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Lesson Plan in MAPEH Intended for Grade 9 Students

I. Objectives:
At the end of the period, the students should be able to:
 Discuss the important events that happened during the Baroque Period
 Identify the different musical forms and styles during the Baroque Period
 Relate a short biography of composers during this period and know their
contributions to music

II. Subject Matter:

Topic: The Baroque Period

Reference: Journey Toward MAPEH pages 13-22

Authors: Jovit L. Jenlebre

Gilbert G. Cerezo
Maria Fe M. Limjoco
Darci Roye M. Lapuz

Materials: LCD Projector, Laptop, Sound System, Visual Aid

III. Teacher’s Procedures

a. Prayer
b. Checking of Attendance
c. Motivation
 Let us do some music appreciation. Teacher will play some music and the

students will listen and analyze what the music tries to convey.
IV. Lesson Proper
1. The Baroque Period
 History/Characteristics
 Vocal Music
 Instrumental Music
 Composers
V. Application

VI. Generalization
Baroque came from a Portuguese word “Barroco” which means a pearl with an irregular
shape. This period used to imply strangeness, irregularity and extravagance because this
period is a period of absolute Monarchy or Aristocracy, a country ruled by a King or a
Queen. One of the characteristics of Baroque music is the used of Basso Continuo or the
continuously moving of the piece. The Opera created as a new form and performed for
the public on a lavish scale little known today. A cantata an Italian world for “cantare”
means to “sing”. The Oratorio an Italian word which mean “a place of prayer”, one of the
great Baroque vocal forms. The Instrumental Music in this period is the Fugue, chorale
prelude, Sonata, Concerto Grosso, Solo Concerto and Orchestra. Composers during this
period are Johanne Sebastian Bach, one of the leading composers of the period. George
Frederick Handel, he first conceived the idea of performing sacred works that are operatic
in nature and Antonio Vivaldi, all of his works was written for concerts.

VII. Evaluation
There will be a 5 item quiz regarding the said topic. Answerable by True or False