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Name: Kyle L.

Bonador Date: 4 March 2018

Subject: International Political Economy Professor: Jumel G. Estrañero

The Game of the Hegemons

The game of politics in the international arena is not going any peaceful. Just like what China,
United States, and Philippines are having today. These three countries can’t hide the fact that they are
not having any better relationship with eah other. The Philippines’ current administration is making a shift
of alliance from the hegemon United States to the emerging power of China. The United States is also
backing out from its deepened alliance with the Philippines formed in the past administrations as well as
not much interaction are happening between US and China. China as an emerging power is deepening ties
with countries like Philippines with much resources they can rely on to sustain the needs of the people of
China. As natural resources in China deplete, they need to rely on other countries with abundant

The growing relation between the Filipino and Chinese government is a good news to hear.
Investments and aids here and there, for this and that. This is the only thing we see when we hear of
interaction between China and the Philippines. But what is the real agenda of China? It is no secret and
no brainer that China has the most number of population in the world. Due to this, their government need
to act in order to sustain the need of their growing population. The Chinese government at the same time
establishes itself as a hegemon in the region causing them to choose countries they must deepen ties
with. This is where Philippines emerges as a good supplement for China’s international political game.
Philippines’ abundant resources is very much essential for China. The Philippines’ strategic position in the
map also plays a big role in China’s quest of establishin itself as a regional hegemon. With the alligned
benefits China could get from the Philippines, its efforts are not in vain as the Philippines react positively
and aims to deepen alliance with them. The country is very much fond of the Chinese political economy
which makes China’s response a big advancement for the Philippines strategy. On the other hand, the
president do not seem to see the upcoming adversity of this game layed out by China. The Chinese
government have layed out a plan against the Philippines and everything is going as planned by them. We
see their telecom investment as an advancement in our technological capability, but in return our
country’s database may be in great danger. This is a threat to Philippines’ cybersecurity especially the data
of our government.

As of today, we are blinded of the Chinese governments’ friendly approach to the Philippines. We
do not see the threat they hold against us especially in the maritime sovereignty of our country. It is no
secret that we have no match to the Chines maritime forces, that is why we may resort to US. But can we
really resort to US? Truthfully speaking, the United States is not ready in any military contact with China.
In case of an outbreak of sovereighty threatening event in the South China Sea, the United States won’t
be able to protect us though they may send assistance. In this unfortunate event we can only resort to
our allies like Japan, Australia, India, and others that may support us in an outbreak of war if they choose
to. We cannot depend on the 1951 Philippines – US Mutual Defense Treaty because US themself is not
ready to any military confrontation with China.
If there is one thing I could recommend is for Philippines to avoid dependency to its allies. I believe
that we must be knowledgeable of utilizing our resources especially manpower and strengthen our
domestic foundation. Just like japan did when they applied close door policy, we must strengthen our
country ourselves without depending on other countries. If this is not possible, we should not resort to
any aid from the international community. The president should act alone to avoid setbacks from receiving
aid or assistance from other countries. We should strengthen foreign policy and not let bigger countries
bully us. If these hidden agendas from China or other states are known, the defense department of the
country should lay out a long term plan against long term aggressions like what China has layed out against
the Philippines.