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Position paper on implementing divorce in the Philippines

By: Primie John P. Cadungog


Divorce also known as dissolution of marriage is the termination of a marriage or

marital union, the cancelling or reorganizing of the legal duties and responsibilities of
marriage, thus dissolving the bonds of matrimony between a marriage couples under the rule
of law of the particular country or state. Even if all the countries in the world, except ours,
have legalized divorce is not a forceful reason for us to have it. If our constitution is the
world that guarantees the protection of the institution of marriage as a lasting and permanent
union, that this unique and fundamental law must be something to be proud of. (article xv,
sec 2 marriage as an inviolable social institution is the foundation of the family and shall be
protected by the state).this paper shows the con and pro about the issue of divorce here in the
Philippines, if the divorce been legalized here in our country the couples have a chance to
remarry again, however, if the divorce legalized here in our country it’s against the Christian

Counter arguments

People have make noise to legalized divorce and respect the decision in support those
who need it, even as respect the decision of those who want to stay married despite their
miserable marital life. To be sure that the Catholic Church will be the staunchest opponent of
the divorce bill. The Catholic Church no need to worry, the institution of marriage and the
family have survived to this day, as they survived a Philippines divorce law.

According to Catholic Church we cannot accept divorce simply because it’s against
our Christian beliefs. Only death can ever make us free from our marriage vows.

If a person is stuck in sad or worse, abusive marriage them he or she have to right to
escape. Based on National Demographic and Health Survey.

Although legalizing divorce can serve many people from bond relationship, it also
erase the important of marriage.

Legalizing of divorce is important to have a chance to remarry again in someone that

they love.
Second marry cannot insure that they become happy because according to study of
Chicago some people who remarry are not entirely ready for another committed relationship.

My Arguments

My first argument is that, divorce can impact the young and adolescent children.

Divorce introduce a massive changes into the life of boy or girl no matter what the
age. Witnessing loss of love between parents, having parents break their marriage’s
commitment adjusting to going back and forth between two different households, and daily
absence on one parent while living with the other all create a challenging new family
circumstances in which to live. Whether a couples goes through annulment, legal or divorce
their children will always be most affected.

My second argument is that, how does the church view about divorce?

The church believes that the GOD, the author of marriage, establishment it as a
permanent union. When two people marry they form unbreakable bond. Jesus himself taught
that marriage is permanent (Mathew 19:3-6)

My third argument is that, second marriage is doesn’t guarantee a happy.

A Chicago study revealed divorce has lingering, detrimental impact on health that
even remarriage cannot fully repair. The study added that remarrying only makes matter


This is our take on why we do not need divorce here in the Philippines. First impact of
divorce on young and adolescent children, because if one couple goes though annulment,
legal or divorce their children always be most affected. Second marriage is doesn’t guarantee
a happy. According to Chicago study this is because some remarry “on the rebound” and are
not entirely ready for another committed relationship. Last one is how does the Church view
about divorce the Church believes that GOD, the author of marriage, establishment it as a
permanent union.

It is not true you will be happy with second chance. It’s not true that you will gain
your happiness back when your marriage fail and divorce is the solution. The only solution
for marital problem is to adhere what the world of God says. Wives submit to your husband.
Husband, love your wife as love yourself (Ephesian 5:22-23). This is where you gain
happiness and fullness of marital life and your family.