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Date/Time Itineraries Expenses Train/p Eat RM

rate 3.75
Sunday Day1 26/11/17

Park at Putrajaya Sentral

Rate parking kereta per day RM 35
KL Transit Tickets ( Return ) = RM9.40X4 + RM4.20 x2) 46
Total RM= 81
*remember to take pic location parking

Arrive at the airport. Malam.


Air Asia X - International terminal Arrival 2F

Shuttle bus to Mystays Haneda

Print http://corporate.mystays.com/file/pdf/hotel-haneda/shuttlebus_timetable_haneda.pdf
Mystays Haneda
Galisia Shinjuku. Kitashinjuku1-8-24, Shinjuku, Tokyo 7866

*dinner kat hotel

Monday Day2 27/11/17 https://www.accuweather.com/en/jp/tokyo/226396/daily-weather-forecast/226396?day=22
Beli Onigiri and air coklat kat Family Mart for breakfast. 1100 41.25
Suica Card - reload 5000Y 1100

7.00 - 8.00 Mystays Haneda - Shinjuku St .45min Anamoriinari Station KK14 240 9
Simpan bag kat coin locker Shinjuku St. Locker fee 700yen Keikyu Airport Line Airport Express
Shinjuku st. Up are the South and East South Exits. Down are the West and East Exits Shinagawa St KK01 700 26.25
You can transfer to the following lines from the South Exit: Keio, Keio New, Shinagawa St JY25 200 7.5
Odakyu, Toei Shinjuku, and Toei Oedo Lines. From the East Exit, you can transfer Yamanote Line各停For Shibuya / Shinjuku (Clockwise)
to the Marunouchi and Seibu Shinjuku Lines. Shinjuku St JY17

9.00-10.00 Meiji Shrine.Omotesando Exit. Pic depan torii gate. Pic depan Harajuku St. Shinjuku Station JY17 170 6.375
10.00-12.00 Takeshita Dori. Takeshita Exit. Note that most shops do not open before 11am. Yamanote Line各停For Shibuya / Shinagawa (Counter-Clockwise)
Takeshita Street.Daiso.100yen.Marion crepe.Croquant chou, 250¥ . Bundle. Harajuku Station JY19
Kedai Sneakers.Kebab Box. Kiddyland. Ometosando. (4min) 250 9.375
Lunch Luke's Lobster Sandwich (Omotesando) ¥1,098 (RM40) Lobster sekor! 2196 82.35
matsumono kiyoshi welpark : Biskut kapal 59y, coklat meiji 89y,

12.30-1.30 Tokyo Camii Mosque. Solat Jamak. Zuhur 11.30am Meiji-jingumae C03 160 6
Access: A 2-minute walk from Exit A3 of Yoyogi-uehara Station Chiyoda Line各停Yoyogi-Uehara
Yoyogi-Uehara Station C01

2.00-4.00 Shibuya. Hachiko Exit. Yoyogi-Uehara Station C01 170 6.375

Hachiko. Shibuya crossing. Disneystore beli tiket Disney Sea. Close at 21:30 Chiyoda Line各停Kashiwa 3000 112.5
(Park ticket counter at 3rd floor is closed 21:00) Omote-sando Station C04
Late lunch/dinner Genki Sushi 11:00 am - 11:30 pm Walk About 2 min
option: Halal Ramen & Dining Honolu Ebisu Omote-sando Station G02
Ginza Line各停Shibuya
Shibuya Station G01

4.30-6.30 Rikugien Garden. Entrance Fee 300y. Togetsukyo Bridge Shibuya Station JY20 200 7.5
Evening light up until 21:00 during autumn color and cherry blossom seasons. Yamanote Line各停For Shinjuku / Ikebukuro (Clockwise)
Access: If taking the Yamanote, get off at Komagome Station and go through Komagome St JY10 600 22.5
the South Exit. Walk along Hongo Avenue and make a right Shinobazu Avenue.
November 18 (Sat.)-December 6 (Wed.), 2017
9:00-21:00 (Admission until 20:30) *The garden is illuminated after sunset.
option dinner: Halal Ramen & Dining Honolu Ebisu 11:30-14:30 / 17:00-22:00
Shinjuku - Okubo St Shinjuku Station JC05 140 5.25
Galisia Shinjuku. Kitashinjuku1-8-24, Shinjuku, Tokyo 1660yen Chuo-Sobu Line(Local)各停Mitaka
North Exit of Okubo station Okubo Station JB09
Tuesday Day3 28/11/17 ** check weather. Bus kawaguchiko boleh refund kalo cancel. 100yen perhead charge cancel.
7.00 https://highway-buses.jp/terminal/shinjuku.php
Walk to 7eleven or Family mart tapau onigiri and air for breakfast 1100 41.25
Okubo St - Shinjuku St. 4min.Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal 7min. Okubo St JB09 140 5.25
Shinjuku Station 'New South Gate' Chuo-Sobu Line(Local)
Take the escalator in front of the ticket gate (New South Gate) to get to departure Shinjuku Station JC05
terminal on 4th floor. Shinjuku Expressway
Bus Terminal (9min) 3,000 112.5
Ambik bus departure 7.45am. Paid 8760yen
Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal (Travel time: about 1 hours and 45 minutes)
Lake Kawaguchiko. Highway bus. 1750y/880y one way. 2000 75
Kawaguchiko Sightseeing Bus Red Line. Adult 1200y/Child 600y
1. Kawaguchiko Natural Living Center (22) Last Stop. Oishi Park. 3000 112.5
2. Maples Corridor, Itchiku Kubota Art Museum (19)-kena check still ada tk
3. Kachi kachi ropeway/Cruiser (11). Solat area sini. Ada public toilets utk wuduk.
adult 800y/child 400yen return
4. Lunch - Alladin indo restaurant. Lunch 11.00-15.00, Dinner 17.00-23.00
Ambik bus balik 5pm
Shinjuku shopping
Shinjuku. JR South East Exit. 3 COINS Lumine Est 11am-10pm - Daikokuya Shinjuku 11am-10pm
Silk (100yen store) 10am-11pm
option: walk back to Galicia Shinjuku North. 1.2km. 14min.

Shinjuku - Okubo St Shinjuku Station JC05 140 5.25

Check in Air BnB Galicia Shinjuku North Chuo-Sobu Line(Local)各停Mitaka
Okubo Station JB09

*dinner kat airbnb

Wednesday Day4 29/12/17
7.30-8.30 Gingko Lined Street Icho Namiki. Walk about 9min 800m. Okubo Station JB09 160 6
Chuo-Sobu Line(Local)各停Nishi-Funabashi
Shinanomachi Station JB13

9.00-11.00 Sensoji , Hazomon, Nakamise Street, Kaminarimon Aoyama-itchome St G04 200 7.5
View spot Tokyo Tower on the 8th floor Asakusa Culture and Tourism Center Ginza Line Asakusa 3000 112.5
Beli souvenirs kat Asakusa Sparkle Asakusa Station G19
11.30-1.30 Lunch at Naritaya Ramen . Mon–Fri 11:00–22:00. Tumpang solat (30min)
option: Asakusa Sushiken
Mon-Sat 11:30-23:30 (L.O.23:00) Lunch 11:30-16:00

Odaiba. 27min. Asakusa Station A18 220 8.25

2.00-4.00 1.National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. Telecom Center Station Asakusa Line各停Nishi-Magome
10:00 - 16:30 . Close on Tuesday. Shimbashi Station A10
Adults 620 yen Shimbashi Station U01 380 14.25
Train yurikamome tanpa driver. Pilih head of train nice view Yurikamome各停Toyosu
Telecom Center St U09 1240 46.5
4.00-7.00 2.Walk to Gundam in front of Diver City Tokyo Plaza 15min (40min)
boleh makan soba & tempura kat Sojibo, 6F , DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. 3000 112.5
Tingkat 6F, near to Daiso. 11am-11pm.
Take pics Palette Town background.
3.Night view from Fuji TV Building Observation Deck
550 yen cost for the observatory. It is closed on Mondays.Last admission 5.30. tutup 6pm.
After getting a ticket on the ground level, ride the elevator to the 25th floor to
the observatory sphere called Hachitama. From there, you overlook the entire
Odaiba area and other symbols of Tokyo in the background, such as the Tokyo Teleport St R04 330 12.375
Tokyo Tower. On a clear day, you can even see Mount Fuji in the distance. Rinkai Line各停Osaki
3.Odaiba Illumination Yakei at DECKS Tokyo Beach, 3F Seaside Deck Osaki Station R08
take pics Odaiba Statue of Liberty, Rainbow Bridge Osaki Station JY24
Walk to Tokyo Teleport Station. Balik Galicia Shinjuku JR Yamanote Line for Shibuya, Shinjuku 170 6.375
Shin-Okubo St JY16
Thursday Day5 30/11/17
7.00 Okubo St - Maihama St 50min Shin Okubo St JY16
Maihama St - Disneysea 10min JR Yamanote Ikebukuro,Ueno
Disneysea Adult 7400 Child 4800 Tokyo St JY01 390 14.625
Shinjuku Express Bus Terminal (Shinjuku Station) - Disneysea. 40 min Tokyo St JE01
Adult: ¥1000 (one-way) Child: ¥500 (one-way) JR Keiyo Line Rapid
Return to Shinjuku. Tokyo DisneySea Park Bus Stop No. 3. Maihama St JE07
About 60 min. to Shinjuku Station. Last bus 9.30pm. Target naik bas 8.50pm. Disney Resort Monorail 260 9.75
Prayer space: Railway manager’s room of ELECTRICK RAILWAY 19600 735
(Board an elevated electric trolley to Port Discovery).
There is a restroom next to the space, so you can do wudu.
〜Important points〜 http://info.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/access/bus/shinjuku.html 2500 93.75
1. Please bring your prayers mats. http://info.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/daily_schedule/show/tds_20171130.html
2. Please talk to a staff before you pray.
Food muslim friendly:
Cafe Portofino (Mediterranean Harbour): Seafood options (seafood pasta) 300 11.25
Cape Cod Cook-Off (American Waterfront): Cod Fish burger set 300 11.25
New York Deli (American Waterfront): Smoked salmon and shrimp bagel 360 13.5
🔸Zanbini Brothers Pizza Tomato & cheese 670yen
http://www15.plala.or.jp/gcap/disney/maps.htm wait time 670 25.125
http://www15.plala.or.jp/gcap/disney/kouryakus.htm tips disney congestion 820 30.75

check wait time and plan accordingly. 1000 37.5

* check fast pass yg still available and try to get those.

*dinner kat airbnb

Shinjuku Station JC05 140 5.25

Shinjuku - Okubo St Chuo-Sobu Line(Local)各停Mitaka
Okubo Station JB09
Friday Day6 01/12/17
8.30-9.30 Tsukiji Market. Okubo Station JB09 140 5.25
Tsukijishijo Exit A1 TrainChuo-Sobu Line(Local)各停Chiba
Tsukiji Market snacks/street food Yoyogi Station JB11 2000 75
Mochi strawberry isi kacang merah, 300¥ Yoyogi Station E26 220 8.25
Grilled Scallop, 200¥ SubwayOedo Line各停Tocho-Mae via Roppongi / Daimon
Tamagoyaki, 100¥ Tsukijishijo Station E18
Sushi bowl? Soy sauce kena bawa sendiri. (32min)
Miso soup kena tanya dulu may contain non halal broth.
10.00-12.00 Ueno Station Tsukiji Station H10 170 6.375
Tokyo Metro: short walk from Ueno Station Exit 5B. Subway Hibiya Line各停Kita-Senju
Hard Rock Café Ueno. Ameya Yokocho. 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM Ueno Station H17
Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Ueno, Brand Off Ueno. (14min)
Hinoya Plus One, ABC mart, Mode Off, Daikokuya78
Lunch kebab or chicken man 3000 112.5
12.30-2.00 option: Lunch Ayam-Ya Okachimachi. [Lunch] 11:30-15:00 . Solat Assalaam Mosque.

2.30-3.30 Akibahara. Laox Akibahara ada prayer space.7th floor. Okachimachi Station (JY04) 140 5.25
JR: 2-minute walk from Akihabara Station’s Electronic Town Exit Yamanote Line各停For Tokyo / Shinagawa (Clockwise)
Yodobashi Akiba, DonQuijote,Pablo, Daikokuya Akihabara Akihabara Station (JY03)
option: makan kat coco ichibanya ikebukuro

4.00-5.30 **optional: Ginza. Apple store?

Akibahara St (H15) - Ginza St (H08) 170yen

6.00-8.00 Tokyo Tower. Kamiyacho Station Exit 1. 200 7.5

ambik gambar kat bawah Tokyo Tower and cari souvenir murah. Akihabara Station H15
9:00 to 23:00 (entry until 22:30)-tak payah naik la. Overated. Hibiya Line各停Naka-Meguro
900 yen adult, 400 yen 4y and older (main observation deck only) Kamiyacho Station H05
1600 yen (both observation decks)
Main Observatory (150m) 9:00-23:00 (Last admission 22:30)

8.30-9.30 Roppongi HRC close 2am WALK 1.3KM 16min

10.00 Galicia Shinjuku Roppongi Station E23 180 6.75

Oedo Line各停For Tocho-Mae / Hikarigaoka
*dinner kat airbnb Yoyogi Station E26
Yoyogi Station JB11 140 5.25
Chuo-Sobu Line(Local)各停Nakano
Okubo Station JB09
Saturday Day7 02/12/17

8.00-8.30 Check out AirbnB. Simpan bag kat locker Shinjuku St 700 26.25
Ueno Zoo 9.30am-5pm
9.00-12.00 600yen,free Shin-Okubo St JY16 200 7.5
As soon as you get off the train at JR Ueno Station, go up the stairs or escalators JR Yamanote
and head for the Park Gate (follow the signs). Ueno Station JY05

12.30-1.30 Solat Assalaam Mosque. Lunch at Yakiniku Panga. Ueno Station H17 170 6.375
Mon-Sat [Lunch] 11:30-14:30 (L.O. 14:00) [Dinner] 17:00-22:30 Hibiya Line各停Naka-Meguro 5000 187.5
2 minutes walk from Nakaokachimachi Station(exit No.1) Naka-Okachimachi St H16
Exit1 (5min walk)

2.00-4.00 Koishikawa Korakuen.3 min walk from Exit C3 of Oedo Subway line Iidabashi St Ueno-okachimachi St E09 180 6.75
9:00 to 17:00 (entry until 16:30). Admission 300yen Oedo Line各停Tocho-Mae via Iidabashi
There are two viewing spots inside the garden that we'd like to recommend. Iidabashi Station E06 900 33.75
One is along the Oigawa River that was created to resemble Kyoto's Arashiyama.
The other one is the bridge called Togetsukyo behind the Kantoku pavilion,
from which the view on the vivid maple trees is especially beautiful.

4.30-5.30 Walk to Bunkyo Civic Center Kasuga Station E07 220 8.25
There is observatory in 25th floor. Oedo Line各停Tocho-Mae via Iidabashi
Entrance Fee : Free Open: 9:00AM-8:30PM Shinjuku-nishiguchi St E01

6.00 Shinjuku Station - Haneda. 41min Shinjuku Station JY17 200 7.5
optional: Yamanote Line各停For Shibuya / Shinagawa (Counter-Clockwise)
Airport Limo Bus Haneda - Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal. 6.00pm. Shinagawa Station JY25 410 15.375
Adult ¥ 1230 Child ¥ 620. 43min Shinagawa Station KK01
Keikyu Line快特Haneda-Airport Domestic Terminal
Kaunter drop bag buka pukul 8.30pm. Departure 3F. Haneda Airport International Terminal KK16
KEBAB STAND, Okonomi-Yokocho on the 4th floor in Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal. 2000 75
The prayers room is located at the international terminal departure lobby (before immigration on the 3rd floor).
The room has a washing space for use before praying.
ROYCE Nama Chocolate at Haneda Airport
Tiat Duty Free Shop Central
Tokyo Souvenir Shop South
Tokyo Souvenir Shop North
Chocolate Boutique

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