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Prelim Output

Reed 4
(2:30 - 4:00 pm –TTH)

Submitted by:
Helen Grace Menguito
Marestila Tabay
Gracille Rubi

Submitted To:
Sir Enad Jr.
The Effects of using Social Media

Interview Questions:

I. What can you say about using social media nowadays?

II. For you as (normal, professional, religious person) does it affects to

your physical and spiritual life? Explain why.

III. What specific example that you have encounter or observe using
social media?

IV. In today’s modern world, is social media had a good impact to our

V. Based on your observation in today’s issue we have mentioned, is

there any way for it to be solved? Yes or no? – explain further

VI. You as a (normal, professional, religious person) what can you advice
to those people who will listen to you?
 Ordinary Person


 Nowadays I could see lots of trolls in social media about people’s physical
appearance. If you have difference of opinion with any political leaders,
celebrities or even common man, you don’t have any rights to make fun of
their appearance…u can troll their ideas /policies but not appearance. I
believe some of the group admins and meme creators troll about people
physical appearance in order to get more attention. And in spiritual life we
are a generation rapidly losing the capacity the sit still and self-reflect. We
no longer abide. For Christians, we have to accept the reality that our nose-
diving attentions spans affect our relationship with God and each other.

 FAST- BROKE EFFECT in youth that it can destroy their physical, mental,
social and spiritual abilities.

 YES, If we take responsibility of our actions

 I don’t say that we must stop using social media. My point is to know our
limits in using it. The internet and social becomes such a powerful tool in
the world. There are several impacts of technology on our lives but there
are several downsides too, we cannot abandon the technology now, but we
ensure not to let it control us. And we should bear into our minds that we
are the ones who operate it. We might have freedom to do whatever we
wish on the internet, but we must mindful enough in making decision
before clicking the enter key.
 Professional Person

 Social media became part of our everyday life. Especially us while working
in a society it is very useful. It’s almost impossible to not using it. Social
media encompasses every internet platforms where you can create,
comment, share and connect with your clients.

 Yes, it would connect us with people and our customers across the globe
others are hiding behind the screens and taking advantage to troll others.

 Fortunately, it can help us connect the bridge with our families, friends
and our customers. Most of us are hanging around the social media that is
why organizations now days used this medium in promoting their
products or services and in gaining people's trust.

 Of course, it creates a new form of culture that has never existed before.
Now there is a wonderful new way to connect with people. Like all things
this has positive and negative effects and it is important to not let yourself
become overly reliant on it but that is true for most things.

 For me it is a balance of pros and cons in the social media. In the end it is
up to us if we would let it make us or break us.

 As a bank teller, the only advice I could give is be responsible to all the
actions that you made, think before you click and beware of fake news.
o Documentations:
 Religious Person

 Using social media nowadays is very useful specially in communicating

with people. But many are not anymore aware of what is the important
purpose of social media is really and how to use it in good way.

 Hmm yes! It affects to my physical life in a way that i can make my job
easier and so it helps me to be more productive every day because i can still
do more things within a day and in spiritual i can still have enough time to
pray since social media could sometimes help me finish everything quickly.

 In good side i observe it’s good to have social media because it will be so
easy for us to communicate people from far specially in urgent matters like
purchasing something for children here in the campus and in other side it’s
not too good that we will be too dependent to it because it makes us lazy

 Yes it has a good impact but we can observe also that it has also a bad
impact to our society. Talking spreading news and information and
communicating with others using it is in good side .But most people of
today specially the youth are already too engage to social media and they
are already spending most of their time in it just for fun, trip, and nonsense
things which is not anymore good, but today many are doing that.

 Yes there is. Its because it all depend on how people use it in order to
appreciate the importance of social media in our lives
I would advise them to know the real purpose and essence of social media
in order to use it in better way and to let them start guiding those who
don’t know it specially our Youngers that are always using it without
knowing that what they do are not anymore good.
 Religious Person

The sisters of Mary school campus

Interviewee: Sr. Molina, SM (member of religious group

Interviewed by: Marestila Tabay

 Professional Person

Teacher of Nissi Academy International (Basak,

lapu-lapu City)

Interviewee: Ms. Emelita (Math major)

Interviewed by: Gracille Rubi

 Ordinary Person

Student at University of San Jose Recoletos

Interviewee: Rica Mae Kate (Commerce student)
Interviewed by: Helen Menguito