017 | Vol. XL Issue 10

World ‫ﻋﺎﻟﻢ اﻟﻤﻴﺎه اﻟﻌﺮﺑﻲ‬

Evolving from Arab Water World (AWW) to Water HQ

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SAF: An Ideal Process for Sewage & Industrial Wastewater (p10)

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• Maximum chemical output is 56.2 LPH.
Maximum pressure rating is 8.6 bar.

Chem-Pro® Features Include:
• Smooth full diaphragm stroke
every time and precise chemical
• Remote start and stop function.
• Advanced electronics and the
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• Equipped with Blue-White’s
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• Maximum chemical output is NEMA 4X
153 LPH, Maximum pressure WASH DOWN
rating is 10.3 bar.

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Arab Water World December 2017
Serving the Water, Wastewater, Desalination & Energy Sectors in MENA - Since 1977 www.awwmag.com
December 2017 | Vol. XL Issue 10

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Events Preview...............................................59
AWW Exclusive: Water Well
Events Review................................................60
Disinfection Procedures...................................07

WASTEWATER TREATMENT Coming Events...............................................61
Biological Wastewater Treatment Buyers’ Guide................................................62
AWW Exclusive, SAF: An Ideal Process

for Sewage & Industrial Wastewater...............10
AWW Exclusive: The Use of Treated Grey Water
in Urban Agriculture in Soukra........................12 INFO
General Information........................................6 3
Closing Letter.................................................64
Electrodialysis Reversal
EDR Is an Effective Way
To Demineralize Brackish Water.......................15
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Pipes, Valves & Controls Management

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AWW Exclusive: Farmington Hills Reduces Water
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Submersible Pumps Market Through 2027........23
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Rotary Lobe or Screw Blowers? • Editor-in-Chief
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Published by CPH World Media s.a.r.l. - Beirut, Lebanon Helping Advance MENA & Beyond! Since 1977
‫ لبنان‬،‫ بريوت‬- .‫م‬.‫م‬.‫ميديا ش‬ ‫تصدر عن يس يب أتش ورلد‬ 1977 ‫نساعد بتطوير الرشق األوسط وشامل أفريقيا وأبعد! منذ‬ www.cph.world

Water Recycling / ‫إعادة تدوير املياه‬

Evolving AWW & Bidding ‫وتطور مج َّلة عامل املياه العريب‬
you a Fond Farewell! ‫واالفتتاحية األخرية‬
Wastewater treatment, reuse and recycling are gaining prominence ‫تكتسب معالجة مياه الرصف وإعادة استخدامها وإعادة تدويرها أهمية بارزة عىل الصعيد‬
globally. The average length of the wastewater networks is much smaller ‫ َّإن متوسط طول شبكات الرصف الصحي هو أصغر بكثري من طول شبكات املياه‬.‫العاملي‬
than the water networks across regions. This shows that the Governments ‫ وهذا يشري إىل َّأن الحكومات تر ِّكز عىل إنشاء شبكات للمياه من أجل توفري‬.‫يف املناطق‬
have focused on establishing water networks to provide clean water to
various requirements. With water mis-management, improper disposal of
‫ والتخلص غري السليم من مياه‬،‫ ومع سوء إدارة املياه‬.‫املياه النظيفة ملختلف االحتياجات‬
wastewater and low rates of water renewal, the focus is now shifting towards ‫ يتح َّول الرتكيز اآلن نحو معالجة مياه‬،‫ وانخفاض معدالت تجديد املياه‬،‫الرصف الصحي‬
wastewater treatment, re-use and recycling. Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) ‫ َّإن أنظمة املفاعالت الحيوية ذو الغشاء‬.‫الرصف الصحي وإعادة استخدامها وإعادة تدويرها‬
systems for wastewater reuse and recycling are on a growth trajectory. ‫ وتدفع كل‬.‫املعتمدة يف إعادة استخدام املياه العادمة وإعادة تدويرها تسري نحو النمو‬
The market is growing rapidly with China and the Middle East driving the ‫ باإلضافة إىل عوامل أخرى مثل كفاءة‬.‫من الصني ومنطقة الرشق األوسط الزخم يف السوق‬
growth momentum. Energy efficiency, an attractive payback period, and a
prolonged life span are other factors adding to the growth.
.‫ وطول العمر االفرتايض لها‬،‫ والحصول عىل العائدات بعد فرتة زمنية مغرية نسب ًيا‬،‫الطاقة‬

The membrane bioreactors (MBR) systems market in the Kingdom of Saudi ‫ تشهد سوق أنظمة املفاعالت‬،‫ووف ًقا لتقرير صدر مؤخ ًرا عن رشكة فروست أند سوليفان‬
Arabia (KSA), United Arab Emirate (UAE), and Iran is witnessing double- ‫الحيوية ذو الغشاء يف اململكة العربية السعودية واإلمارات العربية املتحدة وإيران‬
digit growth as wastewater treatment, reuse and recycling initiatives gain ‫مزدوجا حيث تكتسب مبادرات معالجة املياه املستعملة وإعادة استخدامها‬ ً ‫من ًوا‬
momentum, according to a recent report by Frost & Sullivan. Energy ً ‫وإعادة تدويرها‬
efficiency, an attractive payback period, and prolonged life span are further
‫ ينبغي أن‬،‫ ولإلستفادة من ثروة الفرص غري املستغلة‬.‫زخم كب ًريا‬
factors augmenting growth. To harness a wealth of untapped opportunities, ‫يتعاون موردو األغشية مع مصنعي املعدات األصلية املحليني يف مجال املياه ومدمجي‬
membrane suppliers should collaborate with local water original equipment .‫النظم من أجل النفاذ إىل مشاريع جديدة مربحة والوصول إىل سوق بديلة مواتية‬
manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators to access lucrative new-
build projects and a ripe replacement market. ِّ
‫ ديسمرب من مج َّلة عامل املياه العريب مواضيع مختلفة ومثرية‬/ ‫يغطي عدد كانون األول‬
‫ الضوء عىل أفضل عملية معالجة بيولوجية‬10 ‫ فيلقي مقال الصفحة‬.‫لإلهتامم‬
The December 2017 issue of Arab Water World (AWW) magazine
covers a number of interesting projects and topics. On page 10, the article
17 ‫ ويتناول املقال يف الصفحة‬.‫ملياه املجاري والرصف الصحي يف القطاع الصناعي‬
sheds the light on the SAF technology as an ideal process for sewage and ‫ عىل‬34 ‫ وير ِّكز مقال الصفحة‬.‫دراسة حالة تصف كيفية خفض تكاليف توريد املياه‬
industrial wastewater. The article on page 17 is a case study describes how ‫ كام يزخر هذا‬.‫سوق الطاقة الشمسية يف منطقة الرشق األوسط وشامل أفريقيا‬
to reduce water supply costs. Moreover, the article on page 34 focuses on .‫العدد مبقاالت تتقنية وتقارير حول البلدان باإلضافة إىل آخر أخبار قطاع املياه‬
the solar energy market in the MENA region. This issue is also abounded
with a number of technical articles, country reports, and the latest industry
2018 ‫يناير من العام‬/‫وأو ُّد أن ألفت انتباهكم إىل َّأن بداية شهر كانون الثاين‬
)‫سيتم اعتامد اسم جديد ملج َّلة عامل املياه العريب ليصبح (ووتر إتش كيو‬
I would like to draw your kind attention that starting January 2018, Arab ‫ إذ‬،‫ و ُتعترب مسألة "إعادة تسمية العالمة التجارية" هذه تطو ًرا طبيع ًيا‬.water HQ
Water World will evolve to water HQ. This ‘rebranding’ is a natural evolution ‫مهمتنا املتم ِّثلة يف توفري منصة تتناول أخبار القطاع الصناعي‬
َّ ‫تعكس بشكل جيل‬
which reflects better our mission to provide a multi-faceted cutting-edge ‫مخصصة للمهنيني وأصحاب األعامل واملدراء يف جميع‬ َّ ‫متعددة األوجه ومتطورة‬
industry platform to professionals and business owners & managers –
worldwide - while ensuring same or better level of high quality relevant
.‫ مع املحافظة عىل جودة املحتوى الذي نقدِّمه بل والعمل عىل تطويره‬،‫أنحاء العامل‬
content is provided. Special focus will be made on digital aspect with a ‫وسنصب اهتاممنا بشكل خاص عىل العامل الرقمي من خالل اعتامد بوابة صناعية‬ ُّ
dedicated industry portal at www.waterhq.world which shall be launched .2018 ‫يناير‬/‫ سيتم إطالقها اعتبا ًرا من كانون الثاين‬www.waterhq.world ‫مخصصة‬ َّ
beginning January 2018.
‫ لذا أس ِّلم‬.‫ يف خدمة هذا املجال‬41 ‫ أستحقُّ الراحة اآلن بعد أن أمضيت سنوايت الـ‬،‫ختا ًما‬
Finally, after being in this business for the last 41 years, it is time for me
to take a well-deserved rest and to handover the reigns to my son Rabih,
‫ وأنا أثق كل الثقة بأ َّنه سيحرص عىل إحداث تطوير وتقدُّ م‬،‫نجيل ربيع د َّفة القيادة‬
whom I am confident will ensure continuous development and progress to .‫مستمرين لكل العالمات التجارية التابعة لرشكة (يس يب إتش) وللخدمات التي تو ِّفرها‬
all CPH brands and services.
!‫أودِّعكم تودي ًعا حا ًرا متم ِّن ًيا لكم األفضل‬
I bid you a fond farewell and wish you the very best.

Fathi Chatila
‫فتحي شاتيال‬
Editor-in-Chief ‫رئيس التحرير‬

Kindly send us your comments, feedback & thoughts to info@awwmag.com info@awwmag.com ‫نرجو إرسال تعليقاتكم ومالحظاتكم وآرائكم عىل‬

02 awwmag.com | December 2017


Fattah Al Sisi in November 2017. The plants will add around 1.3 gigawatts to
Bahrain pair discussed potential partnerships
covering smart cities, smart electricity
Libya's electricity-generation capacity.
Extra electricity supply is badly needed
networks, and desalination. “We in Libya, where there have been frequent
S.U.N’s Launching have a plan for the next five years to
produce one million m3/d of seawater
power cuts in recent years because
of rising demand and the degradation
The Solar Utilities Network (S.U.N) will desalination for the coastal cities, and of infrastructure linked to political and
be launched in conjunction with the Gulf a clear perception of the locations economic turmoil in the oil-rich nation.
Industry Fair 2018. “The S.U.N. initiative of these stations. We are working to Last month, a group of Turkish employees
will contribute to the growing awareness benefit from your experience in this working on a power station in the city of
of how Solar will affect industry and sector for the rapid and high quality Ubari was evacuated after four of their
society and the commercial opportunities implementation of these stations,” said colleagues were kidnapped, stalling work
for both users and suppliers.” Says minister of housing, utilities, and urban at the plant and highlighting the still-high
Jubran Abdulrahman Managing Director communities Mustafa Madbouli. risks of working in the country.
of organizer’s HCE. “The solar power
renewable energy opportunities are
expanding rapidly in the GCC. Solar
power in the Gulf is becoming a viable
option, for energy diversification
strategies. The movement away from
traditional Carbon-based energy sources
is also creating a requirement for reskilling
of the workforce.” adds Abdulrahman.
The Solar Utilities Network will promote
a network of expertise and provide a
knowledge exchange for those in the
Solar and Renewable energy sectors.
The forum will cover topics surrounding
the solar energy policies that will be
implemented by the governments in the
GCC countries. “Solar is of global interest
and the Network is organized against
the backdrop of an Exhibition looking
at products and services promoting
industrial development.

Egypt Libya Oman

Scheider Electric Siemens Returns Omani Nationals Offered

in Talks to Libya Stake in Al Ghubra
Schneider Electric, the French energy Siemens has signed power-generation Muscat City Desalination Company
management group, is in talks with contracts with Libya worth around (MCDC), the joint venture set up to
Egypt's ministry of housing, utilities and USD826 million, it said on Monday, run Al Ghubra desalination plant,
urban communities about investing in marking a return to active business in Oman, is publicly offering its shares for
desalination and wastewater treatment the north African country after the unrest sale. The offer reflects an agreement
projects. In August 2017, reports that broke out after the 2011 uprising. with the Omani government that
emerged that Egypt plans to build or The German industrial group will build shares in the water plant operations
upgrade 16 desalination plants across and service two gas-power plants in company must be made available
the country. The talks with Schneider Misrata and west Tripoli, giving a shot in to Omani nationals. The deal, which
follow a visit by the company’s chairman the arm to its turbines business where it represents 35 percent of share capital,
and chief executive, Jean-Pascal is cutting jobs due to dwindling demand is open until 18 December 2017,
Tricoire, to Egypt’s president Abdel in developed economies. The new and is available to Omani and foreign

04 awwmag.com | December 2017


nationals, priced at USD0.30 a share. Municipality is carrying out currently an

MCDC has a 20-year water purchase Saudi Arabia intensive campaign for maintenance
agreement with Oman Power and of floods and tunnels networks in the
Water Company (OPWP) that runs to city prior to the beginning of the rainy
2034. The company was established Riyadh Municipality season, including the removal of network
to run Al Ghubra desalination plant by violations, maintenance of floods
a consortium of Malakoff International, Harnesses Its Resources networks in main streets and critical sites
Sumitomo Corp., and Cadagua, who Riyadh Municipality has completed ,and refining and cleaning of outflows
won a build, own operate contract preparations for rainy season through of flood networks as part of its annual
plan under the directives of Prince Faisal
bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, Governor of
Riyadh Region, and Prince Mohammed
bin Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz, under
direct following up from Eng. Ibrahim bin
Mohammed Al-Sultan ,Mayor of Riyadh
Region to support the development of
municipal services in the capital.

One Step Initiative
Dubai Electricity and Water
Authority (DEWA) confirmed that
its One Step initiative saves time and
effort by reducing the number of steps
needed to activate, deactivate, or
transfer electricity and water services
without needing to visit DEWA’s
customer happiness centers. It also
provides customers with more smart
payment options. DEWA is asking the
public to vote for the One Step initiative,
which has qualified for the Hamdan bin
Mohammed Smart Program for Smart
Government, which is managed by
an integrated plan of high human Dubai’ the Model Centre, which is a part
potential and mechanism supported by of The Executive Council of Dubai. The
an integrated technical system. Riyadh One Step initiative allows the activation
Municipality plan includes recruitment of of electricity and water services for
more than (2000) engineers, supervisors DEWA’s customers, once they receive
and workers equipped with more than their Ejari contract from one of over 800
(600) equipment to drain rainwater real estate companies certified by the
from all sites of water gatherings after Dubai Land Department. It also allows
rainfall immediately. The emergency customers to transfer their accounts
plan also included the responsibilities when moving to new accommodation
and duties of all participants during the within Dubai while keeping their security
rainfall and coordination with Ministry deposits. Their registered information
of Transportation, National Water is kept on file, removing the need to
on the project in 2012. The seawater Company and Saudi Electricity submit any additional documents or
reverse osmosis desalination plant has Company. Riyadh Municipality visit a DEWA Customer Happiness
capacity of 191,000 m3/d, and cost confirmed that rainy season has priority Centre. Customers can also deactivate
USD215 million. The shares are to be in business work of Municipality, whether electricity and water services, and get
sold on Muscat Securities Market, and for both projects of implementation or their final bill, using DEWA’s smart app
the advisor is Bank Muscat. continued maintenance works. Riyadh or website.

December 2017 | awwmag.com 05

Water Treatment
07 AWW Exclusive: Water Well
Disinfection Procedures

Wastewater Treatment
Biological Wastewater Treatment
10 AWW Exclusive, SAF: An Ideal Process
for Sewage & Industrial Wastewater
12 AWW Exclusive: The Use of Treated Grey Water
in Urban Agriculture in Soukra
14 EFLO Introduces a New Water Treatment Solution
14 Veolia Wins Contract To Bring Up To Standard

Desalination Technology
Electrodialysis Reversal
15 EDR Is an Effective Way
To Demineralize Brackish Water

AWW Exclusive: Water Well

Disinfection Procedures
ater well disinfection is one of the most common forms of maintenance performed; it is also one of the most
misunderstood procedures in our industry. Water well disinfection is typically employed for one of two reasons,
mandated or reactionary. As a mandated procedure, it is conducted following development of new wells prior to
placing the well into active use, or, in the case of existing wells, if any maintenance has been conducted, including pump work,
rehabilitation, or modification. As a reactionary procedure, disinfection is conducted in response to a coliform “hit” or as a
rehabilitation effort in response to a loss of capacity or produced water quality.
The first issue to address is the limitations
of well disinfection. Disinfection will not
solve a significant loss of capacity, it
will not target heavy mineral scale,
it will not sterilize the well, nor will it
solve a breach of the well structure.
Disinfection is used as a means of
reducing the bacterial community and
limiting the potential for pathogenic
organisms to exist within the well, not
clean the well. Disinfection failures
often stem from one of several reasons,
including improper use or application
of the chemicals, insufficient agitation
or contact time, and commonly,
suspected fouling being greater than
anticipated. The second issue to
examine is the use and employment of
the disinfection solution. Chlorine has
been used to treat water since the late
1800’s, and remains today as the most
common chemical used to treat well Culturing bacteria
systems. Chlorine is available in the
gas, liquid, and solid forms. As a gas, changes in temperature. It is estimated
25 percent, 33 percent, 68 percent,
chlorine is very dangerous, and its use that with every month, liquid sodium
and 73 percent active product, which
as a disinfectant should be limited to a hypochlorite degrades in strength by 1
means it contains that amount of
controlled environment such as a water percent. With this in mind, it is advised
available chlorine by weight. As with
treatment plant. that you always secure a fresh, sealed
most powdered chemicals, it should be
container of sodium hypochlorite for
dissolved in water prior to introduction
Forms of chlorine each well disinfection project. Calcium
into the well. Calcium hypochlorite is
In the liquid form, commonly as commonly used in a variety of water
sodium hypochlorite, chlorine is “Sodium hypochlorite degrades systems, including wells, pools,
available in a variety of strengths. At cooling towers, and storage tanks.
the grocery or local discount store, overtime, with exposure to Due to the amounts of calcium
you can purchase a 3 to 6 percent sunlight, and with changes present, it is important not to use
solution as “bleach” – however, calcium hypochlorite in ground
be sure not to get a scented or
in temperature” water environments that exhibit
“enhanced” formula as it may high hardness as it can introduce
include perfumes or other compounds hypochlorite is the common granular or calcium into an already saturated
not safe for downhole use. From a tablet form of chlorine. As a mixture, environment, causing scale formation.
chemical supplier, you should be able it contains calcium carbonate, and Most commercial forms of chlorine,
to get a stronger solution ranging from calcium chloride. it is marketed as including liquid and solid hypochlorite
10 to 15 percent strength. Sodium chlorine powder or bleach powder for solutions, are buffered for safety. This
hypochlorite degrades overtime, water treatment and as a bleaching is done to limit the potential for chlorine
with exposure to sunlight, and with agent. Calcium hypochlorite is as a gas formation which is very dangerous,

December 2017 | awwmag.com 07


concentrations of chlorine above 500 should spot the treatment solution

ppm generally fail in effective removal evenly throughout the well, starting at
of the offending organisms (coliforms). the bottom and working upwards.
The age old theory of “shock
chlorination” came about due to the Disinfection process
limitations of pH and the need to apply Let’s walk through the disinfection
more and more chlorine to achieve only process. When chlorinating a new
minor biocidal activity. In new wells, or existing well, several factors can
with less biofilm and free iron present, improve the effectiveness. First, as with
chlorine concentrations of 50 to 150 any procedure, you need to identify
ppm are typically needed. In older your goals and the well’s condition.
Heavy anaerobic growth wells that have exhibited higher fouling, Evaluate the well from the surface
generally concentrations of 200 to 300 to rule out potential contamination,
ppm are utilized. In addition to buffering vandalism, or any means of potential
as well as to reduce the potential
the pH and selection of the chlorine surface or near surface influence on the
for corrosion or damage from the
compound, how you apply it a very well. For both new and old wells, it is
oxidizing effects of chlorine. Buffering
important choice. Dumping a solution advised to actively flush the well prior to
to a higher, more alkaline pH, limits the
from the top often fails to reach the treatment. For older wells, performing
biocidal effectiveness of hypochlorite
target area. While it is true that chlorine pre-treatment cleaning or evacuation
solutions, resulting in a need for greater
has a higher specific gravity than water, of the well prior to chlorination reduces
concentrations of the chlorine product.
it is generally not sufficient to overcome the amount of biomass and debris that
the volumetric difference within the well can readily degrade chlorine. Second,
Concentrations of chlorine
column or remain effective as it dilutes determine the pH and alkalinity of your
When sodium or calcium hypochlorite
in the well. mix water, as well as identify your desired
is mixed with water, both hypochlorous
chlorine concentration. By confirming
and hypochlorite ions are formed. The
Hypochlorite solutions the pH and alkalinity, you can identify
hypochlorous ion is considered to be
Several years ago our laboratory the need for use of a chlorine enhancer
several hundred times more biocidal
conducted a series of experiments and identity the correct dosage. This
than the chlorine residual formed by
designed to determine the distribution will allows you maximum production of
the hypochlorite ion, and as such
and dispersal patterns of hypochlorite hypochlorous acid, the biocidal form of
is the greater means of disinfection
solutions when added to the well. chlorine, during treatment. Third, target
during treatment. The hypochlorous
We found that a hypochlorite solution a treatment volume sufficient to flood
ion is present in greater concentration
designed to deliver 300ppm chlorine the entire well, borehole, and near-well
(strength) at lower pH values. For
aquifer with the chlorination solution.
example, at a pH of 6.5, the
hypochlorous ion content is near “There are a variety of chlorine
We recommend using a value
equivalent to three to four times the
95 percent strength; at a pH of 7.5, neutralizing products on the standing well volume. Fourth, do
the hypochlorous and hypochlorite
ions will be present in near equal market including NW-500, sodium not shock the well! Target a chlorine
concentration between 50 and 400
concentrations, with only minimal bisulfite, sodium thiosulfate, and
ppm for effective results. Utilizing
biocidal effectiveness; and as the
pH passes 8.0, the hypochlorous ion
ascorbic acid” fresh sodium hypochlorite, in a 10
to 12 percent strength solution, is
content falls to less than 4 percent,
to a well if added to the top of the recommended over powdered calcium
hindering biocidal activity significantly.
water level took as much as 6 hours hypochlorite as it does not add any
The hypochlorite ion predominates
to achieve saturation at the well additional calcium to the well setting.
above pH 8.3. This phenomenon is why
bottom and an additional six hours to Fifth, adding the chlorine into the well
many disinfection efforts fail. As such,
distribute throughout the gravel pack. via a tremie pipe and making an effort to
you will need to identify the pH of your
This indicated that if the chlorine dose evenly distribute the solution throughout
source water (for mixing), as well as
is added to the top of the water column the entire well column will direct the
the alkalinity, to identify the neutralizing
and removed within the first six hours, solution to the areas it is needed.
potential of the water prior to chlorine
less than half of the well surfaces are Applying agitation once the solution is
addition. Adjusting the pH of the
exposed to a biocidal concentration of in place will help disperse the solution
treatment solution to a range of 6.5 to
chlorine. Thus, for effective disinfection, throughout the targeted treatment
7.0 will improve the biocidal efforts by
you need to insure that you are delivering area. Allow for sufficient contact time
allowing for the maximum production
the prepared solution throughout the so that the chlorine can go to work. As
of hypochlorous acid, the biocidal form
water column. Using a tremie pipe a rule of thumb, multiply the chlorine
of chlorine. Research has shown that
or similar means of application, you concentration by the contact time, in

08 awwmag.com | December 2017


hours, to a minimum of 1000 “contact potential impacts of chlorination dictate can damage new wells, cause failure
units”. Thus, if you are using a solution that the procedure should be part of a of existing fouled wells, and present a
of 250 ppm, you’ll need a minimum scientific based process – take the time potential hazardous condition for the
of 4 hours contact time. When to evaluate the well, securing laboratory crew and environment – take the time
possible, allow the solution to stand samples, pump data, or even a well to understand the problem downhole
overnight, downhole with periodic video to correctly identify the condition and do it right!
agitation. During chlorination efforts, of the well, need for disinfection,
we advise regular monitoring of the and the methods employed, prior to Michael J. Schnieders, PG, PH-GW
Water Systems Engineering, Inc.
downhole solution to insure sufficient beginning treatment. Misapplication of E-mail: jmschnieders@h2osystems.com
chlorine remains. There are several chlorine, a strong oxidizing chemistry, Web: www.h2osystems.com
commercially available test strips
that allow you to monitor the chlorine
residual. It is recommended that you
strive to maintain a minimum active
concentration of 50ppm downhole
during treatment. Once chlorination
is complete, begin evacuation of
the well from the bottom, working
upwards, until all debris has been
evacuated from the well. Monitor
your chlorine concentration to insure
evacuation of the treatment solution.
It is also advised that you monitor
conductivity and visual turbidity to
insure that all disrupted material has
been evacuated from the well. Once
disinfection efforts are completed,
the well should be returned to an
active operating schedule as soon
as possible. Disposal of the chlorine
solution is a growing concern,
with regulations present in many
States. The basic procedure is to
capture the evacuated fluids and
neutralize the chlorine content prior
to disposal. There are a variety of
chlorine neutralizing products on the
market including NW-500, sodium
bisulfite, sodium thiosulfate, and
ascorbic acid. Prior to evacuation,
estimate the volume of water you will
discharge from the well to adequately
flush the chlorine solution. Provide
for a tank sufficient to hold the
evacuated solution or a portion of
it. Measure the chlorine level of the
water and calculate the dose of the
selected neutralizer required. Monitor
the chlorine level within the tank
to insure adequate neutralization.
Once sufficiently de-chlorinated,
the solution can generally be safely
discharged. Check your local laws
and regulation to insure you are
operating correctly. Well disinfection
is a common but important form of
maintenance. The hazards, costs, and

December 2017 | awwmag.com 09


AWW Exclusive, SAF: An Ideal Process

for Sewage & Industrial Wastewater
hat is an EfloSAF? SAF stands for Submerged Aerated Filter meaning it is a Biological Filter as opposed to a physical filter.
This Biozone is the heart of the plant where the fixed bed support media is located. In addition to the SAF Biozone, other
conventional processes are required for pretreatment, clarification and tertiary treatment if needed. The aerobic, air breathing
micro-organisms that form the beneficial biomass, are attached to the surfaces of the submerged media bed. The media bed is of
extremely high surface area for its volume and provides ideal accommodation for the biomass that continuously consume the organic
matter in the sewage, delivering the treated water.

The small volume of the media bed because only the air supply necessary The latter particularly benefit from the
requires a small footprint, hence, the for the biomass can be applied. high biomass concentration; equivalent
complete SAF plant itself requires a Excessive air and energy is not needed to 9000 mg/l MLSS (volatile). This
small land area. Biological treatment for keeping biomass of moving bed provides a long sludge age and low
plants fall into two general groups; fixed media in suspension. It’s a win - win sludge production. This long sludge
biomass and suspended biomass. The for SAF technology. Naturally, the age, achieved by very gentle conditions
SAF plant is the former and because the quality of the final effluent is of utmost in the biozone, creates an attached
biomass is fixed on the media bed, it is importance and here again the SAF biomass that provides full nitrification
just a case of gently moving the water leads with typically a 15:15 (BOD: and partial de-nitrification deep within
to be treated through the media bed Suspended Solids) quality before the the biomass layer. Apart for these
to ensure the biomass comes benefits, the ‘sloughed’ waste
into full contact with the organic
rich water. This is often done by “…the SAF fixed film technology has the downstream clarifier without
sludge is very easy to settle in

hydraulic displacement using a great advantage because only the air carry over and also without any
very little energy. Conversely,
other designs require extensive
supply necessary for the biomass can sludge bulking issues caused by
filamentous bacteria. The SAF
energy inputs to keep the be applied” technology is ‘straight through’.
biomass is suspension and the This means no Return Activated
‘aeration tanks’ fully mixed. The next application of tertiary treatment. Sand Sludge systems are required, saving
most important aspect of biological filtration after the SAF plant will see an money and operator knowhow. The
treatment is the air supply for the effluent quality of 10:10 or better. The SAF technology is well proven in
biomass. Once again, the SAF fixed SAF process is aerobic and ideal for the MENA region efficiently treating
film technology has a great advantage sewage and industrial waste waters. the sewage and waste waters from
numerous facilities including exclusive
hotel resorts, municipal applications,
labor camps and industrial applications.
One unusual application of growing
interest is for the de-nitrification of
treated sewage effluent before it is re-
used or discharged to the sea, lakes
or for underground aquifer recharge.
This is achieved by modifying the SAF
to a SNAF standing for Submerged
Non Aerated Filter. By eliminating the
air diffusion system and relaxing it with
a hydraulic flow control system, the
aerobic SAF becomes and anaerobic/
anoxic SNAF suitable for de-nitrification
of treated sewage effluents.

SNAF: Biological nutrient removal

This is a non-aerated fixed film
bioreator. SNAF - Submerged Non-
Al Barari project Aerated Filter - specifically developed

10 awwmag.com | December 2017

Biological Wastewater Treatment

for the biological removal of nutrients

Cover Photo Courtesy of Eflo International Ltd, UK
from TSE before discharge to sensitive
receiving waters. Nitrates in ground
water, rivers & lakes and the sea are
an increasing problem worldwide and
are a result of agricultural and sewage
discharges. Even arid regions such
as the Middle East are suffering with
increasingly high nitrate levels in ground
water sources. Long term recharge of
ground water aquifers requires nitrate
removal to prevent a steady buildup
of nitrates, particularly if the ground
water is considered as a future source
of potable water. Nitrate as nitrogen is
typically in the region of 20 mg/l in well
treated TSE but this concentration is
still high and can lead to algae growth
when discharged the sea, especially
creeks, which then cause disruption
to intakes of desalination plants. In Case Study: they would quickly produce algae
landscape features such as lakes & blooms turing the rivers green. SAF
rivers, the algae is aesthetically bad. Project: Al Barari Villa technology had already been selected
In both the sea and lakes, the algae Development, Dubai. for the sewage treatment requirement
rapidly consume the available oxygen Water Treatment Design: Eflo of the development and it was only
leading to fish deaths. The SNAF International Ltd, UK natural to select the SNAF for the
is a development of the successful Water Treatment Technology: treatment of the river make up water.
SAF submerged aerated filter used EfloSAF and EfloSNAF An EfloSNAF plant for 1500 m3 per day
extensively for aerobic biological This high end development of private was selected. The nitrogen reducing
treatment of sewage and industrial villas, mostly used for weekends and bacteria readily adhere to the support
wastewaters. The SAF uses a series vacations, enjoys superb landscape media. They are however, fairly delicate
of air diffusers to deliver the necessary design offering a jungle effect, including and so the gentle environment required
oxygen to the biomass as well as help extensive use of rivers and lakes. The is provided within the biozone which
provide the unique flow patterns within evaporation, especially due to the allows the bacteria to thrive. Eventually,
the media bed, ensuring high when they reach a prescribed
rates of biological oxidation with “The SNAF is a development of the thickness, they “slough” away
relatively low retention times from the support media and are
and energy consumption. At the successful SAF submerged aerated filter carried out with the hydraulic
‘heart’ of the SNAF process is used extensively for aerobic biological flow to be captured in the
a similar structured, fixed bed downstream settlement tank.
to that found in the SAF but
treatment of sewage and industrial The nitrates were treated to
instead of using air diffusion for wastewaters” sufficiently low concentrations to
the flow patterns in the media, not cause any algae problems.
hydraulic flow circulation is generated summer temperatures demanded a In this development, the other nutrient,
to ensue complete mixing and a very constant make up of lost water. In Phosphate, was removed by coagulant
high concentration of attached, nutrient order to be green and to consider dosing and sedimentation within the
reducing biomass is maintained in the the environment, the client required plant’s settlement tank. The Al Barari
Biozone. The absence of an air supply the make up water to be re-used project was a successful partnership
allows the de-nitrification to take place. treated sewage effluent (TSE) from the of the SAF and the SNAF technologies,
For the removal of nutrients in TSE, it is municipal works. This supply of TSE deploying maximum biological treatment
necessary to provide both an aerated served both the irrigation requirement to reap the benefits of low operating
oxidation step followed by a non-aerated for the landscaping and the river make costs and environmental gains.
reduction step. In this way, any ammonia up water. However, the TSE needed
in the TSE is oxidized to nitrate and the its nutrients to be removed before it Steven Kaack
nitrate is reduced to nitrogen gas for was suitable to use in the rivers. The Director
release to the atmosphere. The SNAF nutrients were principally nitrate and Eflo International Ltd, UK
Email: stevenkaack@eflo.com
technology will remediate these problems. phosphate. If these entered the rivers, Web: www.eflo.com

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AWW Exclusive: The Use of Treated Grey Water

in Urban Agriculture in Soukra
he Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) is the most water scarce region of the world. Ninety percent of its land is located in
dry and semi-dry areas. In addition to water scarcity, population increase, economic growth, improvement of the living standards,
industrialization and tourism have put more pressure on water resources and their use. The scarcity of water resources are further
aggravated by the impact of climate change particularly the decrease of rainfall and increase of temperatures. Therefore, exploring new
non-conventional water resources such as treated wastewater (TWW) has become highly important in the MENA region. In Tunisia, only
25 percent of about 240 million m3 were used.

This limited use of TWW is caused by pollutants. Untreated greywater can requirements without considering
many factors such as the low quality of contain far lower densities of pathogens physical and chemical parameters.
the water treatment caused and the low than effluent water from a traditional Greywater is often used for landscape
capacity of the wastewater treatment wastewater treatment plant. Treated and crop irrigation. It can be also used
plants. A potential new source of water greywater can thus be expected to have for toilet flushing, washing of vehicles
supply is greywater, the wastewater a much better microbiological quality and windows and fire protection. Many
produced in a household without than any kind of mixed wastewater. countries have already started to use it,
the toilet wastewater (blackwater). Currently there are only very few and e.g. in several projects in Jordan where
Greywater represents 50 - 80 wastewater from households,
percent of the total wastewater
from households and includes
“Untreated greywater can contain children playground, ablutions of
worshippers, was collected and
wastewater from baths, far lower densities of pathogens reused to irrigate ornamental
showers, washing machines than effluent water from a traditional plants, shrubs and olive trees.
and dishwashers, laundries Although Germany is not
and kitchens. The chemical wastewater treatment plant” considered a water-poor country,
composition of greywater varies the greywater aspect has been
greatly and reflects the lifestyle of the mostly local regulations and guidelines for dealt with a great interest. Domestic
residents and the chemicals used in the the recycling of greywater which mainly greywater reuse is legal, but must be
household for washing-up, laundry etc. focus on healthy and environmental registered with the Health Office. It is
It often contains high concentrations impacts. The guideline released by the mostly used for toilet flushing and garden
of easily degradable organic material, World Health Organization (WHO) in irrigation. Sweden and Norway have also
nutrients, metals and other toxic 2006 only outlines the microbiological done research and have implemented
greywater systems in some student
Table 1: Greywater quality before and after treatment compared to the Tunisian Standard
NT106.03 and WHO guidelines
dormitories and apartment buildings.
In Tunisia, experiences with greywater
Parameters Before NT106.03/WHO
have started in 2010 with two projects
After treatement focusing on the greywater treatments
pH 7 8.1 6.5 - 8.5 and reuses in peri-urban areas. These
EC dS/m 2.1 2.7 7 projects are “The sustainable water
Ionic composition (mg/l)
Na 16.1 20 - management, concepts towards a ZERO
Cl 12.7 17.6 - outflow municipality” conducted by the
Metallic trace elements (mg/l) Center for Studies and Research
Cd 0.010 0.010 0.01
Co 0.030 0.030 0.1 in Water Technologies (CERTE) in a
Cr 0.035 0.035 0.1 student house building and the PURE
Cu 0.015 0.015 0.5 project “Use of rainwater and greywater
Fe 0.46 0.320 5
Mn 0.115 0.095 0.5 in agriculture to improve the socio-
Ni 0.04 0.045 0.2 economic conditions of the population of
Pb 0.04 0.040 1 Soukra-Ariana,” supported by Canadian
Zn 0.075 0.060 5
Biological parameters (mg O2/l) institute CRDI and coordinated by
DBO5 35.85 10.69 30 the NGO UNESCO-ALECSO Club
DCO 156.88 52.88 90 Association of Ariana - Tunisia. This
Microbiological elements (UFC/100 ml)
Total coliform 1.1 10 5
4.6 10 2
2 10 3 project was started 2009 in the Soukra
Escherichia coli 1.1 105 <1 0 area located 6 km northeast of the Tunis
S.F 1.1 105 <1 1 103 city. First, 11 farm households were

12 awwmag.com | December 2017

Biological Wastewater Treatment

equipped with greywater treatment

system (Vertical-flow planted filter).
The system was designed to treat all
wastewater from the house except
blackwater from toilets.

Systems of greywater treatment

There are different systems for greywater
treatment. In some of them greywater is
immediately reused, without treatment
or storage. These include systems
that divert greywater into tanks for
toilet flushing, systems for irrigation
and systems that divert grey water to
treatment wetlands. These systems
typically involve some filtration to capture
lint, hair, fats, grease, etc. These systems
are inexpensive and require no additional
land, but are only useful on plots that
have vegetation or are unpaved to allow After the sand the water travels through a a vertical- planted filter, the greywater
infiltration. Greywater processing can also gravel layer and finally through a coarser collected from the farmer houses
be done by reed bed filters (constructed stone layer at the bottom of the box. Each showed slight variations of pH and
wetlands) where the purification salinity after treatment while
works similar to aerobic biological “The SNAF is a development of the remaining below the NT106.03.
treatment. The biological Metal trace elements showed
degradation of dissolved matter
successful SAF submerged aerated filter increases in their levels after
is done by aerobic bacteria fixed used extensively for aerobic biological domestic uses. Metals in
on the filtering support and on treatment of sewage and industrial greywater may originate from
the layer of accumulated surface corrosion of the pipe system
deposition. There are two types wastewaters” and from dust, cutlery, dyes
of constructed wetlands: reed and shampoos etc. used in
bed filters with vertical flow and reed bed layer can be separated by a membrane the household. Metal levels in treated
filters horizontal flow. The advantage of filter to filter out larger particles and to greywater did not exceed the Tunisian
the use of reed is their well-developed separate the layers from each other once Standard for Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb
root system. These roots accumulate the water has percolated the soil-box, and Zn.
biomass and allow the plant to attach the water is collected in a basin covered Hanen FILALI
National Institute of Rural Engineering, Waters
to the substrate. The strong root system with a geotextile membrane. The treated and Forest
also facilitates the attachment of purifying greywater is used to irrigate olive trees IRESA/Carthage University
bacteria on the rhizomes which clean planted on an elevated soil bed with Email: Hanenfilali.26@gmail.com
effluent and degrade the organic matter. 1 m height to protect the soil salt and Dalila SOUGUIR
In our study, greywater treatment systems shallow water. National Institute of Rural Engineering, Waters
have been installed in two farms. Each and Forest
IRESA/Carthage University
greywater unit is composed of basins System evaluation Email: souguir_2004@yahoo.fr
for treated and untreated greywater and To evaluate the effectiveness of the
soil-box planted with reed. The first basin system and the risks for agriculture, JUZDAN Omar
Department of Land and Water Uses
collects untreated grey water from sink the quality of the water before and after Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones
and shower. Planted soil-boxes planter treatment was periodically monitored. and Dry lands – ACSAD, Damscus
a planted soil-box is one of the basic The following parameters were Email: omarjuzdan@gmail.com
elements of a good grey water system. analyzed: pH, salinity (EC and ionic Georg HOERMANN
The idea is that the GW is cleaned during composition), heavy metals, contents of Dep. Hydrology and Water Resources Man-
the flow through several layers. The water oxygen consuming compounds (BOD agement
Kiel University, Germany
enters the soil box through gravity fed and COD), and some microorganism Email: ghoermann@hydrology.uni-kiel.de
pipes so the plants have the first contact contents. Because there is no standard
with the soil. The plants are taking up for greywater use, the quality data was Mohamed HACHICHA
a part of the water with their roots, the compared to the Tunisian Standard National Institute of Rural Engineering, Waters
and Forest
rest is percolating through the soil into a for the treated wastewater reuse in IRESA/Carthage University
sand layer for a second stage of cleaning. agriculture (NT106.03). Treated with Email: hachicha8@gmail.com

December 2017 | awwmag.com 13

WASTEWATER TREATMENT Biological Wastewater Treatment

EFLO Introduces a New Water Treatment Solution

EFLO International Ltd, part of (MBBR) product line on the first day of the load on the secondary clarifier.
Concorde-Corodex Group, revealed the industry renowned WETEX exhibition. EfloHYB is an MBBR process specifically
its innovative new product for the EFLO provides complete water and designed for industrial applications
treatment of wastewater. The firm, one wastewater solutions from start to high in strength, variable flows, and
of the region’s longest running providers end, able to serve each customer’s shock loads. Its plastic carrier ensures
of water, wastewater treatment and unique requirements. With years of very high protected surface area with a
environmental services, officially unveiled expertise, it is able to provide creative controlled biofilm thickness. It acts as
the Moving Bed Biofilm Bioreactor and compact design, considering a pre-treatment for overloaded existing
customer space constraints without industrial wastewater treatment plants.
compromising performance. The firm’s Mahmoud Awad, Managing Director of
innovative and robust new three product Concorde-Corodex Group, commented:
range - EfloMBBR™, EfloIFAS™ and “This is a really exciting product line
EfloHYB™ - offers various carrier types for us to be adding to our complete
in order to target the specific needs of wastewater solutions. Not only is the
different customers and applications. MBBR technology revolutionary in the
EfloMBBR is a very compact, versatile treatment of wastewater, it’s versatile,
and operator-friendly technology that operator-friendly and cost-effective …
helps to advance more cost-effective For anyone who may be looking to install
and contaminant removal practices, a new plant or upgrade their sewage
while EfloIFAS is a dynamic upgrade treatment, we are very confident you
solution for an activated sludge system will be impressed by our innovative
struggling with increasing loads and new range and we’d be delighted to
Mahmoud Awad, Managing Director for municipal sewage treatment plants demonstrate our MBBR reactor at
Concorde-Corodex Group to promote nitrification and to reduce WETEX this week.”

Veolia Wins Contract To Bring Up To Standard

Veolia, through its subsidiary OTV, was the Métropole Européenne de Lille, the environments and flood prevention),
selected by the Le Croult and Le Petit SIAH, a grouping of 33 municipalities and management of all wastewater not
Rosne valleys intermunicipal association and an urban area located in the eastern connected to a municipal network. A
for water management (SIAH), Paris side of Val d’Oise in the Paris region, has considerable number of projects are
region (France), for the contract to extend decided to contract a consortium, led currently underway across its region,
and bring up to standard the Bonneuil- by OTV, for the Design, Build, Operation which has meant that the authority must
en-France wastewater treatment plant. and Maintenance of the extension and adapt and increase the capacity of its
The 10-year contract, worth a total modernization of its Bonneuil-en-France wastewater treatment plant. This project,
USD235 million, excluding taxes, of which wastewater treatment plant. SIAH is a called MEO – “Morée Énergie Eau” (Moree
USD132 million for OTV, will in particular significant municipal grouping which, given Water Energy) – is an innovative and
increase the plant’s treatment capacity the regional reforms being introduced exemplary industrial ecological project
from 350,000 to 500,000 Population in France, will see its responsibilities that will serve the SIAH and its region.
Equivalent (PE). Renewed success for increased, in particular with regard The contract includes 10 years’ operation
Veolia in municipal wastewater treatment: to managing wastewater networks, to provide the authority with support for
after SIAAP, Le Mans Métropole and GEMAPI (management of aquatic the technical management of its new
facility. Tapping into the consortium
members’ broad range of experience
and expertise, the MEO project will focus
on the performance, sustainability, and
environmental and architectural quality
standards set by the SIAH, all within a
schedule guaranteeing service continuity.

14 awwmag.com | December 2017

DESALINATION TECHNOLOGY Electrodialysis Reversal

EDR Is an Effective Way

To Demineralize Brackish Water
lectrodialysis (ED) or electrodialysis reversal (EDR) is an electrochemical charge-driven separation process where
dissolved ions are separated through ion permeable membranes under the influence of an electrical potential
gradient, according to a report by aqwatec. Ion exchange membranes, fabricated from ion exchange polymers,
have the ability to selectively transport ions with a positive or negative charge and reject ions of the opposite charge. An
ED stack consists of a series of anion exchange membranes (AEM) and cation-exchange membranes (CEM) arranged in
an alternating mode between an anode and a cathode.

The positively charged cations migrate differently from those in unidirectional ED, electrode streams automatically switch
toward the cathode, pass through according to a report by the American flows in the two types of compartments.
the cation-exchange membrane and Water Works Association. EDR Streams that were in demineralizing
are rejected by the anion-exchange systems, first developed in the 1960s, compartments become concentrate
membrane, and vice versa for negatively incorporate electrical polarity reversal to streams, and concentrate streams
charged anions that migrate to the control membrane scaling and fouling. become demineralizing streams.
anode. This result in an alternating These systems are designed to produce Because of the corrosive nature of
enriched ion concentration in one demineralized water continuously the anode compartments, electrodes
compartment (concentrate) and depleted without continuous chemical addition are constructed of an inert metal,
concentration in the other (diluate). EDR during normal operation. In EDR usually platinum coated. The current-
is similar to ED, except that it also uses systems, the polarity of the electrodes reversal process affects the operation
periodic reversal of polarity to effectively is reversed two to four times each hour. of a membrane system by detaching
reduce membrane scaling and fouling, When polarity is reversed, chemical polarization films, breaking up freshly
thus allowing the system to operate precipitated scale or seeds of scale
at relatively higher water recoveries. “In EDR systems, the polarity of before they can cause damage,
ED selectively removes dissolved reducing slime formations on
solids, based on their electrical the electrodes is reversed two to membrane surfaces, reducing
charge, by transferring the brackish four times each hour” problems associated with the use of
water ions through a semipermeable chemicals, and cleaning electrodes
ion exchange membrane charged reactions at the electrodes are reversed. with acid automatically during anodic
with an electrical potential. ED can At the negative electrode, reactions operation. Both ED and EDR are
achieve only low removal of neutrally produce hydrogen gas and hydroxide electrically driven membrane processes
charged species (e.g., many organic ions. Hydroxide raises the pH of the that selectively remove soluble ionic
compounds, boron, silica). ED and EDR water, causing calcium carbonate constituents carrying electrical charges
have been utilized for municipal water (CaCO3) precipitation. At the positive that pass through permeable ion
and wastewater treatment plants and electrode, reactions produce acid, exchange membranes. The natural
for desalination of brackish water and oxygen, and some chlorine. The acid electrical conductivity of water allows ED
reclaimed water. Electrodialysis Reversal tends to dissolve any calcium carbonate and EDR processes to be applied to a
Electrode compartments in EDR perform present to inhibit scaling. Valves in the wide range of water treatment objectives.
In ED and EDR systems, the membranes
are impermeable only to water and
to particles that have a particular
characteristic (e.g., a certain charge), so
these systems do not present a barrier
to remove bacteria or non-charged
organic contaminants. In contrast, RO,
NF, UF, and MF systems filter water
through membranes designed to remove
contaminants in the molecular and ionic
size ranges, effectively removing Giardia
cysts and enteric viruses. RO can be
used in combination with ED and EDR
to remove these contaminants and to
further concentrate the waste stream.
Fatima Saab
Editor & Researcher / Social Media Officer

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Pipes, Valves & Controls
17 AWW Exclusive: Farmington Hills Reduces Water Supply Costs
By Managing Water Pressure
18 Alprene Plastic Products Offers a Broad Range of Pipes
20 Castflow Valves Specialized In Check Valves
20 Conex Bänninger Industrial Valves Keep Water Flowing
21 Concrete Deposits in Pipes
FEATURE Pipes, Valves & Controls

AWW Exclusive: Reduces Water Supply Costs

By Managing Water Pressure
he City of Farmington Hills is the second largest city in Oakland County with a population of over 80,000. Most of the
city has excellent water pressure and adequate fire protection but as the name suggests, the hilly terrain presents some
pressure challenges in certain areas. With roughly 468 miles in their water distribution system, the city uses an average of
8.6 MGD from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD). DWSD offers reduced rates for communities that can
reduce their maximum day and/or peak hour demands. While the city’s average daily consumption is good, their peak hour factor
of 4.4 and maximum day of 21 MGD comes at a high cost.
OHM Advisors, an integrated engineering,
architecture and planning firm were
brought in to identify areas of concern
and develop a long-term water system
sustainability plan. In the process they
identified nine areas that had pressure
concerns. When pressure is too high,
leakage rates go up and when it is too low,
fire protection is compromised. “It was
critical that these areas be addressed
first,” said Jody Caldwell, Chief Engineer
for Oakland County Water Resource
Commission. The desired operating
pressure for a water system is 50-80 psi,
with the state required minimum normal
working pressure of 35 psi. To ensure
fire protection, the required minimum is
20 psi during emergencies. In order to
hit these targets, Kennedy Industries
suggested two styles of pressure
reducing valves (PRV) to be installed in
five different points in the distribution in the system was a Singer’s S106- right into the valve and guarantees
system, ranging in size from 6” to 24”. 2PR-SC-SPI-MV. This valve is equipped an accuracy of 2 percent of reading
The first type of PRV was Singer’s S106- with two pressure reducing Model 160 throughout the specified velocity range.
2SC-PCO-PR-SC-SPI-MV. This model of pilot controls with different set points. This enables Oakland County to measure
valve provides for remote SCADA control Through SCADA control, Oakland flow into each of the corresponding
of flow and pressure. In the event there is County has the ability to select which pressure zones, track usage and detect
a loss of power or SCADA control, there pressure reducing set point they would pipe breakage. It also allows the county
is a pressure reducing override that to control & regulate the flow from
will take over, ensuring pressure is “Through SCADA control, Oakland their supplier, DWSD, during the
maintained through the system.
Oakland County and OHM also County has the ability to select peak flow hours. Furthermore it
allows the city to fill their tank at off
wanted the valve to have the ability which pressure reducing set peak hours and then control the
to be fully open in the event of point they would like the system total draw/flow by reducing flow
low pressure differential across to districts as needed. “The valves
the valve. The valve-opening pilot maintained at” have exceeded the County’s
on the low inlet pressure setting expectations by allowing them
ensures that the valve can go to a full like the system maintained at. In addition to smoothly & effortlessly control flow
open position on low inlet pressure to the ability to lower the pressure in off rates within a 20 GPM dead band,” said
maintain fire flow and operating pressures peak usage time, typically nighttime Carrie Cox, Assistant Chief Engineer for
in the system. The valve was additionally hours and non-summer conditions, has Oakland County. It was also realized that
fitted with upstream and downstream reduced the utilities non-revenue water with the construction of the 3 million
pressure transducers also tied into loss and pipe breakage. gallon storage tank and accompanying
SCADA to provide for this functionality. All valves have the SPI-MV, single point controls, the peak demands on DWSD
The second type of PRV implemented electromagnetic flow meter that is built could be reduced resulting in an annual

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FEATURE Pipes, Valves & Controls

savings of USD3,300. An added benefit an emergency or loss of water supply tank continued to provide the desired
of the control system is that with an from DWSD. This fall DWSD had a water pressure to the city’s customers.
elevated storage tank in the City’s power issue at a nearby facility that Residents did not notice any pressure
Northwest District they can automatically is the main feed into the City. Working changes even though DWSD supply
feed over half the city in the event of together, the control valves and storage pressures were as low as 20 psi. The
seamless operations of the five control
valves averted a situation that before
their installation could have resulted in
a system wide precautionary boil water
advisory. “We received several low
supply pressure alarms yet our system’s
pressure barely changed. We were glad
we had the storage tank and control
valves on this morning,” said Dave
Brown, Pump Maintenance Supervisor
II for Oakland County. The results have
already been very successful. The ability
to tightly control usage has allowed
Oakland County to renegotiate their
rates from their supplier providing them
with an annual rate savings of USD3.3
Million. The USD16 million project is
projected to pay for itself in 6-7 years.
Mark Magda
Product Manager for Singer™
Singer Valve
Email: singer@singervalve.com
Web: www.singervalve.com

Alprene Plastic Products Offers a Broad Range

of Pipes
Alprene Plastic Products (Pty) Ltd represents the Piping Systems division iJOINT compression fittings, Alprene
was established in 1988 as a pipes of the Swiss Multinational +GF+ Georg Poly16plus saddles, Electro-fusion
and fittings supplier. Since then, it has Fischer, which allows it to offer the welders, tools and fittings, Polyethylene
grown to be a market leader in Southern broadest range of piping solutions for moulded fittings, PVC-u Solvent Weld
Africa with Branches in Johannesburg, almost any application in water, gas, & threaded Fittings, PVC-u ball and
Durban, and Cape Town. Alprene and chemicals. These include: Alprene butterfly valves, Cast iron Tak-and
Victaulic type clamps, Viking Johnson
“VJ” Couplers, Butt-fusion machines,
PVC pipe and Polyethylene Pipe –
SABS approved, Galvanized fittings
with Viton seal for petrochemical
applications, Industrial pipes and
fittings; EPDM, PVDF, PP, APS, Viton
and other industrial valves for chemical
applications, PP socket fusion fittings
and tools. The company is privileged to
have exclusive supply contracts with:
various mining houses, municipalities,
gas installation companies, golf course
developers, national retail store DIY
Groups, plumbing outlets, petrochemical
Pipes and fittings installers, and many more.

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FEATURE Pipes, Valves & Controls

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Castflow Valves Specialized In Check Valves

Manufacturing range BALL CHECK,
and FOOTVALVES. Castflow’s range
of manufacturing covers DN25 (1”)
to DN1400 (56”) and other sizes on
demand Ratings PN10/16/25/40/64/
ANSI150/300/600# wafer/flanged/ and acquisition costs. For smaller a uniform rubber thickness all over
lug style. Valves can be casted pumping systems these elements are the metal surface in contact with the
in different materials: iron, Steel, less significant, however in bigger fluid. In addition, the company’s rubber
Stainless, Superduplex and other systems these elements can have an lined ball check valves are exclusive on
special exotic alloys. The company important impact on the total energy wastewater market. For applications
has been a reference in many of the consumption. The company can assist with fluid containing sludge, solids, etc.
most important desalination projects with the technical support in order to the company can offer a rubber lined
globally. Also it is the main supplier of select most recommendable valves and ball check valve that allows the passage
important equipment builders that rely materials. Castflow has developed new of these solids and resist the corrosion
since many years on its professional improved rubber lined check valves for or abrasion of the fluid. Stainless
collaboration and quality. The proper applications with corrosive fluids. The steel or superduplex ball check valves
selection of the non-return check retainerless rubber lined check valves are another option for corrosive
valves for pumping systems is very guarantees a drop tight valve without applications. Its department for develop
important and some elements are to weak areas that normal rubber lined actually is working on the increment of
be considered for selection. The type valves present. The complete 1 piece range nozzle check valves. Castflow
of application, the pressure drop, water rubber lined valve does not contain continuously develops new products
hammer and the energy consumption glued union of rubber and guarantees depending on the request of market.

Conex Bänninger Industrial Valves Keep

Water Flowing
Conex Bänninger industrial and to maintain and manage the flow
specification valves are helping keep of treated water to pump stations
water flowing and the landscape green and on into local pipelines. Delta
at some of Dubai’s most prestigious Power Electrical is also using Conex
infrastructure projects. The resilient Bänninger industrial valves for the
seated Gate Valves, Butterfly and Air irrigation network that will supply water
Release Valves, were custom designed for landscaping around entrances,
by Conex Bänninger of the IBP pathways and accommodation for
Group to cope with the arid desert Expo 2020, the world fair site being
conditions in the UAE. The valves, developed in four phases. It will be
manufactured in IBP’s purpose-built the first time the World Expo, with the
factories, are a key element in the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating
irrigation networks for major attractions the Future’, will have been held in the
including the Dubai Parks and Resorts MENA & SA (Middle East and North
integrated theme parks and the world Africa & South Asia) region. Nitin
class Dubai Opera in the Downtown Sinha, Business Head for Delta Power
Dubai opera district. The valves were Electrical, said: “These are hugely
supplied by Delta Power Electrical, significant projects and it is really
which specializes in providing support important that the right surroundings
services across the Middle East and are created and maintained around
is a distributor for Conex Bänninger’s them, particularly when we are talking
Industrial valves range of valves. The valves help about parks and resorts.”

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Pipes, Valves & Controls

Concrete Deposits
in Pipes N E W
IIoT solutions for water networks efficiency

The Impact Hammer

Concrete deposits in pipes and sewers are always

especially challenging. Using cutters for removing concrete
deposits proved to be rather a waste of time and money
and did not show any visible success. Mostly, it only
resulted in damaged pipes and sewers. The time has
come for a new solution – tailored to these very special Remote reading District Metering Area Dynamic pressure
& leak detection management
requirements: The Impact Hammer has been sucessfully
used in a variety of pipe diameters from 150 mm upwards.
It managed to efficiently remove concrete and other hard
deposits – without any damage to the pipe: e.g. a 200
Water quality &
mm pipe blocked with concrete underneath a motorway Self-monitoring Rain gauge Physico-chimical
Continuous diagnostics monitoring
or a 700 mm pipe 80 percent full of concrete. One of the measurements

most vital requirements is fixing the Impact Hammer in the

pipe. The integrated and patented rubber pad ensures High-performance data loggers
secure fixing of the Impact Hammer as well as precise and
continuous working. The Impact Hammer is equipped with • Perfect waterproofness (IP68)
exchangeable tools and can thus be optimally adjusted • High-performance 2G/3G antenna
to different types of deposits and degrees of hardness.
• 10 years autonomy battery
Another feature, which we have really come to appreciate
during various assignments, is the integrated camera • Simple to implement and user friendly
with recording function. It visually supports the working • On site communication via Bluetooth
process enabling the operator to work very accurate
without damaging the pipe. The recording function helps • Smart monitoring and caculation
documenting the work process to make it available for • Compliance with SCADA software
follow-up reviews and inspections. In this way it is possible
to detect and proof damages that already existed before
the start of works and to notify the customer accordingly.
The Impact Hammer is also available for rent. At KEG it's
not good enough to have a great product; the company
strive to give its customers and industry the highest quality
service possible. The Company conducts classes and
field demonstrations at its location or its clients helping
operators understand world class techniques making their
job easier and safer. www. l a cro i x -s o f rel .c o m
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Industry Spotlights
Borehole Pumps
23 Borewell Segment Expected to Lead
the Submersible Pumps Market Through 2027
24 NWWC Covers the Whole Scope of Pumping Solutions
24 Xylem Offers a Comprehensive Range of Borehole Pumps
25 Rovatti Pompe Reveals High Efficiency
26 Tormac at the Heart of Reliability and Performance
27 New Easywell Submersible Motors

Engines, Generators & Compressors

28 Rotary Lobe or Screw Blowers?
Take A Close Look!
30 Extended Application Scope for Siemens Low voltage Motors
30 New Plug-In EMC Filter for WEG’s CFW100 Mini Drive

Solar Energy
34 MENA Is Achieving Significant Results in Solar Energy
New Additions to Analytical Portfolio
36 Compact Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater System
36 DEWA’s Water Reservoirs to be Powered by Solar
PV Systems

Borewell Segment Expected to Lead

the Submersible Pumps Market Through 2027
ubmersible pump is a mechanical device used for transferring various types of fluid in different end use industries and
is highly preferred for agricultural and industrial applications. Submersible pump is vertically submerged under the fluid
to be transported (such as water etc.) and is driven by electric current, operating on the principle of centrifugal force.
Various kinds of submersible pumps are available in the market, serving different purposes. In order to understand the market
more comprehensively, the global submersible pump market is segmented on the basis of product type, head, and applications.

By product type, the submersible revenue in 2017, expanding at a healthy

pumps market is segmented into non- CAGR of 6.5 percent over the forecast
clog, openwell and borewell segments. period. The non-clog and openwell
Each product type is further sub- submersible pumps segments are
segmented and categorized on the estimated to hold a collective share of
basis of application and head type. 37.8 percent in the global submersible
Global demand for submersible pumps pumps market by the end of 2017.
is increasing due to infrastructural On the basis of application, the
development activities worldwide. global submersible pumps market
Governments of developing countries is segmented into agriculture, oil &
such as China and India are focusing gas, construction, firefighting, mining,
on urbanization, industrialization industrial, non-industrial and others
and agricultural development, which segments. The industrial water
is expected to drive demand for and wastewater segment has been
submersible pumps in the region. estimated to account 16.4 percent
Demand for submersible pumps is market share in terms of revenue by
expected to remain significant from the end of 2017, whereas agriculture
agriculture and wastewater treatment segment is anticipated to expand at
industries throughout the forecast a significant CAGR of 7 percent over
period. Development of new sources the forecast period. Increasing arable
of potable water, small and medium land for agriculture and irrigation is
scale industrial development are further one of the key drivers for increasing
expected to push the demand for demand for submersible pumps from
submersible pumps over the forecast the agriculture sector. Industrially,
period 2017-2027. Presence of a large submersible pumps are used for
number of Chinese players offering wastewater application, which is one
low price submersible pumps present of the largest segments, expanding factors driving demand for large head
significant challenges for many regional at a CAGR of 6.3 percent over the submersible pumps. On the basis of
and global players in the submersible forecast period. On the basis of pump region, the global submersible pumps
pumps market. The submersible market is segmented into North
pump industry is relatively “The borewell submersible pump America, Latin America, Western
fragmented with the presence of Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia
a large number of manufacturers
segment has been estimated to Pacific excluding Japan, Middle
across the globe. Organized account for 62.2 percent market share East & Africa, and Japan. APEJ
market players are found to have in terms of revenue in 2017” is expected to dominate the
been advancing towards mergers global submersible pumps
and acquisitions in order to expand their head, the global submersible pumps market, accounting for 36.4 percent
global footprint in the global submersible market is segmented into pump head market share in terms of revenue by
pumps market. On the basis of product – below 50 m, between 50 m -100 2017 end and is predicted to continue
type, the global submersible pump m, and above 100 m. Pumps with its dominance in the global market
market is segmented into non-clog, head above 100 m are expected to through 2027, expanding at a CAGR of
openwell and borewell submersible hold disproportionately large market 7.3 percent over the forecast period.
pumps. The borewell submersible pump revenue share of 73.3 percent by
segment has been estimated to account the end of 2017. Decreasing water Future Market Insights
for 62.2 percent market share in terms of levels globally is one of the key Web: www.futuremarketinsights.com

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NWWC Covers the Whole Scope of

Pumping Solutions
National Water Works Co. (NWWC) engineering, supplying, execution, T&C NWWC to offer full maintenance and
being a well-known Saudi company and handing over of project. NWWC spare parts in a timely manner. NWWC
specializing in execution of deep well, main business core is borehole pumps has expert team of engineers to perform
vertical turbine pumps (VTP) and with experience more than 40 years, the required hydraulic study to define the
submersibles, in both governmental and covering all kinds of borehole water, correct head of the system and select
private sector. NWWC covers the whole (normal, hot, brackish, etc.), in addition the suitable equipment (Pump, motor,
scope of pumping solutions as studying, to experienced technician enabling cable, riser pipes, valves, instruments,
control panel, transformer, generator
and other related equipment). NWWC
provide borehole equipment from 10HP
up to 1000HP with range of voltages
from 220V to 4160V. Also, special
voltage is available. NWWC represents
a respected well-known international
manufacturers of borehole equipment,
USA, Franklin Electric/ Germany, E-Tech
Pump/Italy, Hitachi Motor/Japan, GE
VHS Motor/USA. NWWC executed more
than 700 deep well projects all around
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as one of
Saad project, lot 2
leader companies in this field.

Xylem Offers a Comprehensive Range of

Borehole Pumps
The well-known global water Series of 6" -12" centrifugal submersible
technology company, Xylem offers borehole pumps is available in AISI 304,
a comprehensive range of borehole AISI 316 and duplex stainless steel for
pumps suitable for applications long service life. These durable and
including clean water supply, mining, lightweight pumps ensure high efficiency,
irrigation and building services. Xylem low maintenance costs and ease of
recently launched a newly designed management. With hydraulics designed
8” borehole rewindable motor range. for high sand handling capability, the
The high-efficiency motors combine pumps are suitable for use in water
increased power capacity with a supply and irrigation, desalination, and
smaller footprint for easier installation deep well dewatering. Xylem offers a
due to a modern, updated stator range of vertical turbine pumps from
design. A rewindable motor design 6” up to 20” available with high grade
strongly reduces repair costs in case of resistant material combinations for
damage to the stator windings, which tremendous flexibility in pump selection
can be rewound locally. The pumps and future system changes. Improved
are available in cost-efficient standard efficiency translates into lower life cycle
and high-temperature versions for costs and reduced energy consumption.
water temperatures up to 60 degrees Xylem is a leading water technology
Celsius. Three material configurations company committed to "solving water"
expand application options – making by creating innovative and smart
the range suitable for potable water technology solutions to meet the world's
Xylem’s Z6 series and harsh environments. The Xylem Z water, wastewater and energy needs.

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Borehole Pumps

Rovatti Pompe Reveals High Efficiency

Pumping Solutions
During the recent trade shows around the
world the company has had the pleasure
of presenting new productions which
extend the established and well-known
range of electric borehole pumps. New
mixed-flow lines 8E-85 and 10E-240
(respectively 8” and 10” inches pumps):
in addition to offering an hydraulic
efficiency at the top of the market (close
to 80%), these new range presents
many distinguishing characteristics
regarding design and manufacture as
the use of stainless steel investment
casting impellers which are dynamically
and hydraulically balanced. This type of
Rovatti pumps
execution is able to ensure an optimized
reliability due to the single monolithic
construction, a thick structure and by dynamically balanced) are cataphoresis and weights compared to the market
presenting no welding joints together treated. The first impeller is not balanced construction standards. The smart
with a compact and smooth surface. to eliminate the negative axial load resizing has allowed to use investment
All pumps in the 8E-85 and 10E-240 on the motor counter-thrust bearing. casting stainless steel impellers and
range are also cataphoresis treated Such arrangements allow the safe diffusers instead of cast iron with clear
in order to considerably increase the operation of the electric motor (that constructive and performance benefits.
resistance to wear and corrosion by the for this dimension becomes extremely “Even if the current socio-economic
high adhesion of the coating on the inner advantageous). New radial line 10ER- context is not the most favorable”, says
cavities of the components. The result is 70 (10” inches pump): radial wet end the CEO of Rovatti Pompe Andrea
a black semi-gloss protective layer which multistage centrifugal pump with Rovatti, “Our company will continue to
produces a reduced surface friction into incorporated retaining valve, external invest a lot of resources in an active
the hydraulic channels improving pump shells and tie rods. This innovative program of research and development
performances. New mixed-flow lines electric pump combines high hydraulic to provide our customers and the
14E-650 and 16E-1000 (respectively 14” efficiency, high specific manometric markets always with the most efficient
and 16” inches pumps): the hydraulic head and capacity compared to the 10” pumping solutions able to progressively
components of these new pumps are market standard products. At the same improve the efficiency, reliability and
completely manufactured in carbon performance, this series can boast trouble-free maintenance procedures of
steel and the impellers (hydraulically and reduced axial and radial dimensions all our products”.


You choose Singer Valve’s

LCP-TP Level Control Panel
Innovative electronics that
produce better results with
none of the usual headaches.


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Tormac at the Heart of Reliability and

Tormac multistage pumps, both motor, suitable for continues duty. the pumps are nothing but world class.
vertical and horizontal have found wide Motor stator is made of low watt loss Reason why customers across the world
acceptance across diverse markets by steel laminations assembled pressure rely on Tormac to deliver on the promise.
virtue of their superior quality standards and rigidly locked in the frame. As a company committed to innovation,
and unmatched performances. Tormac Dynamically balanced rotor ensures quality and service, Tormac, has always
Vertical Multistage pumps are designed vibration and noise free operations. The looked at customer demands and
for optimum performances and are varnish impregnated windings made requirements to ensure that their needs
versatile enough to meet a wide range of enameled copper wire excellent are met with innovative solutions. Tormac
of applications. Employing the latest resistance. Shaft of ample size made has a strong global presence and have
technology the pumps are manufactured of quality steel and precisely ground found wide acceptance in diverse
to meet international standards. All the is used for transmitting the rated markets by virtue of superlative product
components like impellers, diffusers & Horsepower. Construction of motor performances. Also, the fact that Tormac
shaft of these pumps are made corrosion frames and usage of quality materials designs pumps that are country specific
resistance AISI stainless steel and result in high performance and low adds to the acceptance factor. Tormac
designed to deliver the best possible temperature rise thereby increasing the TH Horizontal multistage Centrifugal
hydraulic efficiency. This makes it ideal for life cycle of the motor protection control pumps are specially designed to facilitate
pumping not only high aggressive water panel. Tormac Vertical Multistage pumps pressure boosting and are best suited
but also to meet hygienic standards that are ideal for a wide range of applications for a wide range of applications. The
drinking water systems demand. that include Pressure boosting systems, vital components viz. impellers, diffusers
Everything about the Tormac Vertical HVAC, Industrial plants, Reverse and shaft used in these pumps are
Multistage pumps are the result of highly osmosis system and Firefighting. made of corrosion resistant high quality
evolved R&D and are manufactured at the These pumps are manufactured at the stainless steel which ensure a smooth
company’s sophisticated facilities. These company’s high tech facilities employing and trouble free performance helps to
pumps are reliable, easily serviceable and innovative technology. Every single pump safe and hygienic drinking water
used in water boosting units for trouble product that rolls out of the factory is systems. The prime mover of this product
free service for years together. put through a battery of tests to ensure is robust in construction and built with
The pumps are powered by a totally fail safe performances at all times. thermal overload protection (only in single
enclosed fan cooled, A.C. induction Given Tormac’s commitment to quality, Phase Motors). High quality mechanical
seals are used to ensure less friction /
Power loss. Application will be Industrial &
Domestic water supply, Pressure booster
system, Reverse osmosis system, HVAC,
Fire Fighting Farms and Gardening.
Features will be corrosion free stainless
steel impellers and diffusers which is more
suitable for potable water application,
Horizontal design making it easy to
install, pump and motor having single
shaft for better power transmission and
high performance and efficiency ensure
long life span. Combining innovative
technology and inspired design, Tormac
multistage pumps are made of corrosion
resistance AISI stainless steel – designed
to deliver the best possible hydraulic
efficiency. Every single component that
goes into its manufacture is of the highest
quality to ensure that it meets world class
standards. These pumps are reliable,
easily serviceable and used in water
boosting units to get trouble free services
Multisatage Vertical Pumps
for years together.

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Borehole Pumps

New Easywell Submersible Motors

made of silicon carbide: the best and respect to the axial loads of Caprari
most effective technological solution high-performance wet ends: this
in terms of resistance to wear, provides a wide safety margin for
abrasive liquids and thermal shocks. extreme applications, ensuring a long
The thrust bearing is oversized with product lifespan.

EasyWell motors

A new range for a richer and more

competitive proposal in the electric
well pump industry. Thanks to its
proven know-how, experience
and well-established presence in
the market, Caprari confirms its
leading position in the design and
manufacture of submersible motors.
The company intends to be an
increasing point of reference for
its partners by strengthening and
widening its presence on the Italian
and global market. Today the new
line of submersible motors EasyWell
joins Caprari catalogue. This series
enhances the product portfolio and
further extends the range of solution
offered. The company ensures
the quality and reliability that have
always characterized its production,
and today its offer is very
competitive. Only the coupling of
EasyWell motors with Caprari's wet
ends allows to exploit the potential
of Defender® patented device that
protects pump and motor against
electrochemical corrosion; moreover,
the special coupling design protects
the coupling area against abrasive
substances. Caprari is a cutting-
edge company focused on the
offer of excellent solutions and
performance. The mechanical seal is

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Rotary Lobe or Screw Blowers?

Take A Close Look!
he search for solutions for low-pressure applications often comes down to a choice between different suitable technologies. In
the dual-shaft rotary compressor family, rotary lobe blowers long held sway until the recent arrival of rotary screw compressors
optimized for the low pressure segment. Since then, the question is which type is more suitable, when and why?

To start with: There is no hard and fast rule. type is best, but also to predict the If there is no resistance in the line – for
However, there are several useful factors potential energy savings. In that respect, example, in pneumatic conveying, there is
that will help you to arrive at a decision. The some compressors that may at first no bulk material in the line – the feed-in
potential uses for blowers are numerous. appear to be the most efficient option of air causes practically no back pressure.
Industrial applications extend from the may in fact rank lower when running at Rotary lobe blowers can therefore
aeration of fluids (wastewater treatment, partial capacity or for only a few hours a be called "adaptive", as they always
bioreactors, flotation) and air injection for day. generate only as much pressure as is
furnaces to the pneumatic conveying of needed to overcome the current level of
bulk materials and fluidization. As a rule, Functional differences resistance in the process. Screw blowers,
these applications are in low pressure But let's start by looking at the by contrast, have intermeshing screw-
ranges and at pressure differentials of up thermodynamic and design differences shaped rotors. The inlet air is trapped in
to 1 bar. However, they are characterized between rotary lobe blowers and screw the grooves of the rotors. It is squeezed
by very diverse loads and running times. compressors to arrive at recommendations and decreased in volume as the rotor
Some of them, especially in connection for their ideal applications. A look at turns before being discharged through the
with fluid aeration, require the blower outlet port. Consequently, a decrease
to deliver a highly variable volume “The volume of air captured between in volume and corresponding
flow at constant pressure. Other the cylinder and lobes remains increase in pressure take place in the
applications, such as the pneumatic compressor itself. The ratio of the
conveying of bulk materials, show constant as the rotors turn, i.e. during inlet and outlet volume is determined
wide pressure fluctuations over time the compression process” by the geometry of the rotor and the
combined with a stable volume outlet port. The compression process
flow. Sometimes blowers are placed in the geometry of the rotors reveals the corresponds to the principle of isentropic
idle mode, which means that they keep decisive distinction between these two compression. It takes less displacement
running with no process-side pressure compressor technologies. In rotary work to expel an already reduced volume
from the downstream distribution network. lobe blowers, the male and female of air against the pressure in the process
This happens, for example, when no bulk rotors have identical cross sections, line. This saves energy, especially at higher
material is being fed into the transport line for example with a three-lobe design, pressure levels. However, it is important to
while the blower is running. positioned longitudinally. The volume of ensure that the required operating pressure
When selecting the most suitable air captured between the cylinder and for the process is close to the pressure
compressor technology for your lobes remains constant as the rotors turn, generated by the rotary compressor
application, the first question is whether a i.e. during the compression process. through its internal compression in the
variable volume flow is needed and, if so, In thermodynamics this is referred to compression chambers. Discharge
within what range. After that it must be as an isochoric process. The actual pressure in excess of the required
determined how the required operating pressure is built up downstream from the operating pressure is referred to as over-
pressure will vary over time. You should compressor in the process line. It results pressure. It means that more compression
have these two facts at hand not only to from air molecules being constantly than necessary is performed. As a result,
determine in general which compressor pushed against the resistance in the line. the potential energy savings are lower.
Table 1: At a pressure differential of 500 mbar, i.e. 1.5 bar operating pressure (absolute); It is also important to remember that
pressure ratio: 1.5: screw compressors, even when there is
no downstream pressure, for example
Case A B when there is no bulk material in the line,
Idle ratio 0% 50 % still create pressure due to the internal
generation of pressure in the chambers. As
Rotary lobe blower 140,800 kWh 90,800 kWh a result, they use more energy than rotary
Screw blower 125,600 kWh 103,200 kWh lobe blowers in this operating mode. The
following two examples present specific
Saving with screw blower 11 % -14 % data to highlight the difference.

28 awwmag.com | December 2017

Engines, Generators & Compressors

Example Table 2: At a pressure differential of 1000 mbar, i.e. 2.0 bar operating pressure (absolute);
Case A: Constant pressure during entire pressure ratio: 2.0
operating time, e.g. when drawing air Case A B
into basins for wastewater treatment with
constant depth. No idle mode, i.e. no Idle ratio 0% 50 %
blower operation without back pressure. Rotary lobe blower 254,400 kWh 147,600 kWh
Case B: Alternating operation against
back pressure and in idle mode, i.e. unit Screw blower 188,800 kWh 134,800 kWh
sometimes operates with no pressure.
Saving with screw blower 26 % 8.7 %
This case is often seen, for example, in the
pneumatic transport of bulk materials.
required pressure and volume flow before the maximum pressure and volume
Comparison: purchasing a system. Ideally, this should flow required while operating at peak
Inlet pressure 1.0 bar, volume flow 15 m³/ take the form of a projection based on efficiency under the conditions that occur
min, operating time: 8,000 hours per year, real-world assumptions or, for existing most frequently in reality. Compressor
varying load and idle ratios. systems, by tracking pressure over manufacturers can use various analysis
time. Otherwise there is a risk of basing systems on request to track operating
The above examples clearly show that the energy cost projections and the choice of pressures and other operating data to
potential savings through the use of screw compressor on rare peak loads instead perform computer-based simulations to
blowers increase with higher pressure of the average operating pressure. The compare energy consumption.
differentials and longer load hours. same applies for the required volume
flow over time. The goal is to find the Marcus Jungkunst
Product Support
Summary best blower for the common operating
Daniela Koehler
Screw and rotary lobe blowers operate ranges to avoid optimizing energy use Media Spokesperson
at maximum efficiency only when they for a highly unusual operating status that Email: daniela.koehler@kaeser.com
are used appropriately. It is therefore is only reached on a few days per year. Kaeser Kompressoren SE
essential to make a detailed analysis of the The blower must be designed to deliver Web: www.kaeser.com

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INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHTS Engines, Generators & Compressors

Extended Application Scope for Siemens Low

voltage Motors
With the introduction of its new Simotics use in challenging ambient conditions. industries, or in fields requiring enhanced
SD Add low-voltage motors, Siemens By offering low start-up current levels, grid stability by reducing grid loads in
is extending the application scope of the the characteristic product feature of the event of voltage dips. The availability
next-generation Simotics SD low-voltage the Simotics SD Add low-voltage of country-specific certificates means
motor series it launched at the beginning motors, this new addition to the series that these motors can be used without
of this year. This marks another step taken is opening up greater application scope: restrictions in all regions and markets
by the company towards the expansion of for instance, to comply with sector- of importance around the world. While
its portfolio of scalable standard motors for specific requirements in the process providing the same level of performance,
highly efficient motors such as Simotics
SD Add with efficiency classes IE3 and
IE4 offer a greater ratio of start-up current
to rated current than less efficient motors.
Its special electrical design has enabled
the start-up current levels in the Simotics
SD Add to be significantly reduced while
retaining the same compact size and
without compromising on efficiency. Low
start-up currents increase the service life
of the motor, as they reduce the incidence
of torque shocks, which stress the motor
windings both thermally and also due to
Simotics SD electrodynamic forces.

New Plug-In EMC Filter for WEG’s CFW100

Mini Drive
WEG, a well-known global power 180 - 750 W) and it can now increase energy efficiency in virtually
manufacturer of motor and drive be used with machines that are not any application while complying with
technology, has launched an easy- necessarily equipped with a group the stringent EMC Directive,” says
to-install plug-in EMC filter to enable EMC filter, including swimming Johannes Schwenger, Head of Product
users to safely deploy the CFW100 pool pumps, lift doors and fitness Management Low- and Medium-
Mini Drive in a wider range of simple equipment, as well as small fans, Voltage Drive Systems Europe at WEG.
engineering applications. The CFW100 stirring and mixing machines and “A very compact and cost-effective
Mini Drive is the smallest variable simple handling equipment. “Thanks solution, the CFW100 is ideal to control
speed drive (VSD) with an integrated to the new filter, VSDs can now be low-power three-phase induction
micro PLC currently available on the successfully used in areas where motors.” WEG’s high performance
market (covering the rated motor they couldn’t before, helping users EMC filter limits conducted interference
(150 kHz – 30 MHz) and radiated
high-frequency interference (30 MHz
– 1 GHz) that are generated by the
switching processes of the CFW100.
The filters have been developed in
line with the latest standards for
adjustable speed electrical power
drive systems (EN IEC 61800-3 -
category C2) and industrial, scientific
and medical equipment - radio-
frequency disturbance characteristics (EN
An EMC upgrade of the CFW100 Mini Drive 55011:2009 or CISPER 11 A Group 1 A1).

30 awwmag.com | December 2017


World ‫ﻋﺎﻟﻢ اﻟﻤﻴﺎه اﻟﻌﺮﺑﻲ‬

32 awwmag.com | December 2017

Engines, Generators & Compressors

Arab Water World (AWW)

December 2017 / Vol. XL Issue 10
Serving the Water, Wastewater, Desalination & Energy Sectors in MENA - Since 1977

Valmont® Irrigation, the specialist in Precision Irrigation®, introduces a new center drive that
delivers the perfect combination of speed and power. The new Valley® X-Tec™ advanced DC drive
motor uses FastPass™ technology and operates up to twice the speed of a standard, high-speed
AC center drive motor. The motor design provides constant torque at any speed, providing growers
with unmatched control and additional options to maximize crop yields. The patented alignment
technology and robust DC motor keep the center pivot moving at a smooth, consistent pace, even
over varied terrain.

December 2017 | awwmag.com 33


MENA Is Achieving Significant Results

in Solar Energy
he Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) solar energy market is witnessing unprecedented developments as government-
driven auctioning and net-metering schemes drive down costs and attract investments. Some of the world’s lowest solar
tariffs can be found in the region today. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), long-term contract prices for
utility-scale PV are as low as USD58/MWh and USD61-USD77/MWh in the UAE and Jordan respectively. In its medium-term report,
released in October 2016, the IEA forecast that by 2021 renewable capacity in the MENA region will grow by 78 percent, led by the
UAE, Egypt and Morocco.

PV on an upward trajectory
Solar PV is predicted to account for the
lion’s share of new capacity in the region,
especially in Jordan and the UAE, James
Kurz, senior consultant at Apricum. The
Berlin-based cleantech advisory acted
as financial advisor to Swedish advanced
materials startup Sol Voltaics in raising
USD17 million, bringing in the Saudi
Arabian fund Riyadh Valley Company
as the lead investor. “We expect a PV
market that is much more diversified than
CSP and wind. Our forecast is for 1 GW
to 1.5 GW of PV to be installed in the
MENA region during 2017,” Kurz said.
“The two largest markets will be Jordan,
comprised of IPP tenders, EPC projects MW of installed wind and solar capacity trajectory in tariffs driven by competitive
and commercial and industrial projects, by the end of 2016, according to the tendering based on lowest cost of energy
and the UAE, mainly from DEWA’s IPP Energy and Minerals Regulatory as well as the continuing decline in costs
tender and Shams rooftop programs,” he Commission. Overall, the country is of PV system components. The next
noted. Jordan’s Ministry of Energy and targeting 10 percent, or 1,800 MW of major PV tender in the region is currently
Mineral Resources (MEMR) recently renewable capacity by 2020, of which underway in Saudi Arabia where the
invited expressions of interest for 200 MW 600 MW will come from solar PV. Saudi Electricity Company is tendering
of PV capacity as part of Round 3 100 MW,” Kurz highlighted. At the
of the direct proposal submissions “Jordan’s Round 1 of the feed-in-tariff same time, local installed costs for
process that was. “Jordan’s
Round 1 of the feed-in-tariff (FIT)
(FIT) program has been successful with utility-scale PV have fallen from 7
US cents/Watt in 2008 to less than
program has been successful all projects achieving financial close” 1.5 US cents in mid-2015, a drop
with all projects achieving financial of almost 75 percent, according
close. The attractive FIT, strong regulatory Price competitiveness to the International Renewable
framework and appropriate contracts are In the UAE, DEWA’s 800 MW-third phase Energy Agency (IRENA). For the price
relevant factors,” said Gurmeet Kaur, head of the 5 GW Mohammed bin Rashid al- of a 10 MW plant in 2008, the UAE can
of projects in the UAE at global law firm Maktoum solar park made headlines in now build 46 MW, the agency stated in
Eversheds. “Whilst the country removed June 2016 for its low tariff of 2.99 US its Renewable Energy Roadmap 2030.
the FIT and shifted to an open competitive cents/kWh. The project was awarded “The biggest tenders have been in the
model in Round 2, the projects were to a Masdar-led consortium comprising UAE, particularly the Sweihan and DEWA
successfully awarded and now in process Spanish firms Fotowatio Renewable Phase III tenders, which will both result in
of reaching financial close. Therefore, for Ventures and Gransolar. An even over 1 GW being installed by 2020,” said
new markets, an approach which starts lower bid of 2.42 US cents/kWh was Kurz. “Additional smaller tenders already
with a good FIT and then moves to a submitted for Abu Dhabi’s 350 MW underway such as those in Jordan, Saudi
more competitive open tender is sensible Sweihan PV project in September by Arabia, Morocco and Egypt will also drive
and would balance the interest of both an Asian consortium, which offered to significant market growth through 2020.
the private and public sector,” said Kaur. expand the plant to 1,170 MW at 2.30 US In Saudi Arabia particularly, we expect
Jordan was expected to have about 500 cents/kWh. “There is a clear downward the country to ramp up quickly following

34 awwmag.com | December 2017

Solar Energy

its inaugural 100 MW IPP tender being

run by the Saudi Electricity Company
(SEC).” SEC is currently developing two
50 MW PV IPP plants in Al-Jouf and
Rafha in the north of the kingdom and is
currently evaluating bids for the projects.

Secondary markets
Secondary markets for PV in 2017 will be
Morocco and Egypt, where larger utility-
scale projects are being finally realized,
said Kurz. One of the latest projects to
be awarded was the 170 MW Noor PV 1
in Ouarzazate, which ACWA Power and
Chint consortium won after submitting be the CSP hub of the MENA region. by 2020. In Saudi Arabia, CSP will be used
the lowest tariff at 4.8 US cents/kWh. However, Gulf countries including Kuwait, in three ISCC stations–Duba 1, Waad Al
Egypt, on the other hand, was on the UAE and Saudi Arabia already have Shamal, and Taiba–all being developed
verge of losing investor confidence concrete plans to build CSP projects by Saudi Electricity Company (SEC).
after a long delay in signing PPAs under alongside PV to take advantage of CSP’s Notably, SEC managed to secure the
Round 1 of the FIT program. However, storage capabilities,” Kurz noted. CSP cheapest cost per installed kilowatt for
in mid-October 2016, Egypt’s Ministry projects at different stages of development each of Duba 1 and Waad Al Shamal:
of Electricity and Renewable Energy are now underway in Kuwait, the UAE, less than USD1,600/kW, compared to
(MOERE) finally signed eight PPAs worth Saudi Arabia, and Morocco. These are a the average global price of USD5,550/
for 400 MW of solar capacity, representing mix of standalone units, hybrid PV-CSP, kW for parabolic trough in 2015, based
a much lower capacity that the original and integrated combined solar cycle on IRENA estimates.
2.5 GW targeted by 2017. Nearly 80 (ISCC) stations. The majority of these
local and international companies had plants are initial phases of megaprojects. Evolving frameworks
prequalified at the time. On October 28, For example, Kuwait’s 50 MW Shagaya According to Aleksi Lumijarvi, program
2016, the Ministry launched Round 2 of CSP, scheduled to come online in early officer at IRENA, current frameworks in
the program, limiting it to developers who 2018, falls under the first phase of the the MENA region are largely focused on
prequalified in Round 1, until it reaches Shagaya Master Plan. The three-phased large-scale individual projects and favor
the target capacity of 2,000 for solar multi-technology park is planned to international consortia, an approach
and 2,000 MW for wind. If these which does not encourage
capacities were not met by Round 1 “Dubai’s 200 MW solar-tower project development of local value chains.
qualified companies, then the door also represents the first phase of a More needed
advanced frameworks were
to unlock private-sector
will be opened for newcomers. A
number of changes will apply in larger scheme that aims to deploy activity, he said. Clint Dempsey,
Phase Two, according to Dr. Fatma 1,000 MW of CSP by 2030” principal associate in Evershed’s
Salah, managing partner at law firm banking and finance team,
Riad & Riad. These include lower FITS generate 2,000 MW by 2030, including recommends the standardization of
and new local content requirements. For 1,150 MW of CSP, 700 MW of PV, and documents as an efficient de-risking strategy
PV projects between 20 MW and 50 MW, 140 MW of wind. The first PV and wind that can benefit the region’s solar industry.
tariffs have been reduced from 14.34 plants, each 10 MW, were connected to “As we have seen with the IFC’s scaling
US cents/kWh to 8.40 US cents/kWh. the grid in November 2016. MENA Solar solar program, which proved successful
Developers will also be required to use a Market Outlook for 2017 formerly known in in emerging markets such as Zambia,
minimum of 30 percent local content in as MENASOL, pre-order the MENA New a standard bankable suite of documents
solar projects. Energy 2017 program (Dubai 25-26 April) can save an enormous amount of time and
here Bid, Win and Develop Cash Rich cost in achieving financial close.” Dempsey
CSP on the agenda Projects in MENA some of the confirmed expects that green sukuk will open another
Since Masdar’s Shams project, CSP speakers include: Dubai’s 200 MW avenue of funding in region. “I also
activity has mostly concentrated in solar-tower project also represents the expect to see commercial banks coming
Morocco, where the 500 MW Noor first phase of a larger scheme that aims into play in countries such as Jordan,
Ouarzazate complex is quickly taking to deploy 1,000 MW of CSP by 2030. where we have seen successful Round 1
shape. But in the last two years, Likewise, Morocco’s Noor Midelt, which and 2 programs funded by development
governments across the region have comprises 800 MW of hybrid solar plants, finance institutions.”
shown increased confidence in the is part of the government’s long-term plan New Energy Update
technology. “Morocco will continue to to generate 2,000 MW from solar energy Web:www.newenergyupdate.com

December 2017 | awwmag.com 35


Compact Thermosiphon Solar Water

Heater System
The All glass evacuated tubes solar the central section of each vacuum descends into the tube for heating. The
water heaters with Thermosiphon type tube, where it is heated by the sun. galvanized steel cylinder at the top of
are the simplest vacuum tube system The tubes themselves are 93 percent the evacuated tubes (which can vary
it is Reliable, efficient with and Easy efficient - so they are able to heat water between 135 and 250 liters) is the well-
plug-in installation. The vacuum tubes even in low sunshine or when ambient insulated hot water cylinder - it is double
are double-skinned, with a vacuum air temperatures are low. The warmer, skinned and has 45mm of polyurethane
between the two layers of glass. The less dense water rises into the storage foam in between. This type is commonly
water in the cylinder is able to enter cylinder, displacing cooler water which employed in hot countries such as
Mediterranean, Africa and South Europe.
Other type of thermosiphon heaters
is the pressurized compact system, it
is ideal for pressurized residential and
commercial systems in warm areas. The
water in the tank is used as the heat
transfer medium, rather than using it
directly, it transfer the thermal energy to
the pressurized water that runs through
stainless steel heat exchanger in the tank
which can bear 4 bars water pressure .
It’s also possible to connect more than
one collector serially to increase hot
Al Tawfeer Renewable Energy’s solar water heaters
water capacity.

DEWA’s Water Reservoirs to be Powered by Solar

PV Systems
Etihad Energy Services Company the world. The solar PV systems will to achieving the Dubai Clean Energy
(Etihad ESCO) has been awarded promote sustainable development, Strategy 2050, that aims to provide
the development, and installation which will reinforce the UAE’s 7 per cent of Dubai's total power
of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems position as one of the most advanced output from clean energy by 2020, 25
to be installed at Dubai Electricity countries for alternative energy, “said per cent by 2030 and 75 per cent by
and Water Authority (DEWA) water Ali Al Jassim, CEO of Etihad ESCO. 2050,” said Christos Mimikopoulos,
reservoirs. The installation of solar PV Etihad ESCO will design the solar PV Executive Director of Solar – Etihad
systems on DEWA’s water reservoirs systems and install them on DEWA’s ESCO. The company stated that the
will reduce the Emirate’s carbon water reservoirs. “Etihad ESCO is total installed capacity of solar PV
footprint and increase the proportion committed to the social, economic systems on water reservoirs could
of solar power in Dubai's energy mix. and environmental development of reach up to 60 MWp. According to a
“The installation of solar PV systems at UAE. Since its establishment, Etihad report by Frost & Sullivan, the GCC’s
DEWA water reservoirs comes under ESCO has not only brought the best installed solar capacity is expected to
the implementation of the vision of integrated solar solutions, but has reach 76 GW by 2020. Egypt is hoping
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin also offered innovative solutions to to interconnect 2,650 MW of PV
Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President address strategic gaps in this sector. capacity by 2020, Morocco is aiming
and Prime Minister of the UAE and The installation of solar PV systems for 600 MW, while Jordan has 540 MW
Ruler of Dubai to transform Dubai into on DEWA’s water reservoirs is another of PV projects under construction with
one of the most sustainable cities in breakthrough, which drives us closer more expected before the end of 2017.
With a wave of solar projects already
underway across Dubai, the Emirate
is set for a green revolution with
alternative energy.

36 awwmag.com | December 2017

Whether you are looking for a quiet solution or resistance to high temperature for your HVAC applica-
tions, SAER’s new L series is the answer. An in line pump, characterized by innovative compact de-
sign to save space, combined with special nodular engineering cast iron construction which ensures
constant performance over time even under harsh conditions. Made in Italy. Quality guaranteed.
The range starts from 0,18kW up to 92kW, Suction & outlet from DN25 up to DN150 and a flow rate
from 0,5 up to 800m3/h.

L-2P 25-90 L-IVE-2P 100-200

L-2P 40-200 L-4P 150-400

Made by italians
Via Circonvallazione, 22 - 42016 Guastalla (RE) - Italy Tel. +39 0522 830941 - Fax +39 0522 826948 -E-mail:info@saer.it
SAER.Elettropompe - @saerelettropompe - Saer Elettropompe - Saer Elettropompe - www.saerelettropompe.com
SAER Pump Selector
Country/Regional Reports
39 China Sewage Treatment Industry:
Great Opportunities for Investors
40 Suez & Solvay Join Forces in Water Treatment
41 Everbright International Secures Sanya Sludge Treatment
42 Industrial Water Sustainability Project by Aquatech

South Africa
43 Water Policies, Regulation & Programs In South Africa

Switzerland - Austria
44 Protection & Monitoring of Water Bodies
Have a Long Tradition in Austria

45 Valuing Water Resources in Turkey

China Sewage Treatment Industry:

Great Opportunities for Investors
he distribution of China’s water resources is uneven across areas and between the years. China is faced with water
resource issues, and is under moderate water shortage in terms of water resources per capita though the total water
resources are large. Sewage issues affect life and environment and also increased the municipal economic water scarcity.
In recent years, the Chinese government has published a series of policies to promote the sewage treatment industry for China’s
water pollution issues is deteriorating.

It is estimated that China’s sewage

discharge has kept growing for many years
and the discharge exceeded 75 billion
tons in 2016. Domestic sewage discharge
accounted for over 70 percent of the total
sewage discharge and the growth rate of
industrial sewage discharge has slowed
down. China’s urbanization accelerates
with the development of economy. China’s
urban population reached 793 million by the
end of 2016, accounting for 57.35 percent
of the total population. Major source of
municipal sewage is domestic sewage,
which is characterized by large discharge
but low treatment efficiency. Inadequate
sewage treatment is likely to cause water
pollution, causing barriers to municipal water percent of 1.3 billion Chinese population Sewage treatment efficiency is generally
environment construction and water supply. use groundwater and more than 400 of low in China’s central and western regions,
Major subsectors of sewage treatment 660 Chinese cities rely on groundwater. at a treatment rate less than 80 percent.
industry include design and construction, According to relevant statistics, about 90 There is a severe supply shortage in China’s
equipment manufacture, operation and percent of China’s municipal groundwater sewage treatment industry, especially in
services. With fewer technical barriers is polluted. Unprecedented attentions are regions such as Yunnan and Inner Mongolia
and lower capital turnover, the design and paid to sewage treatment and recycle where growth rate of sewage discharge
construction business is conducive to industry with the deteriorating situation of exceeds the treatment rate. On the whole,
market development. Recent years have water pollution. There is large development the key construction projects of China’s
witnessed many enterprises sewage treatment industry will
accessing construction sector “It is estimated that, during 2017-2021, be gradually transferred from
of sewage treatment industry China’s sewage treatment industry will large cities and eastern regions
with ever-increasing concerns to central and western regions
on environmental protection. keep developing under the influence of and middle and small cities. The
In recent years, EPC projects government policies and market demand” Chinese government has issued
have decreased, and generally some policies to regulate strictly
sewage treatment plants adopt the BOT potential in sewage treatment industry, for the sewage treatment industry in order to
projects, which raise the gross profit of the gross profit rate was high in various guide China’s sewage treatment market.
sewage treatment business compared to regions in the two years. According to this However, China’s municipal sewage
that of the EPC projects. Technology and research, the sewage treatment rate is high, discharge keeps growing with the rapid
fund together determine competitiveness generally over 90 percent in developed urbanization and growing urban population.
in terms of relevant equipment. Well- cities including Guangdong, Jiangsu, Daily municipal sewage discharge reached
funded companies will make high profits Shandong, Zhejiang and Shanghai. The 140 million cubic meters while 150 million
and get returns in technical businesses in sewage discharge is determined by sewage cubic meters in 2016. It is estimated that
a short period. However, small companies treatment capacity and growth rate and the China’s domestic sewage discharge will
with poor fund need to concern the sewage treatment markets there are mature. keep growing during 2017-2021 with the
negative factors including the excessive These sewage treatment plants have good ever-increasing urban population.
initial investment, low output and a long prospect in upgrading & reconstruction, China Research & Intelligence
period. According to this research, 70 sludge disposal and reclaimed water. Web: www.shcri.com

December 2017 | awwmag.com 39


Suez & Solvay Join Forces in Water Treatment

SUEZ and Solvay have won the Processes (AOP). These technologies project as it demonstrates the value
contract to treat brine from reverse are effective on a broader spectrum that SUEZ and Solvay together can
osmosis desalination at Wanhua of molecules4 and are sustainable, offer to our customers.” SUEZ is one of
Chemical Industry Park in Yantai environmental-friendly solutions as they the global leaders for the manufacturing
(Shandong Province). This contract neither transfer pollutants from one and supply of ozone systems through
is part of the Alliance between SUEZ phase to the other nor produce large the ozonia® product line. SUEZ ozonia®
and Solvay which was formed to amounts of hazardous sludge. This brand ozone generators (ozonia M and
jointly develop and market Advanced Alliance delivers a tailor-made treatment XF range) use proprietary patented
Oxidation processes (AOP’s) within model to meet the demands of each technologies such as very robust
China to meet stringent environmental industrial player, ranging from process ceramic dielectrics with “Intelligent Gap
standards. Located in the coastal design and installation to the supply System (IGS™)” technology providing
city of Yantai, the industry park of of full-treatment services. The R&D the lowest energy consumption on the
Wanhua Chemical, a global chemical centers of both companies, in China market, and the ozonia® smartO3™
company, is supplied with water by a and Zurich, provide the necessary automation platform providing a suite
reverse osmosis desalination plant1. technical support, supplemented by a of new advanced features designed
The contract won by SUEZ and Solvay pilot plant equipment allowing on-site to optimize system performance and
provides a treatment line for the brine trials in order to optimize both efficiency reduce operations and maintenance
produced by the desalination process. and cost of treatment for specific costs. Solvay Peroxides Global
With a capacity of 24 000 m3/day, this effluents. Steve Clark, CEO of SUEZ Business Unit is a worldwide market
line will treat brine to achieve a quality Asia says “This contract proves the and technology leader in Hydrogen
discharge into the sea, in accordance relevance of the Alliance with Solvay. Peroxide. Providing functional qualities
with the most recent standards of the Tighter Chinese regulations require such as bleaching, oxidation or
chemical industry, requiring in particular the deployment of more and more disinfection, it delivers innovative
a total TN content of less than 15 advanced treatments involving cutting- products and tailored services to the
mg/L, TOC≤ 20 mg/l, BOD ≤ 10 mg/l, edge technologies that combines pulp, chemicals, aquaculture, food,
SS ≤ 10 mg/l, TP ≤ 0,5 mg/l 2, etc. the expertise of several players. The mining, waste water treatment, home
This treatment line will be equipped innovative technologies and business care and textile industries. SOLVAY
with SUEZ’s patented technologies model offered by SUEZ and Solvay PEROXIDES operates 19 plants in
(Densadeg, Biofor DN, Oxyblue, Flopac, represent a flexible and cost effective North and South America, Europe &
Ozonia® XF) as well as the Advanced solution to ensure the treatment of Middle East, Asia and Australia. It runs
Oxidation Process (AOP) jointly complex effluents from all industrial the world’s biggest Hydrogen Peroxide
developed by SUEZ and Solvay to sectors.” “The Alliance with SUEZ plant in Map Ta Phut (Thailand). With
achieve the optimum treatment of brine allows both partners to combine their its JV partner Peróxidos do Brasil,
and optimize the operational costs. It leading technologies and expertise Solvay Peroxides is developing a new
will start operation in October, 2018. to offer very effective water treatment plant concept, myH2O2®, especially
It is the first contract won within the solutions for our customers in China, designed for installation at customer
Alliance between SUEZ and Solvay fully optimized to meet their specific sites in remote locations. Innovation
in China this year to combine their needs” says Andrew Cumming, the Asia capacity and agility are two of GBU
expertise and technologies to provide Pacific President of Solvay Peroxides Peroxides’ strengths. SOLVAY is a
innovative industrial effluent treatment GBU. “I am very pleased that the multi-specialty chemical company,
solutions based on Advanced Oxidation Alliance has secured the Wanhua Yantai committed to developing chemistry
that addresses key societal challenges.
Solvay innovates and partners with
customers in diverse global end
markets. Its products and solutions
are used in planes, cars, smart and
medical devices, batteries, in mineral
and oil extraction, among many other
applications promoting sustainability.
Its lightweighting materials enhance
cleaner mobility, its formulations
optimize the use of resources and its
performance chemicals improve air and
water quality.

40 awwmag.com |December 2017


Everbright International Secures Sanya

Sludge Treatment
China Everbright International Limited and maintained by a project company City. After treatment, the sludge will be
is pleased to announce that the Group which has been jointly invested in and delivered to Sanya Waste-to-energy
has recently secured Wujiang Food Waste established by Everbright International Project for mixed incineration. Hu Yanguo,
Treatment Project in Jiangsu Province and and the Suzhou Wujiang Public Utilities CEO of Environmental Energy Sector at
Sanya Sludge Treatment and Disposal Group Co., Ltd. The Group holds a Everbright International, said, “Wujiang
Project Phase II in Hainan Province, with a 70 percent equity stake in the project Food Waste Project is currently Everbright
total investment of approximately USD28 company. Sanya Sludge Project Phase International’s largest food waste treatment
million. Wujiang Food Waste Project will II has a designed daily sludge treatment project. It will work synergistically with
be constructed on a BOT (“Build-Operate- capacity of 100 tones, with an investment Wujiang Waste-to-energy Project; and
Transfer”) model, with an investment of approximately RMB46 million. With the both projects will provide a better solid-
of approximately USD21 million. The project phase I being considered, Sanya waste treatment solution to the Wujiang
project is designed to have a daily food Sludge Project has a total daily sludge District than before. Meanwhile, given an
waste processing capacity of 200 tones, treatment capacity of 150 tones, mainly increasing local demand, Sanya Sludge
with a concession period of 25 years focusing on processing sludge generated Project Phase II’s daily treatment capacity
(construction period inclusive). The project from the municipal waste water treatment has doubled from 50 tons to 100 tonnes.
will be invested in, constructed, operated plants in the administrative area of Sanya Sanya Sludge Project will not only offer
comprehensive treatment of sludge
discharged from the local municipal
waste water treatment plants, but also
further facilitate the city to achieve the
harmless treatment, reduction and reuse
of sludge.”

December 2017 | awwmag.com 41


Industrial Water Sustainability Project

by Aquatech
Aquatech, one of the global leaders The recycled water will be treated to project will not only enable Chinacoal
in water purification technology for a high purity level and reused in the to comply with statutory regulations
industrial and infrastructure markets, process facility. but will also minimize the complex’s
has been awarded a contract to overall water footprint, which is an
provide a water treatment facility that Representatives from Aquatech and important consideration since CTX
includes wastewater recycle and zero Chinacoal Group convened in a projects require substantial amounts of
liquid discharge technology for a coal- signing ceremony held on November water and are normally located in dry,
to-chemicals conversion project being 22 during the 26th U.S.-China Joint water stressed regions.
developed by the Chinacoal Group, Commission on Commerce and Trade
China’s second largest coal producer. (JCCT) in Guangzhou, Guangdong “We are very proud to not only be
Province. The event was attended by involved with such a great effort in
This is the second such plant that has The Honorable Penny Pritzker, the water optimization and environmental
been awarded to Aquatech by Chinacoal United States Secretary of Commerce. sustainability for one of Asia’s most
at the same location in Ordos City, water scarce regions, but also to do
Inner Mongolia. Aquatech will design, Established in 1983, the JCCT is the it as a repeat project at an existing
engineer, and supply the integrated primary forum for addressing bilateral facility. We see this as validation and
water facility, and will supervise trade and investment issues and recognition of the value we provide
installation and commissioning. promoting commercial opportunities to our clients with our industry
between the United States and China. leading water recycling and zero
Aquatech will provide a fully integrated High-level plenary meetings are held liquid discharge technology,” said
and automated system that it has annually and are co-chaired by the Devesh Sharma, Managing Director,
developed specifically for the CTX U.S. Secretary of Commerce, the Aquatech. “We are also grateful to
market utilizing Aquatech’s proprietary United States Trade Representative, the US Department of Commerce for
and advanced AquaEZTM technology. and the Chinese Vice Premier in its support and for creating a positive
The plant, a model of water efficiency charge of trade and investment issues. atmosphere for trade with events like
and sustainability, will recycle over 9.6 the Smart Cities trade delegation in
million liters per day of wastewater The Aquatech project further boosts which Aquatech participated last April
generated by a nearby coal mine and China’s progress in addressing as well as the follow-up events leading
eliminate all wastewater discharge. environmental impacts of industry. This up to the JCCT. The US Department
of Commerce has assisted us in
increasing our market visibility, which
has helped us have a record year in
China,” he added.

Aquatech is a well-known leader

in water purification technology for
industrial and infrastructure markets
with a focus on desalination, water
reuse, and zero liquid discharge. The
company is headquartered in the
United States, and has a significant
presence worldwide through
subsidiaries in India, Europe, the
Middle East, and China. Aquatech
strives to provide technology
leadership and performance excellence
to the global water industry, and aims
to support its clients with cutting edge
sustainable solutions, minimizing their
life cycle cost, as well as their carbon
The U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade and water footprint.

42 awwmag.com | December 2017


Water Policies, Regulation

& Programs In South Africa
his section introduces water sector-related regulatory frameworks and public sector activities. These are expected to inform
or affect investment decisions made by potential investors and businesses in the sector. Managing water resources involves
contributions from various stakeholders at different points along the value chain. The DWS formulates and implements
policies to regulate the water sector and provides strategies for sector support. It does this by operating across the water value
chain as a national government entity. However, the DWS does not execute all functions. In line with the National Water Act (Act
36 of 1998), some functions are delegated to appropriate sector institutions, such as CMA.
Water services authorities (WSAs) are Water Act, CMAs are responsible for ■ Water Services Act of 1997 focuses
typically municipal departments. Of the water resource management within the on the right to a basic supply of water
278 municipalities in the country, 152 defined boundaries. They are arguably and sanitation services, and water
are designated WSAs, including all 24 the most important institutions in the services institutions that take reasonable
local municipalities in the Western Cape. South African water sector. The Western measures to realize these rights.
Some local municipalities contractually Cape will have two CMAs: the Berg-
delegate Water Boards as WSAs or in Olifants, currently managed by the DWS The National Water Resources Strategy
some areas, such as the Eastern Cape, as a temporary or proto-CMA and the 2 (NWRS2) outlines the institutional
the district municipalities are WSAs. established Breede-Gouritz. Access to structure of the water sector, and
As provided for in the National Water water in society is determined by the highlights the roles played by WSAs,
Act, CMAs are responsible for water following legal rights and strategies: water services providers (WSP), regional
resource management within the defined ■ International law affirms that water and water utilities, CMAs, catchment
boundaries. They are arguably the most sanitation are human rights according management forums and water user
important institutions in the
South African water sector.
“The National Water Act makes provision for associations (WUA) through
the water value chain. The
Establishing CMAs has a pricing strategy for water use charges to Medium-Term Strategic
been slow. The Western promote financial sustainability and economic Framework (MTSF) (Phase 1
Cape will have two CMAs: 2014-2019) sets out actions
the Berg-Olifants, currently
efficiency in water use” and targets to achieve the
managed by the DWS as a temporary or to a resolution adopted by the United commitments set out in the 2012 National
proto-CMA; and the established Breede- Nations Human Rights Council in 2010; Development Plan. It is structured
Gouritz. Some local municipalities ■ Constitution of South Africa enshrines around 14 strategic areas and creates
contractually delegate Water Boards as the basic right to adequate, safe water; opportunities for the private sector
WSAs or in some areas, such as the ■ National Water Act of 1996 is the in public water and sanitation, water
Eastern Cape, the district municipalities primary legislation that regulates and leak management and water demand
are WSAs. As provided for in the National protects water resources; management. A National Infrastructure
Plan was developed in 2012, comprising
18 strategic infrastructure projects
(SIPS), to be implemented over a 15-
year period at an estimated cost of R4
trillion (DWS 2016a). Two SIPS cover
water and sanitation, as follows:
■ SIP 6 will address backlogs and
upgrades to municipal water, sanitation
and electricity bulk infrastructure.
■ SIP 18 will address water and sanitation
backlogs, as well as the maintenance and
construction of waste water treatment
works. It will also consolidate water
services institutions and implement
water leak management and water
demand awareness programs.
Web: www.shcri.com

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Protection & Monitoring of Water Bodies

Have a Long Tradition in Austria
riginally, the term water quality was defined as the chemical, physical and also hygienic status of the groundwater (drinking
water) and the surface waters. Again and again particularly rivers and lakes have been contaminated by wastewaters
discharged. For the protection of waters e.g. material pollution by nutrients has been significantly reduced. This was possible
because most households and enterprises were connected to the public sewage system and wastewater is no longer directly
introduced into waters.
Nowadays, the term “water quality” is
defined in an even wider sense. It has been
extended to include also the function of
waters as important habitats for animals
and plants, and thus includes the biological
status. In this context the term status of
waters is used. The many different claims
on utilization mostly refer to only one partial
aspect of water, which flows in an everlasting
cycle. In order to ensure good water quality in
all fields, water has to be seen holistically and
the entire water and/or water bodies have to
be protected. Water protection measures
could be e.g. wastewater purification, low
input of fertilizers plant protection products industrial wastewater could be reduced. As the pollution with nitrate and the plant
and pesticides in agriculture, the renaturation a result also the quality of running waters protection product atrazine, as well as its
of rivers, or simply the economical use has improved significantly. Since 1991 the decomposition product desethylatrazine,
of the precious resource. To put this into quality of Austrian groundwater, rivers and could be reduced in the arable farming
practice, to meet the requirements, and to lakes has been tested according to uniform, areas of eastern Austria.
check the success of the measures taken, legally established criteria of the Water
comprehensive programs demonstrating The EU water framework directive
Rights Act (WRG Wasserrechtsgesetz) and
the quality of water and of water bodies are its detailed ordinances. The comprehensive
With the European Water Framework
required. In Austria, such programs have a investigation programs are carried out by the
Directive (EU WFD, as from 2001) also the
long tradition. Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry,
Austrian water management has got a new
Environment and Water Management basis. The objective of this Directive is that
Regular testing all waters have at least a good
Since the sixties of the twentieth “Since 1991 the quality of Austrian status. This means, particularly
century flowing waters have
been tested at regular intervals.
groundwater, rivers and lakes has been for lakes and rivers, that but minor
deviations from the original, natural
Based on the results, measures tested according to uniform” and typical status are permitted.
for improvements have been Surface waters (rivers and lakes)
implemented. The quality of Austrian waters (BMLFUW Bundesministerium für are nowadays surveyed and assessed
became a matter of public interest when the Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umwelt- in their entirety. Apart from the impacts of
restoration of the heavily nutrient-polluted und Wasserwirtschaft) and the offices material pollution, also hydromorphological
lakes (nitrogen, phosphorus) had to be of the nine Provincial Governments with interventions that change the function
started. As a consequence the sewage the technical support provided by the of waters as habitats are considered in
system was expanded in the 70ies and Federal Environment Agency (UBA the assessments. The quality of waters is
biological wastewater purification plants Umweltbundesamt). The monitoring defined via their chemical and ecological
were established. In the nineties intra- programs were designed in such a way that status. In the case of water sections which
company measures reduced the pollution they reflected the urgent problems and tasks have been artificially created or water
of waters by reducing the emission of with which Austria’s water management sections which have been substantially
certain substances to the environment was confronted at that time. Based on the modified due to utilizations, the term
(regulated via Wastewater Emission results the material discharges from industry, ecological potential is applied.
Ordinances). In this way the pollution stress agriculture and domestic wastewater were BMLFUW
of rivers through municipal, commercial and substantially reduced. As to groundwater, Web: www.bmlfuw.gv.at

44 awwmag.com | December 2017


Valuing Water Resources in Turkey

ater is an essential component of Turkey’s economy and environment. The country’s annual average potential of
economically exploitable water resources is 112 billion m3. Annual freshwater consumption is about 44 billion m3,
of which 74 percent is used for agriculture, 15 percent for domestic uses, and 11 percent towards industrial ones.
Besides its contribution to economic production, water and its related ecosystems (e.g. lakes, wetlands, coastal zones,
etc.) provide a wide range of benefits such as flood protection, pollution abatement, and biodiversity conservation.

Water resources are under strong

pressure in terms of both quantity and
quality. Throughout the country, water
resources are unevenly distributed in
time and space, and the rivers often
have irregular flows due to climate
conditions and variations in topography.
Surface and groundwater resources are
fairly limited in the highly urbanized and
industrialized western part of Turkey. In
addition, recent studies demonstrate
that in the near future, Turkey will become
hotter, more arid, and unstable in terms
of its precipitation patterns, meaning
that water will inevitably become a
very sensitive and critical issue. The a serious constraint for Turkey. The accounting tool. Economic valuation of
above factors, along with population Turkish government is considering a water is a basic step in making well-
growth (100 million people by 2030), are set of policy issues related to water informed policy decisions on WRM.
expected to reduce water availability in resource management (WRM), including Government agencies, namely the
many areas. This is particularly important estimating the economic value of water Ministry of Development (MoD) /
for basins such as Marmara Basin, K. and incorporating this into strategic TurkStat, Ministry of Forest and
Menderes Basin and Asi Basin, where decision-making on water allocation and Water Affairs (MoFWA), are keen
water availability is already less than 1000 pricing. There is a request for developing on conducting valuation to better
m3 /capita. In addition, water pollution a tool for water valuation and accounting. understand 10 water resources’
due to the discharge of untreated According to a diagnostic analysis the economic contributions to the economy
wastewater from urban and industrial World Bank carried out in 2014, there and to accordingly modify the national
areas is another problem associated is a wide range of policy questions accounts. Furthermore, MoD and
with the growing economy. Freshwater related to water resource management, MoFWA are willing to integrate water
productivity in Turkey (USD20/ valuation as a key component
m3) is low compared to that of “Economic valuation of water is a basic in the river basin management
high-income countries (USD47/ processes, which would
m3), and of some upper middle- step in making well-informed policy contribute to analyzing the
income countries of the region, decisions on WRM” challenging issues of WRM
such as Belarus, and Bosnia such as assessing trade-
and Herzegovina (USD50-58/m3) (World from water’s economic contributions offs, allocation planning, investment
Bank, 2016). As the largest user of to national growth, to tradeoffs among prioritization, ecosystem conservation,
water, agriculture has extensive irrigation competing users in managing water setting standards for water quality, water
systems, however the existing irrigation resources, to water pricing and cost pricing, compensation for damage or
practices are not very efficient. Water recovery, to planning and prioritizing use, and adaptation to climate change.
delivery systems in irrigation schemes are investments to compensate for or offset To support the government agencies
comprised of classical open canals and the loss of water due to depletion. The in natural resources management, the
canalettes resulting in high losses due need for water-related policy analysis World Bank launched a natural capital
to leakage and evaporation. Similarly, at and decision-making from the agencies accounting (NCA) program in Turkey.
the farm level, surface irrigation methods responsible for development planning, The program aims to improve the
that have low water efficiency are widely water resource management, and valuation and accounting systems of
used. Without significant improvement environmental protection are a strong natural resources.
in irrigation efficiencies, it is indisputable motivation for the development and The World Bank
that water availability would become application of the water valuation and Web: www.worldbank.org

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Corporate Happenings
47 LANXESS Signs Distribution Agreement with ICSCO
47 Safi Launches First Branded Water Station in the Region
48 Winners of 3rd Emirates Energy Award unveiled
48 ESCO Signs Service Agreement with Dubai Police

Projects & Developments

49 Dubai Municipality Starts Geotechnical
Investigation for Sewage Treatment
50 Financial Close of the Bulk Surface Water Supply Project
52 Masdar Signs Project Development Agreement
53 Clifford Chance Advises EBRD on Key Egypt Solar Projects

Products & Services

54 A New Generation of Data Loggers SOFREL For The
Performance and Monitoring of Water Networks
54 GUTERMANN’s Long-Standing Expertise in Leak Monitoring
55 The Ultimate Combination of Speed and Power
56 Grundfos Introduces its Energy Check Services
to the UAE Market
57 Rotork SPI Keeps Plant Control Systems Reliably
Informed Of Valve Positions
57 Efficient and Cost-Effective Cleaning
DEPARTMENTS Corporate Happenings

LANXESS Signs Distribution Agreement

with ICSCO
The Liquid Purification Technologies
(LPT) business unit of specialty chemicals
company LANXESS, one of the world’s
leading suppliers of water treatment
products and solutions, is looking to
expand its business with reverse osmosis
membrane elements in Saudi Arabia.
On November 1, 2017, it signed a
distribution agreement for Lewabrane
membrane elements with Riyadh- Signing ceremony
based Saudi company Industrial and
Chemicals Supplies Co. Ltd. (ICSCO). who are looking for quality, integrity and company has over 40 years of experience
The contract was signed by head of LPT sustainability. LANXESS membrane as a distribution partner for the water
Jean-Marc Vesselle and ICSCO CEO elements meet the highest German industry and is a leading supplier of reverse
Ahmed Mohamed Gashlan. “We selected and international production and quality osmosis membranes, ion exchange resins,
ICSCO because of its experience in the standards, which makes them the perfect water treatment chemicals, metering
field of reverse osmosis technology and addition to our portfolio,” remarks Gashlan. pumps, filtration media, softening plants
are aiming to work together to ensure Industrial and Chemicals Supplies Co. Ltd. and monitoring equipment. The Gulf
further growth in this region,” says is a subsidiary of AlKawther Industries States obtain some 20 million cubic
Vesselle. “Our customers are owners of Co. Ltd., which is headquartered in meters of drinking water from the sea
water and wastewater treatment facilities Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This global every day.

Safi Launches First Branded Water Station

in the Region
Safi, the UAE’s first water company Safi has produced high-quality water competitive rate. As part of the company’s
that recycles water for industrial and sourced from tertiary treated wastewater strategy to expand and promote its’
commercial use, was recently inaugurated at the Ajman Sewage Treatment Plant, unique business model, Safi recently
by Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, and provided it to various district cooling launched a fully-revamped and branded
Supreme Council Member and Ruler of plants, ready mix and cement factories, facility that boasts a shaded re-filling area
Ajman, to mark the completion of a full as well as hydrotesting companies, that with an organised queuing system and
rebrand and upgrade of the existing facility require a reliable source of water with branded illuminated signboards similarly
located in Ajman. For more than six years, stringent quality parameters, and at a to petrol stations, in order to promote the
renewed trademark. Safi also provides
innovative tools such as prepaid cards,
and a customer app which allows users
to monitor live delivery time and water
quality, as well as a public-address system
delivering automatic safety messages.
“Among the numerous improvements
and additional features, we are focusing
specifically on improving customer service
by adding 10 extra filling points to serve
more customers and faster, thereby
decreasing trucks filling time to allow for
more rotations,” explained Gurvan Dersel,
The branded water station General Manager of Safi.

December 2017 | awwmag.com 47

DEPARTMENTS Corporate Happenings

Winners of 3rd Emirates Energy Award unveiled

Dubai Supreme Council of Energy graced by patronage and presence of rationalized use of energy and resources.
held the 3rd Emirates Energy Award Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, The award also targets to highlight
2017. The event organized concurrently Chairman of Dubai Supreme Council of the best practices and pioneering
with the fourth edition of The World Energy. Organized under the patronage work in energy efficiency, alternative
Green Economy Summit (WGES) saw of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed energy, sustainability and protecting
the attendance of the industry’s elite and bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President the environment. “This year’s edition
leading energy professionals, who came and Prime Minister of the United Arab has attracted wide participation from
together under one roof to recognize Emirates and Ruler of Dubai under countries across the Middle East and
and celebrate the achievements of 33 the theme of “Innovative Solutions for North Africa, including the European,
winners in this ever evolving industry. Clean Energy”, The Emirates Energy American and Scandinavian countries,
The prestigious ceremony was also Award (EEA) aims to encourage the which exceeded expectations after
doubling the number of entries, which
stood at 210 compared to 112 in the
previous cycle,” said Saeed Mohammed
Al Tayer, Vice Chairman of the Dubai
Supreme Council of Energy, President
of Emirates Energy Award. Emirates
Energy Award recognizes brilliant ideas,
innovative minds and creative projects
which support sustainable development
efforts and renewable energy
technologies that preserve environment
and natural resources for generations
Group photo winners to come.

ESCO Signs Service Agreement with Dubai Police

Etihad Energy Services Company
(ESCO) signed a service agreement
with Dubai Police to provide energy
efficient and sustainable solutions for
its 34 facilities including police stations,
prisons, and offices. “Dubai Police
has always been at the forefront of
green and sustainable initiatives. We
are pleased to engage with them to
support their drive towards a clean
and green future. At Etihad ESCO,
our goal is to collaborate with public
and private sectors to make a positive Agreement signing ceremony
contribution to the country and its
strategies towards the future of energy. not only help save electricity and water, adopt small changes to daily routines
We’re confident that our agreement but also help reduce carbon emissions. to make sustainability our way of
with Dubai Police will not only assist In addition, Etihad ESCO will install life. While we integrate sustainability
them to reduce energy usage, but also solar PVs and undertake LEED audits throughout all levels of our organization,
facilitate access to new technologies for some of the Dubai Police facilities. we ensure that we also monitor and
and solutions for improving energy “At Dubai Police, sustainability is the benchmark best practices to remain
efficiency,” said Eng. Ali Al Jassim, core of our operations. We believe that committed to our goal of supporting
CEO of Etihad ESCO. In accordance small things make big differences; as Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050,”
with the agreement, Dubai Police will such we aim through our collaboration said Lt Col Dr. Tamim Al Haj, Director
go green with installation of a variety of with Etihad ESCO to forecast the future of the Environment, Health and Safety
green solutions. These measures will towards sustainable development and Department at Dubai Police.

48 awwmag.com | December 2017

DEPARTMENTS Projects & Developments

Dubai Municipality Starts Geotechnical

Investigation for Sewage Treatment
Dubai Municipality has begun
exploratory work for a major new
sewage treatment system as part of
the broader development of a modern
city infrastructure to accommodate
continued population growth. The
Dubai Strategic Sewer Tunnel Project,
for which Dubai Municipality has
engaged Parsons Overseas Limited
as engineering consultant, will involve
construction of more than 70km of
tunnels supported by approximately
140 km of link sewers and key pumping
stations. When completed in 2022, the
project will eliminate over 100 pump
stations around the city that currently
transfer sewage to treatment plants
in Al Warsan and Jebel Ali. Dubai
Municipality, which has commenced
a Geotechnical Investigation for the
project, says the key objectives are to
reduce the cost of treating sewage,
reduce carbon emissions through the
use of gravity systems and reduction DSST project map
in power demand. “The sewerage
infrastructure is part of the essential experience any disturbances during Varied ground conditions are expected
infrastructure of a modern city,” said the initial exploration work.” A key part to be encountered along the proposed
Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director of the design process is to determine tunnel and link sewer alignment. It
General of Dubai Municipality. “To fulfil the existing ground parameters used is vitally important to gather detailed
the city’s needs, Dubai has approved to design the structural integrity of the subsurface information in order to
an integrated plan proposal to expand tunnels, shafts and link sewers. The develop a precise and accurate ground
the existing sewerage system and Drainage and Irrigation Department of model along the entire route which
improve the arrangements for sewage Dubai Municipality, led by Acting Director will assist in the design process and
disposal by combining land based Mohammed Al Rayees, is proceeding selection of appropriate tunneling tools
sewage treatment and a deep tunnel with the site investigation program, of and technology. Upon completion
sewerage conveyance system.” Added which Parsons has engaged a company of field work, the results of in-situ
Eng. Lootah: “Since 2003, Dubai to drill a series of 250 boreholes along testing and laboratory analysis will
has experienced rapid population the route of the new sewerage network. be evaluated to provide advice on
growth. In addition to a rapid change The DID expects this program to take appropriate construction methodologies
in population, there is an increase in up to nine months. During this field work for the tunnels, link sewers and shaft
residential communities where mixed phase, truck mounted rotary rigs will excavations, and to provide ground
use is gaining ground and residential move to locations along the proposed parameters that will enable engineers
areas are increasingly accommodating route of the tunnel and link. The duration to produce cost effective designs. The
commercial, public and mixed-use of stay at any single location will vary, geotechnical investigation will include
facilities. “Thus, residential areas are depending upon drilling depth and in- the planning and implementation
affected greatly in terms of increasing situ testing requirements. In general, of destructive and non-destructive
density and overloading of existing however, drilling rigs are expected to techniques by using conventional
infrastructure. The new sewerage stay at each location for two to five and specialized drilling/testing
system will serve the city for at least the days. The rigs will be equipped with tools. Samples of the soil and rock
next 50 years. We want to reassure drilling rods, drill bits, excavation tools encountered will be retrieved, and use
the local communities that they will not and various in-situ testing equipment. for further analysis.

December 2017 | awwmag.com 49

DEPARTMENTS Projects & Developments

Financial Close of the Bulk Surface Water

Supply Project
The Government of Rwanda and treatment plant and will then sell potable similar capital-intensive projects in
Metito announced the Financial Close water to the Water & Sanitation Africa and a catalyst that can enhance
of the first competitively tendered Corporation of Rwanda (WASAC) the international investor community’s
Build Operate Transfer (BOT) Water under a 27-year PPP Agreement. The appetite to invest in Rwanda. David
Concession in Sub-Saharan Africa Emerging Africa Infrastructure White, Chairman of the Emerging
(outside of South Africa). The finalization Fund (EAIF), a member of the Private Africa Infrastructure Fund says,
of this Public Private Partnership (PPP) Infrastructure Development Group “The conclusion of the financing is
agreement spells the start of execution (PIDG), is the mandated Lead Arranger tremendous news for Rwanda. Fresh,
of the highly-anticipated Kigali Bulk of the financing of this project which is clean water has a fundamental role
Water Supply Project with construction worth USD60.8 million. EAIF and The to play in economic development
forecasted to last 30 months from the African Development Bank (AFDB) and water-dependent businesses like
commencement date. The Kigali Bulk are covering USD40.6 million of the hotels, food processing and leisure, will
Water Supply Project will be located capital cost of the project; USD38 million have greater confidence in investing
in Kanzenze, in the South-Eastern of Senior Debt and USD2.6 million of in Kigali. The financing exercise has
part of Kigali. The Project will provide Junior Debt with all loans on 18-year been a model of cooperation between
40 million liters per day of fresh, clean terms. The balance will be provided EAIF, the AFDB, the Government of
and safe water to the residents of by Metito as equity finance. The Kigali Rwanda, and Metito.” Mutaz Ghandour,
Rwanda’s Capital city to serve domestic, Bulk Surface Water Supply PPP project Metito Chairman and CEO, said, “The
commercial and industrial end users. The also benefits from a USD6.25 million Kigali Bulk Surface Water Supply PPP
treated water will be extracted from the grant from PIDG’s Technical Assistance project puts Rwanda on the map for the
south bank of the Nyabarongo River and Facility. The Kigali Bulk Water Supply international investor community and
will supplement existing water supplies Project was awarded to Metito through marks a historic moment for Rwanda.
in a strategic move to meet Kigali’s an international and competitive tender Together, today, we are setting a
growing water demands – a city with a process, and the completion of its precedent not only for Rwanda, but for
population of over one million residents. financing marks a historic moment and the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa, and
This iconic project is being developed by a milestone in Rwanda’s progressive surely for Metito. Once complete, this will
Kigali Water Limited (KWL), a fully owned vision to build an economic, prosperous become an exemplar project for PPPs in
subsidiary of Metito, a global provider for and first class developed country. The the region – there is no doubt – so today,
intelligent water management solutions successful Financial Close of a project we must all celebrate alongside the
with 60 years of experience developing of this size also highlights the effective People of Rwanda. He added, “Africa
and managing water facilities across the partnership between the public and has huge potential and we expect this
world covering four continents. KWL will private sectors and is a landmark to continue as critical infrastructure
design, build, maintain and operate the project that will pave the way to other develops around the provision of key
utilities. To undertake such capital-
intensive infrastructure projects, the PPP
scheme remains to be the best, and
sometimes unavoidable, formula, and
Metito acknowledges this. Our global
growth strategy aims at expanding our
presence in Africa, and augmenting
Metito’s well established and tested
operations in North, West and now
East Africa, and this remarkable project
here in Kigali is in line with this strategy.
The diligence and effort put into the
structuring of the project and towards
reaching Financial Close is outstanding,
and we look forward to working with our
partners on this project and other similar
opportunities in Rwanda and the region.
Kigali bulk water supply project We are honored to be part of this.”

50 awwmag.com | December 2017


Lindsay is the single-source irrigation manufacturer that can develop FieldNET™

the right system for your individual needs. We’ve combined the Wireless Irrigation
strengths of all Lindsay companies and products into one simple yet
powerful package: the Plan to Profit Portfolio. No matter where you are,
FieldNET makes it easy
From large-scale designs and advanced controls, to custom pump to remotely control your
stations, add-on sensors and wireless irrigation management, irrigation systems. The easy-to-use interface
Zimmatic® by Lindsay seamlessly integrates all of these elements with status icons shows real-time progress and
stops – saving time, energy, labor and water.
into a customized system that helps you optimize performance and
crop yields while minimizing the use of resources. If it’s remotely possible, FieldNET can do it.
Find out more at lindsay.com/fieldnet
For more details, visit zimmatic.com.

2222 N. 111th St., Omaha, NE 68164

1-402-829-6800 • www.lindsay.com

© 2015 Lindsay. All rights reserved. Zimmatic and FieldNET are trademarks of the Lindsay Corporation.

Masdar Signs Project Development Agreement

Indonesian power company PT project will be the largest project MoU between PT PJB and Masdar in
Pembangkitan Jawa-Bali (PT PJB), of its kind in Indonesia and PJB- July this year to collaborate on finding
a subsidiary of the state electricity Masdar will be a pioneer of floating PV sustainable solutions to Indonesia’s
company Perusahaan Listrik Negara technology. Inshallah, developing this rapidly growing energy demand, with a
(PLN), and Masdar, Abu Dhabi project will be a great success and focus on projects in the Java-Bali and
Future Energy Company, signed a a proud achievement for Indonesia.” Sumatra regions. With a population of
project development agreement (PDA) “Today’s signing marks the entry of more than 250 million, Indonesia is the
for the world’s largest floating solar Masdar into South East Asia and our largest country in the Association of
photovoltaic (PV) power plant. With first project in floating solar power,” Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).
a capacity of 200 megawatt (MW), said Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, Indonesia has set a renewable energy
the plant will cover an area of 225 Chief Executive Officer of Masdar. target of 31 percent by 2050. According
hectares atop the Cirata Reservoir in “The agreement with PT PJB for the to the International Renewable Energy
the West Java province of Indonesia. world’s largest floating solar power plant Agency (IRENA), the country has
The 6,000-hectare Cirata Reservoir demonstrates Masdar’s ambition as a the potential to produce more than
already powers a 1GW hydroelectric global renewable energy leader and the 700 gigawatts (GW) of renewable
power station. The agreement was strength of our industry partnerships.” energy, including 532.6 gigawatts
signed in Jakarta by Iwan Agung One of the advantages of floating of solar power. Since 2006, Masdar
Firstantara, President Director of PLN, solar power in tropical countries like has invested in renewable energy
and Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, Indonesia is that it enables renewable projects with a combined value of
Chief Executive Officer of Masdar. energy development in forested regions USD8.5 billion; the company’s share
Also present at the signing were generally unsuitable for conventional of this investment is USD2.7 billion.
Arcandra Tahar, Deputy Minister of solar power. The successful deployment Masdar commercializes advanced
Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy & Mineral of the Cirata project paves the way technologies by deploying them at
Resources, Mohammed Abdullah for the installation of floating solar scale. Examples include Hywind
Al-Ghafli, Ambassador of the UAE power on another 60 reservoirs across Scotland, the world’s first utility-scale
to the Republic of Indonesia and Indonesia. The planned 200MW offshore wind farm; Gemasolar in
representatives from the Indonesian floating PV project will be mounted on Spain, the first solar thermal power
investment agency Badan Koordinasi 700,000 floats moored to the bed of plant producing electricity 24 hours a
Penanaman Modal (BKPM). “PJB the Cirata reservoir and connected by day; and London Array, currently the
is excited and looking forward to electrical cables to an onshore high- world’s largest offshore wind farm in
working with Masdar,” said Iwan voltage substation. Besides producing operation. Last year, a Masdar-led
Agung Firstantara, President Director clean power, the facility will provide consortium was appointed to build the
of PT PJB. “We believe this project shading against the sun, reducing 800MW third phase of the Mohamed
development agreement is a milestone evaporation from the reservoir and Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in
in the development of other floating limiting the growth of algae. The PDA Dubai, quoting a record low price for
PV solar power plants; this 200MW signing follows the agreement of an solar power generation. Masdar will
be showcasing its global renewable
energy project portfolio at Abu Dhabi
Sustainability Week, taking place from
January 13-20. Masdar’s presence
in Indonesia goes beyond renewable
energy project development. Past
winners of the Zayed Future Energy
Prize, the leading international award
recognizing innovation and outstanding
achievement in sustainability and
renewable energy innovation, include
Bali-based Kopernick, a winner in the
non-profit category in 2016, which
aims to reduce poverty in remote
communities through renewable energy
access. Another prize recipient is Green
School Bali, winner of the 2017 Global
Masdar PT PJB PDA signing ceremony High Schools (Asia) award.

52 awwmag.com | December 2017

Projects & Developments

Clifford Chance Advises EBRD on Key Egypt

Solar Projects
International law firm Clifford Chance
has advised the lender European
Bank for Reconstruction and
Development (EBRD) on a USD87
million syndicated loan to Infinity for
Solar Energy and IB Vogt’s two solar
projects in Egypt.

The investment is part of the EBRD’s

USD500 million framework for
renewable energy in Egypt. EBRD
have currently invested USD3 billion
across 51 projects in the country.
The two solar projects totals 80MW
and forms part of the 2GW solar FiT
program launched by the Egyptian renewable energy sector in the for negotiation with the government’s
Government in 2015. Middle East and North Africa region” renewable energy representative body,
he added. SUNA; and the 58.7MW Mersinli
The electricity produced by the solar onshore wind project in Turkey.
FiT program will help Egypt to meet its The UAE-based Clifford Chance team
emission reduction targets under the included partners Mohamed Hamra- Clifford Chance is one of the world’s
Paris Climate Agreement by replacing Krouha and Richard Parris and was pre-eminent law firms with significant
about 350,000 tons of CO2 emissions co-led by Counsel Alhassane Barry. depth and range of resources across
per year and further diversity the Liz Wood, Cheuk Yin Cheung, Edesili five continents.
Egyptian power sector by exploiting the Obetoh, Katie Joukadjian, Michael
country’s renewable energy potential. Gabriel and Sasha Kobyasheva As a single, fully integrated, global
supported the team. partnership, the company prides
Lead Partner, Mohamed Hamra- itself on its approachable, collegiate
Krouha said: “This signing marks Earlier this month, Clifford Chance and team based way of working. The
another key milestone towards Egypt’s advised EBRD along with Islamic company always strives to exceed the
commitment to renewable energy Development Bank (IsDB) and Islamic expectations of clients, which include
and we are delighted to have been Corporation for the Development corporates from all the commercial
involved in advising EBRD on the two of the Private Sector (ICD), on the and industrial sectors, governments,
solar projects. We were honored to financing for six solar projects in Ben regulators, trade bodies and not for
be associated with one of the first Ban, Egypt, also part of the Phase 2 profit organisations. It provides them
financings on which the EBRD, the FiT program. with the highest quality advice and
Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the legal insight, which combines the
Dutch Development Bank (FMO) have In the last 12 months there has been firm’s global standards with in-depth
partnered under an A/B structure, a strong upturn in the MENA region local expertise.
comprising EBRD A Loans of USD58 for greenfield solar and wind projects.
million, of which USD44 million will Clifford Chance is advising on a range Clifford Chance was ranked ‘Band 1’
be from the Bank’s own account and of these including: a 250MW wind in more cross-border tables than any
USD14 million from the Green Climate farm in the Gulf of Suez, the first wind other firm in the Chambers Global
Fund. FMO will provide B Loans of IPP in Egypt; the third phase of the 2017 Directory. This independent
USD29 million.” “Our team continues Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum analysis focuses on firms’ legal ability,
to demonstrate full commitment to Solar Park in Dubai (DEWA III Solar PV professional conduct, client service,
the successful signings of the facilities Project); the 200MW Baynouna solar and commercial awareness, and
and we are immensely proud of their PV project, 89MW onshore wind farm these rankings provide outstanding
efforts. This latest signing underlines and Al Rajef wind farm, in Jordan; the recognition for the firm’s breadth of
Clifford Chance’s strength and depth first major wind and solar IPPs in Iran expertise and consistency of quality
of experience advising lenders in the as well as drafting for the form of PPA across global markets.

December 2017 | awwmag.com 53


A New Generation of Data Loggers SOFREL For The

Performance and Monitoring of Water Networks
Completely waterproof, guaranteeing antenna, the LX data loggers are metering, pressure management, and
up to 10 years of autonomy thanks to compatible with all measurement wastewater networks self-monitoring.
their lithium batteries and equipped instruments. They respond effectively
with high-performance 2G/3G to remote meter reading, district Fully remote data transmission
Pre-processed data (average,
maximum, night flows, volumes etc.)
is transmitted daily. It is compiled in
dashboards or curves and analyzed
over time via all SCADA and third-
party applications from major water
operators. The operator has an
overview of the network and is alerted in
the case of any deviations. Combining
performance, robustness, simplicity
and durability, the SOFREL LX data
loggers are part of the transformation
towards intelligent water networks. They
allow operators and local authorities
to optimize resource management,
network performance or control waste
GAMME LS release into the environment.

GUTERMANN’s Long-Standing Expertise in

Leak Monitoring
GUTERMANN, the Swiss water leak German government grant program as valves HISCAN’s hydrophone sensors
detection technology specialist, has and has built on GUTERMANN’s long- are permanently attached to hydrants
recently launched HISCAN which was standing expertise in leak monitoring and or tapped connections on trunk mains.
designed to be permanently installed its award-winning distribution network HISCAN sensors are installed in distances
on trunk mains to automatically monitor monitoring technology ZONESCAN of 600-800 meters and record the leak
the larger water pipeline for leaks and ALPHA. Contrary to ZONESCAN ALPHA sounds travelling in the water inside the
provide alarms and exact locations of which is comprised of correlating noise trunk main. The data is sent via individual
leaks. The development of this new loggers (accelerometer sensors) that are 3G gateways with solar panels directly to
technology started in 2013 under a magnetically attached to pipe fittings such a cloud software where the correlations
are calculated and leaks pinpointed. A
pilot project with Veolia in Lyon in autumn
2017 was successful and the commercial
roll-out has just started. HISCAN is the
missing piece in the full monitoring of
public utilities’ water networks using
correlating sensors capable of filtering
out non-leak noises and pinpointing leaks
accurately on a Google Maps interface.
ZONESCAN ALPHA has been on the
market for more than 10 years now with
over 200 installations around the world,
Leak detector including several in the Middle East.

54 awwmag.com | December 2017

Products & Services

The Ultimate Combination of Speed and Power

Valmont® Irrigation, the specialist in
Precision Irrigation®, introduces a new
center drive that delivers the perfect
combination of speed and power.
The new Valley® X-Tec™ advanced
DC drive motor uses FastPass™
technology and operates up to twice
the speed of a standard, high-speed
AC center drive motor. The motor
design provides constant torque at
any speed, providing growers with
unmatched control and additional
options to maximize crop yields. The
patented alignment technology and
robust DC motor keep the center pivot
moving at a smooth, consistent pace,
even over varied terrain.

The drive technology allows the Valley

X-Tec to move at speeds as low as
1 RPM – just 1 percent of maximum
motor speed – or ramp up to a fast
136 RPM, giving growers the abilities
to gain consistent application at
any speed and to take on even the
toughest terrain.
Valley® X-Tec™ advanced DC drive motor
The benefits of speed “While the
power of the Valley X-Tec drive is does not start watering where it just chemicals. He can just set the center
attractive for running the center pivot finished a cycle. Instead, it goes back pivot to fertigate as the timing is right.”
at lower speeds in difficult terrain, it is to the beginning of the cycle where The wide range of speeds available
really the high-speed capabilities that it is driest.” During germination, the with Valley X-Tec technology makes
appeal to many growers,” explains Valley X-Tec speed allows the grower variable rate irrigation (VRI) a natural
Valmont Irrigation product manager to provide frequent, light applications, fit. Varying irrigation under one center
Christopher Righter. “It is ideal for which allow the plant to push through pivot allows for simpler split-crop
crops that need to be cooled every the soil more easily. Then, during management. Irrigators can also
day, or to maintain proper surface early stage crop growth, maintaining program their center pivot to run at
moisture during germination.” For soil moisture can prevent sand from faster speeds over low spots, preventing
example, crops such as carrots and blowing and damaging leaves while over-watering in areas that need little or
potatoes are more susceptible to heat minimizing erosion. no water, while slowing down over areas
and sun. They require a daily cooling that require more water.
spray to remain healthy. Running With FastPass technology, growers
a center pivot over the crop at top have additional options for applying Valmont Irrigation founded the center
speed provides the proper cooling for fertilizer through the center pivot. pivot irrigation industry in 1954, and
plant health. Moving the center pivot at a high our Valley brand is the worldwide
speed also provides the option to specialist in sales, service, quality
“We have found the high speed of fertilize through the leaves. “The timing and innovation. With historical sales
Valley X-Tec is also very helpful to of foliar application can be tricky, and of more than 200,000 center pivots
those growers with center pivots that fertilizing through the center pivot and linears, Valmont-built equipment
are less than a full circle; as the center gives the grower more control,” says annually irrigates approximately 10
pivot comes to the end of the watering Righter. “If the weather changes, the million hectares around the world.
cycle, it can quickly and immediately grower does not have to wait for an The company remains dedicated to
move back to the beginning of the aerial applicator or get a sprayer ready providing innovative, precision irrigation
cycle,” says Righter. “That way, it to apply the fertilizer or protective crop solutions now and into the future.

December 2017 | awwmag.com 55


Grundfos Introduces its Energy Check Services

to the UAE Market
Grundfos, the award-winning world
specialist in advanced pump solutions,
has recently introduced its world-
class energy check services for pump
systems to the UAE market. The
new energy check services will help
diverse sectors including industrial,
hotels, water utilities and offices
achieve 30-60 percent savings in
your pumps energy cost. The energy calculate potential savings and make Manager, Energy Opt & Retrofit,
checks provided by Grundfos will suggestions for high performing gave a lecture on Hidden Treasure
assist organizations manage energy energy efficient solutions. Most in Pumps; Stephane le Gentil, Chief
rising prices, reduce energy costs importantly these inspections are fast, Executive Officer of Etihad Energy
and improve their green image as easy and free, and don’t require down Services Company, spoke about
buildings and facilities rely on pumps time on the pump systems, which Energy Efficiency Retrofits in the
to manage their water supply, and means that there wouldn’t be any Region; and Ronak Monga, Product
heating and cooling systems. The interruption in services while executing Manager, HVAC, Grundfos delivered a
new energy checks can also help these inspections.” The findings of the lecture titled Pumps 101. The lectures
organizations realize the hidden energy inspection teams of Grundfos will be highlighted the fact that energy costs
and CO2 savings of their current pump included in a free energy check report are increasing and as a result many
systems. “Our energy checks are detailing the current pump installation Governments are setting environmental
essential to organizations opting to and operation, and potential legislations encouraging companies
both save energy and improve their upgrades, savings and payback times. to reduce their energy consumption
environmental imprint,” commented Notably, the case studies executed and improve their CO2 footprint. In
Tolga Candan, Grundfos Business by Grundfos show that in the milk this regard; the Dubai Supreme
Development Manager, Energy Opt processing plant example mentioned Council of Energy is aiming to retrofit
& Retrofit. “In a case study on a earlier, the total energy savings 30,000 buildings by 2030 to reduce
milk processing plant in Turkey, our reached up to 2,054,940kwh/year energy demand by 30%. Although
energy checks have led to solutions (65%); in another case of Sheraton pumps are at the heart of facilities;
that elevated energy savings to an 5-star hotel in central Dubai, the but they come with daily operation
astonishing amount of USD190,000 estimated energy saving reached costs. In fact, 85% of the total costs
annually, allowing paying back the up to 210,240 kWh/year (48%); in a of pumps result from the energy
original investment cost in just 2 Headquarters office building case, the consumption used to operate pumps.
months.” He added: “Our specialist energy savings reached up to (42%); An energy check of pumps provides
teams in Grundfos will conduct simple and in the case of a water pumping a solid foundation for saving 30-50%
inspections of pump installations to station in the UAE, the total energy of pumps operational costs. Any
savings reached up to 876,000 kWh/ installation of old, oversized, inefficient
year (24%). These numbers express or unsuitable pumps is likely to prevent
the importance of the energy check achieving such savings, and the
services provided by Grundfos, energy checks provided by Grundfos
and the improvements that can be will help in realizing such valuable
achieved by applying them. savings. “In addition to the amount of
In the same context; Grundfos has savings achieved; the benefits of our
organized a three day Retrofit Event energy check services have also led to
during 9-11 October 2017 at the reduced maintenance costs; improved
Grundfos Villa to shed light on the process efficiency; improved system
importance of energy checks. The efficiency; short ROIs; and operational
discussions saw the participation of problems overcome, leading to better
renowned speakers who highlighted and more efficient performance, and
several topics in this regard. Tolga to enhanced environmental footprint,”
Candan, Business Development Candan concluded.

56 awwmag.com | December 2017

Products & Services

Rotork SPI Keeps Plant Control Systems Reliably

Informed Of Valve Positions
Refinery operators have a pressing end-users if the DCS does not compared with previously available
requirement to improve the efficiency accurately know how many manual equipment. This innovative solution
of flow control in their plants and they valves are opened or closed, which has led a Spanish end user to place
want to know from the Distributed limits the efficiency of their business an order for approximately 900 units.
Control System (DCS) if valves are operations. To meet this challenge, With an SPI installed, the control
open or closed. In a typical refinery, Rotork Gears has introduced the SPI center is able to monitor any of the
10 percent of valves are actuated and Smart Position Indicator, designed valves in the refinery, so operational
90 percent are manually operated. to provide a vastly improved, more control is more accurate. The SPI
This poses a serious problem for robust, reliable and accurate solution has a large dial display to show the
valve position locally and one or
two internal switches or sensors for
remote indication. The fully sealed
aluminum enclosure provides an
accurate and reliable valve position
signal. For larger valves that are
operated with a gearbox, the SPI is
mounted to the gearbox input flange.
For smaller valves it can be mounted
directly on the valve and an optional
thrust base is available for rising stem
The Rotork Gears SPI smart position indicator applications.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Cleaning

Effective cleaning is critical to product most consistent portfolio of rotary jet spray ball and rotary spray heads are
integrity, productivity and profitability in all head tank cleaning machines, we recently normally mounted in today. By retrofitting
hygienic industries. By choosing the right added three Alfa Laval rotary jet heads, with one of the three small GJ jet heads,
cleaning equipment, the client can reduce GJ A2, GJ A6 and GJ PF FT. This gives the client can avoid reworking the tank to
water, chemicals and energy costs as the opportunity of easy installation of accommodate upgrading tank cleaning
well as decrease cleaning time between rotary jet head technology in small size equipment, meaning low installation
production cycles. As part of the market’s tank openings like 3” or 4”, where static cost. When higher cleaning efficiency is
required, it is easy to upgrade the static
spray balls to the Alfa Laval GJ Rotary
Jet Head technology. Simply unclip the
static spray ball and replace it with a new
clip-on GJ rotary jet head that uses a
cleaning pattern ensuring dynamic and
effective distribution of water to the inner
tank surfaces. The high mechanical force
generated by the strong jet impingement,
efficiently removes remaining products
and residues to provide the best
conditions required for hygienic
production. Rotary jet heads clean tanks
70 percent faster than the static spray ball
technology. Because of faster cleaning,
it uses less water and chemicals - and
thereby reducing operating costs by up to
Alfa Laval GJ Rotary Jet Head technology 80 percent.

December 2017 | awwmag.com 57

Events Review
60 Successful Conclusion to

Events Preview
59 Breakthrough Smart
Project Lebanon Water Technologies
Building on Great Potential

Events Review
60 Exhibitors & Visitors Commend Diversity
of 19th WETEX and 2nd Dubai Solar Show
60 Aquatech Amsterdam 2017 Hits All the
Right Marks

Photo courtesy
courtesy of
of Aquatech
Photo Project
of HydroGaia
EVENTS Events Preview

Breakthrough Smart Water Technologies

The International Water Summit
(IWS) 2018 will be held in Abu Dhabi
in January, with an aim to promote
water sustainability in the Middle
East. There will be a special focus on
breakthrough smart technologies that
are being developed around the world
to address pressing water challenges
in arid regions. Under the patronage
of General Sheikh Mohammed bin
Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu
Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander
of the UAE Armed Forces, the sixth
edition of IWS will take place from said: “As the world begins to face sustainable expenditure to guarantee
January 15-18, 2018 in strategic numerous challenges around the the most efficient use of resources.
partnership with Abu Dhabi Water & future of water, advancements in Dr. Saif Saleh Asseiari, Acting
Electricity Authority (ADWEA) and technology means we are now strongly Director General of ADWEA, said:
hosted by Masdar, as a part of Abu placed to truly transform how people “ADWEA is dedicated to enhancing
Dhabi Sustainability Week at the Abu access water. In line with our Demand cooperation with all strategic partners,
Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. For Side Management (DSM) program and our participation in Abu Dhabi
the first-time ever, IWS 2018 will host ‘Tarsheed’, at IWS 2018 we will Sustainability Week aims to strengthen
the Smart Water Expo, a platform showcase solutions for residential and Abu Dhabi’s global standing in the
to demonstrate how digitalization public water use, industrial water use, fields of innovation, efficiency and
and automation can be leveraged smart metering and networks, data- sustainable investment, in line with
for resource-efficient, flexible and driven technologies, Internet of Things Abu Dhabi Vision 2030.” Dr. Asseiari
competitive water management. (IoT), and cyber security. Through our went on to highlight the importance of
participation we are keen to discover their relationship with Masdar, which
The inaugural Expo will feature new partners and solutions with whom contributes to realizing ADWEA’s goal
experts discussing an ecosystem we can collaborate to create Smart of becoming a leading operator in the
underpinned by big data analytics, Water solutions for our future.” water and electricity sector by 2020.
automation and the Internet of Things,
which will revolutionize the way water Al Ahbabi also praised the government Al Ahbabi also noted that ADWEA’s
infrastructure is managed in the Gulf support for the UAE’s water and model is currently leading the regional
region. Such disruptive technologies electricity sector, expressing his sector in terms of privatization and
within the water industry will play a appreciation for the vision of Sheikh attracting global investments, with
critical role in helping fulfil the USD200 Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President 11 companies having been founded
billion water infrastructure requirement of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh in collaboration with the private
needed over the next 10 years in the Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, sector over the past 12 years. Naji
Arab world, according to the United Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and El Haddad, Group Event Director at
Nations World Water Development Deputy Supreme Commander of the Reed Exhibitions, the organizers of the
Report 2015. UAE Armed Forces, and Sheikh Hazza International Water Summit, said: “IWS
Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President of 2018 will bring together policymakers,
At IWS 2017, ADWEA launched its the Executive Council. business leaders and innovators from
Demand Side Management (DSM) over 100 countries to demonstrate
program “Tarsheed”, which is aimed at This support has allowed ADWEA and discover today’s most innovative
helping and encouraging its customers to contribute towards national solutions for water related challenges
to use water and electricity more development through a series of of our future. Through the Smart
efficiently in line with the directives of water and electricity infrastructure Water Expo and Innovate@IWS, the
the UAE’s visionary leadership for the projects. Al Ahbabi also stressed the 2018 edition of the event will act as
protection of the environment for the role of ADWEA and its partners in a vehicle for disruptive technologies,
benefit of future generations. Abdulla driving the goals laid out by the Abu showcasing innovations which will
Ali Musleh Al Ahbabi, Chairman of Dhabi government for the water and enable positive impact and long-term
the Board of Directors, ADWEA, electricity sector, as well as overseeing benefits for the water industry.”

December 2017 | awwmag.com 59

EVENTS Events Review

Exhibitors & Visitors Commend Diversity

of 19th WETEX and 2nd Dubai Solar Show
The Water, Energy, Technology, and relations and promote business Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum,
Environment Exhibition (WETEX) has opportunities by holding one-on-one Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Minister of
become an annual event that is much meetings with major corporations and Finance and President of DEWA. Held
awaited by international organizations decision makers from the region and on three days, the 19th WETEX, and
and companies specializing in energy, the world. Dubai Electricity and the 2nd Dubai Solar Show achieved
water, and environment, to show Water Authority (DEWA) organizes remarkable success. WETEX 2017
their technologies and products and WETEX annually under the directives attracted around 31,000 visitors, 2,000
identify investment opportunities in of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al exhibitors, and 75 sponsors from over
these key areas. The exhibition offers Maktoum, Vice President and Prime 50 countries. It covered an area of
a unique opportunity for investors to Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, 70,000 square meters. The 2nd Dubai
establish and develop commercial and under the patronage of Sheikh Solar Show covered an area of 14,000
square meters. It attracted 28 sponsors
and 90 exhibitors from around the
world. The two events were held
under the umbrella of Green Week, in
conjunction with the 4th World Green
Economy Summit (WGES), which had
60 speakers from around the world
focus on key topics such as smart
cities, green economy, innovation, and
DEWA at WETEX 2017 sustainable development.

Aquatech Amsterdam 2017 Hits All the

Right Marks
With 928 exhibitors, the show sold out and advisors who helped us by lending in water. Aquatech Amsterdam returns
6 months in advance. An all-time high. an ear to the market and anticipate the in 2019 with a change of halls to add
This was matched by a record number needs of water professionals around more space to accommodate popular
in visitor attendance, reaching 20,490 the world.’ The show brought together demand, and to include Floodex Europe,
on closing day. ‘We are very proud of industry authorities, key market leaders, which will provide a dedicated focus on
the 2017 show as part of the wider creators, government and country the crucial theme of flooding. Aquatech
Amsterdam International Water Week delegations and last but not least, 2019 will be held on 5-8 November
which was also a great success,’ says business. The result was an inspiring 2019. Established in 1964, Aquatech
Annette Bos, Director Water at RAI exchange with a common goal: a more Global Events organizes the world’s
Amsterdam. ‘We thank all our partners sustainable future and growing business well-known trade events in the process,
drinking and waste water technology
sectors in Europe, China and Mexico.
The well-established format covers
the following segments: Transport and
Storage, Water Treatment, Point of
Use, Process Control and Technology &
Process Automation. Aquatech Global
Events are visited by professionals from
all parts of the water industry and attract
policy-makers, top-level businesses,
specialists, and those who apply the
Aquatech Amsterdam 2017 technology in practice.

60 awwmag.com | December 2017

SERVICES Coming Events

2018 Info:
Hannover Messe Sodeks Fuarcılık A.Ş.
Industry Exhibition in Kuwait
04 – 05
Tel: +90 212 334 69 00 Radisson Blu Hotel Kuwait
January Fax: +90 212 347 10 96 Kuwait – Kuwait
E-mail: info@sodex.com.tr
Web: www.hmsf.com Info:
United Arab Emirates
Promedia International
INTERNATIONAL WATER SUMMIT March Tel: +965 2246 2212
The International Water Summit Is a Unique Fax: +965 2246 2214
Global Platform for Promoting Water Sustain- Saudi Arabia E-mail: info@promediakw.com
ability in Arid Regions Web: www.promediakw.com
15 – 18 The Big 5 Saudi
Abu-Dhabi National Exhibition Center – Adnec International Exhibition for Building,
Abu Dhabi – UAE Water Technology & Environment,
Info: and Air Conditioning & Refrigeration June
Afrina Nasrin 05 – 08
Reed Exhibitions Jeddah Centre for Forums & Events
Tel: +971 2 4090387 Jeddah – Saudi Arabia Lebanon
E-mail: afrina.nasrin@reedexpo.ae ECORIENT
Web: www.internationalwatersummit.com Info:
International Trade Exhibition & Confer-
dmg :: events Middle East, Asia & Africa ence for Environmental Technologies,
Tel: +971 4 4380355 Sustainability, Alternative Energy, Water
Fax: :+971 4 4380361 Technology and Clean Energy
United Arab Emirates 09 – 11
E-mail: dmgdubai@dmgeventsme.com
World Future Environment Exhibition Web: www.dmgeventsme.com BIEL - Beirut International Exhibition &
Exhibition & Conference Focused On Leisure Center
Beirut – Lebanon
Comprehensive Solutions in the Environmental
Equipment, Technology and Services Sectors Info:
15 – 18
International Fairs and Promotion (IFP)
Abu-Dhabi National Exhibition Center – Adnec Siee-Pollutec Algérie Tel: +961 5 959 111
Abu-Dhabi – UAE International Exhibition of Equipment Fax: +961 5 959 888
and Services of Water Email: info@ifpexpo.com
Info: 12 – 15 Web: www.ifpexpo.com
Reed Exhibitions Middle East Palais des Expositions d'Alger
Tel: +971 2 4917615 Algeria – Algeria
Fax: +971 2 4917612 October
Email: mohamad.mehieddine@reedexpo.ae Info:
Web: www.reedexpo.com Reed Expositions France
Tel: +33 (0)1 47 56 50 00 Saudi Arabia
Fax: +33 (0)1 47 56 51 00
February E-mail: info@reedexpo.fr
Saudi Agriculture
Water Technology and Agri
Web: www.reedexpo.fr Industry Exhibition
Turkey 07 - 10
Riyadh International Exhibition Centre
ISK-SODEX Riyadh – Saudi Arabia
International Exhibition for HVAC&R, Pumps, April
Valves, Fittings, Water Treatment Info:
Riyadh Exhibitions Co. Ltd
and Insulation
Kuwait Tel: +966 1 229 5604
07 – 10 Fax: +966 1 229 5612
TÜYAP Fair Convention and Congress Center Kuwait Green Building Email: info@recexpo.com
Istanbul – Turkey International Green Building & Construction Web: www.recexpo.com

If you would like to run your event in this space, kindly send all necessary details to

December 2017 | awwmag.com 61

SERVICES Buyers’ Guide

water www.waterHQ.world

of readers are
decision makers
34,308 or influence
Total Brand

15,913 Digital
Print Readership


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Arab Water World (AWW) magazine can be received monthly by subscription. The yearly subscription ‫ دوالراً للمشرتكني من‬25 ‫ تبلغ قيمة اإلشرتاك السنوي‬.‫ عرب اإلشرتاك‬،ً‫ميكن الحصول عىل مجلة “عامل املياه العريب” شهريا‬
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since we try to act as an information bridge between high-tech countries and developing countries of
the MENA region, we hereby mention the conditions for publishing editorial material in AWW, hoping
‫ نوضح يف ما ييل‬،‫تكون الجرس ا ّلذي يربط بلدان الرشق األوسط وشاميل أفريقيا بالبلدان الرائدة يف حقل املياه يف العامل‬
that these instructions will be respected by authors. The AWW editorial material is divided into articles ‫ األخبار الصحفية واملقاالت التي تركز عىل‬،‫ املقاالت‬:‫رشوط نرش املقاالت يف مجلة “عامل املياه العريب” اىل ثالثة أقسام‬
and press releases. The press release is 250 to 750 words, while the article is 1500 to 3000 words. :‫إحدى خصائص املياه‬
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editorial comment. AWW assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material or for the accuracy of ‫ ترسل مواد التحرير (النص والصور) اىل قسم والتحرير واألبحاث بواسطة الربيد الجوي‬.‫اىل املقال املكتوب بالعربية‬
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Al Tayer Highlights Dubai’s ‫الطاير يستعرض‬

Sustainability & Green ‫اسرتاتيجيات إمارة ديب يف‬
Economy Strategies ‫تعزيز االستدامة واالقتصاد األخرض‬

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of Dubai Electricity and ‫ العضو المنتدب الرئيس التنفيذي لهيئة كهرباء ومياه‬،‫شارك سعيد محمد الطاير‬
Water Authority (DEWA), has participated in a discussion panel ‫ جمع‬.‫ في حلقة نقاشية ضمن فعاليات "منتدى قيادة األعمال اآلسيوي‬،‫دبي‬
at the Asian Business Leadership Forum (ABLF). The Forum, which
was held under the theme ‘The Evolving Face of Asia: The Rise of
‫ صعود القيادة التي تركز‬- ‫المنتدى الذي عقد تحت عنوان "وجه آسيا الصاعد‬
Future‑Focused Leadership,’ brought together a number of world ‫ عدداً من القادة العالميين حيث تمت مناقشة مجموعة من‬،"‫على المستقبل‬
leaders who discussed different topics related to leadership. .‫الموضوعات في القيادة‬
“The UAE has taken stringent measures to address climate
change, by preserving natural resources, expanding clean energy
‫ من‬،‫"اتخذت دولة اإلمارات تدابير صارمة للتصدي للتغير المناخي‬:‫قال الطاير‬
and implementing green growth plans. All these contribute to ‫ وتطبيق‬،‫ وزيادة نسبة الطاقة النظيفة‬،‫خالل المحافظة على الموارد الطبيعية‬
achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030, and we ‫ كل هذه التدابير تسهم في تحقيق أهداف األمم المتحدة‬.‫خطط التنمية الخضراء‬
have already been working for quite some time to achieve these ‫ حيث سعت الدولة للمشاركة في تحقيق هذه األهداف‬،2030 ‫للتنمية المستدامة‬
strategic goals. Dubai is leading the way in promoting sustainable
energy as it steadily works to diminish its carbon footprint while
،‫ وفي هذا اإلطار‬.‫ معايير االعتمادية والموثوقية وبتكلفة معقولة‬.‫االستراتيجية‬
maintaining a secure, reliable and affordable supply of power ،‫تعمل هيئة كهرباء ومياه دبي على تنفيذ حلول مُبتكرة لتحسين كفاءة اإلنتاج‬
and water. In this regard, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority is ‫ وذلك‬،‫ والتقليل من الفاقد في النقل والتوزيع‬،‫وتطبيق مبادرات إلدارة الطلب‬
implementing innovative solutions to improve supply side efficiency, ً‫ ووضعت دبي أهدافا‬.‫تحت مظلة مبادرة الشبكات الذكية التي أطلقتها الهيئة‬
apply demand side management (DSM) initiatives, and reduce
transmission and distribution losses, under the umbrella of our
‫ وتقوم هيئة كهرباء ومياه دبي‬،‫طموحة لزيادة االعتماد على الطاقة النظيفة‬
smart grid initiative. Dubai has established ambitious clean energy ‫ والحد‬،‫ وإدارة الطلب على الطاقة‬،‫بدور أساسي في زيادة نسبة الطاقة المتجددة‬
targets with DEWA, playing an instrumental role in increasing its ."‫من البصمة الكربونية‬
renewable energy targets, managing energy demand, and further
reducing its carbon footprint,” added Al Tayer.
‫ "نعمل على تطبيق جميع الخطط واألهداف المستقبلية في إطار‬:‫وتابع سعادته‬
“We work to implement all future plans and objectives in adherence ‫ التي تهدف إلى تحويل دبي إلى مركز‬،2050 ‫استراتيجية دبي للطاقة النظيفة‬
with the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, to transform Dubai ‫ في المئة من طاقة اإلمارة‬75 ‫ وتوفير‬،‫عالمي للطاقة النظيفة واالقتصاد األخضر‬
into a global hub for clean energy and green economy. The ‫ لتصبح دبي المدينة األقل في‬،2050 ‫من خالل مصادر الطاقة النظيفة بحلول عام‬
strategy aims to provide 75 percent of the Emirate’s energy from
clean energy by 2050, to become the city with the lowest carbon ‫ نعمل‬،‫ وفي هذا اإلطار‬.2050 ‫البصمة الكربونية على مستوى العالم بحلول عام‬
footprint in the world by 2050. This is why we are building the ‫ والذي ستصل طاقته‬،‫على بناء مجمع محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم للطاقة الشمسية‬
Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park with an installed ‫ وفق نموذج المنتج المستقل‬2030 ‫ ميجاوات بحلول عام‬5000 ‫اإلنتاجية إلى‬
capacity of 5,000 MW by 2030 based on the Independent Power
‫ وسوف يُسهم المجمّع‬.‫ مليار دوالر أمريكي‬13 ‫ وباستثمارات تصل إلى‬،)IPP(
Producer (IPP) model, with investments totaling USD13 billion.
The solar park will contribute to reduce 6.5 million tons of carbon .ً‫ مليون طن من االنبعاثات الكربونية سنويا‬6.5 ‫عند اكتماله في خفض أكثر من‬
emissions a year. Our strategy involves moving from a carbon- ‫وتتضمن استراتيجيتنا في االنتقال من اقتصاد يعتمد على الكربون إلى اقتصاد‬
intensive economy to a greener one, via the USD27 billion Dubai ‫ مليار دوالر أمريكي الذي‬27 ‫ إطالق صندوق دبي األخضر بقيمة‬،‫صديق للبيئة‬
Green Fund that encourages green investment and fosters green
‫ كما وضعت دبي استراتيجية الحد‬.‫يشجع االستثمار األخضر والتنمية الخضراء‬
growth. Also, Dubai has developed a Carbon Abatement Strategy
targeting a reduction of 16 percent in Carbon Emissions by 2021,” ‫ في المئة‬16 ‫من االنبعاثات الكربونية والتي تهدف إلى خفض االنبعاثات بنحو‬
said Al Tayer. ."2021 ‫بحلول عام‬

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer ‫سعيد محمد الطاير‬

MD & CEO ‫عضو منتدب ورئيس تنفيذي‬
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority ‫هيئة كهرباء ومياه دبي‬

64 awwmag.com | December 2017