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Scientific Programme (APICON-2010)

Day 3 • 10TH jANUARY, 2010 • Hall – “A”

8:30 am Honour Lecture
• Coronary Interventions – from A. Gruntzig to the Present era Samuel Mathew K (Chennai)
9:05 am Honour Lecture
Aging, Endothelial Dysfunction & Atherosclerosi:Can we retard the process? GS Sainani (Mumbai)
9:35 am to 11:40 am Update session on “Management of Hypertension with Co morbid conditions”
Topics & Participants-Faculty:
• Hypertension & Diabetes BB Thakur (Muzaffarpur)
• H T N & C HD Nagaraj Desai (Bangalore)
• H T N & Endocrine Disorders R K Singhal (Delhi)
• H T N & Stroke M E Yeolekar (Mumbai)
• Renovascular H T N C Venkat S Ram (USA)
11.40 am
12:00 noon Honour Lecture
Chairpersons : Y P Munjal, M Maiya
• Lifestyle Modifications & Yoga in Prevention of Diabetes in India: How far we have come? B K Sahay (Hyderabad)
12:30 to 1:30 pm Award Sessions
1:30 to 2:00 pm Valedictory Function

Day 3 • 10TH jANUARY, 2010 • Hall – “b”

8:30 am Plenary Lectures on “Renal Update”
Topics & Participants-Faculty:
• Changing Scenario of Acute Renal Failure from 20th to 21st Century. Kamalakar Tripathi (Varanasi)
• Genomics & Diabetic Nephropathy O P Kalra (Delhi)
9:35 am Honour Lecture
• Gestational Diabetes: Current Guidelines for Diagnosis & management V Seshiah (Chennai)
10:10 am to 11:10 am Plenary Session on “Hemato – Oncology”
Topics & Participants-Faculty:
• Approach to Polycythemia Mathew Thomas (Trivandrum)
• Role of Manoclonal Antibodies in Oncology K Govind Babu (Bangalore)
11:10 am Special Lecture
• Endovascular procedures in Stroke Vipul Gupta (Delhi)
11:40 am Honour Lecture
• Research in Clinical Medicine in India: What API can do? V Parameshwara, (Bangalore)
12:10 noon to 1:30 pm Free Papers (Oral Presentations XIII)
1:30 am to 2:00 pm Valedictory in Hall “A”

Day 3 • 10TH jANUARY, 2010 • Hall – “c”

8:30 am to 10:40 am Update session on “Acute Myocardial Infarction” (Sponsored by Abbott Vascular India)
Topics & Participants-Faculty:
• Prehospital Thrombolysis: Sunil V Sathe (Pune)
• Primary Angioplasty in acute MI Nishit Choksi (USA)
• Thrombolytic Agents: Old & the new: Hemant Thacker (Mumbai)
• Post – MI Cardiac Failure Amal Banerjee (Kolkata)
• Cardiogenic shock Manutosh Panja (Kolkata)
10:40 am to 11:40 am Subtle Issues in Renal Medicine
Topics & Participants-Faculty:
• Cardio renal syndrome A S Khan (Aligarh)
• Reversible Factors in Renal Failure S F Hague (Aligarh)
11:40 am to 12:25 pm Update session on Current issues
Topics & Faculty:
• H1N1 Epidemic- Current Scenario Jyotirmoy Pal (Kolkata)
• Venous Thromboembolism-Indian Perspective Gandharba Ray (Cuttack)
12:25 noon to 1:30 pm Free papers (Oral Presentation XIV)
1:30 pm to 2:00 pm Valedictory Function in Hall “A”

Day 3 • 10TH jANUARY, 2010 • Hall – “d”

8:30 AM to 10:15 AM Rheumatology Update Lectures
Topics & Participants-Faculty:
• Spondylo arthritides – Novel Treatments Lata Bichile (Mumbai)
• Targets of Treatment in Rheumatoid Arthritis Arup K Kundu (Kolkata)
• Approach to systemic vasculitis Renu Saigal (Jaipur)
• Lupus Nephritis Tamal Biswas (Kolkata)
10:15 am to 11:30 noon Subtle Issues in Diabetology:
Topics & Participants-Faculty:
• Diabetomics: Noninvasive diagnostics for Diabetes P V Rao (Hyderabad)
• Role of Glucotoxicity in the development of diabetic complications Siddhartha Das (Cuttack)
• Diabetic Nephropathy – Novel mechanisms & Treatments – 2010 Pritam Gupta (Delhi)
11:30 am to 12:00 noon Honour Lecture
• Primary and Secondary prevention of Coronary Artery Disease D S Ghambhir (Delhi)
12:00 noon to 12:25 pm Update Lecture Falguni Parikh (Mumbai)
12:25 PM to 1:30PM Free Papers (Oral Presentation XV)
1:30PM to 2:00 Pm Valedictory Function in Hall “A”

Day 3 • 10TH jANUARY, 2010 • Hall – “e”

8:30 am to 10:30 am Meet the Experts session on “Hemato Oncology”
Chairman: S K Bichile (Mumbai)
Topics & participants-faculty:
• How to interpret BT, PT, APTT Rajat Kumar (Canada)
• Neutropenia S K Bichile (Mumbai)
• Myelodysplastic syndrome – New Therapies Hemanth Malhotra (Jaipur)
• Thrombocytosis Nandini Mukherjee (Kolkata)
• Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Shekar Patil (Bangalore)
• Concluding Remarks S K Bichile (Mumbai)
10:30 am to 11:30 am Plenary Lectures
Topics & Participants-Faculty:
• Steroid – resistant Asthma: Problems in management S Chandrashekaran (Chennai)
• Lipids & CRP lowering in Community Practice Uday Jadhav (Mumbai)
11:30 am to 12:20 noon Symposium on “Modern Insulins”
Chairpersons: A K Das
• Rapid acting insulin analogues Jeetendra Singh (Jammu)
• Basal Insulin analogues: Uses and Controversies V Balaji (Chennai)
12:20 to 1:30 pm Free Papers (Oral Presentation XVI)
1:30 pm to 2:00 pm Valedictory Function in Hall “A”
Day 3 • 10TH jANUARY, 2010 • Hall – “f”
8:30 am to 10:30 am Update Session on “HDL”
Topics & Participants-Faculty:
• Pre Diabetes M V Jali (Belgaum)
• Post Prandial Hyperglycemia Pradeep Talwalkar (Mumbai)
• Pre Hypertension V G Nadagowda (Hubli)
• Untold Story of HDL N K Singh (Dhanbad)
• Drug – induced Diabetes K K Lohani (Gaya)
10:30 am to 12:30 noon Plenary Session on “Geriatric Care”
Chairpersons: H L Dhar (Mumbai)
Topics & Participants-Faculty:
• Pharmacotherapy in the Elderly YSN Raju (Hyderabad)
• Anemias in the Elderly P C Bhattachrya (Gawhati)
• Controlling the infections in the Elderly S Chugh (Delhi)
• Coronary Heart Disease in the Elderly Suresh Sagrad (Raichur)
• Geriatric Lung Agam Vora (Mumbai)
12:30 noon to 1:30 pm Free Papers (Oral Presentation XVII)
1:30 pm to 2:00 pm Valedictory Function in Hall “A”