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Simply Supported: 2 Symm

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more... the beam. It does not distinguish between tension or compression (this d
depends on which side of the beam's neutral plane your c input correspo
Calculator Input
Length of beam, L: 10 ft

Size of Loads on beam, P: 1000 lbf

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Distance between loads and beam ends, a: 3 ft

Young's Modulus, E: 30000 ksi

Distance from neutral axis
9 in
to extreme fibers, c:
Moment of Inertia, I: 926 in^4

Calculate Again

Go To Solutions Max Stress Displacement Slope Moment Shear

= -0.00205 in in Calc. Again


= 0.00312 deg deg Calc. Again

Moment and Maximum Bending Stress

= -3000 lbf-ft lbf-ft Calc. Again

= 350 psi psi


= 1000 lbf lbf Calc. Again

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