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Exam Changes
Are Arriving Soon

Important Dates
The new exams are scheduled to
launch on the following dates:
n Project Management Professional
(PMP)®—26 March 2018
n PMI Agile Certified Practitioner
(PMI-ACP)®—26 March 2018
INSIDE n CAPM — 21 May 2018
n Program Management Professional
2017 PMO Symposium®: 7
Agents of Change (PgMP)®—25 June 2018
Recognizing Pro Bono Project 11 n PMI Professional in Business
Management Achievements Analysis (PMI-PBA)®—Q2 2018
Events Calendar 12
Volunteering to Support the 13

Certification Process
Chapter Links 14 ollowing the 2017 release of Management – Fourth Edition, The PMI
new editions of several of our Guide to Business Analysis – First Edition,
Project Leadership Conference 15
Held in Two Gulf Countries foundational standards—as well and Agile Practice Guide.
as a new foundational standard and a
PMI China News: Automotive 16 In most cases, the affected exams
new practice guide—we will be updating
PMO Leaders Explore Achieving will undergo what we refer to as a
Greater Agility our certification exams, starting in
Continued on page 6
March 2018.
Looking Ahead to 2018: The 2017 standards releases included:
Transformation... A Guide to the Project Management
Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) –
and Beyond See page 3 Sixth Edition, The Standard for Program

Available online for PMI members only at PMI.org

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Page 2 PMI Today February 2018

2018 PMI
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mailing list rental queries, requests for reprints, +1 248 703 9810 cathy.latona@bod.pmi.org
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Vice Chair
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PMI and members of the influential Global Executive Council believe that project, program and portfolio management
deliver a strategic advantage that helps organizations do more with less. The elite organizations selected for
participation in the Council are well-positioned to have the most direct influence on the direction and future of
the project management profession.

To learn more, please visit PMI.org/Business-Solutions/PMI-Global-Executive-Council.aspx.

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PMI Today February 2018 Page 3

from the Board

Caterina La Tona,
2018 Chair

Looking Ahead to 2018

and Beyond
H appy 2018! It is my honor to
serve as chair of the PMI Board
this year and I thank my fellow
directors for the opportunity.
you. You are willing to make an
investment in yourself and in your
career. Whether you choose project
management as a profession or use it as
a skill (your secret sauce), PMI is here to
power your career.
Continued on page 4

As we approach PMI’s 50th anniversary

in 2019, our new strategic approach will
help us envision our future—and the
future of the profession we serve. The
new strategy, approved last August,
serves as our roadmap to reinventing
PMI as a professional association of
the future, one that we fondly call PMI
2.0. One important thing to remember
is that we as PMI are making strategic
change from a position of strength.
We are the world’s leading project
management association.
You are why PMI is here. You are a
stakeholder. Your membership and
involvement in PMI says a lot about

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Page 4 PMI Today February 2018

From the Board Continued from page 3

Just like any other organization, though, across 11 countries we specifically how our stakeholders engage with
in order to continue to grow, we have looked at. This translates well to the and view PMI:
to change to meet the evolving needs prospects globally. n Sensing and responding—the abil-
of our stakeholders. We must address ity to be at the forefront of what’s
We have the opportunity to transform
some realities and headwinds, such as: changing and act in response to it
what it means to be a professional
n Demographics are changing association, to better understand, n Partnering—to access new markets,
n We have increasing organizational represent and advocate for the customers and capabilities
expectations professionals who practice project n Business development—providing
n We must address the widening gap management. Our products and access to new channels with value-
between employers’ need for skilled services are delivered virtually in added offerings
project management employees and 200 countries, and also personally
n Career development—taking a more
the availability of professionals to fill through almost 300 chapters in over
active role in helping individuals
those roles 95 countries around the globe. All of
advance their careers
this is focused on you and powering
n Technology that is ever-changing Customer experience—it’s not only
your career. n

about delivering value but how

Project Management How will we do this? To realize our we do it. The customer experience
Opportunities Abound strategy, we have to change. PMI around it must be strong, engaging
The global economy has become more needs specific capabilities, structures and enjoyable
project-oriented, as the practice of and systems to be successful moving
project management expands within forward. This work is embodied in our By investing in and focusing on these
industries that were traditionally less transformation plan to achieve the capabilities, we will significantly
project-oriented. Opportunities are strategy. This transformation journey improve the value we bring to current
also rising as organizations increasingly works to position PMI successfully stakeholders and nurture new ones.
rely on technologies and the projects for the challenges of the future.
Through this, we can continue to
needed to support them. In a world PMI’s success up to now has been
deliver unique value and move toward
where you continue to hear about how built on significant expertise in
our winning aspiration. What is that
many jobs are being lost as technology credentialing, community building,
aspiration? “Empowering people to
advances, PMI’s recent Job Growth branding and advocacy.
make ideas a reality.” At the end of the
and Talent Gap report shows that by
To these four, we have identified five day, project managers make ideas a
2027, the project management-oriented
additional high-priority capabilities reality, and we want to be the ones to
labor force is expected to grow by 33
that we must master to transform empower them.
percent in project-oriented industries

PMI Fact File

Statistics through 31 December 2017

PMI Has Passed the Half-Million Member Mark!

Total Active Holders of: PUBLISHING
500,461 CAPM® Certified Associate in Project Management 34,504
…in 207 countries
and territories PMP® Project Management Professional 827,960
PfMP® Portfolio Management Professional 506
PgMP® Program Management Professional 2,173 5,804,131
PMI-RMP® PMI Risk Management Professional 4,540 Total copies of
all editions* of the
PMI-SP® PMI Scheduling Professional 1,782 PMBOK® Guide
PMI has 290 chartered and PMI-PBA® PMI Professional in Business Analysis 2,020 in circulation
*includes PMI-published
16 potential chapters PMI-ACP® PMI Agile Certified Practitioner 19,295 translations

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PMI Today February 2018 Page 5

benefits include thought and practice environment, furthering your career

leadership, networking and capability in your own organization. Not
building. More information can be volunteering means missing out on
found on brightline.org. building your network with individuals
around the globe, leveraging their
2018 will also bring continued value
insight and experience. It also
from today’s portfolio. As noted
means missing out on sharing your
in this month’s cover story, our
experience by mentoring up-and-
certification exams are undergoing
coming project professionals.
an update to conform to last year’s
release of new editions of several Our 10,000 volunteers fuel our
PMI foundational standards. Those ability to meet the needs of
We have the opportunity to taking the Certified Associate in today’s and tomorrow’s project
Project Management (CAPM)® exam management practitioners. Our
transform what it means to
continue to have the option of taking strategy is only possible with
be a professional association, their exam at home through an online your continued dedication and
to better understand, proctoring system. collaboration. So I encourage all of
us, whatever our roles, to understand
represent and advocate We will continue to provide thought
the transformation and help us make
leadership with our Pulse of the
for the professionals who the shift to sustain our future.
Profession® research and reports.
practice project management. This year, Pulse looks at managing As we start this new year, I look
the impact of disruptive technologies. forward to, with your help, taking
A new standard, The Standard for on the opportunities and challenges
Organizational Project Management that lie ahead. NOW is a great time
2018 promises to be an exciting year
(OPM), will be published in 2018. to be a part of PMI and the project
for PMI as we collectively look to
And a practice guide on benefits management profession!
transform. Some highlights of the
management will be developed
transformation are:
this year.
n Sharpening our focus on the
careers of project management Practitioners can enjoy learning
practitioners and what matters opportunities through valuable
most to them, including providing webinars and virtual events available
practical approaches alongside at ProjectManagement.com. Live
PMI’s standards learning and networking will take
center stage at PMI® EMEA Congress
n Leading in the entire value-delivery
in Berlin and PMI Global Conference
in Los Angeles. 2018 will feature
n Developing a digital platform that Leadership Institute Meetings in Latin
will unlock the potential of PMI’s America and North America for our
channel and strategic partners chapter leaders. More senior talent
at the PMO director level and above
In 2018, PMI will continue its
will again gain great benefit from
involvement in the Brightline
attending PMO Symposium®.
Initiative™, a non-commercial
coalition aimed at helping If you are not yet volunteering
organizations bridge the gap between in some way with PMI, you are
strategy development and strategy missing out. Volunteering provides
delivery. This partnership will work opportunities to develop and/or
with executives to provide benefits leverage your leadership, strategic,
that will improve their ability to business and even your project
deliver on strategic intent. These management skills in a supportive

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Page 6 PMI Today February 2018

Exam Changes Are Arriving Soon

Continued from page 1

“lexicon update.” Different than a role Please note: Here are some other changes that
delineation study update, the exam n The CAPM pilot will be available were made to the PMBOK® Guide –
content outline (ECO) will not change. in English only. (Translations in Sixth Edition:
However, because our standards are a 13 languages will be available after n A new chapter on the role of
reference material for our exams, we the pilot ends.) the project manager.
will update the exams to ensure that
It will only be available at Prometric The new exam will test on the
the terminology used matches n

testing centers. competencies, experience and skills of

that in the standard and to confirm
effective project leaders across four
harmonization between process groups, n You will receive your rebate two to
distinct learning objectives.
tools and techniques. three weeks after the pilot program
ends on 20 May in your original form n Two renamed Knowledge
The one exception will be the Certified
of payment. (If your employer paid Areas.
Associate in Project Management
your exam fee, your rebate will be Project Schedule Management
(CAPM)® exam. Because the CAPM® is n
mailed to your employer or credited (formerly known as Project Time
designed to test a user’s mastery of the
to your employer’s account.) Management)
information in the PMBOK® Guide, it
will be updated to match the content n The pilot exam follows the same n Project Resource Management
in the Sixth Edition and will receive a education and experience eligibility (formerly known as Project Human
new ECO. requirements as the current CAPM Resource Management)
CAPM Pilot n Four new sections in every
n The Student Bundle is not eligible for
Since the 2018 CAPM exam involves Knowledge Area.
the pilot.
a new ECO, we will do a “pilot test” n Key concepts
on the exam. Similar to a beta test for
n The CAPM exam based on the
PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition will still n Trends and emerging practices
computer software, the pilot allows
us to test our exam in a real-world be available during the pilot period. n Tailoring considerations
environment and make any adjustments Considerations for
PMP® Exam n
before it is launched. The CAPM pilot agile/adaptive environments
exam runs from 12 March to 20 May The new PMP exam will be updated to
2018 and reflects the freshest content reflect new terminology in the PMBOK®
from the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition. Guide – Sixth Edition. The Sixth Edition
If you are considering taking any
was the first time that PMI included
If you decide to participate in the information on agile and adaptive/ of these certification exams, or if
CAPM pilot, you can take advantage of iterative practices in its foundational you are working with certification
generous rebate savings up to US$210. standards. Therefore, if you or someone
students in your chapters, visit
Rebates vary according to when you you know is studying for the PMP, it is
take the pilot exam and whether or not important to familiarize yourself with PMI.org/ExamChanges.
you are a PMI member. See the table this information.
below for more information:

Date you sit for the CAPM pilot Price at checkout Price after rebate
US$225 for members
12–30 March US$90 for members and nonmembers
US$300 for nonmembers
US$225 for members US$180 for members
31 March–20 May
US$300 for nonmembers US$240 for nonmembers

PMI-644 PMITodayFebruary2018.indd 6 1/11/18 11:37 AM

PMI Today February 2018 Page 7

2017 PMO Symposium®

Agents of Change
By Jeremy Gantz

T oday’s project landscape is rife

with change—and it demands
enterprise-wide agility. Yet, it’s
one thing to talk about it and quite
another to drive that type of massive
From breakout sessions to keynoters to
the latest installment of PMI’s Thought
Leadership series, organizational agility
and transformation were the pervasive
themes at this year’s symposium in
change, and how big organizations can
adapt. He knows a thing or two about
transformation initiatives: He’s helped
the U.S. federal government shore
up its defenses after a massive data
cultural shift. Networking with other Houston, Texas, USA. breach and pushed Disney to rethink its
leaders can make the path clearer. And business model for the digital download
“We came to learn how enterprise-level
this year’s PMO Symposium® was the era. While he was CIO of those
PMOs can support portfolio-level agility,”
place to make those connections. organizations, he said, strategy-minded
said William Lin, project management
project management leaders stood out
“Coming to the symposium was about executive, project management center
as rallying the forces for change. “One
getting insight into what everybody of excellence, Huawei Technologies Co.,
of the most important functions of
else is doing,” said first-time attendee Shenzhen, China.
project managers and PMOs is to get
Navjot Kaur, strategic initiative
project manager, U.S. Postal Service,
Dealing With Disruption people aligned and moving in the same
Opening keynoter Tony Scott pulled direction,” he said.
Washington, D.C., USA. “It’s about
learning what’s worked and what hasn’t, back the curtain on how emerging Jay Neal, program manager in the
and validating the work we’ve been technologies such as 5G mobile networks PMO at First Citizens Bank, in Raleigh,
doing. It’s provided us with clarity.” and the internet of things will force North Carolina, USA, appreciated
Continued on page 8

Tony Scott Anthony Gayter

PMI-644 PMITodayFebruary2018.indd 7 1/11/18 11:37 AM

Page 8 PMI Today February 2018

Agents of Change Continued from page 7

Author and Columbia Business School said keynoter Anthony Gayter,
professor Rita McGrath, PhD, compared vice president, enterprise services,
PMOs to Sherpas. Like guides helping global transformation service, DXC
people move through difficult terrain, Technology, a division of HP. The global
PMOs are well positioned at the tech company made the strategic
intersection of innovation and business- decision to split itself up on a rapid-fire
as-usual to help organizations manage 10-month timeline—and the “unsung
difficult transformation efforts, she said hero” of project management made it
in her keynote. “You know the levers to possible, he said.
pull to make change.”
More Than One Way
HP has seen massive transformations in Much attendee interest focused on
recent years, and project professionals finding the right formula for change at
have been crucial change-makers, their organizations.

Rita McGrath, PhD

the high-level look at how disruptive

technologies are altering the financial
and human resources landscapes. “It’ll
be very interesting to get your head
wrapped around what that change
might mean from a project execution
standpoint as we move through the
next five or 10 years,” he said.
The need is real: More than 90 percent
of executives view organizational agility
as essential for survival, but just 27 per-
cent say their organizations are highly
agile, according to Achieving Greater
Agility, the latest in PMI’s Thought
Leadership Series, published in partner-
ship with KPMG and Forbes Insights.
Therein lies a major opportunity for
PMOs, said IBM Watson’s Gordon
Gaenzle, part of an executive panel
discussion with leaders from FedEx
and ABB Group. “The PMO can play an
important role in partnering with the
C-suite to drive change,” he said.
Volunteering as well as learning at the Houston Food Bank

PMI-644 PMITodayFebruary2018.indd 8 1/11/18 11:37 AM

PMI Today February 2018 Page 9

Closing keynoter Adrian Gostick Local Flavor

highlighted the role recognition plays in Along with education sessions and
building great organizational cultures. networking opportunities, many
Positive reinforcement powers engaged people got up-close looks at local
and energized teams, said Mr. Gostick. organizations, including the Houston
“On great teams, members root for Food Bank, NASA, Memorial Hermann
each other—praise doesn’t just come Health System and the Texas
from the top.” Department of Transportation.
Continued on page 10

Adrian Gostick

“The variety of PMO styles and

structures represented here has shown
me there’s not just one way to do
things,” said Jenni Holloway, project
management resources manager at
Citizens Equity First Credit Union
(CEFCU), Peoria, Illinois, USA. Knowledge Hub
The three PMO of the Year Award
finalists underscore that point. The
Centre for Addiction and Mental
Health (CAMH), insurance giant
MetLife, and engineering and
construction firm Henkels & McCoy
each face challenges unique to their
organizations. And each PMO finds
ways to help resolve those issues and
prepare for future growth.
For CAMH, being named the 2017
PMO of the Year is a powerful vehicle
to highlight the value of project
management. “This award is going
to make us more recognized in our
organization,” said Carrie Fletcher,
PMP, senior director of the PMO,
CAMH, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

PMI-644 PMITodayFebruary2018.indd 9 1/11/18 11:37 AM

Page 10 PMI Today February 2018

Agents of Change Continued from page 9

Take-Home Knowledge
“It’s useful to benchmark how other
organizations approach project
management challenges and how they
improve them. It’s also interesting to
understand the role of the PMO in
other industries and how they link the
PMO to business strategies.”
— Rodolfo De Acutis, PhD, PMP, PMO
lead for global confectionery R&D,
Nestlé, York, England

“The networking sessions are really

good. And the knowledge hub on the
Program Management Improvement
and Accountability Act was excellent—
it’s nice to get perspective on it from
other federal agencies.”
— Tony Curington, PMP, economics
principal/business analyst, Mitre,
McLean, Virginia, USA

“I particularly liked the sessions on

enterprise PMOs and how to evolve.
And I am very pleased with the diverse
attendee base at the conference—
that makes networking easier and
more interesting.”
— Winnie Wang, business intelligence
manager, department of environmental
services, Arlington County Government,
Arlington, Virginia, USA

“I was in a session and the presenter

talked about the role of an
organization’s mission statement—and
I realized that my PMO doesn’t have a
mission statement and needs one.”
Knowledge Hub — Darrin McLaughlin, PMP, director of
strategic execution, strategic execution
Symposium attendee Neil Kelly, PMP, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. office, SELCO Community Credit Union,
Plus, check out symposium recaps Eugene, Oregon, USA
director of project, program and
portfolio services at BC Hydro—the by Cyndee Miller on the Voices on
“I came to hear people’s perspectives
2016 PMO of the Year—was impressed Project Management blog.
on the realities of our hybrid world.
by his trip to the food bank. He Learning about how big organizations
And mark the calendar for next
commended the organization’s “ability
year: The 2018 PMO Symposium are moving away from pure waterfall,
to be agile and to look at different
is slated for 11–14 November, in and the challenges and opportunities,
ways of solving problems.”
Washington, D.C., USA. was great.”
Couldn’t make it to Houston? Catch — Tim Calder, engagement manager,
up on all the symposium action on NetApp, Sunnyvale, California, USA

PMI-644 PMITodayFebruary2018.indd 10 1/11/18 11:37 AM

PMI Today February 2018 Page 11

Recognizing Pro Bono

Project Management Achievements
P MI Educational Foundation
(PMIEF) recognizes excellence in
pro bono projects implemented
by project managers and project
management teams with the PMIEF
Individual Project Manager Category
n The individual project manager
recipient will receive an all-expenses-
paid trip to the PMI Professional
PMI Chapter Category
n A representative of the PMI chapter
recipient will receive an all-expenses-
paid trip to the PMI Professional
Awards Gala at PMI Global Awards Gala at PMI Global Conference.
Community Advancement Through
Conference. A representative of the nonprofit/
Project Management Award. The award n

emphasizes the contributions of project n A representative of the nonprofit/ nongovernmental agency receiving pro
managers that increase the capacities nongovernmental agency receiving bono project management guidance
of nonprofit/nongovernmental pro bono project management from the chapter category recipient
organizations in three categories— guidance from the individual project will receive a US$5,000 cash prize
Corporation/Government Agency, manager category recipient will and an all-expenses-paid trip to the
Individual Project Manager and receive a US$5,000 cash prize and PMI Professional Awards Gala at PMI
PMI Chapter. an all-expenses-paid trip to the PMI Global Conference.
Professional Awards Gala at PMI For more information, visit pmief.org,
Interested candidates who have Global Conference.
completed a pro bono project at any go to Scholarships, Grants and Awards,
time between January 2015 and May and click on Awards.
2018 are encouraged to apply for the
2018 Award. The application deadline is
20 May 2018.
Categories and awards are as follows:
Agency Category
n The winning corporation or govern-
ment agency will receive recognition
at the PMI Professional Awards Gala
at PMI® Global Conference and at the
PMO Symposium®.
n The representative of the nonprofit
receiving pro bono project
management guidance from the
corporation/government agency
project manager(s) will receive a
US$5,000 cash prize and an all-
expenses-paid trip to the PMI
Professional Awards Gala at PMI
Global Conference.

PMI-644 PMITodayFebruary2018.indd 11 1/11/18 11:37 AM

Page 12 PMI Today February 2018

Events Calendar

PMI Today Deadlines: 22–23 March 2018 in September 2018 to share ideas and
APRIL 2018................................. 15 FEBRUARY PMI Singapore Chapter build relationships of how to harness the
MAY 2018......................................... 15 MARCH 13th Regional Symposium power of project management in building
Free listings in the PMI Today® Events projects in one of the world’s most diverse,
Singapore. Theme is “Disrupt or Disappear:
Calendar are reserved for activities organized resource-rich emerging markets—Africa!
Connect, Innovate and Transform.” This
by PMI, its communities and its cooperating pmiafricaconference.com.
prestigious event will be attended by
organizations. For information on how to more than 700 project professionals and
purchase a paid advertisement in this government and industry leaders. There will NOVEMBER 2018
calendar, email advertising@pmi.org. be about 20 world-class speakers speaking on
Please see PMI’s online Events Calendar at topics related to the symposium theme. 3–4 November 2018
PMI.org/events/calendar for more events. pmi.org.sg/symposium-2018-overview. 2018 PMI MENA Conference
Kuwait City, Kuwait (3 November) and
MARCH 2018
SEPTEMBER 2018 Manama, Bahrain (4 November). Many
international speakers will share the latest
12–13 March 2018
9–11 September 2018 in topics ranging from project excellence
PMI Sweden Chapter to strategic PMOs to business analysis, and
Passion for Projects PMI Chapters in Africa
2018 PMI Africa Conference many more. A unique learning and networking
Göteborg, Sweden. Passion for Projects is opportunity. pmimenaconference.org.
Port Louis, Mauritius. Hundreds of visionaries
Scandinavia’s largest meeting place for project,
who manage Africa’s projects will meet
program and portfolio managers. The theme
for this year’s congress is “Organizational
Agility,” represented by 28 seminars and
four keynotes. passionforprojects.org. SeminarsWorld® Events
22–23 March 2018 Leading subject matter experts share their experience and deep knowledge on a
PMI Mass Bay Chapter variety of emerging topics. Whether you are looking to build your leadership skills,
Professional Development Day—North work on soft skills such as communications and
collaboration or delve deeper into agile, these events 12–15 F
Bedford, Massachusetts, USA. Each year e
we bring together talented speakers and
provide unique opportunities to learn and connect Scottsd bruary
ale, Ariz
quality product and service firms to produce with the project management community. 1 ona, US
2–15 M A
a high-caliber professional development Learn more about SeminarsWorld courses being Atlanta arch
conference, and increase awareness of the
, Georgia
held in these locations and throughout the world. 9–12 Ap , USA
Seattle, ril
positive impact of project management Use PMI’s search tool for project management
on profitability, competitive advantage,
training matched to your specific needs. Washin
23–26 A gton, US
strategic change and employee engagement.
p A
Visit learning.PMI.org. Minnea ril
polis, M
7–10 M innesota
ay , USA
Dallas, T
exas, US
Interested in having a FREE
PMI Today® event listing on this
page? Please go to
and click on the link for submitting
events. Your listing will be
considered both for the PMI.org
online calendar and the
PMI Today calendar.

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PMI Today February 2018 Page 13

c on gre sse s | c on fe re n c e s | se mi n ars | symposi ums | e- Learning


Live Webinars from ProjectManagement.com Congress 2018
Berlin, Germany • 7–9 May 2018
As a valued member of the ProjectManagement.com community, you can access webinars
that provide insight from the industry's most respected voices on the most relevant and
important topics today—and earn PDUs.

1 February, 12:00 p.m. EST (UTC –5)

A Risk-Based Management Approach to Third-Party
Data Security, Risk and Compliance
The presentation describes the process guidelines and framework for boards of directors
and senior management teams to consider when providing oversight, examination and risk
management of third-party business relationships in the areas of IT, systems and cyber
security. Presented by Robert Putrus, PMP.

For more information and to register, visit ProjectManagement.com/Webinars.

Volunteering to Support the Certification Process

T amar Machavariani, a steering
committee member for the
PMI Tbilisi, Georgia Potential
Chapter, had the opportunity to
participate in the PMI Exam Develop-
Participants were divided into four
groups and each group was assigned
a different task—to write, edit or
review the items. Each group was led
by professional exam developers—
and a huge responsibility for each
volunteer. It is great to see how
seriously and professionally PMI treats
the certification exams and uses its
resources to have the highest standards
ment Workshop, held in Washington, facilitators who described, in great for the certification process.
D.C., USA. Ms. Machavariani, together detail, the methodology of the
with 77 other subject matter experts workshop, provided guidance and
from 17 countries, was tasked to supported the participants during
review, edit and write items (questions) implementation of the tasks. The
that may be used in future PMI process was organized and managed
certification examinations. in a very professional way.
The workshop participants were Those at the workshop enjoyed
welcomed by Sierra Hampton-Simmons, the experience and benefited from
manager, certification exams, and were supporting PMI and the certification
also welcomed by a representative of team, giving back to the profession,
the PMI Washington, DC Chapter. and of course, the unique networking
Ms. Hampton-Simmons spoke about environment. At the same time, the
the importance of having subject activity served the development of the
matter experts design the items, project management profession.
PMI’s expectations from these
Participating in a PMI exams mega-
workshops and results already
development workshop is an honor
achieved through these workshops.
Tamar Machavariani

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Page 14 PMI Today February 2018

Chapter Links news | people | projects

PMI New Jersey Chapter pminj.org

Becoming an Effective Change Leader

By Anna Gumabon, PMP

A n all-day symposium focused

attendees on the task of
becoming effective change
leaders. That was the theme of the PMI
New Jersey Chapter’s 12th International
communicate and dedicate. Mr. Brown
added some flavor to the presentation
by citing movies and television series
to connect and describe each of the
ways project managers can learn
Project Management Day. Close to 450 from situations and find some use
registered participants attended. The for their learning.
attendees were welcomed by PMI New
Mike Weber's presentation on
Jersey Chapter President Judy Balaban,
“Breaking the Unwritten Rules of
PMP, and Darlaine Scott McCoy, PMP,
Project Management” focused on five
vice president of the symposium.
unwritten rules that affect projects:
J. Davidson Frame, PhD, PMP, PMI possibility, capability, importance,
Fellow, academic dean at University engagement and growth. While
of Management and Technology and a unwritten rules are not formally
member of the PMI Board of Directors, inscribed, they still govern behavior
took the stand and congratulated the and actions, and influence mindsets
chapter on its 35th anniversary. in organizations. Mr. Weber’s wit and
use of visuals elicited a lively and fun
The opening keynote was given by Andy interaction with the audience.
Crowe, PMI-ACP, PMP, PgMP, discussing
“Motivating Project Teams.” Mr. Crowe, Joanna Eckton, a transformation
founder and CEO of Velociteach, talked technology leader, did a closing keynote
about how experts and their motivation on “How to Get Your Team Energized
theories have evolved over time. In the for Creativity, Collaboration and
end, several key things will help project Customer Results.” She said in order to Dr. J. Davidson Frame. Photo by Diane Dugan
teams: team autonomy—empowering win, you need the best team. Culture
teams to make decisions, the right skill can’t be changed, she said—it can only offerings, and get updates about chapter
sets of team members, a clear vision and be influenced. activities and volunteer opportunities.
impactful project goals. Some lucky patrons also won prizes and
Throughout the event and in between
goodies from raffles.
Mark Brown presented on “ATE Ways presentations, attendees had the
Leaders Get Things Done.” He described chance to reconnect with colleagues Event host Mayuri Trehan, PMP, thanked
those ways as educate, delegate, and friends, make new connections, everyone for coming to formally close
participate, relate, motivate, appreciate, meet sponsors and learn about their the event.


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PMI Today February 2018 Page 15

Project Leadership Conference Held in

Two Gulf Countries
T he Project Leadership Through of local chapters in these countries, the
n PMO Implementation Using Change
Excellence and Innovation event provided an opportunity for the Management Principles (presented by
Conference was held in Bahrain project management community to come Muhammad A. B. Ilyas, PMI-ACP, PMP,
and Kuwait in December. The conference together and network. PgMP, and Mohamed Khalifa Hassan,
focused on topics relevant to the trends PMP, PgMP, PfMP)
The conference featured experts from Achieving Excellence In Projects
that have created a growing need for n
different regions who brought fresh (presented by Abdirahman M. Abdi,
project leadership. Project leaders who
perspectives and new innovative PMP)
possess a combination of technical,
viewpoints and shared the latest in
leadership, and strategic and business Companies represented included Saudi
topics ranging from project excellence
management expertise (the PMI Talent Aramco, SABIC, Schlumberger and Kuwait
to strategic project management offices
Triangle®) drive optimum performance in National Petroleum Company. Local
their organizations. ministries represented included Ministry
This was the first year for this annual The agenda covered the following of Justice, Ministry of Health Kuwait,
conference which attracted project, sessions: Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Works
program and portfolio professionals from n Value of Project Management and Ministry Of Municipalities. In
Bahrain and Kuwait and other nearby (presented by Tejas Sura, PMP, PfMP, addition, there were some student
countries. More than 100 professionals 2018–2020 PMI Board member) attendees from Kuwait University, Al
attended the event in Bahrain and more n Risk-based Innovation (presented by Faisal University and New York University
than 150 participated in Kuwait. Attendees David Hillson, PhD, PMP) Abu Dhabi.
earned eight professional development n A Personal Journey of Project Leadership The PMI Dubai office sincerely thanks
units (PDUs) toward maintenance of and Innovation Lessons (presented by all of the volunteers, supporters and
their PMI certifications. In the absence Michael G. Sypsomos, PMP) speakers of this conference.

Students from Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, Kuwait University Chapter, with speakers Michael Sypsomos, PMP; Tejas Sura, PMP, PfMP; and
David Hillson, PhD, PMP.

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Page 16 PMI Today February 2018

PMI China News

Automotive PMO Leaders Explore Achieving

Greater Agility
T o explore the agile practice of
project management, project
management office (PMO)
development and agile transformation
among automotive organizations,
PMI China hosted a PMO Networking
Group (PMONG) roundtable session in
Shanghai on 10 November.
This event successfully attracted nearly
20 delegates from top multinational
automotive and manufacturing
organizations like Axalta, Bosch, Comau,
Delphi, PATAC, Reliable Analysis,
Schaeffler, and leading local players like
Geely, Haima Auto, Tweddle and NIO.
PMO leaders and project practitioners
gathered together to discuss how to
and invited the companies to join this organizations and agile practice at a
achieve greater agility in the automotive
community. PMONG is a platform PMI traditional auto parts manufacturer.
sector. They participated in knowledge-
China designed for project managers, They reviewed the unique methodology
sharing sessions and a brainstorming
PMO practitioners and high-level adopted in their organizations,
workshop focused on topics contributed
management executives to share their introduced functions and applications of
by the attending corporations. These
experiences in the field of project the tools in use, and discussed challenges
topics included evaluating agility, the
management. and good practices. Sean Zheng, as
evolving role of the PMO, how to a
PMI’s guest project management
select a project approach and a variety of PMI’s Pulse of the Profession® in-depth
expert, reviewed each presentation and
agility drivers. report Achieving Greater Agility—The
then made recommendations from an
people and process drivers that accelerate
Kevin Meng, branch manager of PMI expert’s perspective.
results was shared with the attendees,
China’s Shanghai office, demonstrated
delivering the latest findings from PMI During the brainstorming workshop,
the PMONG program to the participants
on how successful organizations see organization delegates were divided into
transformation as an ongoing, dynamic four groups to exchange information
effort that engages people, improves about their project management
processes and enhances culture. processes and PMO operations within
selected topics. This workshop achieved
In the knowledge-sharing session,
an overall good result with very
company delegates from Bosch, NIO and
interactive discussions and the sharing of
Schaeffler delivered three presentations
many good ideas regarding issues each
from the perspective of drivers of agile in
company is facing.
a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and
ambiguous) market, the PMO’s evolving Attendees gave the meeting excellent
role at internet-based automotive feedback.

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