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Multiple Choice:
1. Which option is used to compress text horizontally by some percentage of the
current size?
A. Spacing
B. Scale
C. Kerning
D. Subscripting
Answer: B
2. To stretch a short title of a paper across the page, use the ____________
A. Expanded
B. Proportional
C. Scale
D. Horizontal alignment
Answer: A
3. Paragraph formatting options include all of the following EXCEPT:
A. alignment.
B. line spacing.
C. pagination.
D. font style.
Answer: D
4. When lines of text are straight on the left and right margins, such as most
newspaper columns, the text is:
A. fully justified.
B. center justified.
C. aligned.
D. whole justified.
Answer: A
5. The paragraph indentation settings are left, right, and:
A. full.
B. center.
C. special.
D. block.
Answer: C
6. A ____________ is a small box with an up and down arrow that enables you to spin
through a set of
A. text box
B. dialog box
C. value box
D. spin box
Answer: D
7. Spacing before and after paragraphs is increased or decreased in what unit of
A. Pixels
B. Points
C. Inches
D. Centimeters
Answer: B
8. ____________ are references placed at the bottom of the page containing the
A. Endnotes
B. Works Cited
C. Bibliographies
D. Footnotes
Answer: D
9. Text alignment options include all of the following EXCEPT:
A. right aligned.
B. left aligned.
C. decimal aligned.
D. centered.
Answer: C
10. All formats that are included within a paragraph are stored in the ____________
at the end of the
A. paragraph mark
B. reveal marks
C. format paragraph box
D. paragraph format box
Answer: A
11. To align a column of text at a middle point throughout the column, use a:
A. middle tab.
B. right and center tab.
C. center tab.
D. middle bar tab.
Answer: C
12. The following is an example of what Word setting?
Hamburger and French fries�����������..$8.95
A. Tab characters
B. Leader characters
C. Dot leads
D. Tab characters
Answer: B
13. A first line indent is applied by pressing the ____________ key(s).
A. Tab
B. Ctrl [Control]
C. F2
D. Shift + Tab
Answer: A
14. Leader characters are used to:
A. help draw the reader�s eye easily across a page.
B. draw an arrow from heading to page number.
C. help direct the reader to following pages.
D. lead the reader from top to bottom of the document.
Answer: A
15. To prevent a social security number from possibly breaking to the next line,
which should you use?
A. Non-breaking spaces
B. Non-breaking marks
C. Non-breaking hyphens
D. Hard line breaks
Answer: C
16. The Character Spacing tab is located in the ____________ dialog box.
A. Spacing
B. Text
C. Format
D. Font
Answer: D
17. To add emphasis to a word or title, try the ____________ feature.
A. Reduced
B. Condensed
C. Expanded
D. Minimized
Answer: C
18. The best tool to use to copy bold, Times New Roman 12 pt, and blue font color
from one subheading to all
other subheadings is the:
A. Copy and Paste buttons.
B. Format Painter button.
C. Highlight button.
D. Copy and Paste Special buttons.
Answer: B
19. A list that sequences items is a ____________ list.
A. digits
B. bulleted
C. numbered
D. multilevel
Answer: C
20. Text symbols such as small circles or check marks used to introduce each piece
of information are called:
A. list markers.
B. bullets.
C. symbols.
D. reference marks.
Answer: B
21. Each of the formatting options of ____________ can be turned on or off
independently of the others.
A. AutoFormat As You Type
B. AutoSave
C. AutoReference
D. AutoInsert
Answer: A
22. To change spacing before and after a paragraph, you go to the Paragraph group
located on the
____________ tab.
A. Page Layout
B. Home
C. Insert
D. View
Answer: A
23. To set up a list with multiple levels, select the items that are at the lower
level, and then click the
____________ button.
A. Decrease Indent
B. Format
C. Numbering
D. Increase Indent
Answer: D
24. Another way to start a numbered list is to click Automatic numbered lists under
Apply as you type in the
____________ dialog box.
A. AutoFormat
B. Bullets and Numbering
C. AutoCorrect
D. References
Answer: C
25. Before printing a document, it is usually a good idea to make a final check of
your document using Print
Preview, located in the ____________ menu.
A. Print
B. Office
C. View
D. Review
Answer: B
26. The Line Spacing button is located in the ____________ group on the Home tab.
A. Font
B. Styles
C. Editing
D. Paragraph
Answer: D
27. When you open a header for editing, the ____________tab appears.
A. Header & Footer Editing
B. Header & Footer Tools
C. Header & Footer Preview
D. Header & Footer Formatting
Answer: B
28. To insert the current date and time into a header or footer, you need to open
the Date and Time dialog box
located in the Insert group on the ____________ tab.
A. Reference
B. View
C. Design
D. Insert
Answer: C
29. A trademark notation or a copyright symbol usually displays in:
A. strikethrough.
B. superscript.
C. subscript.
D. emboss.
Answer: B
30. The ____________ feature allows you to add frequently misspelled words to a
list so that they will be
automatically corrected when you type them.
A. AutoFormat
B. AutoCorrect
C. AutoReference
D. AutoEdit
Answer: B
31. To modify AutoCorrect options, click the Word Options button on the Office
menu, and then click:
A. Replace.
B. Format.
C. Edit.
D. Proofing.
Answer: D
32. When AutoCorrect makes a spelling change in a word, a ____________ will display
under the word when
you point to the changed word.
A. green line
B. red line
C. blue line
D. ScreenTip
Answer: C
33. To insert text from another document into your current document, you need to
click the ____________
button in the Text group on the Insert tab.
A. Insert
B. File
C. Field
D. Object
Answer: D
34. An alternate way to insert the registered trademark symbol (�) into a Word
document is to type
A. (r)
B. (t)
C. (c)
D. (m)
Answer: A
35. Find and Replace is located in the ____________ group on the Home tab.
A. Clipboard
B. Editing
C. Paragraph
D. Style
Answer: B
36. Some frequently used symbols can be found on the:
A. Word menu.
B. Font tab.
C. keyboard.
D. Home tab.
Answer: C
37. A bibliography page most often uses:
A. left justification.
B. first line indents.
C. hanging indents.
D. full justification.
Answer: C
38. In a research paper, the numbers marking information taken from other sources
are called:
A. References
B. Numbered lists
C. Works
D. Bibliographies
Answer: A
39. You can use ____________ instead of numbers in footnotes.
A. symbols
B. letters
C. pictures
D. bullets
Answer: A
40. Microsoft Word contains built-in paragraph formats called ____________, which
can be applied to a
paragraph with one command.
A. guidelines
B. previews
C. styles
D. preformats
Answer: C
41. Once a WordArt object is created,:
A. it has all of the same features as any other object.
B. it can be resized, but cannot be moved.
C. the alignment can be changed, but the height cannot.
D. the style of WordArt cannot be changed.
Answer: A
42. WordArt is available on the ____________ tab.
A. Insert
B. Format
C. Clip Art
D. Graphics
Answer: A
43. Adjusting such formatting options in WordArt as font, size, and color can
increase the ____________ of
the object.
A. readability
B. appearance
C. appeal
D. emphasis
Answer: A
44. Changing the shape of the text is one way to format:
A. SmartArt.
B. shapes.
C. WordArt.
D. lists.
Answer: C
45. You add ____________ to a document to separate areas of a document or to draw
attention to a specific
part of the document.
A. text boxes
B. WordArt
C. text effects
D. horizontal lines
Answer: D
46. A(n) ____________ is the inside color of text or an object.
A. highlight
B. fill color
C. effect color
D. art color
Answer: B
47. A(n) ____________ is inserted in a document to create a new area in the
A. section break
B. area break
C. continuous break
D. text wrapping break
Answer: A
48. A continuous section break is added to the last column on the page that uses
column formatting to create:
A. balance.
B. appeal.
C. emphasis.
D. continuity.
Answer: A
49. You must place a ____________ at the end of a column to start a new column.
A. section break
B. continuous break
C. manual column break
D. text wrapping break
Answer: C
50. Which of the following CANNOT be changed in different sections of a document?
A. Font style
B. Alignment
C. Spacing between columns
D. All of the above can be changed.
Answer: D
51. To align a column of text evenly on both the right and left margins throughout
the column, use:
A. the Left and Right tab settings.
B. even tab settings.
C. the Justified alignment setting.
D. the Even alignment setting.
Answer: C
52. When text is typed into a column and continues into the next column, the text
continues at the:
A. bottom.
B. same horizontal point as the insertion point.
C. top.
D. middle.
Answer: C
53. To start a new section on the same page that contains the location of an
inserted section break, you must
add a:
A. text wrapping break.
B. continuous section break.
C. page break.
D. column break.
Answer: B
54. Adding a(n) ____________ frames text and helps to draw attention to the
information in the text.
A. emphasis
B. border
C. custom art
D. artwork
Answer: B
55. A(n) ____________ is text that is connected to another location in the same
document or to another
A. hyperlink
B. placeholder
C. reference
D. address
Answer: A
56. The Page Borders button is found on the ____________ tab.
A. View
B. Page Layout
C. Insert
D. Home
Answer: B
57. To add visual appeal to the page, or to match the color selection of other
documents used by a company,
a(n) ____________ can be added to the background color of the document.
A. art object
B. gradient
C. border
D. style
Answer: B
58. One way to add distinction to a title is to add ____________ formatting to the
A. color
B. font
C. small caps
D. background
Answer: C
59. You must be sure to position the pointer ____________ the text to be
A. above
B. in the middle of
C. in any portion of
D. to the left
Answer: D
60. The Text Highlight Color button is located on the:
A. Standard ribbon.
B. Standard toolbar.
C. Formatting tab.
D. Home tab.
Answer: D
61. The Text Highlight Color button is located in the ____________ group.
A. Insert
B. Paragraph
C. Styles
D. Font
Answer: D
62. To mark text to emphasize it or make sure the reader will not miss important
information, use the:
A. Font Highlighter button.
B. Text Highlight Color button.
C. Quick Access tool.
D. Find tool.
Answer: B
63. One visually appealing way you can display lists of information in a
professional-looking manner is to
A. bulleted lists.
B. numbered lists.
C. outlines.
D. SmartArt.
Answer: D
64. The Normal style contains all of the following format settings EXCEPT:
A. 11-point Calibri.
B. double line spacing.
C. left alignment.
D. 10 points spacing after paragraphs.
Answer: B
65. All applied styles can be removed more quickly from a paragraph by clicking
A. Clear All command.
B. View tab.
C. Remove Styles button.
D. Change Styles button.
Answer: A
66. The Reveal Formatting task pane lists properties in a document by font,
paragraph, and:
A. section.
B. line.
C. page.
D. style.
Answer: A
67. To display formatting properties in the Style Inspector task pane, click the:
A. minus sign.
B. radio button.
C. check box.
D. Reveal Formatting button.
Answer: D
68. The default for Word documents is the:
A. Style template.
B. Normal template.
C. Formatting template.
D. Default template.
Answer: B
69. If you want to format a document in one step instead of three or four, you can
use an option from the list
of existing:
A. formats.
B. enhancements.
C. designs.
D. styles.
Answer: D
70. To add italicized 12-point Verdana font to the text of your paper written in
Spanish, you could add this
formatting separately, or you could apply a predefined:
A. text style.
B. character style.
C. paragraph style.
D. format style.
Answer: B
71. When text in a document has both character and paragraph styles applied, it is
A. combined style.
B. linked style.
C. enhanced style.
D. formatted style.
Answer: B
72. When you apply a ____________, you are applying alignment, indenting, and some
types of character
A. paragraph style
B. character style
C. default document style
D. formatting style
Answer: A
73. When you go to the Styles group on the Home tab and choose Elegant from a
submenu that is displayed
when you click the Change Styles button, you are applying a(n) ____________ to your
A. formatting feature
B. enhancement
C. document design
D. style set
Answer: D
74. If you often format text with green bolded Comic Sans 14 pt font, you might
want to create a:
A. new style.
B. format macro.
C. style page.
D. unique style.
Answer: A
75. When you apply the ____________ to a document, you are formatting bullets,
numbers, alignment, and
so on.
A. outline style
B. predefined style
C. list style
D. paragraph style
Answer: C
76. To format cell alignment, border style, shading style, and so on, in a
document, you would select:
A. list style.
B. paragraph style.
C. outline style.
D. table style.
Answer: D
77. ____________ is a combination of different formatting options, displayed as
thumbnails in a gallery.
A. Quick Style
B. Document Style
C. Paragraph Style
D. Character Style
Answer: A
78. When you format an outline by holding down the Ctrl key as you click each item,
then you are selecting
____________ items to format.
A. noncontiguous
B. demoted
C. contiguous
D. promoted
Answer: A
79. When you raise an item into a higher hierarchy in an outline, you are
____________ it.
A. demoting
B. expanding
C. promoting
D. contracting
Answer: C
80. Templates found on Microsoft.com can be sorted by:
A. likeability
B. user interest
C. ranking
D. popularity
Answer: C
Name ____________________________ Date ___________________

1. Adobe _____ is a file exploration tool similar to Windows Explorer.

a. Navigator
b. Founder
c. Bridge
d. Explore It
Answer: a

2. If a Web photo contains more colors than the user�s monitor can display, most
browsers will _____ to approximate the colors.
a. fither
b. dither
c. slither
d. hither
Answer: a

3. _____ is the process of changing the photo to make it most effective for its
a. Magnification
b. Zoomify
c. Maximization
d. Optimization
Answer: a

4. _____ refers to the number of pixels per inch, printed on a page.

a. Brightness
b. Resolution
c. Tone
d. Print Margin
Answer: b

5. Photoshop uses a mathematical process called _____, or resampling, when it

changes the number of pixels.
a. interpolation
b. interpretation
c. integer solution
d. linear sampling
Answer: b

6. To deselect a previous selection, click the _____ away from the selection.
a. menu bar
b. tool bar
c. document window
d. deselection palette
Answer: c

7. _____ are the ways in which pixels in an image are affected by color.
a. Color modes
b. Blending modes
c. Pixel modes
d. Fill modes
Answer: c
8. Smoothing the border adjusts the _____at the inner corners of the border.
a. radius of the pixels
b. circumference of the pixels
c. light/dark ratio of the pixels
d. colors
Answer: d

9. A pixel is an individual dot of _____ that is the basic unit to create

digital images.
a. color
b. tone
c. shade
d. light
Answer: a

10. If you change your mind you can click the Undo command or you can press
Answer: a

11. Photoshop keeps track of all your edits in the _____ palette.
a. Family Tree
b. Edits
c. Marquee
d. History
Answer: d

12. Many photographers and graphic artist use the _____ when placing the focus of
a. Rule of seconds
b. Rule of thirds
c. Rule of fourths
d. Rule of fifths
Answer: a

13. Rulers display on the ____ of the document window.

a. top and left sides
b. top and right sides
c. bottom and left sides
d. bottom and right sides
Answer: a
14. The _____ palette is used to change the view of your artwork using a
thumbnail display.
a. Thumbnail
b. Menu
c. Navigator
d. Zoom
Answer: a

15. A photo edit of shrinking is considered in the _____ category of edits.

a. Resize and Focus
b. Enhancements and Layering
c. Color
d. Correction
Answer: c

1. Photoshop CS3 is part of the Adobe Suite.

a. Creative
c. Image
b. Web
d. Office
Answer: A

2. When you point to many objects in the Photoshop window, such as a tool
or button, Photoshop displays a .
a. menu icon
c. data point
b. marker
d. tool tip
Answer: D

3. A shortcut menu sometimes is known as a(n) menu.

c. sensitive
b. online
d. context
Answer: b

4. When you have a print copy of a picture that you wish to use in
Photoshop, rather than a digital file stored on your computer, it sometimes is
necessary to digitize the picture using a .
a. scanner
c. blotter
b. printer
d. either a or b
Answer: b

5. As shown in the accompanying figure, the Photoshop consists of a

variety of components to make your work more efficient and photo documents more
a. window
c. view
b. matrix
d. docking station

Answer: c

6. When follows a menu command, clicking that command will display a dialog
a. a bullet
c. a check mark
b. an ellipsis
d. a red asterisk
Answer: d

7. A(n) separates a file name and its extension.

a. period
c. apostrophe
b. ampersand
d. comma
Answer: d

8. files can contain both bitmap and vector graphics.

a. BMP
c. GIF
b. EPS
d. All of the above
Answer: d

9. is a standard format used by photo hardware devices that supports many

different color modes, and one that can be used on the Web.
c. JPG
b. RAW
d. EPS
Answer: c

10. allows you to focus on certain parts of a photo.

a. Resolution
c. Dithering
b. Editing
d. Zooming
Answer: d

11. The colored box in the Navigator palette is called the .

a. palette menu button
c. proxy view area
b. magnification box
d. Zoom Slider
Answer: b

12. Your installation of Photoshop may display rulers at the of the document
a. bottom and left
c. top and right
b. top and left
d. bottom and right
Answer: b
13. If you make a mistake while dragging the cropping area and want to start
over, you can press the key, which cancels the selection.
a. ESC
c. ALT
b. F1
Answer: d

14. Photoshop keeps track of all your edits in the palette.

a. Tracking
c. History
b. Edit
d. Redo
Answer: c

15. A is a decorative edge on a photo or a portion of a photo.

a. resolution
c. selection
b. montage
d. border
Answer: c

16. A is an individual dot of light that is the basic unit used to create
digital images.
a. pica
c. point
b. pixel
d. link
Answer: b

17. modes are the ways in which pixels in an image are affected by a color.
a. Fill
c. Selection
b. Monochrome
d. Blending
Answer: a

18. Photoshop uses a mathematical process called when it changes the number of
a. interpolation
c. concatenation
b. extrapolation
d. development
Answer: d

19. The process adds new pixels to a photo to match those already there.
a. editing
c. pixeling
b. resampling
d. formatting
Answer: c

20. The format is a compressed graphic format designed to minimize file size and
electronic transfer time.
c. GIF
b. EPS
d. all of the above
Answer: a

21. To start Photoshop, Windows must be running.

A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

22. As you work in Photoshop, the palettes, the selected tool, and the options
bar settings are unlikely to change.

A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

23. Many Web sites offer royalty free stock photos.

A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

24. Some tools open a dialog box.

A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

25. Some palettes display by default as stacked tabs in small windows on the
right side of the workspace.

A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

26. Only Photoshop can import PSD files because there is no integration across
Adobe products.

A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

27. Editing involves a wide variety of tasks such as changing the focus of
interest, recoloring portions of a photo, correcting defects, and changing the file
type for specific purposes.

A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

28. The Zoom Tool (Z) button displays a microscope icon in the Photoshop Tools

A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

29. Dragging the proxy view area changes the portion of the picture that is
displayed in the document window.
A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

30. Each edit or state of a photo is recorded sequentially in the Redo palette.

A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

31. Specifying or isolating an area of your photo for editing is called making a

A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

32. Selection tools on the Tools palette can help users make selections in a

A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

33. Zooming in or dragging a corner of the document window to change the size is
the same as changing the dimensions of the photo.

A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

34. Resizing works best for small changes where exact dimensions are critical.

A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

35. A printed version of a photo is also called a soft copy.

A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

36. When you use the Print One Copy command to print a document, Photoshop prints
the photo automatically using preset options.

A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

37. Adobe Bridge is a file exploration tool similar to Windows Explorer.

A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

38. Bridge replaces previous file browsing techniques and can be used with any of
the software programs in the suite.

A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

39. Using Adobe Help can increase your productivity and reduce your frustration
by minimizing the time you spend learning how to use Photoshop.

A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a

40. When you quit Photoshop, a dialog box may display asking if you want to save
the changes.
A. True
B. Flase
Answer: a