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A position paper about using cellphone in class

By: Junalyn Binoya


Using cellphone during class serve as a tool quick reference in the classroom any
cellphone can boost participation in the classroom by inviting students to use text or twitter to
ask a question on the teacher. Although much of the public of the debate against it there are pros
associated with allowing cellphones in class this advantage should not be ignored since
cellphone in school could add value to the educational value to the experience rather than simply
be a determent to it.

This paper aims to debunked the positive side of using cellphone during class, cell phone
can be powerful and useful participant in room , and the present argument that will prove the
negative effect such as programs.

II. Counter Argument

In our society now children with their school days there is a distinct possibility that some
student may take photograph that they should not take considering that almost every cell phone
these day has a system to built into digital camera.

(Pearson Study Education) showed that cell phone can be beneficial to students when
reviewing and studying the exam or test most of cell can photograph a picture their assignments
and works.

It can help them although they can be distracting at some points in time they should not
be on there phones if there not asked and if they play games that’s there fall cause they wont
know how to do it they most likely fail. (Jod Ghuyt)
Cellphones should be use for the purpose of learning cellphones should be use for
browsing through the net research if the student are un able to understand a particular term and
want it to be explained comprehensively to their browse through the web so as familiarize with
that. (Ainesh Deyth)

There is nothing wrong with the technology and its use in the classroom however we
don’t let the student have unhindered computer access to the internet while in the class to play or
use for non educational purpose. (coolcatTeacherBlog)

It depends on how the teachers to supervise their student, student can learn using
technology that can improve their learning. Furthermore, Liz Kolb an assistant professor in
university of Michigan.

III. My Argument

Cell phone also good for education for many reason first you can use cell phone for
education or research purposes although most of school have one computer each room and
computer lab for a school equipment.

Sometimes cell phone may have important number that stored to a phone for student this
can be important such as their parents/guardian can call them when they have sickness or in case
of emergency.

According to a study 82% of high school student use mobile devices regularly of course
increasingly population of cell phone among students come sharply contested.
IV. Conclusion

Hopefully this article has helped to shed the light on some potential positive benefits of
this rapid technological and cultural charge which sharply contrasts the experience. Many of us
had when we were in school, students bringing phone to school has both positive and negative
consequence. Many of school have set rules in their place regarding cell phones and whether
they are permitted I school or classroom.