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115th Congress

1st Session
Senate Bill # ____________
A Bill For An Act Entitled: Washington DC Government Employee Hiring Bill

In the Senate
December Third, Two Thousand and Seventeen

Senator Your names;

Senator Your names;
Senator Your names;
Senator Your names;
Senator Your names;

These Senators introduced the following resolution which was referred to the Committee on fill
in this blank when you know the committee name.

Senate Proposal
Resolved by the U.S. Senate of the United States of America, that the following article is
proposed as federal law under the jurisdiction of the Untied States of America, enforceable by
Executive action.
“Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress
assembled, that:

Washington DC Government Employee Hiring Bill be enforced, ensuring the sustainment of our Civil
Liberties and Constitutional Rights. This Bill addresses the urgent requirement for government employees to
fully understand their entire purpose within our U.S. Government regardless of position.”

Section 1:

Explanation of terminology- Which terms need to be defined in order to understand the bill?

a. National Mall:
b. Arlington Cemetery:
c. Our U.S. Constitution:
d. Memorial
e. ….
Section 2:

This Bill will ensure the sustainment of our Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights ensuring that all U.S.
Government employees, decision makers or otherwise, take full advantage of their geographical location and
fully understand the entire purpose of their employment.

The Bill accomplishes the above by ensuring that:

1. The first three days of employment of any Washington DC Government Employee will
be spent traversing the National Mall beginning at Arlington Cemetery. These
Employees will then visit every memorial, our U.S. Constitution, our Star-Spangled
Banner, Congress, and our U.S. Supreme Court.

Section 3:

All Washington DC Government Departments and Employees are affected. Those who have not completed the
above, will be given the time to do so.

Section 4:

The U.S. Government will entirely fund this.

Section 5:

This will be coordinated internally within the applicable Government Departments.

Section 6:

Enactment Date: Immediately – Amend Date accordingly.

The Heart of Democracy is Liberty; the Corner-Stone of Democracy is Justice.

Regardless of Political affiliation, these are the Staples of Democracy; These are the unshakable
foundations of our United States of America.

Our United States of America will set the example and Lead the Free World again.

Drafted by: Benjamin Allen Sullivan
CEO the Benjamin Allen Sullivan Renaissance Corporation (BASRC)

This was Drafted by me based on the brutal and malicious criminal and torturous treatment by the Intelligence
community. It is drafted to ensure that none of my fellow Americans, or any other Human Being, or any other
Human beings, will experience what I have experienced.

I Drafted it as not one component of Democracy, our Constitution, our Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties
Functioned for years on end – after relentless engagement of every legitimate facet of our Democracy
(including our U.S. Government).