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Call our helpline number

99300 99300 (toll free)

between 9 am to 10 pm for
any queries on your first bill.

Your billing period:

www.vodafone.in Your phone usage,
rentals and other
Your Vodafone bill charges have been
billed for this period.
Every 3000 sheets of paper cost us a tree. Let’s conserve.
SMS ACT GOGREEN to 199 (toll-free) to get your bills on email only.

Bill No: 000000010001029072 | Bill Period: 01.06.15 to 02.07.15

Bill Date: 03/07/2015 | Your Tariff Plan: Vodafone Family Plan

Your unique
Your tariff plan. mobile number.
Your name and XXXXXXXXXX Alternate Contact No.: XXXXXXXXXX An additional contact
mailing address as XXXXXXXXX point which helps us
per our records. XXXXXXXX Relationship No.: XXXXXXXX
get in touch with you
XXXXXXXX No. of Connections: X to serve you better.
It displays the
number of connections Your unique
owned by you. relationship number.
You should use this
It displays the Debit / relationship number
Amount Due for making bill
Credit amount, if any.
payments by
Charges ` 7,141.60 Late Payment cheque/demand draft.
Your previous Payment Adjustments for this Charges after
bill amount. bill period 10 Jul 2015 The amount due for
` 2,663.67 ` 2,663.67 ` 000.00 `2,041.60
Due Date this month.This
`100.00 includes both, current
10 Jul 2015 charges and
Total payment outstanding amount.
received by us against
Pay previous balance, if any immediately to avoid disconnection. Pay your current charges by 05.06.2015 to avoid late payment charges.
the last bill. Payment
received post due Due Date: Date by
date would reflect in Summary of Charges Current Bill which you should
the next bill. Period (`) make your payment
for total current
One Time Charges 00 charges and
+ Monthly Charges 00 Save 80% on outstanding amount.
Details of Usage
clubbed in
+ Usage Charges 00 internet browsing You should clear any
outstanding balance
Usage Charges. • Call Charges 00 ‘Pay as you go’ rates dropped immediately.
• Conference Call Charges 00 from 10p to 2p for 10KB
• SMS Charges 00 Late payment charges
sms ‘ALL’ to 199 to mentioned separately.
• Mobile Internet Charges 00 get settings
Details of charges for
the current bill period. • National Roaming Charges 00
• International Roaming Charges 00 Vodafone
• VAS Charges 00 Power to you
(-) Discounts 00 Bill Message with
current offers or details.
(-) Other Credits/Charges 00
Subtotal 00
(+) S.Tax @ 14% + SBC @ 0.5% + KKC @ 0.5% 00

Make your Imp: Cheque / DD should be payable to Vodafone Number 96192XXXXX.

cheque/demand m-pesa™
draft payable as Pay your bill from your mobile using Vodafone m-pesaTM.
mentioned here. Many ways to pay your Vodafone Bill To register for m-pesaTM, call 55400 (toll free).

Online IVR
Visit the ‘Quick Bill Pay’ section on www.vodafone.in and pay Call 199 (toll-free) and follow the voice instructions to pay
using your credit card, debit card or netbanking. your bill.
SMS QUICKPAY to 199 (toll-free).
Various options
of bill payment. My Vodafone App Vodafone Stores
Log on to My Vodafone App and pay using your credit card, debit Walk in to your nearest Vodafone Store and pay by cash, credit
card or netbanking. card or debit card. You can also drop your cheque in the payment
drop box.

Direct Debit Pay using Citi Reward Points

Give standing instructions to automatically debit the bill amount You can redeem your Citi Reward Points to pay your Vodafone bill.
from your bank account or credit card. To sign up for Direct Debit, call
199, visit your nearest Vodafone Store or log on to www.vodafone.in.

To find out your Nearest Payment Centre , SMS <> at <>

Vodafone India Limited: Peninsula Corporate Park, Ganpat Rao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400 013
Service Tax Registration no: AAACH5332BST001 CIN No: U32200MH1992PLC119108
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Your Usage Details
Details of the plan
with Local Pulse rate.
Ms Shweta Agarwal
Bill Period Vodafone No. Local Pulse Rate Dynamic Credit Limit
01.06.15 to 02.07.15 98236XXXXX VF 2 VF 60 seconds and VF 2 Others 60 seconds ` 2,000 (for details refer page 2)
Your dynamic credit
Complete tariff Your Postpaid Plan limit. This is the
plan details. Free Local STD SMS Rates (`/SMS) limit which you
minutes, free data, Vodafone Family Plan @ ` 299 Call Rates
(@ Home Circle) (`/Min:Sec) (`/Min:Sec) can enjoy within
free SMS details a bill cycle.
available in this tab. Incoming Free Free Outgoing -
With this plan, you get:
Outgoing Local -
 Free Talktime worth 150 Min
 Free SMS worth 250 messages
To Vodafone Mobile - - STD -
(Local + National) To Other Mobile - - International -
 Free Internet Usage worth 500 MB To Landline - - Mobile Internet Rates (`/10KB)
Video Calls - Browsing without Pack 4
Above tariff details do not include any VAS tariffs, Roaming Charges, SMS to special numbers, free minutes, special promo packs or special promo features like Nightspeak, Family & Friends, CUG, etc

Your security Your Security Deposit for May-15: ` 500

deposit amount. Your Security Deposit ` 2000 Security deposit will be refunded within 60 days of closure of the account, beyond which, we will pay you an interest of 10% per annum on the deposit.

Billing history for Last 6 Months Bill History Last 3 Payments Payment history with
the last 6 months. Dec-14 Jan-15 Feb-15 Mar-15 Apr-15 May-15 22-Mar-15 20-Apr-15 19-May-15
payment dates for
the last 3 months.
` 2334 ` 2100 ` 2663 ` 2540 ` 2410 ` 2220 ` 2540 ` 2410 ` 2220
Note : Bill Value displayed above is rounded off to nearest value. | Payment details under Last 3 Payments section doesn’t include any payments towards the deposit

Monthly Charges Rental Period Charges Discount Net Charges

(`) (`) (`)
Plan Rental 01.06.15 to 02.07.15 199 50 199
2GB_3G_Data Pack 01.06.15 to 02.07.15 599 100 499 Monthly charges
towards rental + plan
500 L+N SMS Pack Rental 01.06.15 to 02.07.15 50 150 50 charges and Value
Total 00 00 00 Added Services.
Call Charges Usage Free Usage Charged Usage Charges
(Min:Sec) (Min:Sec) (Min:Sec) (`)
Local to CUG - - - -
- - - - Breakup of call
charges, whether
STD - - - - local or STD.
Total 00 00 00 00

Conference Call Charges Usage Free Usage Charged Usage Charges

(Min:Sec) (Min:Sec) (Min:Sec) (`)
Local - - - -
STD - - - Breakup of
conference call
ISD - - - - charges, whether
Total 00 00 00 00 local, STD or ISD.

SMS Charges Usage Free Usage Charged Usage Charges

(SMS) (SMS) (SMS) (`)
SMS Local 144 - - -
Breakup of SMS
SMS National 44 - - - charges, whether
SMS International 44 - - - local, national or
20 - - - international.
Total 00 00 00 00

Service Tax Net Charges

Service Tax @14% 0.00
Breakup of
Swachh Bharat Cess @0.5% 0.00 Service Tax
Krishi Kalyan Cess @0.5% 0.00
Total 00

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