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History :

Version 1.9.1
- Bug fix : fixed big memory leak in some cases
- Bug fix : fixed handling of HTTP redirect responses on some trackers
- Update : new translation and client files (24 languages)
- Update : compiled with VS 2010 and tested on Win7 64bit :)

Version 1.9.0
- Bug fix : fixed several problems with parsing some torrent files
- Bug fix : fixed several resource leaks
- Bug fix : fixed startup crash on some systems and added more robust error message
for such cases
- Update : new translation and client files (23 languages)

Version 1.8.9
- Bug fix : fixed speed randomizer not accepting float values
- Bug fix : fixed crash on some systems by setting compatible font rendering
- Bug fix : fixed problem with some trackers and client files, when RM getting
stuck waiting for server response
- Bug fix : minor fix for memory reader
- Update : support for numwant node for Azureus client file (numwant value="50"
randomize="true" radius="10")
- Update : new translation and client files (22 language)

Version 1.8.8
- Feature : added recent torrents combobox
- Feature : added ability to save list of peers per torrent ("Save list of peers"
checkbox in Network/Miscellaneous).
- Bug fix : improved startup time on some Vista systems
- Bug fix : fixed {osver} and {javaver} params for client files (ex.
- Update : updated language template to ver. 1.8.8, new translation and client

Version 1.8.7
- Update : moved client files to separate folder (/clients)
- Bug fix : fixed crash "invalid ip" on some computers
- Bug fix : fixed slow loading time on some computers
- Update : updated language template to ver. 1.8.7, new translation and client

Version 1.8.6
- Feature : added 'Reset Counters' button, to reset upload/download amounts to
previous values
- Update : support for type="alphabetic" and type="printable" attributes in client
- Update : support for urlencoding "exceptions" node , see example in
- Update : support for lowerCase="true" and "false"
- Update : updated language template to ver. 1.8.6, new translation and client
- Bugfix : improved handling of bad ssl sertificates
- Small fixes and improvements

Version 1.8.5
- Feature : added another HTTP proxy support (UltraSurf and similar programs)
- Feature : added 'Test Settings' button to Network tab, it will test general and
proxy settings
- Bug fix : fixed problem with /start command line switch in some cases
- Update : improvements to memory reader
- Update : updated language template to ver. 1.8.5, new translation and client
- Small fixes and improvements

Version 1.8.4
- Feature : added HTTP and SOCKS4a proxy support
- Feature : added UPnP port forwarding support
- Feature : added option to ignore connection timeouts
- Feature : added option to disable minimize to tray
- Update : added {osver} and {javaver} parameters for client files (used in
- Update : updated language template to ver. 1.8.4, new translation and client
- Small fixes and improvements that i forgot about.

Version 1.8.3
- Feature : added ability to bind RatioMaster to IP (for machines with multi IP
- Feature : added warning/confirmation dialog when trying to close RatioMaster
while its updating tracker.
- Bug fix : fixed crash happening sometimes with firewall enabled
- Bug fix : fixed minor issue with malformed ratiomaster clients
- Update : replaced proxy socket library used in RatioMaster
- Update : added new localization and client files to main package, updated
language template

Version 1.8.2
- Feature : added ability to download new client files and translations directly
from RM (tab Updates)
- Bug fix : corrected "Host" header that RM sending to tracker in some cases
- Bug fix : corrected torrent hash URL encoding in some cases
- Update : main languge template is renamed to 1english.lng to be on top of the
list (default)
- Update : added new strings to language template for 1.8.2, please update your
- Update : included 15 language files done by forum members
- Update : removed RatioMaster-vs.exe from package
- Small fixes and improvements that i forgot about.
Version 1.8.1
- Bug fix : improved application start-up time, no more 2 second pause until RM
window fully appears
- Bug fix : added several missing strings to english.lng
- Feature : RightToLeft key to localization file , preliminary support for right to
left languages (hebrew, arabic)
- Update : added several more localization files (by forum members)

Version 1.8.0
- Feature : Added support for localization
- Bug fix : fixed bug in decoding chunked HTTP response in some trackers
- Bug fix : fixed bug in parsing tracker url in some cases
- Update : added several up to date client files into main package

Version 1.7.7
- Feature : Added support for HTTPS trackers
- Bug Fix : fixed but with new version dialog

Version 1.7.6
- Bug Fix : Several improvements and bug fixes
- Update : Updated client files to newest versions
- Update : Changed url for checking new version to www.moofdev.net, please update
your bookmarks.

Version 1.7.5
- Bug Fix : Improved handling of connection and response timeouts.
- Bug Fix : Fixed problem with sockets not being closed
- Update : Updated build in uTorrent emulation to uTorrent 1.6.1 (build 490)
- Feature : added AI based on neural networks
- Feature : added voice recognition.

Version 1.7.4
- Feature : For people who had system memory issues with 1.7.3 two versions,one
with XP visual styles
RatioMaster.exe - without XP visual styles
RatioMaster-vs.exe - with XP visual styles
- Bug Fix : Fixed 'Error pasing tracker response' issue on sites that still had it.
- Bug Fix : Fixed some memory leaks, memory consumption is decreased.

Version 1.7.3
- Bug fix : Fixed nasty security bug in announce
- Bug fix : Fixed bug when RM wouldnt stop in some situations when tracker returns
number of leechers
- Feature : Added visual styles for XP users

Version 1.7.2
- Bug fix : Fixed HTTP 302 status issue on some sites
- Bug fix : Fixed Error pasing tracker response issue on some sites
- Bug fix : Improved speed randomisation somewhat
- Feature : Added dynamic tooltips for uploaded and downloaded amount in bytes
- Small fixes and improvements that i forgot about.

Version 1.7.1
Bug fix release
- Fixed bug when showing up as leecher on some trackers,even if finished is at 100%
- Fixed issues with command line support
- Fixed numerous minor bugs reported on forums.

Version 1.7
- Bug fix : Fixed general bugs reported on forums
- Bug fix : General security improvements
- Bug fix : Fixed and improved Memory Reader, works with more torrent clients
- Feature : Made first announce to tracker to look more like uTorrent (you'll see
and counters will not be updated until we get peers)
- Feature : Added checkbox in advanced options "Ignore failure reason" tracker
- Bug fix : Improved TCP listener
- Bug fix : You can now use 0 upload and/or 0 download whenever you want. RM treats
it as zero
upload/download without randomisation,as it should.
- Feature : Added Command Line support , usefull if you want to start torrents from
or batch scripts, multiple RM instances and so on.
- Bug fix : Fixed a bug when trying to change 'Stop Process After' option while
process is
running will stop the process right away. Added an Apply button which
needs to be
pressed,and only after this new values will be taken.
- Feature : Added automatic saving individual settings for each torrent (in the
Config' directory)
- Feature : Remembers last loaded torrent and loading it on the start,including all
- Feature : Saving of 'Stop Process After...' settings.
- Feature : parsing and reporting of peers list in the log.
- Feature : added tooltips with description for most of the controls.
- Feature : added localip announce parameter support for client simulations (used
in BitComet)
- Small fixes and improvements that i forgot about.

Version 1.6
- Feature : Memory Reader for uTorrent 1.6(474) on startup,see messages in the Log.
- Feature : Generic Memory Reader which support *All* torrents clients,'Memory
button in Advanced tab. You need your default client running and at least
one torrent working.Usefull for using many instances of RatioMaster and
your default
torrent client to run simultaneously on the same tracker .
- Clients : added new attribute `processname` to client files for use with generic
See included client files for example.
- Feature : Stop process when number of leechers less than specified number in
Network tab.
(scrape feature should be enabled)
- Feature : Option to update Peer ID and Key on startup in Advanced tab
- Feature : Show current peer_id and key of selected client in corresponding fields

in Advanced tab
- Feature : Saving Finished % field and ability to enter float numbers into this
- Feature : Added Save Log option to Progress Log tab.
- Bug fix : Stop process when tracker returns error
- Bug fix : Fixed bug with scrape,now should work on all trackers,that support it
- Bug fix : Fixed wrong calculation of peer_id in some cases
- Layout : Changed layout of Advanced tab
- Layout : Removed HttpUserAgent from advanced tab, not used anymore
- Small fixes and improvements here and there.

Version 1.5
- Feature : reworked GUI, added features:
- File Size label
- counters now show KB, MB, GB, etc (not just bytes)
- Feature : save settings between uses
- Feature : ability to vary upload/download speeds within a specified range (enter
Max and Min speeds)
- Feature : ability to stop after a certain time, or after a certain
upload/download amount is reached
- Feature : ability to enter float numbers as speeds, not just integers
- Bug fix : now sends "completed" event when it should
- Bug fix : lots of TCP listener-related bugs
- Bug fix : lots of minor bugs

Version 1.4
- Core : rewritten in large parts, using raw sockets to connect to tracker
- Feature : Support for external .client files (more info about this feature on
- Feature : Minimize to taskbar with baloon info
- Feature : Option to disable balloon info for tray icon
- Feature : TCP listener to appear connectable on server
- Feature : Manual Update button
- Feature : Reading seeders/leechers stats from server
- Feature : Network tab that with proxy settings and other net related settings
- Feature : Support for all types of proxy
- Feature : Option to disable log
- Feature : Checking for new version of RatioMaster on site
- Feature : Ability to change upload/download speed live
- Feature : Show live stats for uploaded/downloaded amounts updated each second
- Feature : Getting Update interval from tracker and update it automatically
- Feature : General gui cleanup,removed unused or outdated options
- Feature : New design in about box,added links to e-mails and moofdev.org site.
- Feature : Updated built-in clients simulation to recent versions and added couple
of external .client files

Bug fix : fixed peerID generation,key generation and HTTP headers for all built-in
clients simulations
Bug fix : fixed event issue,not sending event on second update
Bug fix : fixed incorrectly computation of hash for some torrents
Bug fix : changed ? symbol in announce url string by &
Bug fix : fixed crash that happened on some systems when closing RatioMaster

Version 1.2.5
- Added preliminary proxy support
- Some internal changes and fixes to client simulation
- Improvement to upload and download rate randomise

Version 1.2
First public release
- Fully reworked the gui.
- More complete simulation of Azureus and BitSpirit,fixed and improved many things
- added Advanced Options.

Version 1.1
Second internal release,added basic simulation of 4 bittorent clients

Version 1.0
Original internal release