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YR.& SEC.________________
GROUP NUMBER:____________

EXERCISE # ___(Title)________________

Abstract/Summary Abstract/ summary Abstract Abstract misses Several major
contains reference to references most one or more major aspects of the
all major aspects of of the major aspects of carrying experiment are
carrying out the aspects of the out the experiment missing, students
experiment and the experiment, some or the results display lack of
results, well-written minor details are understanding
missing about how to
write an abstact
Introduction Introduction complete Introduction is Some introductory Very little
and well-written; nearly complete, information, but background
provides all necessary missing some still missing some information
background principles minor points major points provided or
for the experiment information is
Experimental Well-written in Written in Written in Missing several
Procedure paragraph format, all paragraph format, paragraph format, important
experimental details important still missing some experimental
are covered experimental important details or not
details are experimental written in
covered, some details paragraph format
minor details
Data, figures , All data, figures, All data, figures, Most figures, Figures, graphs,
graphs, tables, etc. graphs, tables are graphs, tables are graphs, tables OK, tables contain
correct, clear, labeled accurately, some still missing errors or are
accurate, and are but some have some important or poorly
labeled accurately, minor problems or required features. constructed, have
and contain could still be missing important
titles/captions improved . titles, captions or
numbers, units
missing or
incorrect, etc.
Interpretation of All important data Almost all of the Some of the results Very incomplete
Results/ comparisons have results have been have been or incorrect
Discussions been interpreted correctly interpreted and interpretation of
correctly and interpreted and discussed; partial trends and
discussed, good discussed, only but incomplete comparison of
understanding of minor understanding of data indicating a
results is conveyed improvements are results is still lack of
needed. evident. understanding of
Conclusion All important All important Conclusions Conclusions
conclusions have been conclusions have regarding major missing or
clearly made, student been drawn, could points are drawn, missing the
shows good be better stated. but many are important points.
understanding of what misstated,
was learned from the indicating a lack of
exercise/experiment. understanding.

Spelling, grammar, All grammar/spelling Less than 3 Occasional Frequent grammar

sentence structure correct and very well- grammar/spelling grammar/spelling and/or spelling
written errors, mature, errors, generally errors, writing
readable style readable with style is rough and
some rough spots immature
in writing style
Format All sections in order, All sections in Some of the All the sections
well-formatted order, formatting sections are are not organized
following the sample generally good but missing, and did not follow
journal. could still be disorganized and the format of the
improved; 1 did not follow the sample journal.
section is missing format of the
or is not formatted/ sample journal.
% Plagiarism Less than 25% 25%-35% 36%-45% 46%-100%