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VKC Footwear

VKC Group is a manufacture and marketing of footwear company, based in

the Kozhikode district of Kerala state, in India.

It is considered to be one of the biggest in the organised footwear sectors. It is

also the largest branded PU footwear manufacturers in India.

V.K.C Mammed Koya is the founder of VKC Group.


The Group was established on 17 August 1984 with venturing into a Hawai
Sheet manufacturing unit. Later on Hawai straps were also inducted to the production
line and in 1986, VKC group launched the first product with its own brand name
VKC Hawai in the market with an initial production of 600 pairs per day. By 1989 the
production increased to 5000 pairs a day and by 1996 it was increased to 17000 pairs.

In 1987, the group initiated the floating of the first RPVC (Rigid Polyvinyl
Chloride) footwear manufacturing unit in the Kozhikode, Kerala. This product also
got very good acceptance in the market. This has paved the way for a rapid change in
the footwear industry itself. Within a few years the number of Rubber and RPVC
units grew to more than 80 numbers in this region.

In 1994 the group ventured the first unit in Kerala to manufacture footwear
from virgin PVC. This resulted in a drastic change and the multinational brands
confronted competitions from the local brands. In 1998 the group ventured into the
first Micro Cellular PVC footwear in Kerala with the help of imported plant and
machinery. "Quality at affordable price" made the VKC groups products popular in
the market day by day.

In 2001 the group introduced the first Air Injected PVC DIP footwear
manufacturing unit in the South India. In 2003 the group missioned the first Injected
EVA manufacturing unit in South –Central India. In 2006 the group started backward
integration to produce EVA compound for Injection and initiated the first EVA
compounding plant in the South –Central India.

In 2007, the group initiated the Manufacturing of PU DIP footwear at

affordable price for common man. The production capacity also shoot up to two lakhs
of PU footwear per day.
The company had achieved a prominent position in the footwear market of
India. The main markets which are being focused by the company are South & South-
Central part of India & Expanding to the rest part of India. Apart from India, the
Group have its market in more than 15 countries including GCC Countries, Singapore
& Malaysia.

VKC Group of Companies

The Group consists of 25 Strategic Business Units across Kerala, Tamil Nadu,
Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat and West Bengal with 30 working
Directors and more than 100 shareholders. The Annual Group turnover recently
exceeded INR 1500 Crores (approx. 232 Million USD).

Today, More than 6000 employees which includes professionals, graduates,

and workforce directly & almost same number of people are associated with the
Group indirectly.

The good quality and variety in models of VKC products has helped the
Group to face the market competition positively. The Group has been able to maintain
the quality of the products by adopting foreign technologies. The group is now
looking for further avenues in the field of footwear to stretch their hands.

Brands From VKC Group

VKC Pride - Most successful brand of VKC Group

VKC Trendz,

VKC Stile - Low Range PU Footwear.

VKC Lite - VKC Lite has products mainly made of Eva Material.

VKC Hawai,

VKC Junior,

VKC Slipons,

VKC Smartak,

WalkaroO - Latest range of products. It contains Formal Shoes, Hawai, Sport Shoes
and Canvas Shoes Skalino, Vestire,
Corporate social responsibility

VKC Group has constituted a Charitable organisation named "VKC Charitable

Foundation" and this Trust undertakes various activities which is directly reaching the
needed. A considerable share of profit of the VKC Group Companies is contributed to
this Charitable Trust for helping the economically backward people.

VKC Charitable Foundation

The Foundation is rendering its services since 1995. Some of the social
activities initiated by the foundation are

 Running two charitable schools in Kozhikode.

 Providing Breakfast for over 1000 students in 4 schoolsKozhikode.
 Providing Infrastructure and amenities for schools and primary health centres.
 Provided Mobile Mortuary for Kozhikode Medical College

In Jan 2014, The Group in association with Mathrubhumi has initiated to organise
a social event named "Mathrubhumi Vidya - VKC Junior Nanma" to motivate the
junior students to involve into the social activities and to inculcate civic consciousness
among the little ones.

From the Business view, the group is actively participating in the various trade
and business associations and also conducting various events for the promotion of
Footwear Industry in Kerala.

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