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Eng-Acad 11 Either Mommy or Daddy is

coming with me at the

REVIEWER (Module 11-17) outbound.
Subject - Agreement Verb Neither Ferdie nor Dulce is
waiting for you.
Singular subjects must have singular verbs. 7. If a singular subject is followed by a
phrase containing a plural noun, the
Plural subjects must take plural verbs
verb is singular.
1. The pronoun “ You” always takes One of the boys is yelling so
plural verb. loud.
One of the members is against
You were invited to come. the rule.
You are asked to clean the 8. The indefinite pronouns SEVERAL,
room. FEW, BOTH, MANY , OTHERS are
2. . If a sentence begins with HERE or always plural.
THERE, the verb agrees with the Both were asking to be freed.
subject which follows it. Several are seeking justice.
9. Expressions of time, money, weight,
Here are the ways on how to and distance are singular even if the
preserve meat. form is plural.
Two years is a long time to
There is a huge gap between the rich
and the poor.
One million dollars was given
3. . If two subjects, one single and one back to the owner.
plural, are connected by EITHER/OR or 10. The following words are always plural:
the nearer subject. SHEARS, TONGS. However, if the word
Neither the players nor the PAIR is used, the verb is singular.
coach is joining. The pants are torn into two.
Either the conductor or the The pair of scissors was placed
singers are attending the on the table.
concert. 11. . Certain nouns, though plural in form,
4. . A singular subject followed by are singular in meaning and therefore
intervening words or phrases such as take singular verbs.
WITH, AS WELL AS, IN ADDITION TO, Mathematics is my favorite
and NO LESS THAN, takes a singular The latest news is alarming to
verb. the public.
Jake, accompanied by his 12. . The following words are always
sisters, is enrolling in PCC. plural: PANTS, TROUSERS, PLIERS,
Daddy, as well as my brothers, SCISSORS, SHEARS, TONGS. However,
is enjoying the party. if the word PAIR is used, the verb is
5. Singular subjects joined by AND require singular.
a plural verb, except when they mean The pants are torn into two.
one thing. The pair of scissors was placed
on the table.
Larry and Mercy are reading 13. When any of the following indefinite
novels. pronouns is the subject, the verb is
My teacher and friend is here.. singular: EVERYBODY, EACH, NO ONE,
6. Two singular subjects joined by NOTHING, EVERYTHING, ANYONE,
singular verb. SOMEBODY, SOMEONE.
Every man and woman in this
hall is a member.
14. Adjectives used as nouns are Angry ants, munching marshmallows,
considered plural. crumbling coffeecake, and sipping syrup,
The poor are to be helped. headed off across the countertop.
The efficient are what this
country needs. Plagiarism
15. Titles of books, plays, articles, movies,
is theft of intellectual property.
etc. are regarded as singular even
Plagiarism is cheating.
though words in the title may be
Copying ideas of someone without
“In Dreams Begin Responsibilities”
is a story by D. Schwartz.
“Great Expectations” is a must-
Paraphrasing is more than simply
read novel. rewording the original material!

It must be almost entirely in your own

Parallel Structure
words. You must use new synonyms
Parallel Structure- means using the same and new phrases. Only technical terms
pattern of words to show that two or more should be repeated.
pattern of words to show that two or more
ideas have the same level of importance. ideas Quotations must be attributed to the
have the same level of importance. This can original author and the source that you
happen at three levels: used.

This can happen at three levels: If you use the phrase, “Fourscore and
twenty years ago, our forefathers . . .”
Words and Phrases Words and Phrases you must give credit to Abraham
Lincoln and the book in which he is
Mary likes hiking, swimming, and to
Lincoln, Abraham. Gettysburg Address. In
ride a bicycle.
Lincoln at Gettysburg: the Words that
Correct: Remade America, Garry Wills. New York:
Simon and Schuster, 1992.
Mary likes hiking, swimming, and
riding a bicycle. Primary sources are original records of
Incorrect: political, economic, artistic, scientific, social,
and intellectual thoughts and ideas of a
The production manager was asked to specific time period produced by the people
write his report quickly, accurately, who participated in and witnessed the past.
and in a detailed manner.
Interview, survey, census data,
The production manager was asked to statistics.letters, diaries aand etc.
write his report quickly, accurately,
and thoroughly. Secondary sources are produced,
Examples continued: copied, replicated, or second hand accounts
from the originals. They’re copies, references,
Incorrect: or written about primary sources.

Angry ants, munched the Examples:

marshmallows, crumbling coffeecake,
and sipping syrup, headed off across Textbooks, dictionaries, biographies etc.
the countertop. Baseform-pasttense-past participle
Correct: 1. Bear-bore-born
2. Begin-began-bagun
3. Beseech-besought-besought