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Short-circt Technical information protection diagrams to UL 508 ‘The short-circuit resistance of Fital FiLine6O has been extensively tested. Shor-crcut fesistance to UL entera i asseseed va tho feotmean-square value of he short-cicut Curent (ims), which must be applied for at Teast 3 periods (60 m3), During the course of testing, the tet equip ‘ment has been adjusted othe respective ‘ockmean-sauare values (Is). The test ‘ant pak shoreircut euronts Ip are shown inthe shortsieut protection diagrams below Busbar support for feeder circuits 700A, 2-pole Sattogue $9 page 278 Sottings ln (lof te test equipment without prostuse: Sapa spesre 7 Tipper apg ing 60 mm bar centre distance, is is fi me for busbare 128 20% 10 mm, 20 S 20 = Note: 500 25 0 z 'SV'9940.050 with E-Cu 0 x 5/10 mm Wiha pre-us, fe oloning short-cut sv 9240.050 sv 240.050 ‘ale can be achieved wath 205/10 mm vith 25% 5mm ‘Suppor spacing” $60 mm Box shiomm Fuse, Clase L880 isxansmn Ie: 608A z a Fe Fo! Es E.| ie i: Busbar support Setings Ini) of he test equipment for feeder circuits vwthout prfuse POMS eoytso0 a rs 100, SETS a a = Gliaiogue-33, page 278279 = “ — = 60 mm bar cate distance 50 it a0 zB {or PLS special busbars, Note: ‘SV 9342.050 (PLS 1600) With pre-use, the folning short-circuit value can be achieved: eSupport spacing: 250 mm ~ Fuses tO ays: 65 KA li 65 ‘SV 9341 080 (PLS 800) af reorder ‘SV 9342.080 (PLS 1600) Fital Catalogue 33Poverdstrbuion