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Disease Prevention And Screening Center TENDER STAGE 1/18/2018

Department First Floor -Male & Female / Authority / Administration / Sfaff Zone : Room Data Sheets

Room Name OFFICE Page 158

Room Number(s) F3-004( 9.00), F3-005(9.80), F3-05A(7.70), F4-004( 9.00), F4-005(9.80),
Area (m²) F4-05A(7.70)
Occupancy 1 staff each room
Special requirement
Room Fabric and outline specification
Fabric Material Finish Specification Selection Remark
Ceiling Acoustic Ceiling Tiles ACT 95113
Doors Wood / Timber WT/P 83113/099123
Floor Vinly floor V 96516
Skirting Vinly base VB 96513
Wall Paint P 99123
Fitting and Furniture (FF)
Ref Description Category Qty Selection/Remarks
C12 Chairs Furnitures 1
T15 Table Furnitures 1
W1 Waste Bin 1
F1 Cabinet/drawers Furnitures 3
F2 Cabinet/drawers Furnitures 2
Equipment Brief Specifications and associated Services
Reference Descreption Qty Ele Data CdW HtW Wm Dns Gas Selec/Remarks
C12 Chairs 1
T15 Table 1
W1 Waste Bin 1
F1 Cabinet/drawers 3
F2 Cabinet/drawers 2
NO. Descreption Sevice Category QTY Selec/Remarks
1 Airconditioning HVAC refer on drawing
2 Ligthing & Switch point Ligthing refer on drawing
3 Power Outlet Power refer on drawing
4 Smoke detector Fire alarm refer on drawing
5 Voice / Data outlet: double Communications refer on drawing

Room Finishes Legend:

ACT -Acoustic Ceiling Tiles painted (PTD) with the Gypsum Boarder around(GYP)
WT/P -Wood/Timber Finish Painted
V Vinly floor
VB -Vinly base
P -White Painted Wall (unless otherwise noted)

Note: (1) All Room fabric, furniture, fixtures and equipments descriptions/references refer to Specification.
(2) The contractor has complete responsibility to comply with a latest version of HAAD Guidelines & commission to HAAD.