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Havven ICO Report | 23 Feb 2018 | TGO Capital

Rating Impact Team Advisors Tokenomics Hype Comparable Industry Product Stage
87.67% 8.53 8.67 4.83 1.67 5.00 Payment Currency Testnet
Platform/Stable Coin

Summary floating supply while the Havven provides However, the decentralized networks don’t
Success Factors: the collateral and has a static supply. have this power in the physical world so a
• Huge demand for stable coins Havven is solving the problems of extreme collateral asset system makes the most
• Massive social media presence volatility, centralization and seizure. This is sense. If you look at tether for example,
• Bonuses were dictated by longer possible since they do not rely on a third since they claim it is backed by the USD,
vesting periods party or central authority to maintain trust. they are stating that for every 1 tether they
• Strong team that have worked together Havven will be issuing a stable token that is “print” there is $1 sitting in a bank account.
in the pass backed by a distributed collateral pool. This
pool derives its value from the utility of the Company Background
• Reasonable hard cap of 30M
system since the fees obtained from the Their founder, Kain Warwick built the
Risk Factors: transactions are distributed proportionally largest crypt payment platform in Australia
• Since the intrinsic value of the platform amongst collateral holders. As more called blueshyft with tens of millions of
comes from the network fees, the transactions occur on the system the value of dollars in volume. Justin Moses is a director
network needs people to transact for it the collateral also increases which allows the at MongoDB (a database software company)
stable token supply to expand and meet the and experience as an operations manager.
to be successful.
demand. The VP Partnerships, Jordan Momtazi has
• Advisors do not list the project on experience at PayPal and worked with the
LinkedIn It is clear that cryptocurrencies are not used founder at blueshyft as well. This is
as a form of transactional money (day-to- typically a good sign when teams have
Conclusion: Bullish day use) because of their volatility. A user’s worked together on past projects. Part of the
purchasing power fluctuates by the minute, Havven team worked together to win the
however, the value of the underlying Consensus 2017 Hackathon.
Brief Overview
technology (immutability, censorship A minor concern, which has been brought to
Havven is a decentralized payment network resistant, etc.) is apparent. The backing that the team’s attention is that the advisors do
and stable coin. The network operates on gives fiat money its value is typically a not list the project on their LinkedIn
however the advisors appear to be experts in
two coins: the Nomin and Havven token. government’s asset, for example this could
the blockchain, legal and regulatory fields
The Nomin is the stable coin that has a be gold, tax obligations and armies.

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Havven ($HLTH) ICO Report | 23 Feb 2018 | TGO Capital

which will definitely help this project off the of Havvens to be escrowed to ensure that The whitepaper can be referenced for exact
ground. even if the price of Havvens falls the Nomin formulas that will determine the Nomin
Investment Analysis1 can be redeemed for their face value. The demand, Havven value, collateralization
network incentivizes the issuance and ratio and transaction fees.
The network operates with two coins as destruction of Nomin in response to the
discussed above: the stable coin and the coin Catalysts
changing demand. As you can see above the
providing collateral. The stable coin Havven token incentivizes those who Here is the 2018 roadmap:
transaction fees will be paid out to the provide collateral and participate in
individuals providing collateral and stability. stabilizing the Nomin price. The system • Q1: The platform will release ether-
This is meant to compensate them for the monitors the Nomin price and responds by backed Nomins that will use the
risk of providing the collateral. In a sense adjusting its targeted global supply where token sale funds and allow the team
they are rewarding users for supplying individual issuers are incentivized to move to extract data. This ensures that
stability and charging those who demand it. towards. Nomin destruction can only occur Nomin users can trust the collateral
when the same number of Nomins that were until the value of Havvens and the
Nomin has a floating supply where its price
issued are presented to access the escrowed network has been established.
is measured in fiat and Havven should
encourage adequate Nomin liquidity. The Havvens. Once the issuer indicates the • Q2: The issuance of Havven backed
Havven token provides the collateral for the intention to retrieve their escrowed Havvens Nomins ill be issued by the Havven
the system places a limit buy on a foundation as well as centralized
network and has a static supply therefore the
market cap directly reflects the system’s decentralized exchange up to a maximum exchange listings of Havvens in
price of $1. April.
• Q3: The issuance of Havven backed
Ownership of Havven tokens grants the right If volatility continues through long periods
Nomins by public holders will occur
to issue a value of Nomins equal to the of time there will be stronger techniques
and this is when additional exchange
dollar value of Havvens that have been applied such as automated collateral
listings and platform integrations
placed in escrow. The escrowed Havvens recovery. This can be in the form of
will occur.
can then be released from the system when charging a fee for using Nomins as a
hedging method so that the cost of utility is • Q4: Once proven stable for USD the
the quantity of Nomins that was initially foundation will enable multi-
issued is presented. The value from the not being solely borne by transactions.
currency Nomins (most likely to be
Havven token is derived from the fees that Initially the Nomin will be denominated in EUR, AUD, YEN, GBP).
the network generates and then distributes to the value of a fiat currency, in this case
the token holders. This is similar to how the This is a great roadmap and shows the
USD, but additional currencies may be
value of Kucoin Shares ($KCS) is directly supported in the future. Ultimately, the Havven foundation really cares about the
derived from daily volume/trading fees. The integrity of the network and seamless rollout
ability to redeem a Nomin for the Havvens
issuance of Nomins requires a higher value against which it was issued creates a stable of the tokens.

price (otherwise there would be people

Not financial advice, do your own research. capitalizing on the arbitrage opportunity).
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