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Date: 27 November 2017 Learning Opportunity: “I’m Melting!

” Snowman Art Centre

*Frames of Learning (Highlight frames for which you are preparing)

*Conceptual Understandings: Conceptual understandings are statements of essential ideas that
accompany each of the overall expectations. Conceptual understandings include concepts, skills,
attitudes, and habits of mind.

Using different materials and mediums to create art

Expressing our individuality through the medium of art
Taking pride in exhibiting our art for others to see
Developing pro-social behaviours such as waiting patiently for a turn with the materials

*Overall Expectations (OE): Knowledge and skills described, in general terms, in each frame. Educators
focus on the overall expectations when co-constructing learning with the children.

31 – Demonstrate knowledge and skills gained through exposure to and engagement in drama, dance,
music, and visual arts.

BC − Belonging and DLMB − Demonstrating PSI − Problem Solving and

SRWB – Self Regulation and
Contributing Literacy and Mathematics Innovating
Well Being Behaviours

*Noticing and Naming Learning : Making Learning Visible

Learning Goals: Enable children to think about Success Criteria: Enable children to know when and
and to begin to direct their own learning. Support what they are learning. Accomplishments along the
the knowledge and skills described in the overall way.
expectations and conceptual understandings.
I can…
Today I will… - Enjoy exploring different ways of making art
- Create art by using different materials and different art materials
- Explore a new technique for making art - Be a caring friend by waiting patiently for my
- Practice pro-social behaviours by waiting turn and not pushing ahead of others
for my turn to mix the “snowy” puffy
paint (the educator will mix an individual
batch for each student)

Specific Expectations: Ways in Which Children The Educators’ Intentional

describe in greater detail Might Demonstrate Their Interactions
the knowledge and skills Learning: How educators engage with
related to overall Children are not required to children’s learning- students;
expectations. demonstrate their learning in strategies; materials; environment
all three ways. – based on observations
31.3 – Explore different elements SAY DO REPRESENT RESPOND CHALLENGE EXTEND
of design (e.g., colour, line, shape,
texture, form) in visual arts. Represent – Students will play The educator will encourage
with the texture and shape of students to talk about their
“snow paint” (mixed by the creations and ask them why they
educator out of shaving cream are choosing the materials they are
and white glue) and embed choosing to add to their images.
different items like googly Students will be encouraged to
eyes, twigs, buttons, paper express themselves as individuals,
pieces, etc. in order to create but we will also be having a
winter “relief art” images of procedural discussion about what a
“melting” snowmen, or other typical snowman “has” that we
winter-related scenes if the could use different materials to
student wishes. represent.
Teacher Questions/Prompts:

As mentioned in the Educator’s Intentional Interactions, the focus in this activity will be on the students’
own work. The educator will encourage students to talk about their creations and ask them why they
are choosing the materials they are choosing to add to their images. Students will be encouraged to
express themselves as individuals, but we will also be having a procedural discussion about what a
typical snowman “has” that we could use different materials to represent. Students may also share their
experiences with others or the educator. Several students have already shared stories about building
snow forts or snow families with their parents or siblings.

Assessment Documentation:

The students will be assessed using the attached assessment at-a-glance sheet, which will indicate
whether or not they have come to the activity and demonstrated a desire to explore the materials
available. Space has also been left for recording anecdotal observations of the students’ discussions.

Materials Required:

Shaving cream
White school glue
Paper cups
Popsicle sticks
Craft paper
Materials for adding details such as pipe cleaners, googly eyes, twigs, buttons, and feathers
Laptop and whiteboard
Assessment sheet

Possible learning next steps for learning:

Students are continually being encouraged to share their personal experiences and make connections
between what they do at home and what we create at school. This activity is a good opportunity for
students to talk to one another and/or to the educator about their experiences and their creations. This
is just a small part of the ongoing process of trying to build positive and constructive relationships

between students and with students. Students are working on pro-social behaviours like waiting their
turn or listening to others. There are some students in our class who occasionally struggle with impulse
control and we will continue to give opportunities for them to practise their patience.
Minds On:

We will transition from the end of the first nutrition break into this activity by playing the Super Simple
Songs “Snowman” song on YouTube on the whiteboard. This is a cute song that goes over all of the
snowman’s accessories. The class often watches children’s songs or videos on YouTube during this
nutrition break, so this will make a natural segue into the activity. After the song, I will introduce the

“Good afternoon, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your snack. How many of you like slime? How many
of you like ooey-gooey sticky stuff? Today we will be making a special kind of puffy paint that looks just
like snow and feels a lot like slime! I will need five friends to come with me to do this activity and I’m
going to choose the ones who are sitting criss-cross with listening ears just like Dinah taught us (Dinah is
a dragon puppet our AT uses to perform self-regulation themed puppet shows for the class). When you
come to the table, I want to see you all patiently waiting for your turn to get some paint without
touching or pushing ahead anyone else.”