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NAME: ___________________________________ DATE: January 26, 2018

GRADE & SECTION: _________________________ TEACHER: _________________________

PART I. Instructions: Complete the following sentences below and choose the correct answer in the box. (1
pt. each)

chemical juices peristalsis feces

esophagus digestive saliva villi

mechanical elimination salivary glands defecation

mouth microvilli peristalsis small intestine

Digestion starts when food is taken into the 1.______________. As you chew, you are breaking the food
into small pieces as a means of 2.______________ breakdown. The pieces mix with saliva before you swallow.
3._______________ is a watery liquid made by 4.______________________. It softens and wets the food in the
mouth and also initially starts 5.________________ digestion through the enzymes present in it. Then the food
passes through the 6.________________. Muscle contractions in the esophagus help move the food down to
the stomach. This process is called 7.________________.
Stomach 8.____________ are chemicals made by the body that help digest food. The stomach is made
up of muscles that churn and help mix the food and break it into even smaller pieces.
The 9._____________ glands in the stomach lining produce acids and enzymes that digest proteins.
These digestive juices could, in fact, harm the stomach. However, a thick mucus layer helps keep this acidic
chemical environment from destroying the tissues of the stomach.
Digested molecules of food are absorbed through the 10._________________.
The walls of the small intestine contain many folds that are lined up with tiny fingerlike protrusions called
11.______________. These villi are in turn covered with even smaller protrusions called
12._________________. These structures increase the surface area through which nutrients are absorbed.
During 13._______________, these nutrients pass through the walls of the intestine and into the bloodstream
where they get transported to the different parts of the body.
The undigested parts of food or those that were not absorbed by the body are eliminated as
14._______________. This process is called 15._________________ or 16._________________.

PART II. Instructions: Enumerate the following items being asked. (1 pt. each)

A. Four Process of Digestion: 5.

1. 6.
2. 7.
4. C. Five Changes under Mechanical Digestion:
B. Parts of the Digestive Tract: 1.
1. 2.
2. 3.
3. 4.
4. 5.