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All the bodies in the sky and the space between them form the

The universe is old . It originated 15 billions years ago after a

large explosion.


There are many different bodies in the sky . These are stars like
the sun ; planets - like the earth , satellites – like the moon,
etc….They are called heavenly bodies luminous and
non-luminous heavenly bodies .

Stars are the luminous heavenly bodies .This means they emit
their own light .

Planets , satellites and comets are non-luminous heavenly

bodies . This means they do not emit their own light .

· Planets : orbit a star . The earth is a planet .

· Satellites : orbit the planets . The moon in the earth only .
· Comets : are small heavenly bodies that orbit the sun

When the look at the stars from the earth , they appear to be in
groups . Groups of stars are called constellations .
Two importants constellations are the centaur and the great
bear .
They got these names because they look like a centaur and a
bear .


Galaxies heavenly bodies are not insulated .They form called

galaxies . There are many thousands of galaxies in the universe .
Each galaxy is made up of millions of heavenly bodies . The earth
is in the Milky way galaxy .

Galaxies can be different shapes . For example , they can be

spiral , elliptical or irregular .


The sun and all the heavenly bodies that orbit it form the solar
system : nine planets and their satellites , and a large number of
comets .

The solar system is part of the milki way .


Nine planets orbit the sun .The path these planets take the sun is
called orbit :
Venus , Mercury , earth , mars , Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus , Neptune ,
and Pluto . They are very differents :

- Mercury : is much smaller than the earth . This planet has

the faster orbit around the sun .

- Venus : is similar in size to the carth . It is the most luminous

planet . It surface area has the highest temperatures .