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Current Position: Assistant Professor (3 years 5 months+ teaching experience)
Associate Professor Eligibility: By August 31, 2018 (as per MCI guidelines)
drbhanuprakash11@yahoo.com Mobile No. : +91- 9493972862
+91- 8099091280

Career objective:
To work and succeed in a challenging environment, where I can enhance my
skills & potential to my best and exploit them to create new avenues in medical education
technologies and research, in the interest of the Institution.

Educational background:
Qualification College University Year

Senior Residency Kurnool Medical College, Dr.N.T.R. University of 2014

Kurnool, A.P. Health Sciences,
Vijayawada, A.P.

M.D. Kurnool Medical College, Dr.N.T.R. University of 2013

(Pharmacology) Kurnool, A.P. Health Sciences,
Vijayawada, A.P.

M.B.B.S. Sri Venkateswara Medical Dr.N.T.R. University of 2006

College, Tirupati, A.P. Health Sciences,
Vijayawada, A.P.

 Currently, working as Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Pharmacology at
SVIMS-Sri Padmavathi Medical College for Women, Tirupati, A.P. (since Oct.
 Worked as Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Pharmacology at Viswabharathi
Medical College, Kurnool, A.P.
 Established and worked as Deputy Coordinator for Adverse Drug Reaction
(ADR) Monitoring Centre, established as part of Pharmacovigilance Programme
of India.
 Organizing Secretary for National Level Symposium – “Pharmacy practice and
Clinical Pharmacology -2017”, Andhra Pradesh, India.
 Managed and maintained Pharmacology teaching curriculum for MBBS, BDS,
Nursing, BPT & Paramedical students.
 Guidance and Management of Pharm-D programme in hospital and utilizing
their services in ADR monitoring.
 Involved in Pre-clinical & Clinical Research in the department.
 Assisted in M.D. thesis/research projects of seniors, colleagues & juniors.
 Participated in various academics at departmental, institutional & zonal levels

Core competencies:
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills
 Can perform productively both in team and independently
 Proficient in use of MS Office - Word, Excel and Power Point
 Basic knowledge of biostatistics in data interpretation and presentation skills
 Positive approach and self-confidence
 Flexible and adaptable
 Extremely motivated towards career
 Quick Learner

Research work & Publications:

S.No. Topic Name of indexed/National Date of

journals with ISSN No. Publication/Vol./
Issue/Page No.
Anti-inflammatory activity of National Journal of
1. ethanolic extract of Alpinia Physiology, Pharmacy and
galanga in carrageenan induced Pharmacology 2016/Vol. 6/Issue 5/
pleurisy rats Print: 2320-4672 Page 468
Online: 2231-3206
In-vitro anti-oxidant studies on International Journal of Basic
ethanolic extract of Alpinia and Clinical Pharmacology
2. galanga linn Print: 2319-2003 2016/Vol. 5/Issue 4/
Online: 2279-0780 Page 1245

Knowledge, attitude, and practice National Journal of

of Pharmacovigilance among Physiology, Pharmacy and
3. Ayurvedic practitioners: A Pharmacology 2016/Vol. 6/Issue 5/
questionnaire survey in Andhra Print: 2320-4672 Page 475
Pradesh, India Online: 2231-3206
4. Effect of Aloe vera leaf extract on National Journal of
blood glucose levels in alloxan Physiology, Pharmacy and 2016/Vol. 6/Issue 5/
induced diabetic rats Pharmacology Page 471
Print: 2320-4672
Online: 2231-3206

5. Ondansetron versus Palonosetron: International Journal of Basic

a comparative study on efficacy and Clinical Pharmacology
and safety in prevention of Print: 2319-2003 2016/Vol. 5/Issue 4/
postoperative nausea and Online: 2279-0780 Page 1269

6. Second year medical students’ International Journal of Basic

feedback on teaching-learning and Clinical Pharmacology 2017/Vol. 6/Issue 6/
methodologies and evaluation Print: 2319-2003 Page 1311
methods in Pharmacology: a Online: 2279-0780
questionnaire based study

Organizational skills:

 Single-handedly established museum, library, labs and record books for the
dept. of Pharmacology as per MCI norms in the new Viswabharathi Medical
College, Kurnool, A.P. and SVIMS-Sri Padmavathi Medical College for Women,
Tirupati, A.P.
 Was instrumental in organizing 4 Zonal CMEs at Kurnool Medical College,
Kurnool under Dr. NTRUHS academic programme.
 Successfully organized 2 workshops, 2 CMEs, 2 Quiz competitions and 1
National Symposium at SVIMS-Sri Padmavathi Medical College for Women,
Tirupati, A.P.

 Dr. B. Vasundara, Professor & H.O.D., Pharmacology, S.V.M.C., Tirupati (Cell-9849632862)
 Dr. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, Professor & H.O.D., Pharmacology, K. M.C., Kurnool (Cell-7013240430)
 Dr. K.R.Subash, Asst. Dean, SVIMS, Tirupati. (Cell- 9642996666;email: subbu2207@yaho.com)
 Dr. D.S.Sujith Kumar, Member, Medical Education Unit, SVIMS, Tirupati. (Cell-7013594893)


I do hereby declare that the above information furnished by me is true to the

best of my knowledge.

Bhanu Prakash. G.