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(Level 1)


Student's N

School Name

School ID

Student's Number
Fon OrprcrAl Usn Oxly

* Pleqse write NRfor ALL questions not attempted.

:.i'gl; :jt1rl l-\; ii:' ili i : l 1; rg-r1 t:v I


Read the following carefully.

1. This paper consists of nvo (2) sections. There are forty (a0) Multiple Choice questions in
Section I and six (6) stnrctured questions in Section II.

2. Fill in the following information on the Multiple4hoice answer sheet using a 2kIB pencil
only (if it has not been completed already):
School Name
- School ID
- Student's Name
- Student's Number
- Date of Birttr
3. Attempt all questions in Section I. Record your answers on the Multiple Choice answer
sheets provided.

4. Answer all questions in Section II in the spaces provided in this booklet.

5. You should spend approximately fifty (50) minutes on Section I and forty (40) minutes
on Section II

6. On the Multiple Choice answer sheet DO NOT

Write anything on the top and sides
Staple o
o Punch holes
o Tear
o Make stray marks

7. Complete the following on the cover of this test booklet:

a. Student's Name

b. Student's Number

c. School Name

d. School ID

8. If you have finished before time is called, go back and check your work.

r..i .ii .l|i:i 1., II i;ii !l i:l;- si ii jli j


There are forty (40) questions in this section with four (4) answer options: A, B, C, and D.
You are required to answer ALL questions on the answer sheet provided by shading an
option A, B, C, or D. Select only ONE option.

l. Which nvo (2) structures are found in 4. The diagram below represents the
animal cells? movement of oxygen and carbon
dioxide within a cell.
A. Cell wall and cell membrane
&lt ****n
B. Cell wall and nucleus
C. Cell membrane and nucleus
D. Cell membrane and chloroplast

2. Micro-organisms which ferment milk o

to produce yogurt are called?
a 6cton dsldr
Or.}! [r ioidrs'f ltf,cd ffiqt

A. Viruses slidrmiabthrall
B. Fungi
C. Mould What is the name of the process shown
D. Bacteria in the diagram above?
A. Osmosis
3. Four samples of milk were treated as B. Diflirsion
show below in diagrams l, 2,3 and C. Evaporation
4. D. Transpiration
lf ll
/tr i\
o 5. In which part of the cell
respiration take place?

@ 2
Lcft Bollcq
without thcn lcft without then scaicd
boilftlg oPen bomrE

In which flask will the milk take

longest to turn sour?
A. I A. Nucleus
8.2 B. Vacuole
c.3 C. Chloroplast
D.4 D. Mitochondrion
\icsli 2(l I 5 [l fECIiAl i'-D SCIIINCII
6. The SI unit used to measure a 10. The following diagrams show
person's height is measurements recorded by a goup
A. metre ofstudents during an experiment to
B. kilometre measure the volume of a small stone
C. millimetre using a measuring cylinder.
D. centimetre
What is the volume of the stone?

7. The quantity of matter in a body is

known as it its
A. mass
B. weight
C. volume
D. density
Volume of Volume of water
water= 55cm3 and stone = 68cm3

8. The diagram below represents

changes in the state of substances. A. 13cm3
The change at X is B. 55 cm3
C. 68 cm3
D. 123 cm3

I l. In which of these is chemical energy


A. boiling A. An apple
B. freezing B. A moving car
C. sublimation C. A stretch rubber band
D. condensation D. A lit bulb

9. An inflated balloon will shrink if 12. Which ONE (1) of the following
placed in a refrigerator because the groups contains only renewable
lower temperature causes the gas energy resources?
particles to move
A more slowly and become closer A. Coal, oil and gas
B. Coal, wind and oil
B. faster and become closer together
C. Sun. wind and oil
C. more slowly and become further
D. Sun, wind and tide
D. faster and become further apart
13. What kind(s) of energy does an 17. The process by which living things
object have as it is falling through release energy from food is called
the air?
A. photosynthesis
A. Kinetic energy B. breathing
B. Sound energy only C. respiration
C. Chemical energy only D. excretion
D. Potential energy only
18. John's aunt is suffering with
14. Which device will demonstrate the constipation. Which ONE of the
energy transformations as shown following could be added to her diet to
below? help her with this problem?

Chemical Electrical Light A. Orangejuice

energy + ene.gy + B. Bran
C. Chocolate
A. An electric stove D. Chicken
B. A fluorescent light bulb
C. A kerosene lamp 19. The Table below shows the results of
D. A battery-operated torch light food tests carried out on a sample of
15. Solar panels are used in some
countries to provide homes with Test Observations
energy. ONE benefit of this is Iodine solution added
Blue. Black colour
Benedict's solution added
A. the production of nitrogen gas and mixture heated Blue colour
B. the production of light energy
Shaken with ethanol Clear solutions
C. the reduction of the ozone layer
D. the reduction of carbon dioxide The nutrient present in the food sample
emissions is
A. fat
16. DNA testing can be used to B. glucose
C. protein
A. determine the sugar content in D. starch
the blood
B. test for cirrhosis of the liver 20. Nail polish remover which dissolves nail
C. test for scurvy polish from Beth's nail is called a
D. determine the paternity of a
A. solute
child B. solvent
C. solution
D. suspension

( si li)l \ i\r'l:( ili \'l lrl) S( 1).lrr.-l

21. A cough mixture that must be shaken 25.In which of the following pairs of
before administering is most likely a magnets would attraction occur?

A colloid
B. suspension
I lN- sllon 'l
C. solution
D gel
tr fN 'lF lrl
22.8y what process is a mixture of mud m
I' NIF sl
F- NIF--"-l
and water best separated?
A. Distillation
B. Separating funnel A. Iandtr
C. Chromatography B. tr and Itr
D Filnation C. m and [V
D. I and IV
23. Which ONE of the following is the
BEST conductor of energy? 26 The green substance in a leaf that
traps sunlight to produce food is
A. Metal known as
B. Plastic A. glucose
C. Rock B. water
D. Wood C. chlorophyll
D. soil
24. Choose the group in A, B, C, or D
that represents the devices labeled X, 27.patick noticed that underwater
Y and Zinthe diagram shown. plants had tiny air bubbles on the
surface of their leaves. What caused
the air bubbles to form on the leaves?

A The process ofevaporation

B. The process of photosynthesis
C. Goldfish breathing on the plant
D. An increase in water temperafure

x Y Z
A. Battery Resistor Bulb

B Battery Switch Bulb

C Bulb Resistor Battery

D. Resistor Switch Battery
28 Which of the following would 31. The most abundant gas in the
provide the best evidence that the atmosphere is
unknown object is a living A. ozone
organism? B. oxygen
C. nitrogen
A. It possesses carbon-containing D. carbon dioxide
B. It is able to reproduce. 32. Which gas is necessary for
C. Its temperature is higher than that
combustion (burning) to take place?
of the surrounding water or air.
D. It has a highly ordered structure.
A. Oxygen
B. Nitrogen
29 Mr. Brown noticed an increase in the C. Hydrogen
number of dead fish on the banks of D. Helium
a nearby river. Which of the
following is the LEAST likely 33 The property of air that best explains
reason for this? the fact that no container is empty
A Oil spill
under normal conditions is that
B. Sewage disposal
C. Burning of fossil fuels A. Air has mass.
D. Industrial waste runoff B. Air is colourless.
C. Air fills up any space available.
30. In the food web below, if all the D. Air particles have mass but no
small fish died, which ONE of the size.
following statements would be
correct? 34 The graph below shows the
concentration of carbon dioxide
(CO, in the atmosphere with time.

1990 2000 2010

Which statement BEST describes the

reason for the increase in carbon
A. All the big fish would eventually
die. dioxide (COt over the years?
B The pelican population would A. Replanting of trees
increase. B. Use of excess fertilizers
C. The amount of seaweed would C. A decrease in human population
decrease. D. An increase in the number of
D The bird population would

,,ltr!iirij).i(li { i
32.. Adiagram of the water cycle is shown
35 38. The following diagrams show
below. What pr@esses do the letters X and the effect of light falling on cups
Y respectively represent? made from different materials.

+{ II
Which of the following, A, B, C, or
D correctly identifies the type of

turtrrut trurhat eDri|rt

A I tr m
B m I II
m II I
tt I m II
x Y
39. The diagram below shows a
A. Cordensation Evaporation container filled with water. At which
B. Evaporation Precipitation of the following points is the
pressure greatest?
C. Cordensation Sublimation

D. Evaporation Cordensation

36.A material that does not allow

light to pass through is described
A. opaque
B. translucent A. I
C. transparent B. II
D. florescent c.m
37. Which of the lists below contains
40. The diagram below shows three (3)
ONLY luminous objects?
forces acting on a block.
A. diamond, mirror, moon
B. fire, light bulb, mirror
C. light bulb, fire, sun
The resultant force on
D. sun, moon, fire
the block is
A. 4N C. 14N
B. lON D. 24N

NCS l:l 20 I -5 fr 1 llGit.\'iLll) ltllliNc J

There are SD( (6) questions in this section.
Answer ALL questions in the spaces provided.

L Kavita is a fourteen year old student. She ensures that she maintains a balanced diet. The
bars in Figure I represent the portion size ofcarbohydrate, protein and fat in her diet.

exha large KEY

A- Carbohydrate

B- Protein
L-LI C- Fat
hhl ffi
Nutrients in Diet

Fieure 1. Proportion of Nutrients in Kavita's Diet

a) Using Figure 2 and Figure 3, in a similar way, draw bars to show the portion size of
nutrients A, B and C which should be in the following persons' diet, compared to
Kavita's. (3 marks)
i. Kwame. a track and field athlete.

extra large KEY

Portion size large A- Carbohydrate

medium B- Protein

small C- Fat

Nutrients in Diet

Fisure 2. Proportion of Nutrients in Kwame's Diet

:(r15 1-'-1-1:t;R \Ii-lihi:i )'.1 i

ii. Grand Ma Jane. who is inactive.

exua large KEY

Portion size hrg" A- Carbohydrate

medium B- Protein

small C- Fat

Nutrients in Diet

Fizure 3: Proportion of Nutrients in Grand-Ma Jane's Diet

(3 marks)

b) Joe is overweight. He eats butter with ten crackers ("salt biscuits") which are made from
white flour and drinks a 500 ml soft drink for breakfast.

i. Gve two (2) nutrients which are not suffrcient (not enough) in Joe's brealdast, when
compared to a balanced diet.

(2 marks)

ii. Joe would like to lose 10 kg in three months.

What two (2) things should he do to achieve this goal?



(2 marks)

TOTAL: 10 marks

\LSi :rrI : I), 1 I:( ili.jr.j i,Lj SClli:\L,_t
) a) Lee poured out a glass of orange juice which was in the refrigerator. He added two
teaspoons of sugar to thejuice and stirred five times. Approximately (nearly) half of the
sugar did not dissolve. His father repeated everything Lee did, but he used juice which
was kept on the cupboard instead of in the refrigerator. The sugar his father used was
From the statements given below, choose the ONE that makes Lee's juice different from
his father's.

Volume of the juice, Temperature of the juice, Number of times the juice was
stirred, Amount of sugar added

(l mark)

Explain why all of the sugar in Lee's juice did not dissolve, while the sugar in his father's
juice did.

(2 marks)
b) Lee decided to conduct an experiment to investigate the solubility of sugar. He
designed the investigation as follows:


Fizure 4: Lee's Experimental Design

ilCSIi 2015 INI-liCRr\ I'l:,D Scllliicl

(i) Give the aim of the experiment.

(ii) Lee drew a Table to show the results of his experiment and recorded the ffi:i
water and sugar in each test tubo. Fill the spaces in the Table to show how much
water and sugar should be in test tubes B and C.

Table l: Cc'ntents of Test Tubes


WATER (ml) SUGAR (g) fc)
A 10 5 20

B 30

c 40

(2 marks)
(iii) Lee observes the amount of sugar in each test tube after 5 minutes.

What is expected to be the results for Test Tubes A and C?



(2 marks)
Give a reason for your answer to (iii) above.

(l mark)

TOTAL: l0 marks

NCSE 20 Ls Lrl'l'F-lGlt.r i lli) SCIENCII
3. a) Fill the following blank spaces in (i), (ii) and (iii), using the correct words selected

from the list given below.

resistance, charges, series, voltage, circuit, coulombs, parallel

An electric current is the flow of electric A current will

flow continuously in a closed path called an electric

ll. A circuit has only one path for electric current to follow.

lll. circuit has more than one path for current to follow.

(3 marks)
b) The figure below shows a simple electrical circuit.

In the box below, DRAW the circuit diagram for the above figure using appropriate
circuit symbols.

(5 marks)

NL'SF:I i() t 5 t\l'fl'l(iR.\ll' I) SClLlliul:

c) Why is it not safe to fly a kite near to power (electrical) lines?

(1 mark)
TOTAL: 10 marks
4. The lion fish is a native to the Pacific and Indian Oceans. It was first captured in the
Atlantic Ocean, close to Florida in 1985. It then spread to South America and other
Caribbean countries. It was first spotted in Tobagoin2012.


-. *€: .
. .lE-a

Locally, the lion fish has no natural predators. It has an insatiable (limitless) appetite and
feeds on young fish such as the parrot fish and butterfly fish. It competes with local fish
such as snapper and grouper for food such as parrot fish and butterfly fish. It has been
suggested that one way to control the lion fish is for humans to eat it.

a) The spread of the lion fish is an example of the effect of human activities on the
environment. Explain how the lion fish could have reached the Atlantic Ocean.

(2 marks)

b) Name TTTREE (3) types of fish which feed on parrot fish and butterfly fish.


(3 marks)

)..('*i..l{ji: IVI Lfiit.\f!i-) s(lf i\il.
c) With the lion fish present locally, complete the following Table to explain changes in
the population of the listed fish.

Table2: Changes in Population (Number) of Fish

Expected Change in
Animal Reason For Change
Population (number)
Parrot Fish


(4 marks)

d) Explain what is meant by the statement "Locally, the lion fish has no natural

TOTAL: l0 marks

a) Fill in the blank spaces with the correct word from the given list.

ffilet radiation, atmosphere, radiation, green

i. The thin layer of air that surr{)unds the Earth is called the

ii. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) are dangerous because they destroy

iii. The ozone layer helps protect ul from

iv. The effect occurs when certain gases trap heat

in the Earth's atmosphere. (4 marks)

b) 6ive ONE example of a renewable source of energy and ONE example of a non-
renewable source of enerry.
Renewable Source-
Non-Renewable Source

(2 marks)
:iCSl, 2015 NTir(lR-{f T)) SCIlll'iL--E
c) The picture below shows air pollution in a city.

Based on the picture, explain why there is air pollution in cities such as shown in
the picture above.


ii. Describe ONE way in which the poltution in this city could be reduced.

(l mark)

\ (-$i :i_,1 i i\ il:.tifi.i I r:l ) ;,-;l.ii,ht_ l
d. The picture shows a landfill site in a Caribbean Island.

Describe TWO (2) ways by which the amount of solid waste that goes into this
can be reduced.



(2 marks)

TOTAL: lOmarks

6. A music truck moves along the road at a constant speed. The engine produces a
driving force F acting against the frictional force R.

Iiltr il
il tlL_uLl

a) R {
Compare the size of force, F with (Put a tick in the box next to your response.)
F is smaller than R

F is the same asR

F is larger than R
(l mark)
b) The music truck has an engine which changes one form of energy into another.
i. Name TWO (2) forms of energy supplied by the fuel used in the engine?

(2 marks)

Describe the energy change taking place in the battery of the music truck.

(1 mark)
c) The music truck has a mass of 2,000 kilograms and moves across a stage at a velocity
of 5 ms-1. Calculate the truck's momentum as it crosses the stage. (Show all working)
Include in your answer the appropriate unit.

(4 marks)

\lriiIi l! ) I 5 i\l1:.( ii{.,\ fi, ; ) SCil,i;C}i

Spanner A

Spanner B

In the diagrams above, which spanner would make turning the nut easier?

(1 mark)

ii. Explain your choice of spanner.

(1 mark)

TOTAL: l0 marks

E:..!i {)F TEST

li( {}'l :0I5 Ii\'i }:li-lR,\l'gi) St-'thl\ll-I