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ARIMNet Summer School

May 30- June 4, 2016, Montpellier, France

Evaluation Grid
Yes No
Researcher with PhD Degree + 1 year research experience of master of science + 4
year research experience,
Preferably under than 40 years old,

English spoken
Eligibility criteria
Interested in building an international research project bringing together Med
partners: scientifically excellent, with relevancy in Mediterranean challenges and
aiming at Mediterranean networking.
Scientific fields: agricultural sciences (agronomy and animal production), social and
human sciences
Scientific relevancy of the candidate’s research project regarding ARIMNet2
Strong interest in building interdisciplinary project involving end-users

Scoring scale
Evaluation criteria Details of the evaluation criteria Score Total
Relevance of CV and background Education and qualifications 10
according to the age and the experience of Publications and products 10
01 the candidate (publications, trans or 30 points
inter-disciplinary approach, etc…), Research experience 05
(30 points) Technical skills related to the research 05
Scientific excellence and originality of the
project (quality of objectives / Innovativeness 15
of the project idea)
Potential scientific impact (Contribution to
Scientific quality of the personal research the development of the research field in view of 15
project and willingness to develop trans Mediterranean challenges)
or inter-disciplinary approach, a research Prospects for the realization of the aspired
02 project focused on innovation (technical, research objectives (Quality of the work plan / 60 points
social…), and end-users integration 10
Quality and effectiveness of the scientific and
(60 points) technological methodology)
foreseen partnerships (Initiating new
Interest for including end-users in the
project and for promoting innovation
Coherence of the letter of motivation
toward background/CV and personal Reasons and motivation to participate in the
10 points
03 research project ARIMNet Summer School regarding 10
(10 points) professional development opportunities.

Total 100 points