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Zach Boness

EDAD 638


Course Reflection

The course of personnel administration was a course that dealt with some
different aspects of administration. Some of the different aspects of administration that
were discussed were in-service, performance evaluation, and professional negotiations.
All of these are important parts of the duties that an administrator has to be successful
in to sustain a positive school culture within the school building they work.
For any of these duties to be done correctly for what they are intended for,
administration have to take the time to build solid relationships. If relationships aren’t
built prior to the administrator having interaction with educators it can be rather difficult
to for these duties to have the best impact. In-services, when done correctly, can be
beneficial. It is an opportunity for the administrator to get everyone on the same page
and utilize the time to build rapport with his staff. An example of an in-service that I felt
was impactful was one that dealt with setting up our school buildings expectations. Our
school was struggling and having issues with student’s behavior. So as a faculty staff
we came together to focus our goals and allowed us to unite. If students see that
expectations are the same in every classroom, and that we are united it will hopefully
discourage poor behavior. Students know what to expect, and this is why I feel that this
one specific in-service was beneficial.
In this course performance evaluation was an important piece. The main
discussion and paper that I wrote my final project on was based on performance
evaluation. The important model that I focused on was the Danielson model since our
school district is in the process of implementing it. During my final project I focused on
the implementation of Danielson and the four domains. It is important to understand
exactly what the administrator is looking for when it comes to the Danielson model. Also
there are parts of it that an administrator can’t analyze in a class period that they are
observing so it is important to understand that the teacher needs to bring artifacts to
support exactly what the administrator is looking for.
Another key aspect to performance evaluations is that this format allows for there
to be more open communication on both sides. Sometimes with the older formats to
performance evaluations it led to the conversations being more one sided which can be
ok, but for this process to have the biggest impact the conversation needs to be two
sided. I know this can be scary for an educator, but once trust is built this can be
beneficial for both sides. The purpose of education is to prepare these students to be
successful later on in their life. If we have the administration and teachers on the same
page it increases the possibility that this will be the case.