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A Position paper on

Implementing Sex Education in the Philippines

by Rhea Mae Servando


Sex education is a process of acquiring knowledge and skills and forming , attitudes ,beliefs
and values with regard to human sexuality. Sex education includes all the educational measures
which regard to the particular that center on sex. It is education that stands for protection,
presentation, improvements and the developments of the family base on accepted ethical ideas.
Education helps students understand the physiological, social and emotional changes they have
experience as they mature develop healthy and rewarding relationship and make wise informed
and responsible decisions on sexuality matters.

Sex educations give knowledge to the young people to make informed decisions about their
sexuality and health. Sex education is effective assisting at young people to engage early
pregnancy. They need to acquire the knowledge skills , values and attitudes which will allow
them to develop healthy and responsible relationship and make informed and responsible

Sex education give current and age appropriate knowledge in the children. in terms of social,
emotional skills. The children and youth will be equipped to protect them selves from sexual
advances and abuse, avoid sexual experimentation and activities that lead to problems related to
teenage pregnancies.

Sex education gives a lot of knowledge to the young people and aware them through the
problems related to the teenage pregnancy and protect the young people to the disease that comes
from sex.
Counter Arguments

1. Implementing Sex education in the Philippines is a lesson bring a wrong signals for the
innocent child

Sex education is a lesson that bring innocent child to be aware on sex activities, they will
give them appropriate knowledge to the possible outcome to the disease that comes from the
sexuality activity.

2. Implementing sex education in the Philippines couldn’t help to reduce the teenage

This education help to reduce the teenage pregnancy because if they will be educates on the
sex, they will have a advance knowledge on how to stop the early pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy
will lead to the abortion that can cause a bad effect to the human lives.

3. Implementing sex education in the Philippines couldn’t help the case of population
growth rate of the STI s and STD s diseases.

Person could stop if they will know the reason how to get this illness, if they will
know this in advance, they will be aware on that kind of diseases.

My Arguments

Sex education gives knowledge to the young people to make informed decisions about their
sexuality and health. Sex education gives appropriate knowledge to the students. Sex education
is a high quality teaching and learning about a variety of topics related to the sex and sexuality (
Kearney 2008)
Sex education is effective assisting young people to engaged early pregnancy. It acces to birth
control appears to decrease the rates of unintended pregnancy among the teenagers.Sex
education is not merely the topics of reproduction and teaching how babies are conceived and
born. It instead it has a further help children incorporate sex meaningfully into their present and
future life and to provide them with some basic understanding about sex.(Rubin Kindendall)

Sex education in school makes it easier for them to talk to their adolescent about sex. It gives
more knowledge to not promote sexual risk like engaged in violent relationships and have a
lower rate of STIs including HIV and unintended pregnancy. Sexual health interventions are
designed with input fro adolescent. Adolescent have a suggested that sex education should be
more positive with less emphasis on anatomy and sacred tactics.(UNFP 2010)


Sex education issues that relating to human sexuality.sex education covers of this aspect is
known as comprehensive sex education. Sex education as a comprehensive course of action by
the school calculated,to bring about socially desirable attitudes practices and personal on the part
of children and adults,that will best protect the individual as a human in the family as a social
institutions (Kearney 2008)

Sex education helps gain the information,skills and motivation and to make a healty
decisions about sexuality.Sex education helps children to understand about sex.it is education
helps to prevent HIV and achieve the healthy sexual behaviors

Sex education in the Philippines give knowledge awareness and a advance learning in sex.this
include human rights protection fulfillment and empowerment in the impact of gender
discrimination .The importance of equality and gender sensitivity and the ideas of genderous

Sex education help young people to be aware on what happening in the society.they will not
be ignorant in the term sex they will have a knowledge in sex into avoid some diseases that
comes from words sex.