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Lesson Plan N°:

Course: 6th jrs Teacher:

Book: Date: 12th 14th March

Aim/Lesson Topic:
Getting to know each other
Warm up: PASS THE CANDY (GETTING-TO-KNOW-YOU ICEBREAKER) This is a fun icebreaker for people
(First 15’) with a sweet tooth! It involves giving participants a small amount of colored candy (usually
skittles or M&Ms). Questions or challenges are assigned to each candy color.

Showdown game- the loser has to bring food for the following week.
ss are divided in groups
Each grammar topic has got a number (choose with roulette)
Each group has flashcards with verbs/ nouns
The group that earns more is the winner.

1Present Simple and Continuous /

2Present Perfect Simple and Continuous
3Past Simple – Past Continuous – Past Perfect
4Time clauses with: when / while / as / as soon as / before / after
5Future with will / won’t / may / might / going to or Present Continuous
Class 6State and Activity Verbs (name them)
development 7used to
8Modals in the Past
must / can’t // must have / might have / can't have for drawing conclusions
9should / shouldn't
10Comparison of adverbs Comparatives with a lot, (not) as ... as
11First Conditional: If + clause → will / won't
12Second Conditional: if + clause → would + V
13Time Clauses in the future with when / as soon as
14Passive Voice (Present Simple - Present Continuous - Past Simple - Past Continuous -
15Present Perfect - Past Perfect - will )
16would rather + V
I wish / If only + Past tense
I wish / If only + would
17used to
18Third Conditional:
If + P.P. → would / might / could have + PP
19-ed / -ing adjectives
20Reflexive Pronouns
21Question Tags
22The Passive
23What does X like? / What does X look like? / What is X like?
24Verbs followed by -ing : can't stand – avoid – not mind – suggest – enjoy – love – hate –
like – dislike – recommend – Phrasal Verbs – fancy – feel like – can't help – can't face –
imagine – spend (time)
Verbs followed by Infinitive: promise – expect – refuse – decide – afford – want – fail –
manage – agree – ask – tell – arrange – want – hope – mean – pretend – seem
25 Phrasal Verbs Solutions Intermediate

When ss don’t get the right answer they have to move (flashcards of movement- more
versions simon says)

Material/Resources: DVD, CD, i tools, IWB software, etc.

Use of photocopies:
St’s book pages: Exercise N°:

Ending up
Videos about the trip. Questions.

Tch’s aims
Aim/Lesson Topic:
Who Am I?
Give each teen a 3 x 5 card and have them write their name at the top and four things
about themselves they are sure no one else in the room knows. Collect the cards and hand
Warm up: out paper and pencils to each player. Give everyone a lined piece of paper and tell the
(First 15’) teens to number each line. Read the cards one at a time and have the teens write down to
which they believe the card is referring. When you have read all the cards, have the teens
exchange papers, and read the correct answers for the teens to check the sheets. Whoever
has the most right answers is the winner.

Ss are divided in groups and using the roulette a grammar topic is assigned to each group in
turns. Ss look at the tv and choose a number on the jeopardy chart, if they get the right
answer the group earns the points assigned to the question.

Jeopardy templates:
2Word formation https://jeopardylabs.com/play/word-formation3
6ed- ing adjectives

Relaxing activity. Listening and comprehension.

Material/Resources: DVD, CD, i tools, IWB software, etc.
Use of photocopies:
St’s book pages: Exercise N°:

Ending up Tch asks ss about their previous experiences in the classroom and generates discussion to
activity find out what ss like or don’t and how to continue working during the year.

Get photocopy of the to be learnt and investigate the meaning of words in unit 1 B
Tch’s aims