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Position paper on: Implementing sex education in Philippines

By: Moh’d Rashad Fatein A. Raquib


In this generation, everything they can hear, see, and talk of teacher about sex is all about sex
education. Sex education is a broad form used to describe education about human sexual anatomy,
sexual behavior, sexual reproduction, and sexual intercourse.

Implementing sex education in Philippines is important for teenager to explore, to avoid

teenage pregnancy, to avoid teenage sexual abuse, and other benefit of sex education but, this program
can’t help or not fully developed in Philippines education system, especially in teenager student level.

This paper entails that having the implementation of sex education in the Philippines can
benefit teenagers to avoid early pregnancy, however it will give bad effect if it is taught in primary and
secondary schools in the Philippines



Sex education in school can help the teachers/children understand the impact of sex in the life. It much
better to teach children about sexual health in school rather letting them use other source, such as
pornographic material and be the internet.

Sex Education couldn’t help student especially kids, we can think that what would be happen in moral
lesson, if this curriculum/lesson can help. Also people just assume that sex are the only one can answer
of the over population.

Sex education can help them understand the benefits of the abstinence in the early year.

The benefits of abstinence are not useful however they’re so many teenagers had been early pregnant or
having a sexual transmitted disease (STD)


Sex Education is effective and assisting young people to make healthy person

Not all, It’s not really effective towards in assisting young person haven’t get HIV or STD/STI’s, Sex
education is intended to indoctrinate not for education.

My Argument

 Sex education doesn’t belong in school to begin with. According to Marita F. Wasan, the chief
executive director of Pro-Life Foundation Inc. she stated that, it makes sex and sexuality which
are by their nature private and intimate, also public and open. In all education at the activity which
is essentially public, but because of matter in sex has private and intimate, the teachers of sex
education cannot be accomplished in the classroom without violating that privacy and intimacy.
First at all, sex education came from home and it start in our parents not in school. And then, the
second are, talking about sex in teacher is embarrassing.

 Sex Education in school is not answer to our population problem. According to Eric Manalang, the
head of the conservative political party (The brotherhood). He stated that it promotes promiscuity
among children it does not promote the proper values that we want our children to receive in the
school and he also believe that all education should strictly remain a family after

 Sex Education could actually bring wrong signal to the children. According to Marita Wasan, we
should not allow at an early age, because in the first place, we should not be surprised that many
children become promiscuous. It could also bring negative attitude for children to know all about

Though in implementing sex education in Philippines, it give knowledge for people that, there is
many opponent that can also affect students and teachers. It was sexual morality that must not to be
imparted in group setting. According of DOH, there are 33% of people engaging in premarital sex result to
unwanted pregnancy and having HIV.