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The diesel generator set (genset) market designates the use of internal combustion engines for
distributed power production. Today, reciprocating engine-based gensets are among the

fastest-selling, least expensive distributed generation (DG) technologies in the world. The
many specialized segments spanning power classes, applications, and end-use customers
offer a rich ecosystem of opportunities for market participants.

In backup or standby applications, diesel gensets offer reliable performance with expanding
opportunities among homeowners and commercial facilities like hospitals and data centers
requiring mission-critical power in the event of a grid outage. As a source of continuous or
prime power, diesel gensets have historically been the leading baseload DG technology.

However, natural gas (NG) gensets are now capturing increasing market share as emissions
regulations and inexpensive NG point to long-term value for new installations.

As a whole, the diesel genset market has experienced steady historical growth. From a cost

perspective, diesel gensets are characterized by very low installation costs, but high fuel costs
and risk of price volatility. Gasoline is the leading fuel choice in the consumer market (<15

kW). In the higher power class ranges, though, diesel and NG are the primary options.

To date, the NG genset market has represented a fraction of the overall genset market due to
historically high prices and lack of NG infrastructure. Over the next decade, however, the
boom in unconventional gas resources and tightening emissions regulations for stationary
generators will favor clean-burning NG systems over their diesel counterparts in North
America. There may be a ripple effect throughout the world as other countries seek to
tap unconventional shale gas reserves, as well. These developments, however, will take
time to fully materialize. In the short-term, countries with strong economic and/or
population growth rates that are increasingly burdened by blackouts such as Nigeria, India,
Chile, South Africa, and others, continue to drive diesel genset sales. Industries in India
have become highly dependent on diesel due to power outages spanning as much as 16
hours per day, making them more vulnerable to price volatility.