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01-MATH Domingo , Ma.Students'
Elena Teresa
R. Styles and Level of
Thinking Skills in Mathematics of
Selected Public High Schools in District
1 of Bulacan
41528 LB 1051 D66sl 2008
02-MATH Alejandeia, Reynaldo
C. competency and related
characteristics : their effects on the
course performance of engineering
students in circuit analysis 1

41268 TA 340 A44 2009

03-MATH Estrella, Maria Emotional
Teresa M. intelligences and math
anxiety their effects on the
achievement of students in advance
41544 QA 11 E88ei 2009
04-MATH Uson, Intrinsic motivational factors affecting
Merricris J. the performance of engineering
graduates in the mathematics
component of the licensure board
46564 TA 330 J86im 2009
05-MATH Victorino, Adolfo
Jr of the modular-based jigsaw
II instructional model to students'
achievement in differential calculus

4655 QA 39.2 V53em 2011

06-MATH Mendoza, Anthony
P. of various modular - based
instructional approaches in the level of
achievement of students in geometry

41704 QA 445 M46ev 2011

07-MATH Balagtas, Michael
R. teachers' beliefs,
practices, and instructional
effectiveness : an analysis
41295 QA 135 B35mt 2011
08-MATH Iglesia, AngelitaEnhancing
R, students' reasoning ability
and proof construction skills in
geometry via modified worked
46967 QA 9.54 I35es 2012
09-MATH Faustino, SarahEngineering
Marcos faculty members'
mathematical competency in basic
engineering mathematics and their
technological pedagogical content
46809 TA 330 F38 2012
10-MATH Guevarra, CyrusAssesstment
Glenn A. of teachers' compliance
and students' level of achievement in
mathematics I through understanding
by design teaching implications

46924 LC 1034 G84 2012

11-MATH Lampa, Leah B.Students' mathematical
communication and conceptual
understanding a payn - rathmell
triangle model experiences
46819 QA 11.2 L36sm 2013
12-MATH Mangilit, RonellProbing
M. students' conceptual
understanding in plane trigonometry
through computer - enriched
differential instructional strategies

41761 QA 533 M36ps 2013

13-MATH Cruz, Jerry D. Classroom assessment thoughts, skills
and practices of secondary school
mathematics teachers in Bulacan an in
- depth analysis
46798 QD 40 C37ca 2013
14-MATH Dimla, Robin B.Exploring the relationship between
students' level of geometric thought
and their spatial ability using the Van
Hiele Model
41813 LG 995 D56er 2013
15-MATH Gonzales , Raevinor
Understanding the adversity quotient
of the engineering students of Bulacan
State University Bustos Campus in
relation to their academic performance
in mathematics

41870 HF 5549.5 G66ua 2013 c.1

16-MATH Domingo, JoviteMathematical
S.P. Readiness of Graduating
Engineering Students in Taking PRC
Licensure Board Examination

41386 TA 340 D66mr 2014

17-MATH Pangan, Garry L.
Exploring the use of the concrete -
representational abstract approach in
teaching probability
41731 QA 273 P36eu 2014
18-MATH Bernardo, RubyDiscovery
Ann V. learning activities in
mathematics through peer mentoring

41354 QA 39.2 B47dl 2014

19-MATH Castro, Katherine
Joyce M. thinking skills of high
school students basis for the
development of mathematics journal

41433 QA 11 C37mt 2014

20-MATH Pedrosa, Different approaches in teaching and
Hero S.P. learning mathematics: tools for
developing problems solving activities

LB 1025 P34 2014

21-MATH Reyes, Jo Ann V.Harnessing the cognitive behaviour of
low performing students in
mathematics Basis for intervention
47046 LB 1060 R49hc 2015
22-MATH Fajardo, Mathematics self - efficacy and anxiety
Reymond Q. based on collegiate students'
achievement motivation and social
QA 11 F35ms 2015
23-MATH Alig, Arlinda M.Enchange Learning Environment in
teaching Mathematics Basis for the
Development of Instructional Materials

41410 QA 13.5 A45el 2015

24-MATH Teodoro- Shaping the mathematical attitudes of
Paez, Avegail alternative learning system graduates
C. pursuing tertiary courses
LC 46.8 P34sm 2015
25-MATH Cabuhat, Josephine
L. the Competencies of
Grade 7 students on Selected Topics in
Mathematics Through The Use of
Different Teaching Strategies. With CD
47066 QA 11.2 C33sc 2016
26-MATH Villanueva Improving students conceptual
Miriam B. understanding and problem solving
skills through the use of model-eliciting
Baynosa, Promoting learning on integers using
Analiza C. blended concrete-representational-
abstract approach and peer-assisted
learning strategy

27-MATH 47135
Bautista, Addressing learning dificiency in
Katherine P. mathematics: the quipper web
28-MATH 47133
Master of Arts in Education major in Biology

Calingacion, Teacher's self-efficacy and pupils' academic

Melody D. achievement in science and health IV

01-BIO 41363
Sacdalan, Marlyn Development and evaluation of a
Rose E. laboratory manual in Biological Science
02-BIO 41892
Castillo, Lorena J. Teachers' classroom performance and
students' achievement in science and
technology II
03-BIO 41423
Centeno, Ana P. Knowledge, awareness, beliefs and
practices on maringa oliefera "malunggay"
of parents and nutritional status of
elementary pupils
04-BIO 41359
Torres, Christine Development of graphical and iluustrated
May A. module in teaching of human anatomy and
physiology for science II (Biology)
05-BIO 46544
Manapat,Ermina P. The development of an interactive learning
system in teaching selected topics in
06-BIO 41724
Gutierrez, Arnel F. Development and effectiveness of
educationl card games in teaching selected
topics in Biology
07-BIO 46815
Nacpil, Nelly P. Predictors of self-efficacy of the faculty
members in selected universities in Region
08-BIO 41894
Gueverra, Enhancing the abilities of biology teachers
Bienvenido L., Jr in EDDIS III through pedagogical reform
09-BIO 46546
Contreras, Ma. Paz Intergration of Environmental education
G. course guide in teaching biological science
through the development of course guide

10-BIO 41332
Tagufa, Daisy Analysis of bamboo species for ecological
Ramirez security and environmental sustainability
along the riverside of barangay Matungao,
Bulakan, Bulacan
11-BIO 47033
Ramos Jr., Amerigo Teaching biological concept acquisition in
B. grade 7 students through the use of song
and dance
12-BIO 47073
David, Adonis A. Community-based environmental learning
program: A step to uplift the youth's level
of environmental education
13-BIO 46932
Magcalas, Baby Learning style of grade 9 using dynamic
Jane Y. visualization activities in teaching selected
topics in biology
14-BIO 47031
Lee, Mary Ylane S. Perceived cleaning practices in the college
of science basis for developing green
cleaning guidelines
15-BIO 46922
Giron, Marianne S. The spiral curriculum in junior high school
16-BIO 47072
Ocampo, Debbie B. Planting the seeds of environmental care:
mangrove reforestation in the coastal areas
of Masantol
17-BIO 47084
Maun, Daisy L. Entomophagy and Food Sustainability: The
Unknown Value

18-BIO 47112

Q 181 C35ts 2008 c.1

QH 324 S23de 2009

LB 3058 C37tc 2009

RJ 206 C46ka 2010

QH 301 T67dg 2010

QA 769.9.I58 M36di 2010

QH 315 G88de 2012

BF 637.S38 N33ps 2013

QH 315 G84ea 2014

QH 315 C66ie 2014

S 183 T34tp 2015

LB 1025.3 R36tb 2015

GE 77 D38cb 2015

GE 77 D38cb 2015

HQ 1101 L44pc 2015

LB 2806.15 G57sc 2016

QK 938 O23ps 2017

Master of Arts in Education major in General Science
01-GS Santos, Maria Effects of the extent of integration of environmentLG- related
994 S26ee
2008 in science teaching

02-GS Sarmiento, Donnabelle Effects

V. of teachers' communication 41939 P 37.5.C64 S27et 2008
behaviors on the students'
performance in physics

03-GS Galura, Jeanne C. Predictors of students' performance 41601 Q 181 G35ps 2009
in general science

04-GS Sto. Domingo, Rhea C. Home and personal-related factors, 41959 LC 45.4 S76hpr 2010
and the numeracy and scientific
thinking skills of the out-of-school
youth enrolled in Alternative learning
system (ALS)

05-GS Matawaran, Ma. Agnes R.

Multiple intelligences and learning 46829 LB 1585 M38mi 2012
styles of students and their
performance in Science and
technology I

06-GS Burce, Nina S. Learners' Engagement Through 4MAT 47035 LB 1029 B87 2013

07-GS Duñgo, Aureen B. Development of motivational 41619 LB 1051 D86dm 2013

activities on selected topics in
integrated science.

08-GS Marcos, Julie Ann S. Monitoring and evaluation of 41881 LB 1025.3 M37 2014
modified in-school off-school
approach (MISOSA) program in
teaching science

09-GS Yanga, Ma. Cynthia De Teachers' engagement in 41847 LG 996 436te 2014
Guzman metacognitive strategies in teaching

10-GS Coronel, Lemmie Enhanching the science teachers 47059 LB 1025.3 C67es 2015
practices in teaching physics through
video presentation and enrichment

11-GS Bautista, Katrina Ann Students’ attitude towards learning 46582 QH 541 B38sa 2015 c.1
environmental science before and
after the integration of outdoor

12-GS Barrawid, Jona Lynvi Cultivating teachers' experience in 41451 LB 1062 D44ct 2015
DG. teaching science
13-GS Angelie P. Asignacion Improving the teaching approach in 47032 Q 181 A85it 2015
earth science subject through web-
based activities

14-GS Alcanar, Marilou S. Parents' Involvement in teaching and 46584 LB 1051 A43 2015
learning science in grade 8 using
interactive teaching and learning
Master of Arts in Education major in Physics
Cruz, Edna Mae D. Development and validation of laro 41450 LB 3605 C78dv 2008
ng lahi game based activities for
teaching physics
Tuason, Rodel P. An Evaluation of Bachelor of 41971 Th T79eb 2008
Secondary Education-Physics
Curriculum of the Bulacan State
Faustino, Marcial S. Motivation, interest, attitude and 41567 LB 1027 F38mi 2008
academi performance of tacher
education students in physical
science in Bulacan State University

Timoteo, Allan Clark H. Development of an interactive 41999 LG 993.5 T56di 2008
instructional software in
alternating current power analysis
and resonance
Gonzales, Maria Teresa Effectiveness of "second teaching" 41622 QC 23 G66es 2009
M. on students performance on
selected topics in physics

Linag, Irene S. Effectiveness of the use of 41685 QC 30 L56eu 2010
computer-based laboratory
instruments in the teaching of
selected topics in Physics I to
engineering students

Bautista, Rosalie M. Development and effectiveness of 41321 TU 9606 B38de 2010
an interactive learning software in
nuclear fusion and fission reactions

Salangsang, Maria Effectiveness of the feedback- Jun-11
Cecilia D. based technique for the
enhancement of students' problem
solving achievemet in physics

Florencio, Ma. Cecilia C. Predictors of success in Science 46810 LB 3051 F56ps 2012
quiz competition
Asa, Bartolome R. Teaching styles, student's learning 46791 PG 256 A83ts 2012
styles and level of performance in
Guevarra, Arnie L. Issues and Challenges of K to 12 41643 LB 1043 G48ic 2014
Physics instructional materials: The
case of Francisco G. Nepomuceno
Memorial High School

Javier, Albert Ian R. Development of analog and digital 41871 HD 58.9 J38da 2014
training simulator for the physics
students of the Bulacan State
Aguilar, Reychelle E. Better understanding of the 41624 QC 30 A38bu 2014
teaching practices in physics
through multiple modes of
representatives (MMR)
Cabuhat, Reagan N. Development of instructional 41669 LB 3044 C33di 2014
materials in teaching electricity
and magnetism
Serrano, Erickson S.J. Better understanding of concepts 47004 PE 1111 S47bu 2015
and terminologies in optics
through the use of mother tongue-
bilingual (MTB) based instruction

Master of Science major in Chemistry
01-CHEM De Guzman, RicardoManagement
A. of science laboratories and RB 36 D45ms 2008
resources of selected public secondary
schools in Bulacan 41497

02-CHEM Urbano, Roselle D. Peer tutoring and Performance of student in QD 40 U73pt 2008
Inorganic chemistry 46565

03-CHEM Sarmieto, Debbie Ann

G. student's conceptual QC S27 2011
understanding about atom 46953

04-CHEM Palad, Marissa Hernandez

Epistemological beliefs, teachers' self efficacy BF 637.S38 P35ed
and students' performance in Chemistry 2012

05-CHEM Ibasco, Florenda T. Development and evaluation of hands-on QD 40 I23de 2012

learning activities supplementary enrichment
in Teaching High School Chemistry 46817

06-CHEM Castro, Marilyn C. Cognitive and affective factors and student's QD 40 C37ca 2013
achievement in Chemistry of selected public
high schools in Makati City 46796

07-CHEM Nepomuceno, Enhancing the syllabus chemistry for food HF 5415 N47es 2013
Joana May C. related courses its relevance and applications 41795
to the food industry

08-CHEM Lozande, Domingo Influence of cooperative learning on LB 1032 L69ic 2013

A. students' learning experiences in Chemistry c.1

09-CHEM Franciso, Maria Krisvie

Abigale P. potential of mustard TD 192.75 F73pp
(brassica alba) forchlororphyfos in soil Inputs 2013
to enrichment activities in teaching chemistry 41810

10-CHEM Balmeo, Emmylou Miguel

Development of laboratory activities in LG 995 B35dl 2013
Chemistry using different heavy metals in
green leafy vegetables 41814

11-CHEM Duay, Butch StephenPerceived

C. relevance of chemistry topcis to QD 1 D83pr 2014
everyday life inputs to context based
enrichment activities in general and inorganic
chemistry 46976

12-CHEM Salvador-Tiongson, Maria

analysis of drinking water in TD 429.5 T56 2015
selected barangays in Bulakan,
Bulacan inputs to the community 47048
intervention program

13-CHEM Villamor, Dalia Bartolome

Biosorbent potential of citrus fruit peelings in TP 506 V55bp 2015
lead contaminated water An input in public
awareness 46987

14-CHEM Santos, Mary Ann I. Teaching Science Using the Spiral Progression Q 183.3 S26ts 2017
Approach Enunciated by the K to 12
Curriculum Mary Ann I. Santos 47087

Esguerra, Rina D. Achieving optimum learning in chemistry:

development of a workbook for grade 8 47128
Gonzales, Meeting the ICT-related requisites in teaching
16-CHEM Nepthalie J. junior high school science 47136
Master of Arts in Education major in Cultural Education

01-CulEd Umali, Elenita R. Living in the higlands:

realities in the Ambala and
Amyanan Aeta
Untalan, Remedios Death-related superstitious
A. beliefs of Filipinos
02-CulEd 47125
Reyes, Ramon S. Cultural Facets of
03-CulEd cockfighting 47127
01-CI Maniquiz, Jo-Ann C. Teachers' communication behavior
and pupils' achievement in science
in public elementary schools of
Valenzuela South district
02-CI Mercado, Medardo T. Comparative study of cooperative
learning strategy and conventional
teaching method in teaching
elementary science

03-CI Ribot, Van M. Formative evaluation of the
ladderized education programs of
04-CI Chico, Maxima S. Development of instructional
materials in the teaching of music
V in selected public elementary
schools in Bulacan
05-CI Analiza A. Villacorte Comparative study of the practices
and needs of ESL
learners implications for
determining core descriptors of
communication courses
06-CI Empleo, Bernadeth P. Correlates of reading readiness of
the pre-elementary pupils
07-CI Sampana, Penelope Ann F. Curriculum assessment of special
education centers of selected
public central schools in
Bulacan basis for intervention

08-CI Morala, Lily Suzette R. The teaching and learning of music
through the developed module
basis for enriching fundamentals
of music subject
09-CI Miranda, Marietta T. Parents' expectations on their
children's acquisition of
knowledge from private
elementary schools
10-CI Laxamana, Karizza D. Teachers performance: fruits of
the instructional leadership
competencies of school heads

Q 181 M37tc 2008

LB 1032 M47cs 2009

HF 5381 R53fe 2010

LB 1570 C45di 2010

LB 1027 V55cs 2011

LB 1525 E47cr 2011

LC 3981 S26ca 2014

MT 1 M67 2015

01-EM Valcos, Eduardo G. Work values of Bulacan State

University faculty and
students perspective for a values
formation program
02-EM Daez , Francisco D. Predictors of Teachers' Performance
of Meycauayan College

03-EM Francisco, Teresita P. Level of participation in decision-
making, trust of teachers, and
organizational health of private
04-EM De Guzman, Cesar DC. Correlates of Alternative Learning
System (ALS) learners' performance
in the accreditation and equivalency
05-EM Balagtas, Jo-Ann CatalanPredictors of schools' performance
in music, arts, physical education
and health in EDDIS III of Bulacan

06-EM Villamil, June S. Performance of health and nutrition
officers and health practices of
secondary students
07-EM Alcantara, Leticia T. Organizational performance of
administrators and teachers and
effectiveness of public secondary
schools under the school-based
management (SBM) program
08-EM Fajardo, Vanessa P. Profile, stress, coping mechanisms
and performance of the teachers in
Bangkal Elementary School Divison
of Malolos City

09-EM Orbeta, Liezel E. Clinical supervision and the
performance of teachers in Good
Shepherd Academy Oriental
10-EM Sumalabe, Nina Ramos Correlates of performance of schools
offering special education (SPED)
program in the division of Bulacan

11-EM Carrasco, Josephine I. Relationship of teacher
empowerment on organizational
12-EM Bermejo, Rowena R. The effects of school heads
management styles on the
commitment and performance of
teachers in selected schools in EDDIS
13-EM Dungca, Maritess M. Demographic characteristics and the
level of competency of subject
district corrdinators in the Division of
14-EM Labrador, Francis Rey Effects of the use of technology on
D. the level of performance of the
faculty members of Palawan State
University in Corn
15-EM Cruz, Nimfa R. Professional attributes of
administrators and teachers
performance in selected secondary
schools in the third district of
16-EM Choi Young-Sook Korea-Philippines Information
Technology Training Program an
17-EM Ramos, Edelberto C. Leadership style of principals and
professionalism of teachers in public
secondary schools
18-EM Tolentino, Rico Paulo Corrolates of information and
G. communication teachnology (ICT)
integration in teaching scondary
school subjects
19-EM Cachuela, Raquel S. Administrators' leadership styles and
teachers' performance and
commitment in parochial schools in
Northern Palawan
20-EM Salvador, Ma. Alicia C. The Alternative learning system (ALS)
program in Region IV-A : an analysis
21-EM De Leon, Orlanda Jr. Factors related to the job satisfaction
and level of commitment of the
faculty and staff of Assumpta
Technical high school

22-EM Punto, Jonathan D. Determinants of student academic
performance in bachelor of
industrial technology
23-EM Dela Cruz, Maria Level of paternalistic leadership style
Carmela V. of principals, teachers' job
satisfaction and secondary school
24-EM Hipolito, Jenalyn P. Leadership competencies of
administrators and teachers and
school performance in the division
of Pampanga
25-EM Paular, Michael Louie Level of competencies of public
D. elementary teachers in San Simon
District implication to a professional
development program

26-EM Del Rosario, Lemuel P. Cognitive, non-cognitive skills and
the level of performance of part
time instructors of the Bulacan State
27-EM Pura, Hilda D. Leadership styles of principals,
organizational climate and level of
performance of teachers in apostolic
vicariate of Capalan parochial

28-EM Gamboa, Arnold P. Profile, level of administrative
competency and school
performance in the schools division
in Tarlac
29-EM Cunanan, Manolo C. Level of effectiveness of boy scouts
program in the district of Plaridel
30-EM Guanzon, Kristel Profiles, morale and instructional
strategies of teachers and their
effect to schools' academic
31-EM Tolentino, Arsenio O. Technological competency needs of
teachers basis for technology
intervention program
32-EM Deryl, Ramil Dy Employability and productivity of
hotel and restaurant management
graduates of STI inputs to policy
formulation and curriculum
33-EM Kabiling, Randy D.C. Correlates of academic performance
of selected students of maronquillo
national high school

34-EM Panotes, Romulo B. Monitoring and evaluation of
physical facilities of Bulacan State
University basis for development of
facility management

35-EM David, Rachelle Ann V. Managing pupils behavioral problem
through schools intervention
36-EM Ausa, Anna Lizs V. Parent-teacher partnership in the
reading readiness if Grade I pupils in
Kalalake Elementary School, Division
of Olongapo City
37-EM Aguilar, Amorcillo Q. Organizational conflict of
administrator in selected private and
public secondary schools in
Pampamga analysis
38-EM San Jose, Maribel B. The special program in the arts
39-EM Punzalan, Jesusa V. Stakeholders' engagement in brigada
eskuwela in selected public schools
in the division of Pampanga

40-EM San Pedro, Lorena M. Level of environmental awareness
and practices of pupils in selected
elementary schools in plaridel

41-EM Anicete, Marlon F. Profile, self-esteem and academic
performance among low performing
high school students of st.joseph's
academy basis for teachers'
intervention program

42-EM Maglaque, Ma. Social attitude, family attachment
Lourdes M. and psychosocial behavior of high
school students implications for
classroom management

43-EM Geronimo, Ma. Aurea Alternative learning system (ALS)
Rhodora program: trials and triumphs
44-EM Garcia, Mario Personal entrepreneurial
competencies of Edukasyong
Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan (EPP)
pupils in selected coastal public
elementary schools

45-EM Laggui, Charito Shaping the culture of teamwork of
teachers towards dimensions of
learning organization and school
performance in selected schools in
the district of Bulakan
46-EM Rafael, Sonia B. Teachers profile, teaching strategies,
teaching style and the school
performance in the division of
Valenzuela Sonia B. Rafael

47-EM Aguinaldo, Merlita L. The implementation of mother
tongue-based approach in teaching
inputs to a policy enhancements

48-EM Sumang, Ramil S. Career burn out, Emotional Empathy,
and Performance of the Secondary
School Teachers in the District of San
Simon, Pampanga
49-EM Macaspac, Jeffrey Monitoring and observation of
Louie B. school heads on teachers
performance as basis for the
proposed intervention program
50-EM Gaspar, Arcelita J. Mapping of teachers who left private
schools input to MACIPRISA's
retention measures
51-EM Ortega, Delma B. Training needs analysis of hotel and
restaurant management faculty in
the selected suc's in region III: Input
to HRM capacity building

52-EM Reclusado, Arceli Strengthening the Admission
practices and retention rates of
Bulacan State University the case of
Bustos Campus
53-EM Cao, Romer R. Principals' best practices on
teachers' productivity in San luis
district, pampanga
54-EM Reyes, Trinidad V. Teachers and administrators' profile,
promotion and mangement
55-EM Evangelista, Glenadin Principals' profile and administrative
O. approaches relate on school
56-EM Bautista, Hermogena Managing stressors among
A. laboratory high school teachers basis
for intervention programs
57-EM Santos, Gregoria M. Multi-variant analysis of hotel and
restaurant services program of the
Bulacan Polytechnic College : Basis
for an action plan
58-EM De Castro, Edgardo Informatim and communication
S.A., Jr technologyn (ICT) utilization and
application in private secondary
schools in the district of Sta. Maria

59-EM Castaneda, Mellanie D. Managing Teachers's behavior
towards in-service education of
selected public elementary schools

60-EM Santillan, Jean L. Opportunities, limitations and
hindrances in shaping the
professional growth of teachers

61-EM De Vera, Rosemarie B. Continuing professional
development of public elementary
school teachers: The case district of
Sta. Maria, Bulacan
62-EM Genteroy, Ederleen C. The Sociological values of well-being
and Flotado, Roselie I. and working relationship in an
educational organization: basis for
continuing improvement program

63-EM Mamangun, Marifel M. Professional development : a
collaborative undertaking by school
administration and teachers

64-EM Sunga-Perez, Willet T. Realities of the Use of the Special
Education Fund in the Province of
Pampanga Willet T. Sunga-Perez
65-EM Ilustre, Ramil G. The Master teachers as catalysts in
bringing schools to greater heights
66-EM Rumbawa, Reynaldo Revisiting the school's policies and
H. practices on student discipline
67-EM Tecson, Mary Grace G. Professional characteristics and life
balance of teachers in relation to
schools' curricular and co-curricular
68-EM Dare, Leonora S. Level of professionalism and extra-
role behaviour of teachers and
development of institutional culture
of the public elementary schools

69-EM Lanada, Maria Isabel The Level of performance of partner
B. organizations of the De La Salle
University-National Service Training
70-EM Bugay, Lorraine DV. Teachers competencies and
utilization of information and
communications technology
Call Number

HF 5549.5 V35wv 2009

LB 2838 D34pt 2009

LB 2806 F73lp 2009

LC 4117 D45ca 2010

LB 1051 B35ps 2010

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LB 1025.2 C37rt 2010

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LG 996 G46sv 2017

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LB 3011 R86rs 2017

Bautista, Alma T. Mungkahing sanayang aklat sa wika para sa mga mag aaral ng
01-FIL unang taon sa paaralan ng Don Bosco Academy
Lucas, Rhea D. Mga mabisang istratehiya sa pagtuturo ng panitikan sa mga
mag-aaral sa kolehiyo
Villanueva, Julius B. Mga salik na nakaaapekto sa pag-unawa sa pagbasa sa
asignaturang Filipino II ng mga mag-aaral ng System Plus College
Arceta, Josephine C. Dulog pormalistiko at realismo sa pagsusuri ng istilo at
nilalamang panlipunan ng mga maikling kwentong nagwagi sa
gawad pang-alaalang carlos palanga, sr. sa panitikan 2008
Relentem, Maria Ang saloobin, gawi sa pag-aaral at perpormans sa Filipini I
Esperanza V. (komunikasyon sa akademikong Filipino) ng mga mag-aaral sa
Villafane, Raymond S. Pagbuo at pagtaya ng mungkahing sanayang aklat pang wika sa
06-FIL mga mag aaral sa unang taon
Abagon, Baby S. Mga salik na nakakaapekto sa epektibong pagtuturo ng mga
guro sa Filipino sa Antas Tersarya
Trance, Ronald O. Text messaging sa pagkatuto ng wika sa mga mag-aaral
Deguidoy, Ricardo F., Paglinang sa kasanayang pagbasa ng mga mag-aaral sa
Jr. pamamagitan ng mga karagdagang babasahin sa unang antas
9-FIL tersarya
Moral-Gonzales, Isang panukalang gabay instruksyunal sa pagtuturo ng kursong
Jemma rizal gamit ang pamamaraang konstruktibismo
Carasig, Maureen C. Pagsusuring pangnilalaman gamit ang daloy ng kamalayan
(steam-of-consciousness) sa maikling kwento istaylistikong
Palma, Abigail A. Pagbuo ng glosaryo ng mga makabagong lengwahe ng mga mag-
aaral sa Greyd 9
Damaso, Aurelia DC. Mungkahing modyul sa pagtuturo ng Filipino baitang 9 batay sa
kritikong pag-aaral ng panitikang Asyano
Santos, Fatima Lucia C. Pagsusuri ng mga maikling kuwentong pambata na nagkamit ng
unang gantimpala sa gawad Palance taong 2011-2015
Villafania, Cherrylyn B. Binalangkas na mga pagsasanay para sa mga mag-aaral na
15-FIL lumalahok sa paligsahan ng pamamahayag
Sanchez, Rico C. Paggamit ng mga guro ng dulog na kooperatibo at pansariling
pag-aaral para sa asignaturang Filipino
Urian, Erwin E. Pagsusuri ng maiikling kuwento mula sa mga bansang Asyano:
pagtukoy sa pilosopiya at pagpapahalagang moral
Cruz, Angelica C. Morposemantikal na pagsusuri sa mga kogneyt ng mga wikang
18-FIL tagalog t iloko
De Guzman, Victoria P. Kabisaan ng paggamit ng mga pamaraang pabuo at pasaklaw sa
19-FIL pagtuturo ng Filipino

41349 PL 60.54 B38ms 2008

41696 PL 6055 L83mm 2008

46542 PL 6054 V55sn 2009

41273 PL 6061 A73dp 2009

41851 PL 6051 R45sg 2011

41611 PL 6055 V55pp 2012

41958 LB 1025.3 A23sn 2013

41846 P 245 T73 2013

41547 PL 6164 D44pk 2013

46994 DS 675 G66 2014

47044 PN 3373 C37pp 2014

47039 PB 35 P35pg 2015



47093 PN 4785 V55bp 2017




Master of Arts in Education major in Guidance and Counseling

01-GC Esguerra, Leah Cao. Teachers' work values, emotional quotient 41536
and the pupils' academic performance in
Eddis II in the province of Bulacan

02-GC Banagudos, Merry Christine

A. factors and psychosocial 30202
adjustments of freshmen college students
03-GC Aragon Jr., Reynaldo E. Parents disciplinary practices, pupils 41342
academic performance and classroom

04-GC Gagam, Nelia R. Predictors of guidance needs of college 41596

05-GC Mendoza, Annabelle M.The profile and level of academic stress and 41751
the school behavioral problems among high
school students

06-GC Quebral, Miriam S. Correlates of career choices of senior 41802

students of St. Mary's Academy
07-GC Gutierrez, Mary Donna Claire
M. characteristics, personality traits 41631
and self-concept of selected high school

08-GC Crisostomo, Hardie S. Level of performance of guidance 31766

personnel in public elementary school
Educational District (EDDIS I), Division of

09-GC Eugenio, Herman M. Effects of multimedia exposure to pupils' 41553

academic achievement
10-GC Ramos, Anita S. Profile, personality characteristics and 41863
career inclination of the senior high school
students from Religious of the Virgin Mary
(RVM) schools in Bulacan

11-GC Ignacio, Maria Alicia Personal characteristics, parenting style, 41642

relationship with teachers and the
emotional stability of grad six pupils

12-GC Pile, Teresita C. The effects of father - absence in the 41833

personality traits of the elementary pupils

13-GC Roque, Ella M. Factors affecting the need for guidance 41854
services of college students
14-GC De Jesus, Ryan Paul T. College admission test as predictor of 46800
academic performance and board
examination rating of college graduates
15-GC Bernabe, Marilyn Hari. High school students school ability, 41286
emotional intelligence and academic

16-GC Camara, Melanie C. The social networking preferences and the 41372
emotional intelligence of college students
of Saint Mary's College of Baliuag

17-GC Carlos, Grayny D. Efficient and effective implementation of 41356

sex education basis for personal and health
care guidance program

18-GC Quintal, Dolores C. Teachers' competencies and emotional 41377

intelligence of high school students

19-GC Altar, Eliza T. Stakeholders' view on school counselors 46790

approaches and techniques basis for the
development of counseling manual

20-GC Manalili, Ma. Concepcion

E. intrapersonal and self - 41583
esteem level of secondary students with
absentee parents inputs to special needs
assessment program

21-GC Villlanueva, Rose Lynn D.Profile, personality traits and level of 31774
academic stress of college students
22-GC Simon, Sharon Rose S. Profile, work behavior skills and parenting 47013
styles of parents of students with special

23-GC Bugnot, Mia M. Analysis of the guidance program of the 46906

secondary level of Don Bosco
Academy basis for an enhanced guidance

24-GC Tugade, Jaime T. School principals and guidance counselors 46830

extent of implementation of guidance

25-GC Agustin, Pia Occupational field of interest and career 41400

Boughdette choices of high school students

26-GC Arcenas, Marion Sabolo.Students at risk of dropping-out (sardo) and 41439

non-students at risk of dropping out (non-
sardo) input to teachers' culture of caring,
understanding and belongingness

27-GC Tan, Sarah Christine G. Adversity quotient and achievement 47023

motivation among gay professionals

28-GC Vergel, Lalaine L. Perceived vulnerability on drug use and 47079

abuse the case of triple junction subdivision
of Bulakan, Bulacan
29-GC Mercado, Anna Liza E. Psychological well-being and emotional 47069
intelligence among midlifer professionals
30-GC San, Eleonor B. Inventory of interest and skills of Grade 9 41796
students basis for career guidance room
Arcenas, Lailanie Sotto Meeting the demands of time: functional
delivery of high school guidance services
31-GC 47124

LB 2832 E84tw 2008

LB 3605 B36pf 2009

HQ 783.Q46 A73pd 2009

BF 724 G34pg 2009

LG 993.5 M46pl 2009

LC 1037 Q43 2010

BF 698 G88pc 2010

LB 1027 C76lp 2010

HQ 784.T4 E94em 2010

LB 1620 R36pp 2010

BF 689 I36pc 2010

BF 721 P55ef 2010

LB 2343 R67fa 2011

LB 2353 D45ca 2012

BF 576 B47hs 2012

BF 576 C36ts 2012

HQ 56 C37ee 2013

BF 576 Q56tc 2013

LB 1620.5 A48sv 2013

RC 489 M36ii 2013

RC 451 V56pp 2013

LC 1201 S56pw 2013

LB 1620.4 B64 2013

LB 1620.5 T84sp 2013

LC 1307 A38of 2013

LC 142 A77sr 2013

HD 6285.5 T36aq 2015

RM 316 V47pv 2015

BF 724.65 M47pw 2015

HD 615 S24ii 2015

01-MSIT Villena, Albert B. Design and development of Bulacan 41827
State University employee's kiosk time
02-MSIT Cabais, Dennis E. Interactive marker for geometry

03-MSIT Tolentino, Melvin M. An Information management system

for STI College of San Fernando

04-MSIT Reyes, Ma. Catherine

BulSU on-line students' information
system and services
05-MSIT Dizon, Sophia Anne Marie P.
Transcending the performance of
engineering and architecture students in
compelling licensure examination using
randomize exam simulator with
integrated cloud computing
06-MSIT Santos, Walfredo G.
Enrollment advising system for the
college of nursing of Our Lady of
Fatima University Valenzuela branch
07-MSIT Laxamana, Calvin D.
Addressing the difficulties of students'
access to library transactions through
the development of library system
08-MSIT Delizo, Reynold A.
Strengthening the faculty evaluation
and students monitoring through the
development of web based center for
guidance services
09-MSIT Samson, Evelyn C.
Improving and promoting the
transactions & services of BSU
analytical testing laboratory through the
development of a LAN based
management system with SMS
10-MSIT Pablo II, Renato Dan A.Organizing practicum scheme of
Mabalacat City College through on-the-
job training monitoring and assessment
system 48999
11-MSIT Montaos, Cris Mabel C.
Enhancing the medical services of Our
Lady of Fatima University Valenzuela
campus through lan-based student
medical information system
12-MSIT Reyes, Rosalyn T.
Enhancing the record keeping of
Bulacan state university scholarship
office through the development of
automated management system
13-MSIT Medina, John Ray B. Enhancing and managing night class
program through the development of
academic portal
14-MSIT Cruz, Ma. Melanie Ablaza
Development and validation of the file
management system for academic
personnel of the Central Luzon State
LG 993.5 V55 2012

LB 1044.87 R49b0 2012

LJ 121 D59tp 2015

LC 132.C2 S26ea 2015

Z 678.9 L39 2015

QA 76.586 D45sf 2015

LG 993.5 S26ip 2015

QA 76.76 P33op 2015

RA 981 M66em 2015

T 58.6 R49er 2015

QA 76.9 C78dv 2016
Master of Public Administration
01-MPA Timbang, Theresa D. Predictors of organizational 41998
commitment of department of
health employees

02-MPA Blanco, Joselito M. The effectiveness of the 41368

implementation fot he community-
based forest management program
(CBFMP): the Dona Remedios
Trinidad Bulacan experince

03-MPA Quirit, Judith Panlilo Factors affecting the job 41829

performance of the DENR-CENRO
Coron, Palawan employees

04-MPA Yumul, Florentino D. Service delivery system and 41279

customer's satisfaction of PAG-IBIG
fund Malolos Brach

05-MPA Aseñas, Rodrigo B. factors affecting the performance of 41241

police investigators in Manila police

06-MPA Gappi, Noel Dela Rosa The Computerization program of a 41606

local water district: the case of San
Jose Del Monter City

07-MPA Salvador, Joselyn S. The Rehabilitation and Reintegration 41902

program implemented in Bulacan
Provincial Jail : an assessment

08-MPA Escasura, Alma G. Assessment of the program 41542

implementation of the fertilizer and
pesticide authority in region III

09-MPA Dela Cruz, Eliseo S. Profile capability building behaviors 41477

and level of performance of
Sangguniang Kabataan officials

10-MPA Dela Cruz, Jessie S. Extent of compliance of the Bangko 41464

Sentral ng Pilipinas on occupational
safety and health standards set by
the department of labor and

11-MPA Inocencio, Andrea B. Effectiveness of the plant nursery 41647

accreditation program of the
department of Agriculture Bureau of
Plant Industry

12-MPA Aranda, Annabelle S. Administrators' Leadership behavior 41288

and morale of employees in
Philippine Postal Corporation

13-MPA Padilla, Muricar C. Customer satisfaction on land 41620

Vingco transportation office (LTO) in
Kalookan City
14-MPA Domingo, Starepphle Profile leadership styles and 41381
G. performance of Punong Barangays
on selected barangays in the 2nd
district of Bulacan

15-MPA Calapis, Ma. Teresita The Extent of people's participation 47001

Gerong in local governance in Plaridel,

16-MPA Ompoc, Tricia Pangan An Analysis performance and 41597

engagement of employees of
Bulacan provincial government

17-MPA Tabuyan, Adelaida F. Extent of the implementation of 41819

Barangay Malhacan, City of
Meycauayan nutrition action plan:
an assessment

18-MPA Alvarado, Charito A. Organizational commitment and 41337

change readiness of the personnel
of the land transportation
franchising and regulatory board

19-MPA Yusi, Rachelle S. Competency mapping of the 46583

qualifications of the human resource
and staffing pattern of the
organizational structure of the City
of San Fernando, Pampanga
20-MPA Madlangbayan, Aimee Local governance in tourism 41659
Grace M. programs in Bulacan: input to an
action plan

21-MPA Mananghaya, Engr. Monitoring and evaluation of 47081

Jaime A. irrigation management transfer

22-MPA Benedictos, Gilbert G. Revisiting the service delivery of 41866

registrar's office: basis for a strategic

23-MPA Floresca, Edna Lynn C. Enhancing capabilities of personnel 47060

in the regional soils laboratories of
the department of agriculture

24-MPA Mendoza, Ma. Floresa The socio-economic significance of 47109

L. the city of san jose del monte water

HF 5549.5.J53 T56po 2008

SD 5773 B53ei 2008

HD 4905 Q48fa 2009

HF 5415.335 Y86sd 2008

BF 698 A84 2009

TL 1078 G37cp 2009

HV 9205 S25rr 2010

HD 9438 E83ap 2010

HQ 799.2.P6 D45pc 2010

HF 5668 D45ec 2010

HF 5601 I56ep 2010

HE 7412 A73al 2011

HF 5415 P33cs 2012

HD 30.4 D66pl 2012

JS 7307 C35 2012

JS 78 O4ap 2012

TX 551 T33ei 2012

HF 5549.5 A48oc 2013

HF 5549 Y87cm 2014

JS 7335 M33lg 2014

LG 995 M36 2015

HD 30.28 B46rt 2015

HF 5549 F56ec 2016

01-SST Calubhay, Reana Avila.
Parents' profile and parenting involvement CLB 1048 C35 2010
in relation to social behavior towards others O
and social studies achievement secondary D
students E

02-SST Cruz, Reynaldo S. Profile, attitude towards social studies and LB 1065 C78pa 2010
achievement of senior high school students

03-SST Borja, Ruben E., II Overseas Filipino workers social and BF 778 B67of 2010
demographic changes the Barangay
Gatbuca, Calumpit, Bulacan experience
04-SST Cruz, Teodulo R. Sangguniang Kabataan: its effectiveness in HQ 799 C78sk 2011
transforming the youth
05-SST Perez, Emily N. Development and evaluation of work book D 21 P47de 2011
in world history and geography
06-SST Punzalan, Bernadette
S. profile, motivation and LB 1051 P86sp 2011
performance in Psychology and Sociology
07-SST Badiola, Mary GracePhysiological
J. needs and hygiene factors of BF 683 B33pn 2012
the secondary social studies teachers in the
division of Taguig City and Pateros: an
08-SST Diamse, Marie AnneStructured
B. learning experiences of LB 1778 D53sl 2013
freshmen students in social science subjects
09-SST Ignacio, Ria S. Social media and their relation to students' HM 42 I36sm 2013
social behavior ###
10-SST Lazaro, Catherine D.Environmental attitude and practices of TD 791 L39ea 2013
college students towards responsible waste c.1
11-SST Santos, Reynaldo P. Trends analysis of social behavioral concerns BD 232 S26ta 2014
of high school students: inputs to the
establishment of social values
12-SST Salvador,Allan D. No choice to become a Gourami? HQ 111 S25nc 2015
13-SST Amabhelle Raya-Dela Integrasyon
Merced ng karapatang Pantao sa LG 996 D45ik 2015
Pagtuturo ng Araling Panlipunan sa Mataas
na Paaralan
14-SST Fabian, Analyn D.G. Experiences of Bullying Among High School LB 3013.3 F33eb 2017
Students: Inputs To An Intervention Program

01-EL Santos, Elizabeth W. Multiple intelligences, language 41934
proficiency ans academic
achievement in English of first year
high school students at the
University of Assumption

02-EL Angeles, Gil H. Proposed instructional in 41294

communication arts and skills

03-EL Fernandez, Victoria Proposed skillbook and teachers' 41570

guide for developmental reading I

04-EL Nanquil, Luisito M. The role of motivation in the 41769

academic performance of selected
high school students

05-EL Ilustre, Ramil G. Proposed instructional materials in 41646

developmental reading for students
in special science curriculum

06-EL Alvarez, Alejandro D. Learning styles and profile of fourth 41284

year college students in relation to
their language performance

07-EL De Leon, Lydia Factors affecting the reading skills of 41507

grade II pupils
08-EL Peliciano, Edita B. Profile, listening styles and listening 41818
comprehension of nursing students

09-EL Garcia, Mark Rossem D. Development of english for specific 41608

purposes (ESP) - based instructional
materials in writing in the discipline

10-EL Dong, Guang Yu Best practices in teaching 41485

pronounciations skills to the Chinese
EFL learners

11-EL Santos, Allen J. Using the language needs of 47021

Information Technology (IT) students
in developing prototype materials in
english for academic purpose (EAP)

12-EL Fajardo, Estrella A. Language attitude, motivation, 46993

learning and thinking styles and
grammar proficiency of selected
college students
13-EL Buenaventura, Personal characteristics, english 47117
Benedicta R. language ability and employability of
graduates of Bulacan Polytechnic

14-EL Odtohan, Romhel C. Theme and rheme analysis an 41350

interventional - instructional
technique in the writing skills
enhancement of senior students

15-EL Reyes, Maria Eloisa Caguiat.

Stylistic analysis of the selected 46828
works of fiction of Rolando S. Tinio as
an apprentice writer

16-EL San Miguel, Chie Resiliency and Motivation: Their 41548

Relationship To English Vocabulary

17-EL Jing, Liangzi. Communication difficulties and 41581

intercultural interactions basis for
English language teaching strategies

18-EL Dionisio, Christina R. Motivational factors and attitudes 41584

towards learning english of freshmen
college students

19-EL Esguerra, Roel T. The demographics of a secondary 41882

school along a coastal area and its
relationship to english language
motivation and academic

20-EL Vendicacion, Analiza A. Compensatory and learning 46935

strategies tools in improving listening

21-EL Manuel, V. Virginia The relationship of language 47051

exposure, motivation and language
learning strategies to scores in
language proficiency test of grade six
22-EL Lagos, Karen P. Role of comprehensive output in 46998
raising grammar awareness of grade
7 ESL students

23-EL Bangalan, Ederlina M. Critical thinking and competence of 471760

senior high school students
24-EL Parico, Aldrin D. Determining the causes of 46980
argumentative writing
25-EL Casido, Ronald Allan C. Development of english for specific 46864
purposes (esp)-based oral proficiency
instructional materials for hotel and
restaurant services (hrs) students
26-EL Berboso, Frederick L. Development of Eap-based Modules 46588
in Communication and thinking Skills
for Computer Engineering

27-EL Jimenez, Rommel B. The effects of reciprocal teaching 47057

strategy in enhanching reading

28-EL Bautista, Ma. Teresa Development and validation of a 47096

Paras reading test for grade 7 students

Medina, Maria Christina Enhancing students' motivation for

Lugtu improved competencey in literature
through teacher-innovated graphic
29-EL 47137
Morales, Lovely I. Development of supplemental
localized and contextualized teaching
materials toward enhanced
appreciation for reading

30-EL 47140
Tongol, Rachaelle S. Development of contextualized
activity-based materials for english
for academic and professional
31-EL 47098
Bauza, Reygie C. Development and evaluation of
learning resource materials in
reading for grade 7 students
32-EL 47122
De Leon, Evangeline c. The Efficacy of metacognitive
strategies across text types in
improving reading comprehension

33-EL 47123
Buluran, Maricar Joy C. Complementing student's reading
and writing skills in english through
collaborative activities

34-EL 47138
LB 2357 S26mi 2008

PE 1122 A54 2008

LB 1050.5 F47 ps 2008

LB 1062.6 N36rm 2009

LB 2395.3 I45 2009

P 53.4 A48ls 2009

LB 1573.3 D45fa 2009

PE 1065 P45pl 2010

LB 1584.5.P6 G37de 2010

LB 1631 D66bp 2011

QA 76.15 S26ul 2011

PE 1106 F35la 2011

LB 1631 O38tr 2012

PL 6164 R49 2012 c.1

PE 1106 S26rm 2013

PE 1408 J56cd 2013

PE 1065 D56mf 2013

PE 1155 E84ds 2013

LB 1027.23 V46cl 2013

PE 1106 M36rl 2014

PE 1380 L34rc 2014

LB 2395 GT3ct 2014

PE 1001 P37dc 2015

PE 1128.A2 C37de 2015

LB 1025.3 B75ec 2015

LB 1050.5 J56er 2016

LB 2365 B38dv 2017

01-MITM Meneses Gerome Assessing the solid waste HD 4484
L. management of Bulsu: M46as
imput to materials 2015
recovery technology 46931

02-MITM Sulit, Racquel M. Managing food wastes of

rented stalls in Bulacan
State University
01-TEG Briones, Elaine R.
Evaluation of the Classroom
Instructional Practices of Early
Grade Teachers of Columban
College Input to Teachers
Development Program
02-TEG Rizada, Gerald S. Montessori approach and
its impact in fine motor
skills of kindergarten pupils

03-TEG Contreras, Josephine G. Strengthening the
interpersonal relationships
of differently-abled but
mentally capable grade 1
pupils: basis for an
intervention program


PE 1122 B47de 2015


01-TLE Banate, Amalia S.

Predictors of performance of the
secondary students in technology and
livelihood education (home economics)
02-TLE De Jesus, Jay DL.
Modular instruction in baking
03-TLE Capardo, Erwin L. The new bachelor of Elementary
Education Curriculum: A Formative
Evaluation 41435
04-TLE Ramos, Romelie C.
Methods and strategies in teaching and
pupils' performance in edukasyong
pantahanan at pangkabuhayan
05-TLE Sudaria, Anita C. Technology and livelihood education
program of selected schools in East
District of Pampanga 26839
06-TLE Lomotan, Myla D. Correlates to the work habits and
values of technology and livelihood
education students 46977
07-TLE Mangulabnan, Adam M.
Development of instructional materials
in the teaching of computer - aided
drafting and design
08-TLE Hilario, Rosita De Leon. Correlates of students' achievement in
technology and livelihood education in
selected laboratory high schools in
SUC region III 41636
09-TLE De Leon, Josephine C. Perceived employability and 41777
productivity of bachelor of science in
secondary education major in
technology and livelihood education of
Bulacan state university.

10-TLE Macalanda, Cheryl Anne E. Comparative analysis of the teaching

strategies, skill and professional
attributes of major and non-major TLE
teachers: implication to the students'
learning outcome 47050

LC 1072 B36pp 2008

TX 763 D45mi 2009

LB 1571 C37nb 2009

LB 1564 R36ms 2011

LG 996 S83tl 2011

LC 461 L66cw 2011

LB 1570 M36 2012

LG 996 H55cs 2013

LG 996 D45pe 2013 c.1

LB 1025.3 M33ca 2015

01-MBA Dizon, Editha del Rosario.Predictors of performance of the investigators ###
in the Office of the Deputy Ombudsman for

02-MBA Autor, Fernando M. Critical analysis of the maintenance operations###

of the North Luzon expressway a perspective
for system innovation

03-MBA Rigor, Russel A. Operational level as correlates of performance ###

of National Power Corporation's hydroelectric
plants in Luzon

04-MBA Sebastian, Shiela G. Conformance to ISO standards and the level of ###
customers' satisfaction of the functional units
of the college of maritime education

05-MBA Sorio, Teresita R. Implementation of strategic marketing program###

and the performance of franchise stores in

06-MBA Sran, Manwinder K. Customer satisfaction of PLDT DSL services in ###

the city of Malolos, Bulacan

07-MBA Lachica, Joseph Noli L. Trust and productivity of employees of Pascual###

Laboratories, Inc.
08-MBA Bondoc, Ma. Cristina R. The Level of awareness and extent of ###
implemention of corporate social responsibility
of bottling companies in the City of San
09-MBA Matabang-Mikesell, Fe Predictors
Fernando of productivity of the tobacco ###
bobbin machine operators in cavite export
processing zone
10-MBA Timbang, Clarisa A. Management accounting practices in Splash ###
Corporation an analysis

11-MBA Gonzales, Randy Perez Correlates of job involvement of pharmacists in###

selected drug manufacturing companies in

12-MBA Ganas , Bernardo A. Selection decisions of Automotive and ###

Motorcycle battery customers in Bualcan

13-MBA Ramos, Ivy Mar J. Effectiveness of marketing strategies of Tatak ###

Bulakenyo Program an analysis

14-MBA Mobo, Froilan D. Financial management system of Colegio de ###

Castillejos an evaluation

15-MBA Basilio, Maria Cristina Reinforcement theory and job performance of

D. the non-teaching personnel in a higher
education institution

16-MBA Alcantara, William Cabiong

The classification and quality service and the ###
hotel customers' satisfaction

17-MBA Dela Cruz, Catherine Velada

Retail supermarket service quality an ###

18-MBA Blas, Reynante P. Income Generating Project of Bulacan ###

Agricultural State College an analysis
19-MBA Morala, Lenore Gay C. Rightsizing on employee level of morale The ###
adidas philippines, inc. case

20-MBA Cruz, Martin Armando C.Raising the level of investment through the ###
enhanced business permit and licensing system
for global competitiveness the case of marilao
and guiguinto LGUs in bulacan

21-MBA Jiaqing, Wang Knowledge employee motivation and high tech###

enterprise performance

22-MBA Pagar, Arvin S. Employees satisfaction on props and wardrobe###

warehouse services the case of ABS - CBN Film
Productions, Inc.

23-MBA Tongol, Florabel TiongsonManagers' organizational commitment and the###

effectivenessinput to business operations

24-MBA Dela Cruz, Roderic Angeles.

Environmental behavior of feedmill operation ###
employees during disruption

25-MBA Lansangan, Elaine T. E - commerce customer web experience ###

satisfaction trust and loyalty

26-MBA Yue, Teng The analysis of micro blog marketing the case ###
of Qu Wan
27-MBA Jing, Shanzi Human resources management practices of ###
selected pharmaceutical company in the

28-MBA Gimeno, Daisy Medula Organizational culture, leadership style and ###
performance of construction companies

29-MBA Esguerra, Imee D. The Effectiveness of the four-day work week ###
program of BASC

30-MBA Canlas, Juris B. Financial knowledge, behavior, attitude inputs ###

to financial planning program of the faculty
members of DHVTSU

31-MBA Galang, Maricel Correa Planning, implementation and evaluation of ###

master of business administration activities of
bulacan state university inputs to level 1

32-MBA Dela Cruz, Maybelle N. Business opportunities for fishermen in ###

selected baranggay in malolos coastal areas
through economic sustainability

33-MBA Valenzuela Jr, Alberto P. Corporate social responsibility using the three-###
dimensional management of selected business
in bulacan

34-MBA Santos, Roselle N. Change in the living condition of the borrowers###

from microfinance institutions. with CD

35-MBA Maglalang, Joner G. Analysing the survival and sustainability ###

strategies of financing institutions in
36-MBA Reyes, Jose Miguel Luis C.,
Jr. climate and level of responsiveness of ###
food catering service businesses in Malolos
City, Bulacan

37-MBA Jacobo, Angelita C. Marketing management practices, problems ###

and strategies of the small. Scale business in
Plaridel, Bulacan

38-MBA Carranza, Mary Ann P. Customer loyalty of supermarkets in bulacan ###

39-MBA Plamenco, Christopher C.Management by values the case of Bulacan ###

State University
40-MBA Cervantes, Maria LourdesNeeds
D. analysis of food business in BSU basis for###
proposed training program and eco-design

41-MBA Mendoza, Tristine Marie V.

Accreditation characteristics and level of ###
performance of the network contractors of the
Philippine long distance telephone company.
with CD

42-MBA Ramos, Alexander S. Management of Marketing Strategies and ###

Service Quality of Sta. Maria Food Co.,
Inc. Alexander S. Ramos

43-MBA Mutuc, Eugene B. The Economics of Rice Farming in ###

Bulacan Eugene B. Mutuc

44-MBA De Grano, Milyn Arroza Financial management practices of micro ###

entreprises in Lemery, Batangas

De la Vega, Julie L Characteristics, marketing strategies and

financial success of lotto outlets operation
BF 61 D59pp 2008

TS 192 A98 2008

HD 9685.P54 R54ol

TS 156.6 S43ci 2008

HF 5429 S67is 2008

HG 1616 S63cs 2009

HD 9672.P6 L33tp
HD 60 B66la 2009

HD 9146 M55pp 2009

LG 993 T56ma 2009

RS 112.5 G66cj 2009

HD 9710 G36sd 2010

HD 9199 R36em 2011

HG 173 M63fm 2011

HD 7287.65 A43cq

HF 5469.23.P6 D45rs

S 573 B35ig 2012

HD 5850 M67re 2012

HD 2346 C78bl 2013

HF 5549.5 J53 2013

HF 5549.5.J63 P34es

HD 58.7 T66mo 2013

HV 551.2 D45eb 2013

HF 5548.32 L36ec

HF 5415 Y84am 2013

HF 5549 J56hr 2013

HD 58.7 G56 2014

HF 5823 E84ef 2014

HG 173 C36fk 2014

HF 5500 G35pi 2014

HD 9466 C78bo 2014

HD 60 V35cs 2015

HG 178.33 S26cl 2015

HG 4026 M34at 2015

TX 911 R49ec 2015

HF 5415.1 J33mm

HF 5415.12 C37cl

HF 5387 P53mv 2015

TX 911 C48na 2015

TK 5261 M46ac 2016

HF 5415 R36mm 2017

HD 9066 M88er 2017

HD 9720 D44fm 2017

Ressureccion, Factors related to the academic 41734 BF 698 M37fr
Marcelo achievement of the academically low 2008
01-MPE achieving athletes of the Bulacan State

Dacumos, George

03-MPE Cerbito
04-MPE Eguia, Tito N. Jr
Bela-ong, Luisa L. GV 836.35
05-MPE B45ds 2011
Macugay, Ignacio E.Level of sports confidence of athletes of 41826 LG 995 M33ls
06-MPE the Mariano Marcos State University 2011

Rubio, Laura P. Exercise Motivations of the Faculty of St. 47088 LG 993.5

07-MPE Paul University Quezon City (SPUQC) R83em 2011

Aguinaldo, Goal orientation and the level of

08-MPE Jerrwin C. burnout of the Philippine National team
in gymnastics

Borres, Ermelyn Personnal investment and commitment AP 5.M132

09-MPE N. to sports of athletes: basis for an B67pi 2012
incentive program

Castañares, MarlonMental
Y. toughness and sports 41436 GV 706.4
10-MPE performance of the athletes of C37mt 2012
Universidad de Manila

Soria, Jane Vargas Performance of fundamental motor skills 46969 RM 695 S67pf
11-MPE of children with hearing impairment: an 2012

Garcia, Maria Teaching competencies and 46930 LB 1775.2 G37

12-MPE Sarah performance of music, art, physical 2012
education and health teachers

Martinez, Ma. Haidee

P. of the profile and family 41703 GV 435 M37cp
13-MPE related factors to goal orientation of high 2012
school athletes

Pasno, Aries I. Level of competitive state anxiety of 46951 GV 347 P38

coaches, assistant coaches, and trainers 2012
of the Bulacan State University in
14-MPE relation of athlete's sport performance

Danabar, Philline R.Sports and spiritual commitment of the 47005 GV 706.5

15-MPE varsity players of the Far Eastern D36ss 2012
University: an assessment

De Guzman, Melchor
M. of nutritional awareness and its 41481 GV 347 D44ln
16-MPE relation to athletic performance of 2012
varsity players

Antonio, Anthony J.Implication of sport confidence in 46946 T 2580.6 A58

relation to sports performance of varsity 2012
17-MPE athlete of bulacan state university

Torres, Ryan Batac Sources of sports confidence of the 41975 GV 706.4

18-MPE athletes of Unibersidad de Manila T67sp 2012
Pineda, Mercy D. Motivational types and academic 41784 GV 361 P56mt
performance in physical education of the 2012
second year BSIT students of the Don
19-MPE Honorio Ventura Teachnological State
University Mexico Campus
Bacani, Jennifer P. Recreational activity preference of 46907 GV 341 B33
20-MPE students in relation to academic 2012

Dela Cruz, Ariel S. Correlates of physical self - concept of 41333 GV 347 D45cp
21-MPE athletes to individual / dual sports 2012

Parohinog, Marlon V.
Determinants of teachers competency 46981 LC 3981 P37dt
and division achievement test in music, 2012
art, physical education and health

Mendizabal, BengieTemperament
P. and leadership behavior 41911 GV 711 M46tl
of the coaches and assistant coaches of 2012
23-MPE varsity teams of the Far Eastern
University, Manila

Albener, Eric Enaje Level of sports commitment of the 41283 GV 347 A73ls
24-MPE athletes of Universidad de Manila 2012
Villanueva, Alfredo Dimensions
V., III. of personality of physical 46537 LB 2838 V55dp
educators in selected local colleges and 2012
25-MPE universities in the National Capital

Evangelista, WilmarThe
B. extent of empowerment and the 46982 HF 5549.5
level of job satisfaction of the faculty E93ee 2012
members in physical education and
26-MPE sports in selected local colleges and
universities in the national capital region

Balboa, Melcor M. Problems encountered by physical 46966 GV 342 B35pe

27-MPE education instructors and students in 2012
physical education program

Dayawon, Emmanuel
T. orientation of varsity athletes: 46867 LB 3497 D39so
implication to sports development 2013
28-MPE program in Rizal Technological University

Duenas, Marvin Athletes perception on baseball coaches 46972 HD 669 D84ap

29-MPE leadership behavior and team 2013

Bermillo, Lorena P. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the 41341 GV 347 B47ee

30-MPE sports program of Tarlac College of 2013 c.1

Celso, Rafael T. Profile, knowledge, attitudes of 46797 GV 361 C45pk

swimmers on physical education and 2013
participation preference in exercise and
31-MPE sports activities : inputs to intervention

Rovero, Nino Jerome

and D.
physical test of college 41912 RM 725 R68pp
32-MPE students: basis for formulating aerobic 2013

Gosuico, Dennis A.Assessment on the policy and guidelines 41932 LB 2339.P6

of the scholarship grants of varsity G37ap 2013
33-MPE players: basis for additional incentives
and privileges

Saygan, Marina L. Knowledge based competency of non- 46996 L 11 S29 2014

34-MPE specialized p.e. teacher
Buenaventura, Fostering social integration: an 41434 GV 709.5 B84fs
Nina D. emploratory study of harnessing sports 2014
35-MPE development at the grassroots
Arce, Hazel The physical wellness condition of the
Yahweh L. faculty members of Trinity University of
36-MPE Asia: basis for fitness exercise program

Manansala, Administrators' management functions, work
Rosalie T. attitudes, and teachers' performance in selected
public secondary schools in the division of
Guevarra, Natalia Organizational subsystem as determinants f students
G. and school performance of bay schools in region III
Reyes, Violeta L. Effects of principle-centered leadership on collective
efficacy and organizational health of Bulacan State
basis for an institutional plan
Santos, Jose Profile, emotional maturity, cohesiveness and
Manuel A. decision making styles of the administrators of
selected state universities and colleges in region III

Briones, Melanie Fiscal Resource Management of Student Publications
V. in Higher Educational Institutions in Region 3
Santos, Violy Proposed strategic plan of the University of the
06-Ed.D. Fernanda Y. Assumption
Dela Cruz, Carlito Predictors of effectiveness of the youth
Galang. entrepreneurship and cooperativism in schools
(YECS) program in the division of Bulacan

Maroma, Allen N. Research and development capability outputs of
08-Ed.D. Technological State Universities in Region III
Hui, Wang Students innovative thinking process and exploratory
style in open science experiment lesson in primary
Hong, Wang A comparative analysis on the educational system
between china and united kingdom higher education
Junguang, Chen. Studies on the teaching effect-oriented middle
school classroom management strategies
Yang Huang Xi A comparative analysis of the development of basic
education between chinas eastern and western

LB 2831.8 M36am 2008 46690


BF 637 R49ep 2010 46731

LB 2341 S26pe 2010 46749

LB 3621 B75fr 2011 46607

LB 2341.8 S26ps 2011 46743

HB 615 D45pe 2011 41797

HA 31.38 M37rd 2012 46841

QD 1 W36si 2013 48991

LC 1099 W36ca 2013 41834

LB 3011 J86st 2012 41961

LB 1029 X89ca 2015 41803


01-Ph.D.EM Ligaya, Predictors of organizational LB 2956.T7 46682

Massuline effectiveness of RVM schools in L54po 2008
Antonio D. Luzon

02-Ph.D.EM Manugue, Administrators' emotional LB 2341 M36ae 47052

Marie quotient and decision making 2008
Eugine I. styles and the organizational
culture of selected colleges' units
among state universities and
colleges in region III

03-Ph.D.EM Estrella, Career burn out, self - efficacy LB 2341 Es88cb 46638
Edwin A. and performance of the faculty 2008
members of the Bulacan State

04-Ph.D.EM Del Rosario, Effects of program accreditation LB 2331 D45ep 46635

Dolorita P. status on the organizational 2008
effectiveness of the Colleges of
Education of SUCs in Region III

05-Ph.D.EM Cheol, Choi Effects of the extent of LG 994 C44ee 46616

Gyung. implementation of the special 2008
program in sports on the schools'
sports performance

06-Ph.D.EM Pagtalunan, Predictors of effectiveness of the QA 11 P34pe 46718

Thelma Bachelor of Secondary Education 2008
Villasenor mathematics program /

07-Ph.D.EM Magpayo, Determinants of Research LG 996 M34dr 46689

Ferdinand H. Productivity in Selected Private 2009
Higher Education Institutions

08-Ph.D.EM Santiago, Evaluation of the Bachelor of LG 994 S26eb 46747

Divina L. Science in Mathematics program 2009
of selected state universities and

09-Ph.-EM Bacay, Zurex School - based management LG 996 B33sb 46603

T. practices of principals as 2009
predictors of teachers and
schools' performance
10-Ph.D.EM Parobrob, The level readiness to implement LB 2822 P37lr 46722
Marita R. school based management and 2009
the performance of the public
secondary school in Bulakan

11-Ph.D.EM Simon, The enth-Math.COMpetence QA 11 S56em 46754

Bernardo P. Program : 2009
its effects of the performance on
public elementary schools in the
division of Pampanga

12-Ph.D.EM Recto, Angel Initial assessment of the LB 2822.5 R43ia 46734

S. responsibilities of public 2009
elementary school principals in a
division using School-Based
Management (SBM)
input to leadership and
management guidelines

13-Ph.D.EM Abagat, Entrepreneurship in the HB 615 A23 46598

Glenda B. technology and livelihood 2009b
education program of the St.
Mary's secondary schools in
region III and NCR
Variables affecting its

14-Ph.D.EM Nuevo, Jose Determinants of the Level of RT 93.5 N84dl 46709

Jurel M. Effectiveness of the Clinical 2009
Internship Program of the
Medical Technology Institutions
in Metro Manila

15-Ph.D.EM Ligaya, Predictors of organizational LB 2956.T7 46632

Massuline effectiveness of RVM schools in L54po 2008
Antonio D. Luzon

16-Ph.D.EM Cuvin, Elena Determinants of the LB 2341 C88 46682

D. performance of the faculty and 2010
the local colleges and
universities in Luzon region

17-Ph.D.EM Tolentino, A formative evaluation of the LC 1037 T65fe 46765

Yolanda F. National Career Assessment 2010
18-Ph.D.EM Macaraeg, Capability level of selected state HD 30.2 M33cl 46688
Emmanuel universities and colleges in 2010
Calvento Region III in Information and
Communications Technology
(ICT):proposed resource ICT
capability building model

19-Ph.D.EM Aguinaldo, Emotional intelligence and BF 698 A38 46596

Nelita B. conflict management styles of 2010
heads and organizational health
of public secondary schools'

20-Ph.D.EM Santos, Jose Profile, emotional maturity, LB 2341 S26pe 46983

Manuel A cohesiveness and decision 2010
making styles of the
administrators of selected state
universities and colleges in
region III

21-Ph.D.EM Estrella, Determinants of effectiveness of LB 2828 E88de 46639

Ernie V. the DepEd education service 2010
contracting (ESC) program

22-Ph.D.EM Cruz, Perlita Determinants of the LB 1026 C78de 46624

M. effectiveness of the accelerated 2010
christian education school of
tomorrow system

23-Ph.D.EM Faundo, Fe Decision making styles of school LB 2822 F38dm 46643

Fuentes administrators and the level of 2010
trust of teachers in public
elementary schools in the
Division of Bulacan

24-Ph.D.EM Bernardo, Principals' profile, LB 2805 B47pp 46595

Agnes Reyes. transformational leadership 2010
behavior, managerial
communication competence and
school performance

25-Ph.D.EM Tugade, Determinants of decision-making HD 69 T84dd 46769

Winnie F. process and conflict resolution 2010
strategies among selected public
secondary school administrators
in the National Capital Region
26-Ph.D.EM Villanueva, Performance of pre-service LB 1731 V55pp 46774
Jovita teachers in selected state 2011
Espineda. universities and colleges in
Region III

27-Ph.D.EM Dela Cruz, Predictors of effectiveness of the HB 615 D45pe 46630

Carlito youth entrepreneurship and 2011
Galang. cooperativism in schools (YECS)
program in the division of

28-Ph.D.EM Valenzuela, The level of trust in leadership of HD 57.7 V35lt 46611

Alberto J. academic and non- academic 2011
personnel of the Bulacan State

29-Ph.D.EM Aseñas, The Transfer of the public LB 1025.2 A84 46958

Rodalin N. secondary school teachers in the 2011
National Capital Region (NCR):
a Comparative analysis

30-Ph.D.EM Dela Cruz, Principal's leadership style and HD 57.7 D45 41801
Leonora T. schools' performance in School - 2011
based Management (SBM)

31-Ph.D.EM Estimada Total quality management (TQM) LB 2357 E88tq 48995

Diosdado P. practices and performances of 2011
selected private colleges and
universities in bulacan

32-Ph.D.EM Santos, Proposed strategic plan of the LB 2341.8 S26ps 46913

Violy University of the Assumption 2011
Fernanda Y.

33-Ph.D.EM Blanco, The local school board 's LB 2801 B53ls 46605
Rainelda M. educational programs of the 2011
component cities in the province
of bulacan a summative

34-Ph.D.EM Lee, Jose Organizational culture, LB 2331.65 46667

Antonio R. communication mode and L44oc 2011
climate and level of performance
of state colleges and universities
(SUCs) in Region III

35-Ph.D.EM Dela Cruz, Principal's leadership style and HD 57.7 D45 46631
Leonora T. schools' performance in School - 2011
based Management (SBM)
36-Ph.D.EM Banate, School-based management LB 2862 B36sb 41664
Amalia S. practices and performance of 2012
selected public secondary
schools in the Division of City
Schools, Manila

37-Ph.D.EM Zapata, Evaluation of the national service LC 220.5 Z37en 46914

Alodia DG. training program of selected 2012
state universities in Region III
basis for program enhancement

38-Ph.D.EM Tolentino, Comparative study of the LB 2806 T65cs 41935

Arturo A. predictors of performance of 2012
science and non-science high
schools in the National Capital
Region (NCR)

39-Ph.D.EM De Guzman, Principals' empowerment and LB 2803 D44pe 46838

Remedios D. teachers' morale and 2012
performance in cluster V of the
Division of Pampanga

40-Ph.D.EM De Guzman, Comparative study of the LG 995 T65cs 46844

Remedios D. predictors of performance of 2012
science and non-science high
schools in the National Capital
Region (NCR)

41-Ph.D.EM Crespo, Predictors of effectiveness of the RT 93.5 C74pe 46836

Loida O. nursing program in selected state 2012
universities in region III

42-Ph.D.EM Zapata, Evaluation of the national service LC 220.5 Z37en 46845

Aloida DG. training program of selected 2012
state universities in region III
basis for program enhancement

43-Ph.D.EM De Guzman, Principals' empowerment and LB 1775 D44pe 41651

Remedios D. teachers' morale and 2012
performance in cluster v of the
Division of Pampanga

44-Ph.D.EM Crespo, Predictors of effectiveness of the RT 74.7 C74pe 41424

Loida O. nursing program in selected state 2012
universities in region III
45-Ph.D.EM Castor, Extent of the utilization of HD 30.2 C37eu 41630
Ronaldo San information and communications 2012
Luis technology (ICT) and
performance of public secondary
schools in Bulacan

46-Ph.D.EM Reyes, Profile, decision making styles LB 2831.9 R49pd 41572

Antifas R. and productivity of principals of 2012
the nationalized high schools in
the Division of Bulacan

47-Ph.D.EM Marona, Research and development HA 31.38 M37rd 46943

Allen N. capability outputs of 2012
technological state university in
region III

48-Ph.D.EM Lopez, Mary Effects of students leaders' BF 698 L67es 41657

Jane Galang profile and extent of involvement 2012
in co and extra - curricular
activities to their personality
development and academic

49-Ph.D.EM Maroma, Research and development LB 2326.3 41757

Allen N. capability outputs of M37rd 2012
technological state university in
region III

50-Ph.D.EM Bernaldez, Industrial technology teachers' LB 2838 B47it 46835

Sheila A. level of competency and 2013
management by values
inputs to professional
development program

51-Ph.D.EM Garcia, Outcome-based science LB 1057 G37os 46840

Ciriaco M. education in undergraduate 2013
engineering programs
teaching, learning and
management perspective for
Bulacan State University

52-Ph.D.EM Nacpil, Nelly Predictors of self-efficacy of the BF 637.S38 46842

P. faculty members in selected N33ps 2013
universities in Region III /
53-Ph.D.EM Mercado, Student affairs and services LC 220.5 M47sa 41580
Romulo B. Jr. among selected higher education 2013
institutions in Bulacan
a policy study

54-Ph.D.EM Danganan, Personal development and LB 2343.3 D36 41721

Regina academic performance of 2013
Galang students and their participation
in co and extra curricular
inputs to students’ enhancement

55-Ph.D.EM Daez, Research and development LC 1031 D34rd 41607

Francisco D. programs of selected private 2013
higher education institutions
input to a research productivity

56-Ph.D.EM Matic, Formative evaluation of mother P 40.8 M38fe 41634

Florita R. tongue - based multilingual 2013
a tool for modification of
learning outcomes

57-Ph.D.EM Bernaldez, Industrial technology teachers' LB 2838 B47it 41922

Sheila A. level of competency and 2013
management by values
inputs to professional
development program

58-Ph.D.EM Flores, Assessment of licensure LC 1071 F56al 41655

Anabelle S. examination for teachers in 2013
selected technological
universities in Region III

59-Ph.D.EM San Diego, English as a Second Language PE 1128 S26es 46912

Maricel C. (ESL) Program of the Bulacan 2014
State University

60-Ph.D.EM Junguang, Studies on the teaching effect- LB 3011 J86st 41645

Chen. oriented middle school 2012
classroom management

61-Ph.D.EM Maria Cecilia Academic Performance of LB 1051 S26ap 46984

L. Santiago Student At-Risk of Dropping Out 2014
(SARDO): Bases for Educational
62-Ph.D.EM Alcantara, Level of performance in LB 1025 A43lp 47020
Ferdinand L. professional education subject 2014
and field study courses and the
teaching competencies of
student teachers

63-Ph.D.EM Rabacal, Comparative Effectiveness of S 534.P6 R33ce 47038

Efren P. PICAT and Non-PICAT 2014
Approaches in Improving the
Productivity of Agrarian Reform
Beneficiaries: Implications in the
Management of Agricultural
Education Program. With CD

64-Ph.D.EM Fernandez, Self-efficacy and job satisfaction LB 2806 F47 41969

Victoria S. of inclusive teachers in the 2014
division of Bulacan

65-Ph.D.EM Defu, Meng Innovative model in teaching LB 1576 D44im 46979

English language in 2014
elementaryand middle school
based on theories of Educational

66-Ph.D.EM Macorol, Evaluation of the B.S. 47118

Editha Mathematics major in Computer
Aquino Science program of the Colege of
Science, Bulacan State
University: Inputs to Curriculum

67-Ph.D.EM Fernandez, Self-efficacy and job satisfaction LB 2806 F47 41586

Victoria S. of inclusive teachers in the 2014
division of Bulacan

68-Ph.D.EM Tung, Hoang The implementation of virtual LB 1044.87 41740

education (E - learning) of T86iv 2014
biomedical engineering students

69-Ph.D.EM Dai, Tran Food technology learning TP 370 D35ft 41906

Thanh. scheme and students satisfaction 2014
the case of Dong Nai University
of technology
70-Ph.D.EM Sarmiento, Performance Evaluation of LB 2822.75 47041
Donnabelle Teachers' Behavior, Facilities and S27pe 2015
V. Student Services of Bulacan State
University: Basis for Program

71-Ph.D.EM Promoting learning and LG 207 T46pl 47009

Templonuev development through student 2015
o, Wenifreda affairs and services of the Jesus
R. is Lord Colleges Foundation
basis for comprehensive student
affairs program

72-Ph.D.EM Villacorte, Managers capacity building for L 11 V55mc 41842

Analiza A. institutional sustainability 2015

73-Ph.D.EM Meneses, Performance status of public LC 89 M46ps 46872

Elmer L. elementary and secondary 2015
schools in the district of san
simon, pampanga
an analysis

74-Ph.D.EM Del Rosario, Evaluation of Information & LB 1028.3 D45ei 46868

Marilou J. Communication Technology (ICT) 2015
program implementation in
public elementary in the school
division of Meycauayan City

75-Ph.D.EM Sta. Ana, Personal characteristics and LB 1731 S73pc 46862

Ma. Leonora multiple intelligences of 2015
C. mathematics faculty on
education program productivity
state universities in region III

76-Ph.D.EM Viray, Maria Teachers' point of view on LB 1025.2 V57tp 47019

Lourdes B. empowerment practices and 2015
decision making styles of
principals in the Division of

77-Ph.D.EM Cruz, Management strategies of LB 2805 C78ms 47065

Luzviminda private school administrations on 2015
E. teachers' transfer to public
78-Ph.D.EM Bautista, Quality and excellent program LB 1735 B38qe 47042
Catherine B. delivery in education at Jesus Is 2015
Lord Colleges foundation (JILCF)
faculty in focus

79-Ph.D.EM De Jesus, Revisit of special education LC 3950.P6 41571

Leonora F. program in the division of D45rs 2015
bases for program interventions

80-Ph.D.EM Buenafe E. Principal-teachers' BX 1656 S23pt 46846

Sabado motivated/demotivated 2015
environment and their working

81-Ph.D.EM Bui Quoc Level of competencies in LB 1713 T76lc 46911

Trong Information and Communication 2015
Technology (ICT) of high school
input to a professional
development training program

82-Ph.D.EM Hien, Lam User satisfaction on the HC 79 H54uS 46995

Thanh information technology system in 2015
Lac Hong University

83-Ph.D.EM Catalan - Performance evaluation of HF 5549.5 46896

Balagtas Jo- teacher behavior, facilities and B35pe 2015
ann student service of local colleges
in bulacan
basis for program enhancement

84-Ph.D.EM Lansang, Academic manager's leadership LB 2822 L36am 46865

Brenda B. behavior in response to reform 2015

85-Ph.D.EM Custodio, Competency gaps in students LG 995 C87cg 47068

Eunice B. internship: 2016
basis for curricular enrichment of
information technology
programs of selected
technological state universities in
region III

86-Ph.D.EM Gamboa, Development of instructional LG 994 G36di 47085

Joyce P. materials for persuasive writing 2017
and composition in English II
87-Ph.D.EM Tolentino, personal characteristics, Quality LB 2835 T65pc 47078
Salome B. of School Contextual Factors and 2017
Level of Professional
Commitment as Predictors of
Turnover Intention of Teachers of
the OP- Siena School System

88-Ph.D.EM Pamintuan, Educator-retirees: Keeping self- 47115

Fernando C. esteem and managing leisurely
Accession No. Author
01-DBA Liao, Huang Bih-Shuang
Pattern of quartile and threshold portfolios and the short-sale ratio of taiwan stock market
Call Number Barcode
Accession no. Author
01-ELS Nanquil, Luisito M.
Reflective teaching in english as a second language: Exploring beliefs, pedagogies, and assessments in philippine classrooms
Call Number Barcode
01-MEPMfE Quilla, Christine C.
Development of a short welding course program plus module for the students of the Philippine Merchant Marine
41474 and 41493 TS 227 Q55 2015
01-MSECE Calinao, Hilario A., Jr. Development of Auto- 46574
Generated Code for
Microcontroller for
Microprocessor System
TK 7868 C35 2016

01-MEPCE Quizon, Alvin G.

Possibility of using existing building plans and designs for the construction of gymnasium: An analysis

46921 NA 2695 Q59pu 2011


01-MSCpE Villena, Maria Lorena

02-MSCpE Hernandez, Marlon D.

03-MSCpE Mangahas, Teresita Singh

04-MSCpE Bernardo, Myrtel S.

Development of a network-based computer laboratory management system for Bulacan
State University 46920
Upgrading of mary jossete academy computer laboratories through the develop 47027
classroom management system
Productivity monitoring system for the employees of pldt. With CD 47063
Enhancing the network connectivity of San Ildefonso municipal offices. With CD 47067

QA 76.76 V55dc 2012

TK 5105.875 H47um 2015

PP M36pm 2016

Res. B47en 2016


01-MEPECE Grate, Arlene A.

02-MEPECE Grate, Arlene A.

03-MEPECE Lapiguera, Donald M.
Industry preparedness of ECE graduating students of columban college on satelite communication: basis for the improvement of ECE curriculum

Asia broadcast satellite (ABS) network operations center technical assistance center (Practicum Report) Asia Broadcast satellite (ABS) network
operations center technical assistance center
Development of online mobilization request system for net pacific incorporated. With CD

47006 Th G73ip 2014

46945 HE 8700 G63 2014

47064 PP L37do 2016
01-MEPCpE Hernandez, Marlon D. Upgrading of Mary Josette 47027 TK 5105.875
Academy Computer H47um 2015
Laboratories through the
Developed Classroom
Management System
(Practicum Project)

02-MEPCpE Hernandez, Marlon D. Upgrading of Mary Josette 47209 TK 5105.875

Academy Computer H47um 2015
Laboratories through the
Developed Classroom
Management System
(Practicum Report)

03-MEPCpE Bernardo, Myrtel S. enhancing the Network 47067 Res B47en

Connectivity of San 2016
Ildefonso Municipal Offices

04-MEPCpE Mangahas, Teresita Productivity Monitoring 47063 PP M36pm

Singh System for the Employee of 2016

01-ME-EE Alfonso, Russell N.

Reducing contact of toxic chemicals to humans & proper treatment of toxic waste before disposal in the laboratory through automatic
dispensing system

46973 TD 899.L32 A44rc 2015

01-ARCHI Parungao-Crisostomo, Ma. Saturnina
Physical Development Plan For The Historical Town Center Of Malolos 41816
CC 135 P37 2003
Master in Science in Computer Engineering
01-MSCE Villena, Maria Lorena San Pedro 46920
02-MSCE Canlas, Ranie B. 41316
QA76.76 V55da 2012
TX 943 C36da 2013