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In structural Engineering Pre-stressing is a very helpful and easy way of building

structures, also Pre-stress is to introduce internal stresses into beams, slabs, walls to counteract

stresses that will result from applied load. In this case readymade structural parts and materials

are reliably strong for it is already tested.

I find the quality control play a huge part in securing that these pre-casted materials are

ready for transport and also if the quality passed the standards. This part of the process is a vital

part and shouldn’t be neglected for it is a chance for the betterment of the materials that costs

lives of many people.

In the pre-cast technology I was amazed of how almost everything, every part and every

material can be made and put it all together just like building a lego puzzles except that it is

larger, heavier and much more difficult to transform. We have seen how the pulling and stressing

of cables are done; the pouring of concrete into overhead bucket; pouring concrete into casting

machine; cutting of precast slabs; and lifting and stacking using clamps.

I know the Philippines has limited technology that in other country that is why some

projects here takes a lot of time and some delayed projects because of this lacking of resources

such as machines and its advanced features. On the other hand I can say that precast materials

will cost more than the usual way of building structures. Obviously building or creating your

own material cost less than buying it.

Lastly, in the construction of precast walls I have learned the process and I was really

shocked of how advanced it is with just six simple steps the manufacturing of walls takes lesser

time and manpower. These steps I’ve learned are 1) markings of the concrete; 2) moulding and

placing of electric materials; 3) inserting reinforcement; 4) concrete filling; 5) vibration and

rotation lastly; 6) storing of wall. After this the materials will be ready for transport and ready to




Cement is one of the important materials in construction industry that is why I find it so

important to watch the plant visit about its production and even the cement industry here in the

Philippines by the CEMEX Company.

To be an aspiring engineer I think it is vital to understand how a certain material is made.

In this case I was amazed and curious by the production of cement. At first glance I think of

cement as fine grained sand but it is more than just that. It is very strong and compact and is not

for cement, no concrete building will be built.

Cement is used to make things stick together so the concrete, its strength and quality is

more likely about the cement. I am really fortunate to be studying about these because it will be a

great help in the near future when I’m about to practice this program when I pass the board


In the video the manager of the cement plan in the company stated just a few steps in

making cement and to think of it is just simple but by the gigantic machine that is on the cement

plant I was shocked. The other meeting we have watched about precast plant wherein I didn’t

expect that cement production plants will be larger and wider in terms of its area. I am also

curious why the plant is near to a sea because it might lead to future contamination but then

again is a reason for that.

I am looking forward to visit this kind of plant in the near future because I was really

astonished by it.



Water is the universal solvent here in the world. It is essential in our daily life if not for

water I think no one will be able to live for a long time. Water isn’t a resource that cannot be

replaced so treating so treating it is a vital and requirement to continuously supply a great

demand of people and the industry.

I am very interested in visiting a wastewater plant because I am very curious about how

water is treated how the bacteria, toxic, chemicals and other unwanted substance is cleaned and

ready for use again. As a student I think I will be interested in going in this field because I will

be interested in going in this field because I will be able to help everyone and serve everyone as


This treatment plants have advanced so much because the topic we have tackled in

wastewater engineering subject is for more simple that what I have washed.

I can say it is a very complex step in making our water cleans again from filtering,

primary treatment, secondary up to the tertiary treatment. Wastewater treatment plant is one of

the most helpful and important innovation throughout the years.