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Centroll Florida a:e;q~~~~·r, l!5q~~~,~,

Letter from the Editor Welcometo ourfirst annual Juniors issue!

Coming up with Show Photos for this issue was fairly easy given so many young riders who live the "show life" for mostofthe year- south inthe Winter&Spring forWEF, HITS & Tampa then upthe east coast during summer. For the rest of us, Florida offers a huge number of great shows all year around: Fox Lea, Sumter, Canterbury, Horse Shows In the Park, Silver Sands, Rocking Horse (and many more) plus all our wonderful grassroots H/J associations like North FL, First Coast, Marion Co, Greater Orlando, Central Florida, South East, Pinellas & more in South FL. Even the jet-setters among us can often be found supporting the local shows. It's no wonder- many of them offer qualifying, points & money classes that make the expense and hassle of longer travel unnecessary. EVERYONE IS WelCOME TO SHARE PHOTOS.

Photos you typically see are sent from readers or generous photographers and occasionally CFE Staff photographs from local events. This magazine is for & largely about FL riders, owners, breeders & trainers. Your suggestions and feedback are valuable to us. Please participate in making Central Florida Equestrian (soon Florida Equestrian) evolve and improve bysharingyour ideas, likes & dislikes. EVERYONE IS WELCOMETO POST COMMENTS OR SUGGESTIONS


We have some great articles, photos & a Scavenger Hunt contest for kids. Advertisers make this magazine possible, so please take some time to see what they offer- display ads throughout & service directories (Products & Services plus the new Trainer Directory) near the back.

We have some great issues ahead! January WILL BE the Premier FLORIDA EQUESTRIAN issue!

Thankyou for reading Central Florida Equestrian magazine. Happy Riding,

On the Cover


WB Student Sydney Chase walking the course at Fox Lea with WB trainer Roberto Daza.

Sue Chase (mom) took the photo


4- Featured: WB Equestrian

9- Emerging Athlete's Program 12-Family Affair

14-Junior Show News 17-Scavenger Hunt & Trivia 18-Great Show Moms

21- lEA

r Columns:

l20-Bits & Tips 6-Quest for WEG


24-Stable & Trainer directory 25-Product & Service directory 26-Sept- Oct Event Calendar

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JUNIORS ISSUE September 2010

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Sally Harvey


Started in 2004 by Brazilian rider and trainer Marcelo Barros and his wife Sally, WB Equestrian in Sanford, Florida has grown very quickly with the help of Assistant Trainer. Roberto DOlO,

As their lesson program has grown, WB has become a great place for junior riders.

"I work with mostly the older students who are more advanced, while Roberto brings along the beginners. The real credit goes to Roberto, who puts an excellent foundation on his students" comments Marcelo.

"Roberto is great with the kids, He was one of the top junior Show Jumpers in Bolivia and his enthusiasm and joy for the sport is easily noticed when he teaches", Roberto has a full day at WB: Mornings are dedicated to the

self- proclaimed 'WB Divas' (the more mature members of WBl and he has full afternoons with the younger students, His classes are fun yet informative and his students progress rapidly and excel at the shows.

"You could say I am fortunate to have some very dedicated students, but it's more than that. I have some very dedicated families, which makes my job all the more pleasurable" explains Roberto,

Show up any afternoon at WB and you'll see it's a busy place. You'll find both Marcelo and Roberto teaching in the rings, but off between the barns and in


the viewing areas you'll find families that share in the duties of horse ownership while siblings are off playing together. 'We offer full service for those

who need it, but it always warms my heart to see that Roberto encaurages our younger boarders to be disciplined and take care of

their ponies" says Sally,

WB has some great programs for Junior riders of all levels, Marcelo has taken his top students to compete at the FEI Childrens Jumper finals, Marshall & Sterling finals and NAL finals. as well as traveling

WB Students with Rodrigo Pessoa &

Boloubet ot his farm in Belgium

overseas to both South America and Europe to have clinics and attend shows with some of the worlds best riders and trainers,

WB has a number of activities throughout the year. all of which make WB Equestrian a family more than Just a barn,

The year starts with the winter circuit for Marcelo and his students, while Roberto and his students collect paints at 3 different

show associations throughout the year.

In April, WB hosts a field trip to the Tampa Invitational, This year they drove a bus with over 40 WB members.

Spring and summer camps are a local community favorite and WB always sees a growing number of repeat customers,

"Roberto and assistant Jayme work very hard all summer long giving back to back weeks of summer camp" explains Sally. 'We typically see between 50 and 100 campers throughout the summer',

At the end of July WB students get very excited for Camp Fox Lea in Venice. FL. WB rents condos on Siesta Key Beach and the show includes daily dress up themes and activities,

leah Elder aka Wonder woman

As summer winds down. WB heads up to Pony Finals and from there the students at WB look towards the year end awards at the local show divisions,

To end the year WB holds its annual party just before Christmas, "Typically we have about 1 00 guests & we have some form of entertainment every year" comments Marcelo, "It's a great way to close out the year and relax with our friends,"

WB Equestrian is located in Sanford. Florida. For more information please visit www.wbequestrian.com

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com

~~ Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010

Lauren Hough, photo: FEI (Thomasville, GA) - With the opening ceremonies of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010 only days away, the anticipation is mounting. Everywhere you turn the countdown clocks tick away at the seconds, minutes, hours and days until this monumental event lands in Lexington, KY. On September 25th, 2010, the world will be watching as 800 athletes and 800 horses representing 60 countries convene in Lexington, KY, at the Kentucky Horse Park for 16 days of competition.

Like the Olympics, the World Equestrian Games are held every

Outdoor Arena, photo: Alltech four years and are the world Outdoor Arena, photo: Alltech championships for eight equestrian disciplines: dressage, driving, endurance, eventing, jumping, para dressage, reining and vaulting. Previous host cities of WEG include Stockholm, The Hague, Rome, Jerez, and most recently, Aachen.

"The smartest, most stupid decision I've ever made was to be the title sponsor of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games," said Alltech founder and president Dr. Pearse Lyons. "On my travels around the world, the language and phrasing may differ, but the

Phillip Dutton, photo: FEI

most prevalent question I receive

is always 'Why did Alltech become the $10 million title Phillip Dutton, photo: FE! sponsor of the World Equestrian Games?' Sometimes this question

is rooted in a misunderstanding of Alltech's business. 'Why is a phone company sponsoring the World Equestrian Games.'"

The answer is simple, Lyons says. Alltech is not a phone company. It's an animal health and nutrition company sponsoring the

upcoming global, championshiplevel event celebrating animals

performing at their peak. For 30

Continued ...


Kentucky Horse Park at Night, photo: www.PhebusPhotography.com 410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com

~ Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010

years, Allfech has had a passion for creating natural nutritional products.

The New York Times referred to the Alltech FEI World Equestrian

Games as "the largest sportingevent to come to the US since the

2002 Winter Olympic Games."

NBC Sports mad television

history when it committed to 6 'h

hours of primetirne coverage over three weekends. On one

Advancing its commitment to

involve the entire Commonwealth

of Kentucky in the excitement of

the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, the Alltech Fortnight

Festival has announced a

passport program (AFF Local) that

will direct locals and global visitors

alike to 60 bars and restaurants throughout the Bluegrass. These establishments - located in

Lexington, Louisville, Frankfort,

Midway, Harrodsburg, Covington,

and Paris - will host entertainment during the period of the Alltech

FEI Games, held Sept. 25 - Oct.


Passport booklets serving as a guide to the 60 participating restaurants and bars will be distributed at the Alltech Experience Pavilion at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, the bars and restaurants, and area hotels.

The Alltech Experience Pavilion

Located at the entrance to the Kentucky Horse Park, the fouracre Alltech Experience will

welcome visitors in a variety of languages that will serve as a tribute to both the international nature of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games and the title sponsor's global business in 120 countries.

In a central acropolis dedicated to experiencing Alltech's global initiatives, visitors will explore the future of Alltech pharma and the innovative products that will meet tomorrow's challenges. The company will overview the foundation of genetic study with

Watson and Crick's discovery of DNA, as well as ideas on curing today's Alzheimer's disease,

cancer and HIVjAIDS through the science of nutrigenomics.

Beyond health and wellness,

displays will outline ideas on how

the earth will sustain nine billion people in 2050. Alltech will explain

its ideas about being smarter with energy and agriculture. A scale model biorefinery, solid state fermentation plant cogeneration plant surrounded by working windmills, solar panels, algae

farms and cows will transport

guests into the future of farming. After guests learn about Alltech's roots in brewing and distilling, they can savor and ice cold Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, the Official

Beer of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, while meandering through and openair garden designed by worldrenowned landscape artist Jon

Carloftis and Alltech's director of corporate image and design

Deirdre Lyons. Continued ...





Office: 407 ~349~930S Cell: 407 ~ 721~0498 lackie@equiinstyle.com



410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com


~ Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010

Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2010

The Equine Village

The equine industry will have an unprecedented opportunity to showcase its variety to global spectators in this special space dedicated to providing equine organizations with a presence and educating guests through daily demonstrations.

201 0 Games Trade Show There will be plenty of

shopping available to the spectators of the Alltec FEI World Equestrian Games. The 2010 Games Trade Show on the rounds of the Kentucky Horse Park will provide guests with a luxurv shopping experience as nearly 270 professional retailers offer a wide range of products for purchase.

"The global excitement for these games has become even greater than what we could have ever anticipated, and the games

Don't Miss Out!


represent a once in a lifetime opportunity for Alltech and Kentucky to showcase their brands on an international level," Dr. Lyons said.

"As a global championship-level event celebrating animals performing at their peak, the


Eventing Fashion WEG

World Equestrian Games are an ideal fit for the Alltech brand. Suffice it to say that I consider title sponsorship of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games to be the single best decision I've made in my career."



410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com

Participating in the Zone 4 Emerging Athletes Program

By Madison Myers [Gront-Valkariol •

As one of only 24 riders chosen to participate, I was honored to be a part of USHJA's Emerging Athletes Program in Zone 4 this past May, at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

After a 7 hour drive from Vera Beach to Savannah, GA I got Carlos settled into the EAP stalls. A few more horses showed up throughout the afternoon and evening. but most of the horses and riders arrived the next day and were able to settle in before the rings opened for schooling.

First thing Saturday morning, we were given our palos, t-shirts, saddle pads, and group assignments. I was in the first group to go at 8 AM, and we all filed into the ring to meet up with Miss Melanie Smith-Taylor, Show Jumping Hall of Famer and Olympic Gold Medalist. The main focus of our group session on Saturday involved our horses' adjustability and getting them to think and be on our aids. In order to achieve this, we did a variety of exercises involving poles, cavaletti and small jumps. often with changes of gait in between the obstacles. While challenging, particularly for my young horse, this was excellent preparation for Day Two, when we would be working over a full course of jumps.

The other two sessions proceeded throughout the day and many of us from the morning session offered our services as jump crew after we had put our horses away. After the final session, all of the participants gathered in the ring with Miss Taylor along with a handful of SCAD students to set up the course for Day Two.

Once again, my group was the first to go on Sunday, and we began our warm-up on the flat,

while incorporating things we had worked on the previous day. On both days, Miss Taylor stressed the importance of our shoulders. By paying particular attention to our shoulders, we took note of how our ability to stop our horses effectively was impacted and how our shoulders are a critical part of our body that correlates with our hip angle to act as a cue to either perpetuate or stop the forward motion.

As we moved on to the jumping, we started with just a small part

of the course and put it together little by little each time we took

our turn until we were finally completing it in its entirety. The course was comprised of several bending lines, a liverpool and combinations that asked many questions of both the horses and riders. Several of the distances between the fences required us

to use our skills that we honed the day before by either steadying or opening our horse's canter to make the fence work. Throughout the day, Melanie stressed that we must go forward in order to get ourselves out of any trouble we may encounter. She stated that, "Pace gives a young horse heart; the stick gives an older horse courage." Overall, the EAP was an incredible experience. I met so many fantastic and dedicated riders, and I believe we all benefited from the tutelage of Melanie Smith Taylor.


410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com

Madison's friend, Shanon Ziskind & her horse Reilly, also participated

C®~W(Q]~ [F~gm1d~{~



Availability begins with December 201 0 Issue

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Team Cornp.> Part 1 Team Comp.· Part 2


. "

Day: 2



Team & lndv, Camp Team Comp.· Part 3 Team Camp.· Part 4

$45.00 $95.00 $95.00


7:00 AM 7:30 AM 11:00AM

Day 3




Team Grand Prix· 1st Half 8:30 AM $90.00 $60.00 $25
Team Grand Prix· 1st Half 2:00 PM $90.00 $60 .. 00 PARK OPENS
Team Grand Prix' 2nd Half 8:30 AM $90.00 $60.00 $25
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Grand Prix Special· tst Half 10:00 AM $125.00 $95.00 $25
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Three Day Dressage 9:00 AM $60.00 $45.00 $25
Ind. Final Camp 1:00 PM $120.00 PARK OPENS
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Freestyle Exhibition 6:00 PM $70.00 Day 6











Three Day Dressage 8:30 AM $60.00 $45.00 $25
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Da): 8



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Day 9 1013


Day 10 10/4








Cross Country



9:00 AM

Jumping Phase




Speed Compo • Part 1 Speed Compo . Part 2

$90.00 $90.00


$60.00 $60.00

10:00 AM 2,,30 PM

Day 11 10/5

.. "

Individual Team Tests

$25.00 $90.00 $90.00

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Day 12


-- ----- ----


Day 13

10/7 • • ,.





8:30 AM 10:00 AM 2:30 PM

Speed Compo 1 • Part 1 Speed Compo 1 . Part 2

lndv, Championship Tests 8:30 AM $25.00 $25
Compulsory- Team· R 1 8:30 AM $35.00 PARK OPENS
AT 7:00AM
Compulsory Indy M/F 12:30 PM $35.00
Team Final Competition 7:00 PM $110.00 $80.00 Indv. Championship Tests 8:30AM $25.00 $25
Dressage· Part 1 9'00 AM $50.00 PARK OPENS
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Freestyle lndv. MIF 1:00 PM $35.00
Dressage· Part 2 2:00 PM $35.00 Indv. Freestyle Tests 8:30 AM $25.00 $25
Dressage· Pa rt 3 9:00 AM $50.00 PARK OPENS
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Dressage > Part 4 2:00 PM $50.00
Freestyle Team Compo 4:00 PM $35.00
Indv. Competition 5.:30 PM $120.00 $90.00 Day 15 10/9


Indy. Freestyle Tests 8:30 AM $45.00 $45
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Freestyle Final M/F 2:30 PM $45.00
Top Four 8:00 PM $130.00 $105.QO Day 16

10/10 • • ,.



I ndv. FreestyLe Tests 8:30 AM 545.00 $25
Obstacle Phase 10:00 AM S50.00 PARK OPENS
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Freestyle Final Team 11:00AM $45.00
4:00PM $80.00 $70.00 Prices are current as of July tst:


CALL,888-9'3,4-201 0 OR VISIT www.alltec hfe i g am e s.c 0 milt ic kets



J\Jltech. -E\-EI ..

World Equestrian Garnes" Kentucky 2010

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com


{~ A Family Affair: The Murphy's of Errol Equestrian

How, where & when did the family business begin?

Lauro Murphy has been involved in horses since childhood. Errol Equestrian opened in Apopka in 1997.

What's a typical day in your life presently?

{Michael & Matthew Murphy}:

During our show season, we get to the show at 7 & begin warming

up the horses so they can get out and stretch before their 1 st class. The horses show their closses & we often go straight through the day, especially if Michael has a class ot night(Grand Prix or Equitation Classic), then we have a born meeting to regroup for next day & check completion of the schedule board.

How & when did you both get seriously involved with riding? Michael had a love for horses since a young child. He received his first pony when he was 3 years old and has never looked back. Matthew started riding 3 years ago in Wellington. He came down to watch Michael show in a jumper classic in the International Arena, fell in love with all the hype and attention and started riding that next day.

Have you trained solely with your parentis or have you sought training from other professionals? If so, who? {Michael}: I started with my mom, but as I aged, it became increasingly difficult with the mother & son dynamic. I worked briefly with Mclain Ward, then Debbie Stephens & have been with Debbie ever since. (Matthew): I trained with my mom for the first year then got a new horse from Richard Cheska. He helped me with the horse and I began riding with him then for him. I presently ride with Debbie Stephens at Centennial farms.


Has it been easy to develop a circle of horse show friends being a trainer's child?

(Both): We haven't found it to be any different, we're all kids & it doesn't really matter who your parents are. Personality probably plays a bigger part.

Are you or your parent more competitive in nature or the same?


.1 think that we're all very competitive. We share the same passion for victory.

What are greatest highlights during your junior career? (Michael): I would say being selected to represent the US for our country's first ever Young Rider Tour. Being one of five riders selected was a huge honor. To top it off, I was the only American rider to jump a clear round in the CSIO-JYR Jeunes Cavaliers Grand Prix of France. Being one of three riders to jump clear out of a field of 65 was pretty special. We won Silver in the Nations Cup of Reims, France, and Gold in the Nations Cup of Weirden, Netherlands. (Matthew): top placings at the winter equestrian festival the last 2 years.

What horses or ponies have you most appreciated? (Michael): Every horse has been a vital part of my career in the learning process. Havannah, Cheeky, Katina- all these horses helped me get to where I am now.

(Matthew): My first horse, Valentin88, taught me so much. I feel privileged to have great horses to ride & learn from.

What advice might you have for other junior riders? (Michael): First, I would say never rush the basics. When it comes down to it, if you can't correctly

use your manual aids while riding on the flat, your' e unlikely to finish successfully over the course. Second, stay humble. I catch myself getting confident sometimes, riding on a big win, then the next day disaster happens. It's the nature of the sport.

(Matthew): Ride without stirrups!

How has the business side affected you in your love of the horse?

(Michael): If anything, it has been a benefit to me. I have the opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes that keeps this corporation running successfully. (Matthew): Has definitely helped me learn Horsemanship.

What are some future goals? (Michael): Short term goals are equitation finals. I qualified for every final so I travel across the northeast these next few months competing.

Long term goals are to show more internationally & to maybe one day get the opportunity to show in the World Cup, World Equestrian Games, or Olympics. I'd need a generous sponsor to get a horse to compete in those classes.

(Matthew): The Olympics and represent the US- and win Gold.

Michael Murphy (Photo: Anne Gittens)

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com


You worked hard to get to Pony Finals &we are so proud

,,/ Kayla Steinmetz of Maitland, FL went to Pony Finals in August 2010 with two ponies:

/ Medium 'Helicon Highlight' and Large Green 'Farnley Hi There'.

The week after qualifying for the medium medal in December 2009, Kayla broke her collar bone when she was accidentally stepped on by her pony. After four months of healing, intensive physical therapy and strength conditioning, she couldn't wait to get back in the saddle. From April until Pony Finals, she put her heart & soul into riding and dedicated most of her time to gaining back her strength and courage, as well as maintaining a 4.0 at Lake Highland Prep School.

Kayla and Helicon Highlight three-way tied for first in the medium pony model division. With the tie breaker she came in third place out of 144 medium ponies. Overall, she placed 32nd in the medium division. We are so proud of her dedication and love for her pony and sport.

She's truly an inspiration.

In the large greens over fences she came in 18th place. However, during the model, her young, green

pony thought it would be fun to rear up instead of jog and therefore received zero points. Again, ;

KayIa proved herself a winner. She handled her pony & the situation so beautifully many trainers I


congratulated her afterwards for a job well done & an impressively calm demeanor. ./

------~-- --_,_,..




Mommy, Daddy & Reid xoxo

~YL ..


Juniors Show News

Several FL ponies &

riders competed at this year's Pony Finals in Lexington, KY.


Rafael, owned by Bridlebourne Stables (Elkton) & ridden by Ocala's Ashton Alexander, won the Small Green Model, was 2nd Small Green overall & Small Green Hunter Pony Reserve Champion. Rafael, owned by Bridlebourne Stables, LLC (Elkton), is a 7 year old Welsh pony imported from Holland a little over a year ago. He was originally sold to a rider in Sweden where he competed in dressage and the jumpers. After being outgrown, he was sent back to Holland where Paula Quinn of Bridlebourne Stables in Elkton found him. "I was looking for horses, not ponies", said Paula, "but after taking one look at him I knew I had to find a pocket large enough to take the little guy home in". Rafael currently leads the country in year end points in the Small ponies.

P. Wynn Norman's Yet Another Karacter ridden by Brett Burlington (Wellington) tied for second with Sir Dragon in the Small Model. Photo: Sport Fot

Bill Schaub's Hillcrest Blue Halo was 11'h in Small Green overall with Meredith Darst riding.

Kayla Steinmetz & Helicon Highlights were third in the Medium Pony Hunter


Model. Helicon Highlights was bred by Thalia Gentzel of Helicon Oaks. Congrats to the Steinmetz's on the sale of Helicon Highlights at the conclusion of Pony Finals. Photo courtesy Kathryn Southard

Katie Jacobs & Helicon Take Notice competing at Pony Finals

Photo courtesy Kathryn Southard

Our talented Florida juniors are proving to be popular catch-riders & pony jocks!

Victoria Colvin & For The l ounhter

Victoria Colvin: For The Laughter, owned by Dr. Betsee Parker of Middleburg, VA, Overall Large Pony Hunter Grand Championship & the Grand Hunter Pony Championship (2nd yr in a row). With Seven Steps, also owned by Dr. Parker, won Overall Green Grand Hunter Pony Championship; 2nd Small Green overall on Money Tree; 3'd Medium Green overall on Newsprint & 4'h Medium Pony overall on Scott Stewa rt' sEver Luvin'. After Pony Finals, Victoria went on to compete in the Chronicie/USHJA Hunter Derby Finals where she finished in the top 12 on Scott Stewart's Worldtime. Quite impressive for a 12 year old competing against the likes of Louise Serio, Jennifer Alfano, t.iza Boyd, Hunt Tosh & coach, Scott Stewart.

Parker Wright: In spite of the last minute catch ride on Jordan Coyle's Grand Jete (and a monster rain storm during their final trip 01 fences), Parker & Grand Jete won the Small Green Pony overall and the Reserve Grand Champion Green Pony. Parker also had the opportunity to reunite with Sir Dragon, (now owned by Hailey Livingston )_ The pair finished s" in Small Pony overall. Sir Dragon was bred by Central Florida Equestrian's own Sally Harvey (Southwinds Farm). Parker rode & competed Dragon for previous owner Bill Schaub (Over The Hill Farm).

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com

Parker & Sir Dragon Photo: Kathrvn Southard

~YL ..


Juniors Show News

Mackenzie Graves rode her own Salvandi Kool Kat (Wellington) to a 3 rd in Small Green Model & io" Small Green overall.

Ashton Alexander: 2nd Small Green overall riding Gracefully Yours; 3 rd overall in Large Green with Mapleside Dolcetto (bred by the late Carol Lush) & s" in Large Pony overall with Up the Creek Farm's Won Up.

Lindsay Levine: paired up with Robin Hill's Snapshot, owned by Redfield Farm, just two shows before Pony Finals & won Medium Green overall; 3rd in Medium Green Model.

Other Noteworthy Junior News

Michael Murphy and Corrado (owned by Elizabeth Patz)Take Top Prize in Pessoa/USEF Hunter Seat Medal and ASPCA Maclay at Kentucky Summer Classic (From Phelps Media)

Photo: Whitney Campbell

Marquee Cincotta & Swagger

Competing new& green jumper (Swagger) for 3 1/2 months: moved up to low junior jumpers in Cleveland in July & won the Sunday Classic. Other recent wins include a Children's Jumper Classic & a Low Junior speed class at Kentucky.

Samantha Wood & Macchiato won the Children's Jumper classic at Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show, the oldest continuous running horse show in the southeast, established in 1923.

Reily Reiker qualified for the Maclay regionals in Jacksonville, won the Maday at Fox Lea's Concours I & 2 and again during the mid-June show, where she also placed 2nd in the Medal. Reily traveled to Lake Placid to show Seabreeze Farm's Aristoteles 17 (pictured above) earlier this summer & competed in the Medal, Maclay, USET & Washington classes.

Cyara New rode Sea breeze Farm's Julianna in the Taylor Harris Children's Medal at Lake Placid.

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com

Day Harmening is headed to Saugerties New York in Sept to compete in the Marshall and Sterling Finals. She has qualified her large pony Millpond Showtime for both the Large Pony Medal and the Children's Hunter Pony. The top 30 in the country qualify for the medal and the top 35 for the Chrildrens Hunter.

Amber Henter (who trains with Emil Spadone) was 2nd in the Platinum Performance Equitation Challenge at HITS & Michael Hughes (trains with his father, Eamon Hughes) was 3rd•

FL 4-H: Regionals (Clemson, SC) Michaellmparato (Citrus) and his horse Solomon completed their 4H career with a bang capturing State Championships in Hunter over fences, Handy Hunter and Equitation over Fences. The pair was second in Hunter Hack and fourth in Showmanship with the tally of points once again making him High Point Senior (Michaellmparato, cant): Exhibitor and High Point Hunter Exhibitor. The dynamic Duo went on to 4H Southern Regionals which covers 13 States and won the Equitation over Fences Southern Regional Championship with a field of 106 competitors, the Southern Regional Open Jumper Champion and overall High Point Hunter exhibitor.


~YL ..


Juniors Show News

Other Regional ribbons won for FL:

Hannah Huntington & Zappa, Olivia Dodd & Taya, Hannah Smith & All Day Long, Catherine Bowman & I Promise, Elizabeth Perez & Sam-I-Yam, Katelyn Luddington & In Tune with Stars, Emilee Wilson & Enchanted E

Megan Devoe (Brevard) and her horse Duke placed 8th in Training Level Dressage out of 65 and honorable mention in English Showmanship out of 81 exhibitors.

Sarah Gillespie (Brevard) & Cent 'N Silver placed 4th in Training level Test 4 Dressage out of 66!

Cori Hudson (Brevard) placed 1st out of 66 in Dressage Training Level 4 with Nickelodeon Sunshine.


Rachel Roberson & En Vogue were 9th at Regionals for First Lvi Test II (Dressage)

State 4-H

Hannah Grimm (Clay) Reserve High Point Hunter

Hannah Huntington (Citrus) & Zappa won State Champion in Hunter Hack, 5th in Equitation over fences, and 4th place ribbons in Working and Handy Hunter. Hannah was also awarded a Top Ten Senior Award.

Maggie Cobb (Citrus) & My Trusty Filly Lilly came home with a 10th in Dressage, 2nd in Hunter Under Saddle, and 3rd in Equitation.

Bailey Miller (Citrus) went to State for i " time & won a 12th place ribbon in the Model Class with Timber Country.

Hannah Nelson & Huckleberry (Seminole)

Melanie Shor, Hannah Nelson, Olivia Masih at State in Tampa

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com

Dressage Hight Point:

Jr/lnt. - l":Skyler Nasrallah (Brevard) 2nd: Ahnna Suranofsky (Indian River) Senior _1": Cori Hudson (Brevard)

2nd: Katherine Kaltenbach (Indian River)

Madison Myers (Brevard) 1 st runner-up Horseman of the Year

GOHJA-Wendover Place (All Photos: Shutterpug)

Julie Small on Eastwood

Mia O'Brien on Escalade

Sami DeRosa on My Two Sams

~YL ..


Juniors Show News

GOHJA Wendover Place


Logon Anderson shown I her

Skates at the August GOHJA-Over The Hill Farm show. (This photo by mom. Gay/e)


This month's Trivia sponsored by Poppet Press & Sommerset Sport Art

Email youranswerstoinfo@cfequestrian.com First Three to email correct answers win a copy of 'The Sweet Running Filly'

(see details below)

The U.S.E.T. has, to date, produced two individual Show Jumping gold medalists. Who were they and what did they have in common?

"The Sweet Running Filly" is the first in a series of five classic horse stories now available again through www.poppefpress.com

or a bookstore or tack shop near you!

~ind the PONY ~eav{lng{lr11unt!

For juniors age 10 & Under

What Is It?

A scavenger hunt is a fun game where you search for "hidden" items, in this case, PONIES!

(See pictured at top Jeft)

How Do You Play?

There are TEN ponies "hidden" in random places throughout the Juniors issue ... look carefully, find them & contact us by email. indicating the location, including pg # of all TEN ponies.

What Do I Win?

The 1" TEN juniors to correctly identify 0111 TEN ponies win their own wooden pony (comes with paints & brush for decorating) & Central Florida Equestrian T-shirt!

Email Info@CFEquestrian.coim

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com


~YL ..


Great Show Moms

Many of our Junior riders depend upon great moms (and dads) to make horses & showing possible.

Enjoy the comments from various Juniors who appreciate their moms & think they deserve recognition.

Marion Myers By Madison Myers, 17


"Wiping boots, picking up ribbons, putting on numbers, always waiting at the gate with water,

acting as a human coat rack holding the jacket, running back to the trailer for any forgotten itemswhile this may sound like an undertaking for an army, these are just a few of the tasks of a show mom. These things. combined with the early mornings and long, hot days. make for a job that requires a phenomenal amount of dedication that is all too often overlooked.

In addition to the regular things show moms are often seen doing-the boot wiping, jacket holding, etc-my mom goes above and beyond to a great level. She is always seeking out opportunities and things for me to participate in, such as clinics and new show series, the Emerging Athletes Program, USEF's high school varsity letter program, Florida 4~H Horseman of the Year, and so much more. Furthermore, she is the one that makes all of this possible for me, as her job is essentially the source of the extra funding that is necessary for me to attend any of these events.

Though I certainly don't say it enough, I am incredibly grateful to my show mom for laking on such a daunting title and accepting everything that comes along with it."

"I would have to soy she is one of the hardest working moms I know. She is the groom, assistant trainer, pays the bills, and is my biggest support system!

I can't imagine what it would be like to go on the road showing and not have her by my side, I would be missing something. Now that I'm in college I ride for UT Martin NCAA equestrian team and she continues to come to competitions and support me as much as possible. She has been the source of many horses and supplies donated to our school and continues that mission.

My mom always wants to help everyone around her, not just myself. At the end of the day I sometimes wonder if she puts too much energy into supporting me. she is always the first one to the show bringing the braider coffee and the last one to leave helping people finish the nightly barn chores. She is always helping me to continue to follow my passion but I know she loves it as much as I love her being there by my sidel She is my biggest fan and I AM SO LUCKY to be able have her and her knowledge of horses at my fingertips.

She is my everything and I believe a lot of other people depend on her as well."

"My mom isn't just a mom: to me she is also my best friend & the world's best groom, braider, boot polisher & "stuff" organizer. "Everything has a place" she says when I throw things into my tack trunk. I don't understand how she gets it 011 pocked, the trunk is small ond we have A TON of stuff!

My mom is my best friend. We do everything together. She's like my other half & I hate being at the horseshows without her. I'm not on time, my horse & loren 't clean and it's just not as fun. I can't drive the truck and trailer (I don't even have my license yet) so I literally wouldn't be able to go anywhere without her.

All the way through my mom is a great person. I could never go through an entire horse show without her. Everyone calls her mom because she's always doing things to help everyone out, and she loves it! I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world: she's my mom and my best friend."

"I'd like to nominate my mom os 'The Greatest Show Mom'. She dedicates many hours a week supporting my riding. She works all day then comes home and drives me over 50 minutes each way to our born. She attends all my lessons. my shows and watches me when I practice even in the rain.

My mom helps me prepare for my shows by cleaning my tack, helping me wash my horse and pack everything that we need for the show day. When we arrive at the show grounds, we are a team. She works hard getting both me and my horse ready for our classes and akes sure everything is clean & neat.

She also goes to Ocala with my horse every five weeks so he can get new shoes. She helps me groom my horse before lessons or before I go hack. Once I'm done riding, she even gives my horse a massage.

She is my biggest supporter and can always be counted onto be there when I need her."

41O~804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com

~YL ..


Great Show Moms

Barbara Mayer

By Morgan Moyer, 17

"While my mother doesn't approve of the term horseshow mom, it is her 10 perfection. I could never have done it all these years without her.

Most wouldn't understand the difficulty involved in driving 2 hours 10 WB unless they did il with us. She has given up a lot so that she and my father can support my riding and I truly appreciate it. From cross rails at Abbey to New York and Pennsylvania, she has gone out of her way to make sure I've had everylhing I ever wanted. I could not have asked for better life experiences which have made me the person I am today."

By Yosmeen Asfoor, 9

Sue Chase

By Sydney Chose, I 1

"My mom is the best show mom because she cheers me on and helps me take core of my horse"

"My mom is the best horse show mom because ... You always help me get ready. You take me to the horseshow on time and she watches me ride ... You helped me get rid of fungus. You are the best horse show mom. "

By Jenno Majzoub, 10

"My mom is the best horseshow mom because she makes sure everything is alright with me and brings me everything I need."

Shanteel Crosby Leah Elder, 8

"My mom is the best mom in the world because she makes sure I am ok."


Proud Pnze Sponsor for Central Florida Equestrian's Septelmber 2010 Juniors issue

Central Florida Equestrian



Other prizes for distribution include Ariat groom tote & CFE logo items

ALL nominated Great Show Mom's receive 20% discount towards a future advetisement (,CongratUlations' for example!)

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com


Bits & Tips

Melanie Smith Taylor and Scoff Hofstetter will judge this year's ASPCA Maclay Finals The ASPCA Maclay National Championship will be held at the Syracuse Invitational Sporthorse Tournament (N.Y.) featuring the 127th Notional Horse Show. The show will run from Nov. 2-7, with the Maclay Finals to be held on Sunday, Nov. 7.

Pony Hunter Sires for the post

decade. A particular favorite is

"Mr. Personality" himself, Helicon Buccaneer, who kept himself cool

as a youngster in FL by digging

sleeping pits in his paddock. One

night Thalia, seeing him reclining in

one of these pits, went in and sat

on Buc - who lay with eyes closed pretending he didn't notice! On another occasion, the yearling Buc

also let visitors sit on him in the field.

Buc was at Finals from TX and his brother "Huck" (Helicon Privateer) from CA. Molly campaigned them in CO and AZ some years back so was delighted to see these brothers.

Also from TX was Helicon Fun 'N' Games whose dam, Helicon Hey Day, is a

half sister to Silver Steps (aka Helicon Garden Party, former Finals winner and 4X AHSA Horse of the Year) and Rollingwoods Q and A, an Epic frozen semen foal conceived at University of Florida. Epic was quite an old guy - the family believes him to be the first Welsh

stallion to have semen frozen worldwide, at Cornell University in 1988. He also lived to be the oldest active

Welsh stallion in the world producing a live cover foal from age 35

1 /2! The result is the Gentzels' 10 year old breeding stallion, Helicon Epilogue, who is

in residence at their

Alachua farm. Molly also

visited in Kentucky with

Epilogue's full sister, the

renowned Helicon Take Notice with Katie Jacobs from Florida (see Show News). "Alexis"


October 30th & 31 st

Come join us for a fun filled weekend of riding and Halloween activities Overnight stabling available


For more information contact Scott

MSH 11 0868@AOL.COM OR 352-804-7906

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Rinedollar/Gentzel family (Helicon Oaks) By Solly Harvey

While Thalia Gentzel of Helicon Oaks in Alachua, FL was hospitalized in Gainesville, FL her daughter Molly Rinedollar of Helicon Show Stables, Parker, CO was busy reuniting with the family's ponies at the U.S.Pony Hunter Finals at Kentucky Horse Park. Floridian Kayla Steinmetz and her stunning Helicon Highlights

(see Show News) led off the week with a tie in the Medium Green Model, ending up third by only .003 of a point. They finished up 32rd overall - standing over 107 other ponies in a field of 137! This is a son of GlanNant Country Roads by *Cusop Sparket, a line known for their extreme beauty, movement, and athletic ability.

Of particular pleasure to Molly were visits with seven offspring of GlanNant Epic who has stood in the top 3 to 10% of USEF Leading


had previously won the Finals once and been reserve twice. She was Thalia's show foal from the age of six weeks so has always been super special to her. Another veteran performer originally trained by Emily Elek-Burtard is Helicon Bright' N' Breezy from Ohio.

Definitely a FAB Finals for them! Wishing Thalia a speedy recovery!

Wonderful woman, great idea! Get involved: Donate Ribbons or Request Ribbons for your Therapeutic Riding Program

RIBBON RECYCLING was started by

Sue M. Copeland after she began noticing ribbons tossed in the dirt at horse shows. Sue, who rides with top hunter trainer Peter Pletcher, thought, "What a waste--I'm sure someone would treasure those ribbons!" The result? She used the space in her award-winning

personal column, This Horse Life,

Environmentally Friendly ~a~t~~t ~i~~~la~a~l~ ~~~~i~~ ~~ a~i~~ ~r~t~~ ~~ri~~ ~1~a~~~W~ ~~~~~t I~w~r ~~ ~I ~~il

Healthy & Vibrant Horses

Dust Free straw pellets Creates soft cushion for horse

Protects from cold and dampness Protects from d~, cracked hooves


Cost Effective Maximum absorption rale Reduces waste by 60 % No need to wet down

Reduces cleaning time/labour cost

FEX Straw Manufacturing, Inc. 191 Magna Blvd Lumberton, NC 28360

Phone: 910-6 71-4141 Wt~t I~ r~t ~~~

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com

Bits & Tips

publication, HORSE & RIDER, to plant the seed of the idea.

From there, RIBBON RECYCLING blossomed. Sue now receives ribbon donations from around the country, and ships them to facilities in need.

More ribbons are always needed to put smiles on special riders' faces, so please join the Ribbon Recycling team by visiting the website & clicking on the Donate Ribbons link. You may also Request Ribbons.

Please send all ribbon donations to:

Ribbon Recycling

Attn: Sue M. Copeland

4802 Hunterwood Circle Richmond. TX 77406 281.342.0960 www.ribbonrecycling.com

Lesley Cox Joins Clermark Equestrian's Team of Instructors

Clermark Equestrian is pleased to announce the addition of area instructor and trainer, Lesley Cox to the stable's team of professionals. Clermark's General Manager, Brock Clermont adds: "The staff and riders of Clermark Equestrian are extremely enthusiastic that Lesley has accepted the opportunity to join our team here in Bradenton."

Lesley will also run the new lEA program at C/ermark- see details about lEA below

lEA: Who We Are

Zone Four of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association includes middle school and high school equestrian athletes throughout the southeastern United States. We currently have 100+ teams in

Florida (Region 5), Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Hunt seat, western, and saddle seat teams compete throughout the year in hopes of earning a spot

at the Zone Four Final competition

held in April. The top four scoring

teams then move on to the National lEA Finals. In 2010, the National lEA Finals will be held at the Prince George's Equestrian Center in Maryland. (Home of the Capital Challenge!)

The lEA is an affiliate of:




The mission of lEA is to introduce students in private and public middle and secondary schools to equestrian sports, to develop understanding and appreciation of equestrian sports through organized student competitions, to provide students with organized competitive events and to provide additional equine educational opportunities. Through the lEA students

may also have the opportunity to earn scholarships towards their college education.

Equestrian Scholarships Equestrians already know that being on the bock of a horse can take you places, but planning ahead while in high school, and participating in equestrian teams can even give you a ride to college. While scholarship opportunities differ for each college or university, several equestrian organizations also offer scholarships based on riding ability and/or academic merit.

The Interscholastic Equestrian Association awards cash scholarships at its National finals each year, and in 2010 will give out

$10,000. "In each of the 'individual' qualifying classes, the top placing senior receives a scholarship," lEA Executive Director Roxane Lawrence states. "They don't have to be the winner of the class, just the highest placing 12th grade rider. They do have to be pinned within the top eight. The scholarships are awarded in larger increments to the upper level riders and decrease in value. Last year, we gave away $8,000.

Find A TEAM Near YOU:

Region 5 Teams - Florida

Barrington Hill Farm Team-Dade City Blue Waters High School Team-Plantation Blue Waters Middle School-Plantation

Carriage Hill Broward High School-Parkland Carriage Hill PB High School-Palm Beach Carriage Hill PB Middle School-Palm Beach

Clermark Equestrian Middle & High School Bradenton

Foxstone Equestrian High School-Boca Raton

Gold Stirrup High School-Miami

Gold Stirrup Middle School-Miami

Montverde Academy High School-Orlando Montverde Academy Middle School-Orlando

Perfect Farms High School-Jupiter Perfect Farms Middle School-Jupiter

Shamrock High School-Plantation

Sport Horse Int'l High School-Delray Beach Sport Horse Inti Middle School-Delray Beach

Sport Horse USA Middle School-Delray Beach

Wall Street Farm High School-Wellington Wall Street Farm Middle School-Wellington

North Broward Prep High School-N Lauderdale North Broward Prep Middle School-N Laud

Still Waters High Schaal-Coconut Creek Still Waters Middle School-Coconut Creek

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com




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Amanda.Milier@FloridaMoves.com www.FloridaMoves.com/Amanda.Miller


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Dr. Heather Farmer

Serving Central Florida incfuding Orlando, Geneva, Sanford, Oviedo

Lameness Evaluations Acupuncture

Dental equilibration Wellness plans Ultrasound Alternative Therapies

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Our 3,6, OR 12 MONTH RUNS

Create consistent, effective ezyosure *Jl.C£ options starting at Cess than $30 month


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Dan 0'I1t 813-763·1411

Brock Clermont General Manager I Head Trainer



605, t:llilnle WI4ruDs Rd. Planl'UIY. Rorida 33567 ,.,

Spedaliliqe In :\1

* StarUM un et saddle Iirst 60 days ~.

* foundanqn Trainio2 . ,U

* Probl.em So In '.)J, t

* Irall /Pleasure l

5982 225th St E. Bradenton, Fl, USA 34211

Tel' 941-322-9196 Mob.: 561-578-1377 Fax: 941.322-9196 brock@clermarkequestrian.com www.clermarkequestrian.com


MAGliIl fUWHGTON - OWNEt 13215 IUJIa.K WArn RoAD PAlM BLIal ~ H. 334!8 (560 248-8885 MMmtAIAwElfMY.COII WIWI:Mw.mfARM.in.I

YOOM; HalSB RlIl SA![ YOOM; H~ Til .. , SrAlOON COi.I.!ril1N i\I. IT II CtlSTOM!ZEDBmDN; FoAlJl(G & BaoomlAR! MI.NAcooNr HllNIlR. IlL\!PIIl & ~{l llssoN>

The Pro's Nest

Young Stock. Broodmares. IPerformonle Horses,

Specializing in prepping young horses to be shown on the line

Breders of World· Class Show jumpers, Equitation horses, and Sport ponies from the finest European bloodlines

For Sal~e and ILeas,e

Weaning Services-Consulting


Michele, Makoto and Monica Sakurai 7808 NE 75th Street

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Gainesville, Florida 32609


410-804-5813 info@cwmdm.com www.cwmdm.com


Located in Archer, FLorida 20 Min from HITS & 10 Min from Canterbury Showplace

Full Service Boarding, Lessons, Training & Sales Mauricio Ilarcia : magbgarcia@aol.com 787-243-4045 Sharleen Exler: 352-359-4149

FILYinG: Lion FAd~,n1I

WB's & TB's for Sale and Lease • World Class '09 Hanoverian Colt by Donarwiess GGF , lS.3h S-year-oldThJruugh'bred mare Fancy Hunter Prospect

• 16h 16·year-old TB gelding Child/Adult Hunter Prospect

• 11 year old Paint Pony Mare 14.1 1/2 hh Child Safe

• Two outstanding yearlings by LeSanto and many morel www.FlyingLionFarm.com 813·431·4220


Our 3,6, OR 12 MONTH RUNS

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Caxalor Supplements and Feeds Sail¥. Harvey, Representative Calknow for a private consultation Offiu~;; 352-425-5987 Mobile: 3'02-981-3483

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Farm Land Country Homes

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$300 1 year

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Farrier Services

BWFA Journeyman II Certified Farrier Specializing in Corrective Shoeing & Hoof Reconstruction

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Vickie Meisenburn, DVM, eVA Heather Greaves, MS

Exceptional Value

Personal Service

Central Florida Hay Exchange Premium Hay Lowest Price Guaranteed

Dorian Farmer


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Operated By NRT LLC 3733 Lake Emma Rd Lake Mary, fL 32746


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{~ Sept-Oct 2010 Event Calendar

Event Calendar is a free service

Add your event or request corrections by contacting: info@cfequestrian.com

September 25-26 PCHA Non-Rated Show

3-5 NFHJA Labor Day "A" www.pcha-fl.org

ASPCA Maclay Regional Finals 25-26 HSITP H/ J @ Canterbury

www.nfhja.com www.horseshowsinthepork.corn

4-Rocking Horse, dressage, stad & 3 Phs

Southern Gold Cup /I Series Opener October

www.rockinghorseht.coml_3 CFHJA H/J "A" 5- Central FL Dressage Hawiian Shirt SS www.cfhja.com

Rocking Horse 2- Fannin Hill l-day HT

www.centralfloridadressage.com www.fanninhillfarm.com

4-5 Sunshine Sport Horse Association 2-3 Ride Lite USDF Dressage

Breed Shows Sunshine Classic I & II www.canterburyshowplace.com

Canterbury Showplace 2-3 Gold Coast Dressage

www.sunshinesporthorses.org Jim Brandon EC- WPBch

10-11 GOHJA Barrett Farm www.gcdafl.org

www.gohja.org 8-9 GOHJA Barrett Farm

10-12 Fox Lea Farm September H/J "A" www.gohja.org

www.foxleafarm.com 8-10 NFHJA Fall "A"

11- Canterbury Dressage & Jumpers www.nfhja.com

www.canterburyshowplace.com 9- HSITP H/J @ Wickham Park

11- Silver Sands HjJ www.horseshowsinthepork.com

www.silversands.org 9-Rocking Horse dressage, stad & 3 Phs

12- Dancing Horse Dressage @ WickhamSouthern Gold Cup II Series Opener

www.dancinghorsedressage.org www.rockinghorseht.com

12- Canterbury Schooling Driving 9-10 Fannin Hill H/J & Dressage Breed Inspections

www.canterburyshowplace.com www.fanninhillfarm.com Sept 10- 11 Belgian WB Inspection-Sanford

11-12 SEHJ H/ J SS- Tampa 16- Jumpers & 3 phs SS-FL Horse Prk WB Equestrian

www.sehj.com www.flhorsepark.com www.wbequestrian.com

11-12 HSITP H/ J @ Jacksonville 17- XC School- FL Horse Prk Sept 12- Belgian WB Inspection- PBch

www.horseshowsinthepark.com www.flhorsepark.com Marabet Form

11-12 PBCHA H/ J 16-17 Marion Saddle H/ J SS www.marabetfarm.com

P Bch Inti Equestrian Ctr www.marionsaddle.com Sept 12-KWPN NA inspection-Reddick

www.pbcha.org 16-17 Sumter EC HI J & Dressage Pennock Point 352-466-3661

18- Fannin Hill Dressage SS www.sumterequestriancenter.com Sept 13- Belgian WB Inspection- Jax

www.fanninhillfarm.com16-17 Fox Lea Open H/ J SS Paula Quinn & Stacia Purcell

18- Gray Lily Farm Annual Sept SS www.foxleafarm.com Quinn@cpgroup1.com

h/j. dressage & xc school 16-17 HSITP H/J @Canterbury Sept 23-ISR/OLD inspection-Reddick

www.graylilyfarm.com www.horseshowsinthepork.com Pennock Point 352-466-3661

18- N FL Dressage SS 16-17 PBCHA H/ J Sept 24- ISR/OLD Inspection- Chuluota

Cloy Co Fairgrounds P Bch Inti Equestrian Ctr Quail Roost Hunter Form

www.nfladressage.org www.pbcha.org www.quailroosthunterfarm.com

18-19 Marion Saddle HI J SS 17- Wonderly HI J Show Sept 24- ISR/OLD Inspection- Jupiter


18-19 Sumter EC H/J & Dressage 786-247-4090 Oct 2nd- AWS Inspection- Bushnell

www.sumterequestriancenter.com17-18 Fox Lea Farm H/J Open Series Sumter Equestrian Center

18- Jumpers & 3 phs SS-FL Horse Prk www.foxleafarm.com www.sumterequestriancenter.cam

www.flhorsepark.com 22-24 Sunshine Reg Pony Club Rally Oct 4th-Amer Hoisteiner Inspection-

18-19 Wellington Classic Dressage Clarcona Horseman's Park- Apopka Reddick

Jim Brandon EC www.sunshineregionponyclubs.org Pennock Point 352-466-3661

www.wellingtonclossicdressage.com 23- N FL Dressage SS Oct 13-Amer Hanoverian Inspection-

19- Forever Sky Ranch Dressage/Jump Clay Co Fairgrounds Reddick

SS www.nfladressage.org Inspection hosted by Home Again Farm &

www.foreversky.org 23-24 HSITP H/J @ Weirsdale Star Quarry Farm, Pennock Pt

19- Stride Schooling Dressage www.horseshowsinthepork.com 352-468-1670

Rocking Horse 23-24 Wellington Classic Dressage Nov 11 -13 Amer Trakhener Convention

www.stridedressage.com Jim Brandon EC Jacksonville Equestrian Center

19- XC School- FL Horse Prk www.wellingtonclassicdressage.com Branding available for qualified horses

www.flhorsepark.com 24- Dancing Horse Dressage @ Wickham 740-344-1111 ata@americantrakehner.com

25-First Coast H/J- Clay Co Fairgrounds www.dancinghorsedressage.org Check www.cfequestrian.com for our

www.firstcoasthunterjumper.com 30- Gray Lily Farm Annual Halloween SS online event calendar & free Directories


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Laurie Baker is: YOUR Equestrian an,d.

Country Real Estate P'r,operty Specialist

30 Acre Farm with Amazing LOlg Horne S885K

• Stunning 3 Story Custom Log Home

• Over 7,000 sqft under roof

• Cypress Log exterior with metal roof

• 3 Bedrooms 3 Baths

• Lush pastures

• Fenced and cross-fenced

• Featured on TV Channel 20 commercial

• Kitchen features all Stainless Steel Appliances • Professional Arena w/2 story Announcer Stand

• Beautiful stone wood burning Fireplace • Center Aisle Barn - feed/tack room & washrack

• Full Basement with poured concrete walls

• Your very own Shop'

Beautiful acreage on a paved road 13 miles from Gainesville Property has it a11- BEJlU7'Y,PRICE,LOCJI'I'ION!

Good soil, a nice roll, pond and some of the most gorgeous grand old oaks you've ever seen I

Treed on 2 sides with just enough trees throughout for shade & beauty; No clearing necessary

Ready for your homesite, stable or .. just leave it a cattle farm Take a look. fall in love. buv it' ~ I

Stunning property with front & back fencing

Backs up to a private 200 acre nature preserve Country living at its finest &just seven miles to Gainesville Possible Owner Financing

Stunning 13+ Acre Turnkey IFarm $545K

Call LAURIE BAKER. 352-843-5300


ww'v. equusrealty.net

5406 NUS Hwy 27 Ocala, FL 34482

They don't make them like this anymore. A classic Tudor home in the country but just 7 miles to town and all your needs.

Farm consists of a NEW 5 stall center aisle barn & all NEWfencing,. Set under the biggest, prettiest granddaddy oaks you've ever seen with lush pasture. See it and fall in love!

Making Your Horse Property D'reams a Reality

410-804-5813 info@cfequestrian.com www.cfequestrian.com


Includes these products from j~f/tech


1111 •• 111l1li Products and Solutions for the Next Generation www.lanutritiongroup.com

Proud feed portner of:

For more information and a dealer near you, call 800-682-6144.


J\.f/tech. F.EI.

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Kentucky 2010