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Zach Boness

EDUC 639


Course Reflection

Advanced Methods of Performance Assessment was a great class for anybody in

education to take. It opened my eyes to the importance of understanding the variety of
assessments and how important it is to be able to understand the feedback from the tests that
are given. The purpose of giving assessments is being able to analyze the feedback to better
help the students that assessment was given to.

A key aspect to this whole course is being able to understand the high stakes
standardized assessments and what goes into them. After understanding the purpose it can be
beneficial for educators to take it a step further and prepare their own assessments so they are
similar to the high stakes ones. The purpose of education is to prepare our students for success
in their future and national standardized tests are an important part of it.

There are a variety of assessments and forms of questions that can be administered to a
student that I wasn’t aware. There is so much that goes into an assessment that an educator
has to look over before creating their own tests in their classroom. The important thing to
analyze is what is the purpose of the assessment? Once that is established a teacher can
prepare their assessments and also prepare their students to have the best possibility of having
success on that assessment.

According to the philosophies on assessments, if an educator can’t break down the

information and feedback from the test then the test can be meaningless. The purpose of the
assessment is to allow the teacher to see what the student’s know and don’t know so they can
go back and re-teach it. If this element is not actively being used than it can be detrimental to
the students within the class.

Each week in this course students were required to read a chapter of the textbook and
write a summary based on the key points that were presented in that chapter. After that we
had to read everyone else’s posts and respond to two of them. This allowed me to gain a
deeper perspective, as well as, see how other educators viewed the same topics. Assessments
are key part of education that can’t be overlooked. Teachers need to embrace it and prepare
our students for success. This was the purpose of the course.