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Dear Dewi,

On Saturday, I went to Mount Bromo. I stayed at Nisa and Achmad's house at Cemara Lawang,
Probolinggo. It has a big garden with lots of colourful flowers and a fish pond.
On Sunday, Nisa and I saw Gunung Batok and went on the scenic ride on horseback. It was
scary. Then we went to get a closer to look at the mountain. We took pictures of the beautiful
sceneries there.
On Monday, we went to the zoo at Wonokromo. We saw cockatoos having a shower. In the
afternoon I went home. It was fun.

Love, Dini
1. What kind of text is it? It is
a. Spoof d. procedure
b. Narrative e. news
c. Recount
2. Who wrote the letter?
a. Achmad d. the writer
b. Dini e. all of them
c. Nisa
3. Does the last paragraph express a personal opinion regarding the events described?
a. Yes, it is d. Yes, It does
b. No, It is not e. Yes, it doesn't
c. No, it was
4. When did Dini went home?
a. In the morning d. In the night
b. In the afternoon e. Yesterday
c. In the evening
5. The series of event is described in paragraph
a. One d. two and three
b. Three e. two
c. One and two
6. A : What did you eat yesterday?
B : I bakso.
a. eat d. eaten
b. eats e. ate
c. to eat
7. Rida, Sita, and Dewi singers. Now they are housewife.
a. are d. been
b. have been e. will be
c. were
8. My brother rides
a. a new big black motorcycle
b. a big new black motorcycle
c. a motorcycle new big black
d. a black new big motorcycle
e. a new motorcycle black big

9. Ani is good ……. singing

a. at d. of
b. by e. in
c. of
10. Eve : Wow, you look handsome! Adam
a. Thank you very much
b. I am sorry to hear that
c. I'm so proud of you
d. What a shame
e. To me, the food is OK
11. He said, " ".
a. I like you very much
b. I liked you very much
c. He likes me very much
d. He liked me very much,
e. He had liked me very much.

Natural Bridge National Park

Natural bridge national park is luscious tropical rainforest. It is located 110 kilometer south
Brisbane and is reached by following the pacific highway to Nerang and then by travelling
through the Numinbah Valley. This scenic roadway lies in the shadow of the Lamington
National Park.
The phenomenon of the rock formed into a natural `arch' and the cave through which waterfall
cascades is a short one- kilometerss walk below a dense rainforest canopy from the main picnic
area. Swimming is permitted in the rock pools. Night-time visitors to the cave will discover the
unique feature of the glow worms. Picnic areas offer toilets, barbecue, shelter sheds, water
and fireplaces; however, overnight camping is not permitted.

12. What is the function of paragraph 1? As...

a. an identification d. a classification
b. an orientation e. an abstract
c. an orientation

13. What kind of the text is it?

a. Hortatory exposition d. Description
b. Narrative e. Report
c. Explanation

14. What is the communicative purpose of the text?

a. To present two points of views about natural bridge national park
b. To explain the bridge national park
c. To describe the bridge national park
d. To retell the bridge national park
e. To persuade readers to treat preserve the bridge national park.

15. The most grammatical features found in the texts are in the
a. Simple present tense d. simple past tense
b. Reported speech e. passive voice
c. Conditional sentences

16. The word " picnic" has the same meaning with
a. visit d. go
b. come e. do
c. tour

17. Toni : I have been chosen as the captain of the football team
Rima : …….
a. Thank you d. That's great.
b. Congratulation e. Are you come
c. Sorry, please!

18. Rusdi : Look! The small river runs swiftly down the valley.
Andy : Wow ………..
a. Are you cold? d. what a lovely dress!
b. What a beautiful e.

19. "Do you have driving license?" asked the policeman.

The policeman asked me whether I ….. driving license.
a. having d. is having
b. b. had e. had had
c. has

20. "Don't smoke!" my teacher said.

I was prohibited by my teacher ….. smoke.
a. To d. not being
b. not to e. to not
c. don't

Text for number 21 - 25

Mr and Mrs. Joseph Sembiring
Invite you to share the joy
of the marriage uniting their daughter
Alice Sembiring
Jeffry Sitorus
Friday, the thirteenthh of June two thousand and eight
At three o'clock in the afternoon
Gajah Wong Restaurant
Jln. Affandi Yogyakarta

21. The purpose of the text is to invite

a. To attend Mr and Mrs. Sembiring's marriage.
b. To unite Alice and Jeffry in a wedding party
c. To attend Alice and Jeffry's wedding party
d. To marry with Mr and Mrs. Sembiring
e. To inform about marriage Mr and Mrs. Sembiring

22. Where will the party held?

a. Mr and Mrs. Sembiring's house
b. At Gajah Wong Restaurant
c. Jeffry's house
d. On Jln. Affandy Yogyakarta
e. Alice and Jeffry's house

23. When does they have marriage?

a. Friday, 31St June 2008 d. Friday, 31St June
b. 2008 e. in the afternoon
c. Friday, 30 th June 2008

Text for number 24-25

The head of this regency, Mr. Harjono, is going to visit our school tomorrow, Tuesday. All
students should wear the new batik uniforms and gather in the school hall at 9:30 to do the
welcoming ceremony. The learning Process before and after the ceremony is done as usual.
Please be informed.
Indrawan Headmaster

24. What is the announcement about?

a. The new batik uniforms d. The visit of the head of the regency
b. The welcoming ceremony e. The teaching learning process
c. The program of the school

25. Below are the things the students should do, except
a. Study in the class before and after the ceremony
b. Gather in the school hall at 9:30 a.m.
c. Do a welcoming speech
d. Wear batik uniforms
e. The ceremony is done us usual.

26. Adon : Did you know that Angelina Jolie wants to adopt more children?
Olin : Really?
The underlined word described
a. Satisfacition d. surprise
b. Agreement e. opinion
c. Certainty

27. Irene : What kind a house do you live in?

Satrio : I live in ……
a. a house big house d. a colonial house style big
b. a big house colonial style e. a big colonial style house
c. a style colonial big house

28. Laila : Did both of you enjoy yourselves at the party

Jane : Yes we did. We really had ....
a. A saddening time d. an incredible time
b. A wonderful time e. an awful time
c. A terrible time

29. Patrick : A very attractive nurse has helped him.

Bob : He's very lucky.
The italicized word means
a. Nice d. friendly
b. Thoughtful e. pretty
c. Modest

30. Javanese ……. by some people in Suriname.

a. is spoken d. be spoken
b. speaking e. spoke
c. is speaking

Text for number 31 - 35

Earthquake Jolts Japan Capital
TOKYO (Reuters) - A slight earthquake jolted the Japanese capital last night but authorities said
there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.
A spokesman for the Japan meteorological agency said, "An earth tremor was registered in
Tokyo but there are no reports of casualties or damage.
The earth tremor struck shortly after midnight Tokyo time.
Residents of central Tokyo said the tremor was the strongest in several months in the capital.
(Taken from: Bangkok Post, 2004)

31. What kind of the text is it? It is

a. Narrative d. recount
b. Description e. news item
c. Procedure

32. What is the headline of the news?

a. A Slight Earthquake in Japanese Capital
b. Japan meteorological agency
c. An earth tremor
d. The strongest tremor in Japan
e. A Sopkesman of the Japan meteorology

33. Were there any victim and damage?

a. Yes, there was d. No, there were not
b. Yes, there were e. No, there are not.
c. No, there is not

34. What did the Tokyo residents say?

a. He said that the tremor is the strongest in several months in the capital
b. He says that the tremor is the strongest in several months in the capital
c. He said that the tremor was the strongest in several months in the capital.
d. He says that the tremor was the strongest in several months in the capital
e. He says, "the tremor is the strongest in several months in the capital.

35. The earth tremor struck shortly after midnight

The italicized word has the same meaning with
a. Damage d. visit
b. Hit e. hold
c. Held

36. The thief to the jail yesterday.

a. throw d. thrown
b. was throwing e. was throwing
c. has been throwing

37. Asti : Would you like to come to my party tonight?

Doni :
What is the suitable respond of the dialogue?
a. Thank you. d. You are welcome
b. I'd love to. e. Don't mention it
c. Wow..

38. This house is than that house.

a. big d. more big
b. bigger e. biggest
c. the most biggest

39. The man who wears blue shirt is the ……. of all them
a. taller d. tallest
b. tall e. most tallest
c. more tall

40. What does "dairy" mean?

a. Poultry product d. monk product
b. Vegetable e. book to write daily experience
c. Book to write poem


Do the question based on each instruction!

1. Rearrange the sentences into a good paragraph!
a. It covers an area of 8,000 square kilometers.
b. It is situated in North Sumatera.
c. The Lauser National Park is the park in South East Asia.
d. It is a part of Bukit Barisan range of mountain.

2. Complete the dialogues using suitable expression!

I . Man : Would you like something to drink?
Woman : ………..
2. Ely : You are to be headmaster, aren't you Mr. Karma?
Mr. Kurnia : That's right.
Ely : on your promotion.
Mr. Kurnia : …….. Ely.
3. Change the sentences into passive voice!
a. The man are driving the car
b. My mother bought some vegetables.

4. Put the verb in brackets into the correct form of Degrees Comparison!
a. Suramadu bridge is (small) than Golden Gate Bridge.
b. My mother's cooking is (delicious) than my cooking.
c. Doni is the (tall) boy in my class.
d. Maryam is (beautiful) than Marry.

5. Mention how to open/close the program!