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SIE EXERCISE 1 NAME : _____________________________


1. A life cycle ensures the _______ of living things

a. Fertilization b. action c. Continuity

This table is for the questions number 2 and 3

2. According to table, the animals that produces by giving birth is No Name of animals
shown in numbers______ 1. Polar bear
a. 1-2-3-4 2. Cows
b. 1-2-4-7
c. 3-4-5-6 3. Mosquito
d. 3-5-6-7 4. Sheep
3. According to the table, the animals that reproduces by laying eggs 5. Snake
is shown in numbers_____
a. 3-4-5-6 6. Chickens
b. 3-5-6-7 7. Seal
c. 3-4-6-7 8. Frog

__________ has the similar life cycles with the animal in the diagram above
a. Lady bug
b. Cockroach
c. Butterfly
5. These animals below has four stages in their life cycles, except_______
a. Mealworm beetle and butterfly
b. Cockroach and frog
c. Mosquito and butterfly
6. A larva transforms into a pupa by undergoing
a. Metamorphosis b. Moulting c. Reproduction
7. The young of animals that doesn’t look like their parents ______
a. Cow b.cockroach c. butterfly
8. The young inherits the _______ of their parents
a. Smile b. scar c. genes

The Description of Sabrina’s family is for the questions number 9 and 10

Father : sharp nose, 1.75metres tall, big eyes, and has a straight black hair
Mother : flat nose, 1.75metres tall, flat eyes, and has a curly brown hair
Sabrina : Sharp nose, 1.75 metres tall, big eyes, has a curly brown hair
9. From the descriptions’ above, Sabrina has_____ eyes
a. Big b. small c. flat
10. Sabrina inherits __________, ____________, _______________ from his Father
a. Nose, chin, cheekbones
b. Nose, height, eyes
c. Nose, hair’s color, and weight