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Historical Society Incorporated

March—April 2018
Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor
No. 92

Guest Speaker—April 2018 April Movie at Ryders on Riversdale

Well, for April I’ve been replaced (not that I mind!) for This is going to happen once again on 10 April at Ry-
John Russell to give us a talk on St Judes Church and der’s Cinema, Riversdale Road, from 10 am, $26 a
the George Maxwell Memorial Cemetery. John initially head.
wanted us to meet up at St Judes Church Hall, but cir-
cumstances happening has meant that we will have the A choice between W aking Ned Devine (1998):
April meeting, as usual, at St Ninians. “When a lottery winner dies of shock, his fellow towns-
folk attempt to claim the money.”
In June, we look forward to a talk on the Packard
Museum, near Whangarei Or

Whiskey Galore (2016):

Rizal Reserve, former tannery sites, and a remake of the 1949 Ealing Comedy of the same name.
the Whau Pathway Scottish islanders try to plunder cases of whisky from a
stranded ship.

Well, I had an email correspondence with someone Ring Alison Turner on 825-0300 for a booking.
linked to the project since my last newsletter, who as-
serted that the pathway was going to skirt the eastern
riverside, including Rizal Reserve (after passing under Be Careful Where You Sit!
the Great North Road Whau Bridge) then span a board-
walk across the river to the New Lynn side. When I It’s been a while since I gave a book plug here — but
asked them if they were aware that the maps they used this is worth it. Ngaire Dolphin, a member of one of
on their website were vague to incorrect, there was no Avondale’s 20th century market gardening families on
response. Rosebank, has written a delightful children’s book
which she is currently presenting in talks and readings
When I said this was another crossing of the river, that around various libraries in
was denied — they call it just going “over a channel”. the region. I was at her read-
ing at Avondale Library in
When I also asked if they were aware of going through March.
potential archaeological sites between Olympic Park
and the Whau Bridge with their boardwalk, such as the Beautifully illustrated, it
Bell & Gemmel Riversdale Tannery site (which they features our native birds and
don’t mention at all in their book) — there was no animals in a Tiritiri Matangi
response. setting. The great thing is,
this is just the first of others
Ngaire intends to see
The Rosebank Gardeners published.

A head’s up that at the moment, I’m compiling info on Retails for $20 from
the market gardeners/orchardists/nurserymen of Rose- The Learning Hub
bank Peninsula. I’ve been asked by Manjula Patel at
Avondale Library to give a talk and put together a wee
display there during Heritage Festival, but I’ll also be
putting articles together for the A vondale Historical Next meeting is
Journal. So — I’d really appreciate any thoughts, mem-
ories, info etc on the families and their gardens. You Saturday 7 April 2018, at 2 pm,
can contact me at waitejmata@gmail.com, at my usual St Ninians Hall, St Georges Road,
postal address, or phone 828-8494 or 027 4040 804. Avondale.