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Chapter 1


Choosing and deciding on something have consequences. The results of what
you have chosen.The results of what you have chosen can either help you, it will hinder
you in the future. It is also the same with the course that you will have to decide. In
choosing a course, there are a lot of factors that the student must consider. According
to Bayer (1987), “ in taking a course, one of the life’s major decision is being made.
According Bayer (1987), “ in taking a course, one of the life’s major decision is being
made. A lot of time, money, and effort will be involved. The shape and excellence of the
student’s life may rest on the result. “ In choosing a junior, senior academic track, a
student should take a risk. F. Yates, Veinotte, S. Patalano (2003) Define a decision as “
… a commitment to a course of action which he/she will be studying throughout his/her
college years, and decision-making should take part and should take for granted. The
decision of which course to take is one of the farthest decisions for a student especially
those are graduating High school students.
Making decision implies that there are choices to be considered, and in such
case we want only to identify as many of these alternatives as possible but to choose
the one that best fits with our goals, objectives, desires, values and so on. Harris (1980)
Decision making is the best way to get one’s satisfaction, and considered as the best
required thing to do have a successful and a very satisfying life. One decent decision
that a person will do can make a huge impact in his or her life. Decision making
happens in people, and some are for their future. This career choosing requires mature
and severe discussion since their choice will decide.
What their future will be. Selecting an upcoming course consist of different
factors that will influence their decisions.
As observed, the students that usually took the course that they don’t like to
affect their grades. For example, as a researcher, we even encounter having a hard
time on deciding what course to take and ended up having the course that our parents
wants us to take. At first, it was good for taking the course but as the time goes by it will
become dull finding out that it does not meet your interest. Hence, the grades will then
become little and ended up thinking of shifting from another course.
Consequently, the grades of a student will affect the performance a child if
deciding what course to take will take for granted. This study aims to help the students
be aware that there are lots of factors that should considered before deciding what
course to take. The grade is to make the students realize that before they end up taking
a certain course, it should be well planned to avoid regrets in the end.
Choosing a career path can help you set professional goals and develop a
strategy for getting where you want to be. Part of selecting an appropriate career path
involves making an honest self-evaluation of your talents, skills, and interests. While
elements of your path may change over time due to choice or circumstance, having an
overall professional objectives with which to guide yourself will help you make critical
decisions with greater clarity your choice of profession can dictate where you live and
may affect if and when you marry and have a family. Choosing a career path can help
you make other important life decisions. Achieving a satisfactory work-life balance can
be a trial for many professionals, but profession criticizing can help to minimize some of
this stress. When you choose a career path, you site yourself to look for into the future
at your ultimate objectives. Taking a career path can help your identity positions you
want to hold and income stages you want to achieve. It can also support to guide you in
building your personal and professional networks in the industry in which you’re
interested. Having long- term goals in place will help you stay focused on your decisive
career objectives; rather than moving meaninglessly from job to job.
Students’ career success can attain if proper guidance is in having the right
course in college, suited to student personally, ability, and intellect. Helping student
chooses the career that suits them can be done by integrating career plan with the
curriculum so that students can make good decisions in what course to take in college.
A collaborative effort of the school administrations, guidance counsellor and parents
should also be made to come up with a better career plan for every individual student.
The purpose of the study was to identify factors that contribute student’s
choices. For this persistence, the existing study employed a research study to
understand college student’s choices, by selecting the students in the Notre Dame of
Religious of Virgin Mary.

These studies have significance to several areas. First, the results of

this study will be beneficial to students, their parents and high school
counsellors in providing insights into college selection process. Moreover,
the findings may provide useful tool for self-discovery by providing a
framework for assessing appropriate college choices. The outcome of this
study should support the students in choosing the correct and suitable
degree for them.

This study helps the students who are an incoming senior high school to
determine the considerations in selecting college degree. They must
consider their interest, natural skills, abilities, aims and rewards. This study
will help them to develop their decision-making ability. Many students make
the wrong decision because they don’t take time in thinking what to choose.
This research will be a big help for the students who are confused on what
to take. This exploration will serve as their awareness and to help young
people find their career direction contributes directionless of youth. Grade
10 students use online resources to students into specific career clusters. It
will help the students to know the factors influences them in choosing
college degree. The factors that affect them are family background, socio-
economic income, and the general average during high school and the
demanding course during the year.

This study will also help the junior and senior high school guidance
counsellor. The students career success can best attained if proper
guidance was given in choosing the right course in college, suited to
students personality, ability, and intellect. Helping students chooses the
career that suits them can finished by integrating career plan with the
curriculum enable the students can make a worthy decision in what course
to take in college. A collaborative effort of the high school guidance
counsellor should also be made to end with the better career plan for every
individual student.

This study will help the all the parents that serve as a main influence in
their children’s career development and career decision-making. Parents
want their offspring to find happiness and success is a career choice.
Research also indicates that when students feel supported and lived by
their parents, they have more confidence in their ability to research careers
and to choose a career that would be interesting and exciting. This is a
significant because studies display that adolescents who feel competent
regarding career decision-making tend to make more satisfying career
choices later in life. Parents influence the level of education or training that
their children achieve knowledge they have about work and different
occupations. The beliefs and attitudes they have to work and the motivation
they have to succeed. Most of this was learned unconsciously-children and
teenagers absorb their parent’s attitudes and expectations of them as they
grow up.

This paper is not only a benefited to the students only but also for the
parents etc. because as observed, most students who chose the course
which is not really the course that they want affects their performance in
school, mostly because they will lose their interest and they will find it
boring which causes their grades to be little.

This study help them be aware that choosing a college degree should not
be taken for granted and should consider the different factors to avoic