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Lesson Plan

Name: Cristina Duda

School: Colegiul National Pedagogic ,,Andrei Saguna’’
Grade: 2nd A
Date: 7th March 2011 No. of students: 18
Unit 5: Animals! Lesson: Domestic animals Time: 50 minutes

Lesson Aims:
I. Achievement aims:
- By the end of the lesson, the Ss will be better able to use a specific vocabulary about a certain
- The Ss will be able to match the words to the flashcards;
- The Ss will be able to recognize the domestic animals and point to the right ones.

II. Procedure aims:

- The Ss will work individually in pairs and in groups;
- The Ss will play a game (guess the domestic animal);
- The Ss will match domestic animals to the corresponding flashcard;
-The Ss will practise language in a particular context;
- The Ss will practise listening and speaking.

Teaching Techniques:
 Conversation
 Elicitation
 Questioning
 Games
Aids / Materials
 Blackboard
 Handout
 Flashcards with the domestic animals
 The Ss’ drawings

Stages of the Lesson

Warm-up: The teacher greets the students, introduces the guest and asks if anybody is
absent. (3 minutes).

Activity 1
Aim: - to introduce the Ss to the new vocabulary
- to practise the pronunciation of the words (picture-pronunciation);
Interaction: T-Ss
Time: 15 minutes
Procedure: The teacher checks the Ss’ notebooks to see their drawings. They were supposed to
draw a horse, one of the new words that had been previously taught. She asks them what that is
and then she tries to elicit that the horse is an animal, a domestic animal. Then she asks the Ss if
they know other domestic animals. After that the Ss are shown some pictures with the domestic
animals [cat, dog, cow, horse, hen, chicken, duck, goose, sheep]. The T pronounces the words
and the Ss repeat chorally and then individually.
Materials: the Ss’ drawings, flashcards

Activity 2
Aim: - to provide a stimulating means of practising the new vocabulary related to the topic
(pronunciation-picture) by playing the ‘guessing game’.
Interaction: Ss-T
Time: 15 minutes
Procedure: The T covers the picture and shows only part of an animal. The Ss have to guess
what animal is. At first the T involves the whole class, but after a while the T calls the name of
the S who is supposed to answer.
Materials: flashcards

Activity 3
Aim: - to produce the new vocabulary
Interaction: T-Ss, S-S
Time: 8 minutes
Procedure: The S is going to ask the Ss the question: “Is this a…..?”. The Ss have to answer
correctly: “Yes, it is.” or “No, it isn’t. It’s a……” Then a S asks the question and another one
gives the answer. The S who answers correctly will pick an animal and ask the question. At the
same time, he/she names another S who will give him/her the answer to the question and so on.
The T offers help whenever necessary.
Materials: flashcards

Activity 4
Aim: - to check listening comprehension
Interaction: T-Ss, S-Ss
Time: 8 minutes
Procedure: The T tells the S that she is going to say some words and every time they hear a
domestic animal, they will have to clap their hands. Then they will have a contest. She divides
the class in two groups and does the same exercise but this time as a competition between the Ss.
Materials: -

Homework: The Ss are given an exercise as homework. They will have to cut the domestic
animals and stick them in the correct box. (2 minutes)