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Date: 3/2/2018

To: Eastmont Parks and Recreation
255 N. Georgia Ave.
East Wenatchee, WA 98802

From: Chloe Krawczyk, Trail Signage Evaluation Company LLC

Subject: Wayfinding Signage Issues on Douglas County Loop Trail

Distribution List: Office of the Mayor; Maria Holman, East Wenatchee City Clerk; and James R.
Barker, Douglas County Transportation and Land Services

Report Purpose:

This report answers the city of East Wenatchee’s questions about the wayfinding signage
on the East Wenatchee Loop Trail. Our Company has established that the Douglas
county side of the Loop Trail does not have substantial wayfinding. Trail Signage
Evaluation Company LLC has identified many specific areas of the trail that are
particularly difficult to navigate. A recent survey done by our employees, as well as our
company’s assessment of wayfinding signage has established this conclusion. More
wayfinding signage on the Douglas County side of the Loop trail would be beneficial for
tourism and local use of the trail.

Topics Covered in This Report:

 Not Enough Wayfinding Signage
 Unnecessary Wayfinding Signage
 Current Wayfinding Placement
 Places that need Wayfinding Signage
 Unmarked Private Property

Background: It has come to my attention that there are many issues with the wayfinding signage on the Douglas County side of the Loop Trail. Figure 3. There are stories told of people getting lost. The Douglas County side of the Loop Trail is severely neglected. but for many common citizens the river is not enough information to decipher their location. the more it was discovered how dire the need for wayfinding is. On the Chelan County side of the trail there is plenty of wayfinding. Take a look at figure 3. Users of the trail have also found their way onto private property without knowing. See figure 1. This is a picture of the only informational sign within half a mile in both directions. Throughout the 24 years this trail has been operating. . Report Development: Most of the research of this report was done on foot in order to get a better idea of how much/what types of wayfinding the Loop Trail had. Figure 2. The city has paid to put in this sign when they could have used the money to put in a trail marker or something of that nature. Some say the river is the only sign they need. See Figure 2 for an example of the lack of signage. The more the trail was researched. This research began at the entrance to the trail on 19th street. there have been many reports of problems navigating the trail. This is an unnecessary sign. They even have mile markers. Figure 1. There was not enough wayfinding whatsoever.

This is an issue because a large portion of people have become lost in the past on these side trails. The whole Douglas County side of the Loop Trail needs more wayfinding. Specifically. it was noticed that there is a lot of private property up against the Loop Trail. This causes users of the trail to be at risk when they are unknowingly step onto someone’s property. Black (personal communication. The only directional sign within about a mile is at the entrance to the trail. The results are displayed below: Questions: Yes No Do you use the East Wenatchee side of the Loop Trail? 25 10 Do you ever get lost while on the East Wenatchee side of the Loop trail? 10 25 Would you appreciate additional wayfinding signage? 27 8 Do you use beach access? 15 20 Do you use the jumping rocks? 9 26 Do you use the natural pool areas? 10 25 Note: T. Summary: Throughout this report many places are mentioned where the wayfinding is particularly bad. . There are many side trails that people enjoy exploring on the Loop Trail. Of the few signs on the East Wenatchee side.Survey Results: Our company has taken a survey of 35 citizens of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee. but this area is one of the worse places. Both of these areas are in need of wayfinding signage. the majority of them are unnecessary. 2018) Discussion: During the research for this report. The budget for the unnecessary signs could have gone to putting in ones to help people find their way. these places were the section of the Loop Trail around 19th street. All of these have no wayfinding. March 1. There are unmarked side trails and private property up against the Loop Trail that people become lost in. Most of this is unmarked. This was to get a better idea of what locals thought of the East Wenatchee side of the Loop Trail.

This Signage will prevent people from becoming lost and keep people coming back to the trail in their free time.Conclusion: The Douglas County side of the Apple Capital Recreational Loop Trail needs wayfinding signage. .

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