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Online Projects, Collaboration Sites, and Publishing Opportunities

Lesson Idea Template

Name: Mari Heimlich

Grade Level: 3rd
Content Area: Science
Standards Addressed: S3L1. Students will investigate the habitats of different organisms and the
dependence of organisms on their habitat.
Title of Online Project/Collaboration Site/Publishing Opportunity: Journey North
URL of Online Project/Collaboration Site/Publishing Opportunity:
Describe how you would use the Online Project/Collaboration Site/Publishing Opportunity in
your classroom: Using this website, students will take on the role of scientists. Students will
choose a species or organism and research their habitat and how they depend on this
habitat. Students will also analyze the migration patterns of the species and connect how
changes in their environment can affect their location. Students will track their research
using the Journal, provided by Journey North. Students can compare and share data with
their peers and mentors.
What technologies would be required to implement this proposed learning activity in a
classroom? Laptops/ computers, SmartBoard.
Describe how the following features are addressed in this learning experience (note: all of them
may not be addressed in the project, but most should be if you are reaching a high LoTi Level.):
a. Collaboration with peers, near-peers, mentors outside their classroom and often
beyond their school: Students can share and compare their findings with their
peers and mentors using the Journal on the Journey North website.
b. Student-centered learning and knowledge creation (collecting original data and or
producing original products as a result of engaging in the project): Students will
use Journey North as a medium to collect their data, they will take this newfound
knowledge of their species and produce a journal created by them.
c. Higher-order thinking: Students will analyze data, evaluate their findings and
create an organized and detailed journal based on their research.
d. Students publishing their original work to others who will use/care about their
product: Students can report their sightings using the Journey North website to
scientists, mentors and peers that care about their product.
Bloom’s Level of Critical Thinking Required (check all that apply):
See http://epltt.coe.uga.edu/index.php?title=Bloom%27s_Taxonomy
Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating Creating
What Level of Technology Implementation best describes this learning activity and Why?
Expansion: Students apply learning to relevant events occurring the world, learning is authentic
and relevant, and there is two- way collaboration between the community.
How could you implement this proposed learning experience and still comply with your district’s
Internet Safety and Student Privacy policies? 1. I will inform administrators and parents about
the all aspects of this project and how it will support learning. 2. I will inform administrators and
parents how I am going to protect students’ privacy and safety my closely monitoring
interactions, never allowing anonymous communication, and having students use pseudonyms to
hide their identities from others.