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Retouching reality masterclass | Create ink art | Master outer space | Bert Monroy interview


Unleash their potential with
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Photoshop masterpieces
with water and ink

Get to grips with the new Vista OS

Take control of 32-bit Support

Make the most of Preferences
Perfect outer space effects TIC


We take a tour of the
best notebooks around

Master skin, hair and beauty retouching with Photoshop


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9 771748 727009

MAKE MONEY WITH ‘SHOP pages of professional

Use your Photoshop skills to create tips & essential step-

more than art – make a living too! by-step tutorials


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Cover image Imageer:

Angel D’Amico is a freelance designer and ANGEL D’AMICO
illustrator from Chicago. Combining her fine arts
background into her digital work, she creates
beautiful and exotic illustrations. Typical of her
fresh, imaginative style our cover image I USUALLY START
showcases Angel’s talents with Photoshop and
watercolour – a gift that has allowed her to EXPERIMENTING
stand out from the Photoshop crowds.
/ For more of Angel’s work, turn to page 18 AND IT LEADS TO
Advanced Photoshop

003_APM21_intro.indd 3 28/7/06 12:03:45


Master digital retouching and watch your images
go from good to great. Simon Danaher shows
you how to perfect fashion-esque shots


inside... LETTERS
Our readers’ comments and feedback
7 8

News and showcases from around the globe
All the latest events, exhibitions and awards 10
Angel D’Amico presents her portfolio 18
Digital wonder Tom Bagshaw shows all 20
Check out the work of PCP 22

Your technical traumas shared with fellow readers
and answered by our expert

7 85
Learn a few of the techniques
needed to emulate our cover artist,
Angle D’Amico’s amazing style. Just Bert Monroy reveals the Vital assets to improve your Photoshop work
techniques behind his art
turn the page and get creating
Vista: The preview 86
Gadgets 90
Books 92
Photoshop websites 94

E ...
Superb stock art, project files to go with this
B 6
C RI ge 7 f month’s issue and more!

UBSto pa £s ofce
S rn ave pri
Tu d s ver 36 48
an e co Make a living with
the Adobe app
The final part of our
Photoshop relay race

Advanced Photoshop

004-005_APM21_contents.indd 6 28/7/06 12:01:58

Master Painter style effects
with Dynamic brushes

Faster, better, more… How can you work smarter?
Master skin, hair and beauty Photoshop work
7 30
Manipulate reality with cool ink effects
7 42
The digital wonder shares his secrets


The second part in our series on the art of space
Inventive ways to make Photoshop work for you


The final stage in our marathon competition Think you’ve mastered it? Think again


Inspiring and challenging images from your fellow readers Everything you need to know to create Painter-esque art


We take a tour of the best notebooks around PREFERENCES
Make the most of Photoshop using this feature
7 70
Can the new OS really live up to the hype?

Advanced Photoshop

004-005_APM21_contents.indd 7 28/7/06 12:28:38


Got something to say about the magazine or
Photoshop in general – write in and tell us!
Email us at advancedpshop@imagine-
publishing.co.uk or visit the forum at

SUBJECT: Qualification qualms Editor replies:

FROM: Richard Trainor Well, opinion on this is quite divided, as it really will
I was wondering how necessary qualifications depend on where you would like your career to go.
actually are in regards to landing a career in design. I Generally speaking an employer (like a magazine
recently left my first year of a graphics course I was publisher or ad agency) will look at qualifications first,
doing for the second time as I felt I wasn’t learning then at your portfolio should you get through to the
anything and the course was mostly filled with things interview stage. If it’s a freelance career you’re after
I didn’t think matter. In all honesty I have learned far then your clients will be more interested in seeing
more in a few months of reading your magazine what you can do, not your qualification.
than I did in two years of college, where there were no Why not try looking for a better course? One of the
actual lessons, just project after project. The thing ones mentioned in issue 19 of Advanced Photoshop
that tipped the scale for me was seeing the senior might suit you more and give you a solid education
students’ final projects and thinking they obviously so that you can choose either path. I hope that helps
hadn’t learned any techniques, their work was of the somewhat and good luck!
same quality as when they started the course.
So I was wondering, is it more important to have a SUBJECT: Feature suggestion
good quality portfolio of quality images with no FROM: Darren Blume
SPLITTING IMAGE: Over the next few months
certificate, or a piece of paper with some letters on it I’ve noticed that you’re now doing a regular hardware there’ll be some radical changes to both the forum
aside a poor portfolio? round up and would like to suggest a topic for that and the website, so keep checking!
feature. As a dedicated mouse user I’d like to see a
review of the best wireless ones, as well as optical and Editor replies:
laser options. This is something a few people have had problems
I know most people seem to be switching over to with so both magazines have been working with our
tablets now, but some of us are stuck in our ways! in-house multimedia department to split up the
forums. Visit the new Advanced Photoshop forum at
SUBJECT: Sister sister www.advancedphotoshop.co.uk/forum.
FROM: June Jennings
Am I the only person who finds your forum confusing? SUBJECT: Top grades!
Which bits belong to those who read Photoshop FROM: Derek Meadle
Creative and which to those who enjoy Advanced Can I just say a big well done to Trevor Morris, your
Photoshop? Every time I think I have worked out Insider Info writer. He does a superb job every month
which section I should be in, another post appears explaining the technical side of new Photoshop
which contradicts my decision. Please can’t the two features that most of us have never been able to get
magazines have separate forums? our heads around. The Vanishing Point one in issue 18


DECISION TIME: While he’s making the decision
between hands-on training or education, check out
some of Richard’s work

Advanced Photoshop

008-009_APM21.indd 8 17/7/06 15:32:26

MORE IN A Straight to
From opposite sides of

the point
the earth Hi-Liter and

FEW MONTHS Revjessecuster, two

forum users, took up

the Goddess challenge

Pixel perfection
MAGAZINE Subject: Issue 20
From: Dan Horne

THAN I DID IN I’ve been a fan of pixel art for years and it’s great
to see it being represented in a magazine like

TWO YEARS yours. Too often ‘advanced’ magazines address

their audience like they don’t know what a layer

OF COLLEGE” is or how to create a new document.

Although to the beginner pixel art can look
complicated and daunting, once you give it a go
PAIN OR you’ll find your Photoshop skills and creative
was a particular favourite of mine and cleared up to remove. Check out the gallery of cutouts on their PLEASURE: thinking will make things seem a lot easier.
Whether you spent
many issues I had with that feature. site – it really shows what you can do! five minutes or five
Other aspects I personally have some trouble with hours giving pixel Subject: 20 is the magic number!
are the Print With Preview feature and data-driven Editor replies: art a go, you all From: John Bradshaw
seemed to love our
graphics – have you covered these in previous issues Finding a new app which makes life easier is always a last cover Although I’ve never been a big fan of pixel art I
or dare I hope you might include them at my request? pleasure but for those of you who have yet to try out must admit your cover made me stop in my
Fluid Mask or have used it but don’t own it, count tracks. A bright, vivid magazine that proclaimed
Editor replies: down the days until issue 22. Along with our new I could ‘Create this cover’. After giving Mr Lucken’s
Hi Derek, thanks for the email. Trevor’s features are a news feature from Robin Preston will come the tutorial a go I am convinced I could indeed
big fave here in the office and with you guys reading chance to win a copy of Fluid Mask – we’ll set you a recreate your cover, if I had the patience! Surely
the mag, so we’ll always do our best to cover the little Photoshop challenge and let you fight it out pixel art is enough to drive any sane person
features you’re finding most troublesome. You can between you! completely mad! Did anyone else feel like this or
except to see one of your suggestions in the very next do I just have the attention span of a gnat?
issue, with the other following closely behind. Enjoy! SUBJECT: Wacom wonders
FROM: Stephen MacArthur Subject: Anticipation killed the
SUBJECT: Fluid mask I wanted to drop you all a quick line to thank you for Photoshopper!
FROM: Keely Hunter your round up of tablets in issue 20. After pondering From: Jeff, via email
I got Fluid Mask recently and I must say it is very good. over purchasing one for many months I’ve finally I love that you give us forum users a bit of a
I love the fact you can pixel-pick the colours you want taken the plunge and expect my new toy any day. sneak preview of upcoming covers every month
but I do have a bit of a moan. For those of your
SUBJECT: On a positive note loyal readers based in the US, like me, this can
FROM: Joan Charmant seem like torture. I’ve only just got issue 18 and
I received an issue 18 magazine today, it’s the first you’re all talking about issue 20 – that’s just
time I’ve got an issue of Advanced Photoshop in my cruel! That said, the content looks fab and I can’t
hands and I must say you guys do a fantastic job, wait to get my hands on my next copy of AP.
both on content and on print quality.
I have prepared a package of five pictures for Editor replies:
possible inclusion in your Peer Pressure We’re glad you liked the mag – or the look of it
section – I hope you enjoy them. for those of you outside the UK – and we’re
Keep up the good work! pleased to hear you’re having a crack at the
tutorials. Pixel art is quite time-consuming
and here at AP we’re divided between
LOVING IT: He might love those who gave up after five minutes
reading it, but having his work and those who spent countless
appear in it is even better!
Check out Joan’s work on afternoons playing with pixels!
page 72

Advanced Photoshop

008-009_APM21.indd 9 17/7/06 15:32:44

Keeping an eye on the latest trends in contemporary photography, art
and design, Insight sets out to snapshot innovation in the making

Destination London
There’s still a month to go before the London Design
Festival, but things are starting to heat up already. With
new events being announced daily, the festival, due to
show from 15-30 September at various locations
throughout London, is sure to be one of the best yet.
Established in 2003, the London Design Festival is an
annual international event celebrating and promoting
London and the UK’s creativity. Events announced so
far include Tom Dixon in Trafalgar Square, [re] design
06 and Scarlet Projects, which sees 12 stalls manned
by a selection of the most talented and dynamic
young UK designers selling remedies for modern-day
‘illnesses’. Ailments treated could be anything from iPod addiction MIRANDA WAT
British design ta BLE: As well as
to compulsive shopping disorder and celebrity obsession, acting len sh
flavour. Over 15 t, the programme will have an owcasing
as a revealing and insightful commentary on the 21st Century countries are ex international
creativity, and pected to be de
show monstrating th
human condition. Norway, India an s from countries including Th eir
d Singapore wi ail
ll add a truly glo and, Austria,
The vast majority of Festival exhibitions are free although some bal dimension
may require tickets, so keep checking the website to make sure you
don’t miss out. Each of the listings includes details on what’s
planned, who’s hosting, and where and when its on, alongside
details of similar or nearby events.


Just one of the designs
you’ll see if you go
along to [re] design
– on at the Old
Truman Brewery from
20-26 September


the Festival design
is everywhere in London
, and projects can
be found in over 150 diffe
rent venues. The
home for projects varies
by type and
includes museums, college
s, creative
businesses and tempora
ry locations

Advanced Photoshop

010-013_APM21_insight.indd 10 24/7/06 11:58:38

2006, A GOOD YEAR: Artwork
from this year’s Xchange brochure.
The event is only for those involved
in the teaching of design,
Channel 4’s case study presenta
tion at
advertising and communications last year’s D&AD Xchange

SEVEN’S A CROWD: Safari photographer

supremo Todd Gustafson shows the standard
the judges have come to expect

Go wild!
As digital imageers, we’re turning our
hands more and more to the

Design photographic side of our art. But, no

matter how good we become, one of

Xchange the hardest topics of photography

remains wildlife – you can’t ask your
subject to stand still, pose or get too
Of special interest to teachers of Shaughnessy, Dave Trott, Digit,
close, but you want that perfect shot.
design, advertising or John McConnell, Mark Porter of
Now in its 42nd year, the Shell
communications is D&AD Xchange. The Guardian and many more. You’ll
Wildlife Photographer of the Year
On from 4-5 September in London, be able to find the full programme
competition aims to find the very best
the event, which is sponsored by of events and speakers at
photography featuring natural
Adobe, is a packed two-day www.dandad.org/xchange.
subjects. Open to amateur and
programme of talks, case studies and D&AD is an educational charity
professional photographers, it’s one of
debate covering the full range of that represents the global creative,
the most prestigious competitions of
creative disciplines. design and advertising communities.
its kind. And in just weeks, we find out
Aiming to ensure courses are Since 1962, D&AD has been setting
the big 2006 winners. If you want the
covering the most relevant, up-to- industry standards, educated and
chance to see the winning entries for
the-minute and inspired content for inspired the next generation, and
yourself, pop down to the Natural
the year ahead, this is a must-see for more recently, has demonstrated the
History Museum during October.
anyone in the teaching industry. This impact of creativity on enhancing TALKING THE TALK:
year’s speakers include Adrian business performance. Jonathan Jeffrey’s (www.
com) presentation at the www.nhm.ac.uk
2005 D&AD Xchange

EBOY: To see more of the work of contributor

Two become one

eBoy check out its pixel-art based website
er the life of the de
ern et, su re Adobe products ov the
n on the Int s custo me rs
Wherever you tur The first stage bring
gh yo u’l l fin d sig ns of Adobe or To olb ar with downloads of
enou Goog le
nts in the ir fie lds , the pair dia Shockwave Player.
Google. Two gia me nt Adobe’s Macrome
n forces to ce are some of the
have decided to joi “Adobe customers
their dominance. siastic consumers
rke t most savvy, enthu ll
“As leaders in our
res pe cti ve ma d we think they wi
e an d of web content, an ar wi ll let
tin g for Ad ob Go og le To olb
categories, it’s fit love the fact that
Google to work tog
ether to r of Google search
me rs them take the powe d
improve the wa ys cu sto re on the web,” sai
an d with them anywhe esi de nt of
th ide as r vic e pr
engage wi
tan u Om id Kordestani, senio nt
Shan siness develop me
information,” said global sales and bu
ray en , pr esi de nt and chief
Na at Google. a
operating officer
at Adobe. on or to download
es For more informati ob e.
Shockwave Player ag ree me nt se r, visit ww w. ad
: Available free, the The ne w
free Shockwave Pla
MAKING A WAVE b con ten t such as games, distribute er/.
lets users view intera
ctive we
ain me nt an d adverts from Adobe agreeing to co .uk /p ro du cts/shockwaveplay
ions, entert th va rio us
business presentat of tho usa nd s of Shockwave the Google Toolb
ar wi
a web browser. Hu an d Sho ckw ave is installed
ded daily,
Players are downloa cent of Internet-enabled desktops
on more than 55 per

Advanced Photoshop

010-013_APM21_insight.indd 11 24/7/06 11:59:16

Adobe: New super-power?
It never seems enough for Adobe. Leader in every market it touches, it has
acquired Macromedia and all that it stood for, has gone into partnership with
Google, and now Adobe has announced that it has acquired the technology
n of
a free versio assets of Pixmantec, maker of digital imaging software that provides advanced
T U FF : To download nt ia ls, ju st
FREE S ooter Esse workflow management and processing capabilities for digital camera
tec RawSh tec.com
the Pixman te at www.pixman
visit the web si raw files.
“With high-quality digital cameras now within reach of every
photographer, customers are gravitating to raw file formats that allow
them to get more control over final results,” said John Loiacono,
senior vice president of Creative Solutions at Adobe. “By combining
Pixmantec’s raw processing technology and expertise with our own,
we’re continuing to deliver on the promise that even your existing
raw files can be processed with increasing quality as our software
technology evolves.”
Adobe plans to integrate Pixmantec raw processing
technologies – including its RawShooter line of digital
photography software products – into Lightroom as well as
other applications.
CUT-BACKS: In preparation for this
Existing Pixmantec customers will continue to be supported integration, the Pixmantec RawShooter
by Adobe and will be provided with an upgrade path to the Premium product is being discontinued,
Adobe digital imaging product family. though the free RawShooter Essentials product
will continue to be available until the
Lightroom public beta program is completed


With the help of software like
Adobe’s Photoshop and Nikon’s
new Capture NX, home snaps
can now be turned into works of
art. All images copyright Martin
Hartley/Adventure Ecology

A world without ‘Shop

Ever wondered what the world would be like
without Photoshop? Which company would
have the digital imaging market sewn up in
its place? The recently released Nikon Capture
NX is probably the closest we’ll ever get to
ever knowing.
Priced from £119.99 ($221), Capture NX is the
radically enhanced and redesigned version of Nikon’s image editing
software. Aimed at photographers shooting with raw, the software
has some powerful and dedicated tools.
Robert Cristina, manager of Professional Products for Nikon
Europe, said: “One of the main barriers inhibiting and limiting
creative image editing has been the skills required to isolate areas or
subjects in the image. Layering and masking techniques have been
the exclusive preserve of experts and retouchers. Nikon’s Capture
NX redefines the image editing landscape and marks a significant
new direction for both Nikon and our partner, Nik Software.”
Features you can expect to find include New U Point technology
to apply subtle enhancements to areas of any JPEG, TIFF or NEF (raw) image. It also boasts
selective tools and colour management control, a powerful image browser and repetitive : Ab
means this new le to handle file types such as
software has th raw
global editing actions. to the digital im
e extra flexibilit
y essential
compete with Ad eer – but will Nikon’s effort ev
obe’s Photosho er truly

Advanced Photoshop

010-013_APM21_insight.indd 12 24/7/06 12:00:22

4-12 August

Until 21 August


No less than 100%
LET THERE BE LIGHT: Situated between 100%
Detail and 100% Design, this year will see the launch 31 August
of 100% Light, a new lighting event. Presenting Manchester
architectural and contemporary lighting, it will link
the two already established shows On at Earls Court from 21-24 September is 100% Design. One of the
world’s leading contemporary design exhibitions, the event DESIGN MART
showcases the latest furniture, lighting, accessories, wall and floor Until September
coverings, textiles, and kitchens and bathrooms. Preston
Attracting over 35,000 visitors including architects, interior
designers and retailers, 100% Design is full of innovative ideas for THE LONDON DESIGN
your home and office. Exhibitors include international and British
designers, as well as first-time exhibitors and old hands – ensuring
15-30 September
you get to see the best new products around.
Concurrent with the exhibition, 100% Design hosts a series of
seminars and discussions at Earls Court 2. These events are free and
cover a range of topics from the professional status of the interior NEW ARRIVALS,
designer to the factors that inspire creatives in their work. NEW VOICES IN
Now in its 12th year, Ian Rudge, brand director and co-founder of ILLUSTRATION
EBOY: To see more of the work of contributor
100% Design comments, “100% Design has changed the face of eBoy check
17-23 out its pixel-art based website
design in this country forever, placing it high on the agenda for hello.eboy.com/eboy
consumers and professionals alike. At 100% Design 2006, yet more
new designs and designers will be placed in the public eye, ensuring
that this legacy of championing design continues into the future.”
Until 17 September

LEARN MORE: For more information on the event or

to book your place, visit www.100percentdesign.co.uk


E: The high qualit
exhibitors is maint y of 100% Design’s
procedure that allo ained by the string
ws only the very bes ent vetting
show. A panel of res t in design into the
pected industry lea
potential new exh ders assesses every
ibitor, judging wh
newcomer has wh ether or not the
at it takes to make
the grade

Advanced Photoshop

010-013_APM21_insight.indd 13 24/7/06 12:01:02

ON THE STRIP: As well as the convention,
the NAPP expo has organised a series of
events. From seminars to parties, you could
even get to see the newest members of the
Photoshop Hall of Fame inducted


packed with attendees leaving the conference kick-off
ceremony, excited to learn the latest Photoshop techniques

Vegas, baby!
Over the other side of the pond this ’re thinking of buyin
GET READY: If you ta rea dy or che ck
September is one of the biggest events in the it is Vis
new PC, make sure tible
see if it’ll be compa
Photoshop year. The NAPP Photoshop World out the website to
and Expo will be held at the Mandalay Bay
Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, and is well
worth a visit if you can get there.
Bringing together photographers,
designers, artists, educators, motion graphics
designers and Photoshop users of every kind
for the three-day event, it means there simply
is no other event like it in the world. Although
the tickets are a little pricey – they start from
$149 (£81) – we reckon it’ll be worth it to see
presenters including Russell Brown, Scott
Kelby and this issue’s interviewed artist,
Bert Monroy.
Photoshop World is now in its seventh year,
and since its inception it has been sponsored by
Adobe and produced by NAPP (National
Association of Photoshop Professionals). NAPP
is the largest graphic and digital imaging trade
, President of the National
association with over 50,000 members SCOT T KELBY KEYNOTE: Scott Kelby
ls (NAPP) and Conference Technical
Association of Photoshop Professiona World extravaganza
worldwide, and is the leading resource for Adobe Chair, kicks off the three-day Photoshop
Photoshop, education, training and news.
Leopard: the new Tige
The beginning of
August saw the un

In the Eighties it ga
revolution in the Sev ignited the PC
enties with the Apple
veiling of Apple’s ve us
addition to its Ma latest continues to lead the the Mac. Today, it
c OS X family, Leop industry with deskto
previewed earlie ard. Version 10.5 and notebook com p
r this year but wa wa s puters and its OS X
public on August s finally shown to
7. the
It is generally expe
cted to get a full rel
end of 2006 or ea ease at the
rly 2007, with Apple
support both Powe saying it will
rPC and Intel x86-
Revealed at the Wo based Macs.
rldwide Developers
(WWDC), the prev Conference
iew of Mac OS X ‘Le
the only thing to opard’ was not
get tongues wagg
WWDC, developers ing. Throughout
discussed best pr
developing Unive actices on
rsal applications
advantage of the that take
performance of Int
So we can be sure el-based Macs.
that the big deve
seemingly working lopers are
together for a mo
computing experie re unified

Advanced Photoshop

014-015_APM21_insight.indd 14 19/7/06 15:19:26

7-9 September
Las Vegas

30 September – 1 October

BEYOND THE MUNDANE: Robin will 14 September
what it
you how to look at an image and see Minneapolis
can be – like this transformation from
(right) to luscious holiday-esque scene 5 October
10 October
PUFFHAIR: Learning from one of the Miami
industry’s top names, our new column
will give you all the tips and tricks to
24 October
follow in Robin’s footsteps San Francisco
1 November
Coming up... New York

It’s been a busy few months for Robin HASSLEBLAD CLEAR

Preston. You may remember the creative
from issue 18’s interview feature, but
you’re bound to see a lot more of him in the
14 September
Los Angeles
future – especially within these pages!
As well as touring the country (and 2-4 November
indeed the world) giving presentations on New York
behalf of Adobe, Wacom and the like, he’s
also been named senior evangelist by the DIGITAL DAYS
Wacom crew. 9-10 September
And that’s not all. Starting next issue, Philadelphia
Robin will be contributing to your favourite
23-24 September
Photoshop magazine every month.
Reviewing products, telling you about
forthcoming events or sharing his wisdom 4-5 November
New York
– it’ll soon be your must-read every month.
Next issue Robin will be launching his
column by giving you the lowdown on PHOTOPLUS EXPO
Fluid Mask, as well as offering you the 2-4 November
opportunity to win a copy. Don’t miss it! New York

Advanced Photoshop

014-015_APM21_insight.indd 15 31/7/06 15:31:21


PHOTOSHOP BEAUTY: “YRB Magazine sent me amazing photographs of international

models which they wanted me to use my watercolour and Photoshop skills on. I picked
a colour for each set of photographs and watercoloured a background that would fit
Angel D’Amico
the photograph. I scanned them in and manipulated the colour and shapes and then
applied a burn and adjusted the contrast” Chicago-based Angel D’Amico is an arts and crafts lover. She paints,
draws, sews, makes books and takes photos. All of these interests
no doubt influence her eclectic style. After studying visual
communications and opting for a whole host of fine art options,
Angel never really thought about taking up her art as a freelancer.
“It was after I was featured in a ten-page spread in Digital Graphics
Magazine, based in Australia. They only saw my work from a school
internship I had. I was very into watercolour at the time, so I just
started painting a background, scanning it in and then either took
photographs of my friend, boyfriend, myself or whoever,
retouched the photo, incorporated my watercolours and just
went crazy with it.”
Angel has perfected a process that she uses on most of her
designs. “If I get a job or start a project I usually have a main
object I’m designing around. I research what I want to work with,
or take photographs. Then I start drawing with a charcoal pen
and maybe spray paint, add watercolour. I scan all of this into
Photoshop and piece the elements together, sometimes
bringing in vector elements I have drawn in Illustrator. Then I
start playing and manipulating the colours, contrast, hue and
saturation. I really like to make my images bold and use many
beautiful colours. My images end up with thousands of layers. I
usually start experimenting and it leads to something I wasn’t
even expecting to create,” Angel enthuses. “I love Photoshop!”
Angel’s website can be found by logging onto the link below,
where you can peruse more of her work.
ph from PH by
Phillia Clothing, an
l used a photogra
d too k it into Ph oto
shop. She then
dif ferent paint
/ www.angeldamico.com
nd bla ck an d use
made the backgrou es to create all of the sparkles
and airbrush techn
Advanced Photoshop

018-19_APM21.indd 18 17/7/06 15:30:24

“I started with
charcoal drawings of
the mice and spray-
painted clouds, which
I scanned into
Photoshop. I layered
the mice onto the
clouds in Photoshop
and then added the
colours and squares
from Illustrator

THE WHOLE TOOTH: “I had a fast recovery after I

had wisdom teeth surgery so I wanted to send my
oral surgeon a card. I drew some teeth with wings in
Illustrator and brought them into Photoshop, using a
watercolour background”

d with a
CREATE: “I starte
COLLABORATE TO Ph illia’s ph oto grapher, Megan
PH by
photograph from the original
n was cut out from
Petersen. The woma added some watercolour
the n
background and I ph”
ck feather photogra
flowers and a peaco

BEAUTIFUL DECAY: Watercolour drips were added

to these images and the threshold was altered to
provide a different-coloured background

Advanced Photoshop

018-19_APM21.indd 19 17/7/06 15:31:30


MOST: “I try to
make full use of
layer styles, layer
shapes and
techniques in
order to be able to
fine-tune colours
throughout my

“As a traditional artist I find d combination
C: Through a detaile
Painter IX’s way of blending paint LIGHT FANTASTIPainter, Tom creates ethereal, almost
on the canvas an intuitive process, of Photoshop and stillness but the
t have a painting’s
so I tend to hop out of Photoshop surreal images tha graphic scene
and use this program for specific accuracy of a photo
areas of blending”

Advanced Photoshop

020-021_APM21.indd 20 17/7/06 15:25:29

Tom Bagshaw
When a client can’t tell the difference in quality between a painted illustration and a
digitally created one, you know that it’s time to embrace the latest imaging technology
and broaden your wings.
Tom Bagshaw grounded the roots of his career studying traditional art at
Bournemouth and Poole College of Further Education where oils, acrylics, pen and paper
were the standard medium. He initially wasn’t taken by the digital bug, but with the
introduction of Photoshop 5 and the advent of Painter he soon decided to ditch his
beloved brushes. Now, along with his trusty Wacom graphics tablet, Photoshop is the
most valuable tool in his workflow. “Everything I do these days has been created entirely
in it, or been through Photoshop at some point. Although, if the graphics tablet hadn’t
been invented I think I would probably still be a traditional artist.”
Tom works under the name mostlywanted. It began life as a small online portfolio for
the illustrator and designer, but after turning freelance full time in 2004, mostlywanted
became not only the domain name for his portfolio but also his trading identity.
The style of mostlywanted has been shaped by more traditional artists although Tom
has a penchant for Craig Mullins, Karen Oxman, Cellia Calle, Andy Potts, Shiv, Rich May
and Aya Kato to name but a few. As many of the images are aimed towards the fashion
market, mostlywanted’s art has a distinctive style that combines vector graphics, 3D
elements and painted strokes. “My work is always varied and I wanted to show a more
unified style that wasn’t only based on my painting skills, but something that
demonstrated a graphic edge.” To find out more about Tom’s work log onto the
mostlywanted site, where you can browse a sketchbook and portfolio.
/ www.mostlywanted.com


“When I’m happy with my Photoshop for from blending,
prett I use
progress I tend to save a flat copy figure is painted y much everything else. The
with a certain am
of the image and then continue overflow outside ount of
of the known ou
the illustration using that flat file layer is masked tline, then the
with a vector cli
as a base layer, progressively For more comp pp
lex shapes Illustr ing paths.
building up layers until another ator is needed”
save point is reached”

FOREVER: “These start as

thumbnail sketches, either on
paper or in Photoshop, to get an
idea of composition and colour. A
final version at high res is created,
using references from books,
magazines, and my photography”

Advanced Photoshop

020-021_APM21.indd 21 17/7/06 15:28:25


ISE): Because their
images are drawn dire
ctly in Photoshop, the
artwork has a distinc
tive watercolour appear

Hype Hope Wonderland

aka PCP
If a digital artist describes their style of work as “dreamy”
and “druggy”, you know it’s not going to be run-of-the-mill
Photoshop art.
PCP’s work is a cavalcade of the magical. In his world fish
swim casually out of their tanks, deer have stomachs riddled
with skyscrapers and rabbits take over the underground. Hype
Hope Wonderland is the creation of Heisuke Kitazawa – also
known as ‘PCP’ – a freelance illustrator/designer based in Tokyo
and Los Angeles who regularly “goes back and forth between the
two cities, making illustrations for various purposes”.
These succulent images wouldn’t be possible without our
favourite app coming into the equation. “I do everything in
Photoshop, from rough sketches to printouts. I sketch in
Photoshop with the help of a Wacom Intuos3 tablet and then paint
them using an airbrush and custom brushes. Sometimes I will print
the file out and physically paint over it with acrylics. Past projects
have seen collaborations with Honda Mobilio in Japan, Trespassers
William band, Mercir and Cartonbox, while Heisuke is currently
working on a Nintendo DS game, a picture book and CD for the band
Her Space Holiday and a store design for a restaurant chain in Japan.
If you’re floating around San Francisco then you can see PCP’s
images on display at Giant Robot from 26 August. To find out more
about PCP visit www.hypehopewonderland.com or become his
myspace.com chum by logging onto to
his MySpace address. THERE TO
/ www.myspace.com/pcpweb WHERE : He isu
his imagery as
ke describes
” and
e world of
“dreamy”. In th
Ho pe Wo nderland,
Hype ble
anything’s possi

Advanced Photoshop=

022-023_APM21_insight.indd 22 19/7/06 17:16:53

ROCK THE FROG: “This was
created in a very straightforward
way with no Magic Wand Tool or
any Selection Tools used”


like drawing deer and airplanes (or something related
to technology). I often see or hear about deer getting
hit by automobiles, so the deer loosely represent
something that’s taken over and beaten up by
technology. Aeroplanes and other technological icons
represent the opposite side, or enemy side. Sometimes
they fight against each other, and sometimes they
can coexist. I try to draw many aspects of relationship
between technology and nature or hype versus hope”

TH US: “The
COME RUN AWAY WI using the
I OFTEN DREAM line drawings were cre
7, with a little
TO STAY AWAKE: Brush Tool in Photoshop
os3 Tablet”
Multiple layers help from a Wacom Intu
allow Heisuke to
draft up complex,
busy imagery

Advanced Photoshop

022-023_APM21_insight.indd 23 19/7/06 17:18:27


ou’d be forgiven for thinking Bert Monroy was a straight-up
photographer. His images are detailed snapshots of
predominantly urban scenes, created almost entirely within
Photoshop. “As a photo-realist painter, I have often been asked why
I don’t just take a photograph,” he says. “Good question, when you

consider my paintings look like photographs. Well, for one thing,
I’m not a photographer. To me, it is not the destination that is
important – it is the journey. It’s not the image; it’s not displaying it
afterwards or getting it printed. It is creating it. It’s the process of
getting to the end result that is important. That’s the most
rewarding part.”
Bert describes himself as a hyper-real artist. Taking photos of scenes
and then recreating them digitally, he has earned a place in the
Photoshop Hall of Fame for his art. “My stuff is a little different from a
Bert Monroy: author, artist and photo-realist, as everything is in focus. If you look closely you’ll notice

Photoshop legend. Spending

that even the tiny little screw in the corner will be completely in focus
with the dirt around it. In most cases I start by taking a photo because

up to 2,000 hours creating just my images can take so long I can’t just sit there.”
Yet although the starting point might be photographic, there is

one image, Monroy’s nothing but digital painting in his images. “There are no photos in the
actual painting. Nothing is traced, nothing is brought in,” he stresses.
masterpieces are some of the City slicker
finest Photoshop creations Bert Monroy was born and raised in New York, explaining his obvious
love of the neon sign in his creations. “Twisted pieces of glass filled with
you’re ever likely to see gas, there for the sole purpose of attracting attention. There is

Advanced Photoshop

024-029_APM21.indd 24 17/7/06 15:40:15

Bert Monroy

‘SHOPPER SHOWSTOPPER: This was Bert’s latest and most

ambitious digital painting, of a Chicago scene, unveiled at Photoshop
World in Miami on March 22, 2006. It is a panorama of the Damen Station
on the Blue Line of the Chicago Transit Authority. Adobe Illustrator was
used for generating the majority of the basic shapes as well as all the
buildings in the Chicago skyline. The rest was created in Photoshop

something so urban about them. Being originally hours to complete, whereas this
from New York and being a city guy, the urban piece took a lot more motivation.
landscape has always been my fascination. It A few times I almost dropped it
offers a lot more because of the fact it is man- completely ‘cause I was just
made. The dirt and the grim and the wear and getting bored with it. That is a
the tear are all stories. Nature is eternal but man- tremendous amount of time to
made stuff is of the moment, you might say.” be spending on something. So, I
Having given up the bright lights of the Big began by working on the
Apple more than 13 years ago, Bert is now a platform on the left side, then I
citizen of Berkeley, California. Whiling his days started work on the city, which
away authoring books, teaching at San Francisco began getting tedious so I
State University or creating his hyper-realistic switched to the orange
artwork, his latest creation, Damen, has been one building just off-centre on the right.
that you could only describe as a labour of love. When that started getting too involved I really
TRAINING UP: The front face of the train was
Clocking in at over 2,000 hours of work, the mega started losing it and the desire to start the next created in its own file. The reflections in the windows
project has around 15,000 layers and is comprised painting kicked in. So I decided to knuckle down were added once the train was placed in position
within the overall image. The side of the train car was
of close to 50 Photoshop files. and work on the right side on the station, and
created in a separate file and duplicating that file
So just how does an artist keep motivated to that kind of anchored it. made it easy to add additional carriages. The
complete such a mammoth project? “That’s a It gave it an overall dimension. That gave me duplicates required changing the reflections in the
windows, the accumulated grime and the car
good question, especially for that piece. On the motivation to finish the piece. In the end it numbers to make each car appear different
average my pieces take between 80 and 250 was worth it. When I did my once-over –


Advanced Photoshop

024-029_APM21.indd 25 17/7/06 15:40:57


NIGHT LIFE: This 2005 creation shows Bert’s love of the

urban scene – packed full of neon lights and street wares, the
effects can only truly be appreciated close up. Visit
www.bertmonroy.com to see his images in their full glory

Advanced Photoshop

024-029_APM21.indd 26 17/7/06 15:41:19

Bert Monroy
OPENING DOORS: One of Bert’s earliest paintings,
this was created in 1986 in MacPaint and shows what a
talent he had for the digital arts even then

LIGHT FANTASTIC: Created in 2002, the little

details take a while to spot. The angles and reflections
are painstakingly placed so that you wouldn’t know that
this wasn’t a photograph

MacPaint, and something clicked. This was it; this

was the future. I was in that store every day until
my Mac arrived. I was doing demos at the store
after a week ‘cause I’d mastered it already.”
From there Bert went on to experiment with
PixelPaint (he was even referred to within the
industry for a while as Mr PixelPaint!) before
switching over to Photoshop and Illustrator to
create his visions.
“I was working with Photoshop two years
before Adobe even knew it existed. So being an
early adopter of the technology, any time anyone
when I flatten it and go section by section, inch School of Visual Arts where I was doing more was bringing out anything to do with graphics it
by inch, looking for discrepancies – at that point I traditional painting because computers were would end up in my lab: ‘What do you think, how
really got more motivated to put more details in.” nowhere near the field then. should I improve this?’”
In 1984 I was working in an ad agency and my But the question on most people’s lips now is
Canvas cowboy partner, a real computer buff, said we were going surely, how do you create such detailed 3D
Although Bert’s time is spent working digitally to get a computer. I warned him straight off that I artwork in 2D software?
now, it hasn’t always been that way. In fact, this didn’t want to be sitting there all day entering “Illustrator is pretty much the pencil-on-the-
digital whiz was from a far more traditional data, but he told me there was a new computer canvas type thing. It’s a lot easier on RAM than
creative background. coming out that I could do my layouts on. I went Photoshop and you can work with a larger
“I started off at the high school of Art and down to the store to see this thing, which was a workspace. It gives me the flexibility to play
Design in New York, after that I went to the Macintosh 128, started playing with it and using around with images, bend lines here and there,
and establish my perspective. Then that is

I WAS WORKING WITH brought into Photoshop and turned into

selections to do something with – to fill or to

PHOTOSHOP TWO YEARS BEFORE stroke or whatever is necessary in Photoshop.”

Bert also finds that it’s not just the high-end

ADOBE EVEN KNEW IT EXISTED programs that allow him to create such painterly
feeling pictures. His tools are a major factor

Advanced Photoshop

024-029_APM21.indd 27 17/7/06 15:41:51


PIXEL PERFECT: Created in 1988 in PixelPaint:

“My inspiration is whatever happens to capture me. If
I’m walking down the street I’ll suddenly see the too. “I use a tablet. In fact I use a Cintiq, where you Although there can be no argument that Bert has
painting. For commercial stuff, especially with the draw direct on the screen. It’s gone full cycle back reached the top of his game, he’s not content to
Internet, sources of inspiration are everywhere. Like
today I have to create this baseball stadium so I’ve
to the way it used to be. I used to hold a brush rest on his laurels and he’s always on the lookout
been relying on a lot on Internet searches” and look up at the canvas, then I went to the for a new challenge.
computer and held that little bar of soap on the “I stay on top of the technology and constantly

IF YOU DO side. Next the tablet came out and I was back to
holding a pen, but it was on the side.
challenge myself. I’m always looking for
something I haven’t done before and I enjoy the

SOMETHING THAT The Cintiq has brought it back full cycle so that
we’re looking up at the canvas again, watching
learning process along the way. I’m not in
competition with anyone but myself.

YOU REALLY LOVE, your hand work over the canvas. Like the way I
was traditionally trained, but digital. It is a lot
If I was, I wouldn’t be out there training
thousands of people.”

YOUR LIFE FEELS easier to work this way.

It’s nice to look exactly where your hand is Spreading the word
FULFILLED moving, it allows for a lot more flexibility and
free-flowing drawing.”
As well as holding workshops and seminars
teaching people his art, Bert has written a

Advanced Photoshop

024-029_APM21.indd 28 17/7/06 15:42:13

Bert Monroy

myself a hyper-realist artist. I
love to paint. I use the word
paint for lack of a better word.

SOMETHING I HAVEN’T My medium is actually light. I

have a passion for making
things happen on the screen.

DONE BEFORE Finding a new way of doing

something and finding a new
room in my imagination is
what I love about the work.”
From his website www.

number of books, including co-authoring the first their fledging Photoshop careers, hoping to work.” His passion for his art is obvious through
ever book on Photoshop, The Official Adobe follow in his footsteps. the devotion he can give to just one project, but
Photoshop Handbook. However, this isn’t “My students all ask ‘Can you make a lot of what does the future hold for one of Photoshop’s
something he particularly enjoys doing. money doing this?’ and I tell them right off the founding fathers?
“I enjoy using them because they become bat that the motivator shouldn’t be the money, “I do animation work and I’ve done a lot of
great training tools. Writing books is purely a the motivator should be that this is what you effects for movies. So from a commercial
vehicle to help me teach but the actual writing of want to do. When you’re working this is where standpoint I have a little more diversity. My
the books I don’t enjoy at all – it’s a lot of work you spend most of your life. If you do something personal artwork is just 2D work, so I would at
creating all the visuals, writing and editing and that you really love then your life feels very some point like to get into 3D art. Now it’s getting
so on. They are a necessary way of fulfilled. So if you want to pursue this, do it not to the point where machines are powerful
communicating my techniques and I do teach because it has the potential to make you a lot of enough and the programs are powerful enough
quite a bit, which I enjoy!” money but because it has the potential to make that the results can be really good. My only fear is
Currently teaching at San Francisco State you feel satisfied, because it’s something that that once I get involved in a 3D program it’ll
University, Bert understandably has many you love, because it’s something that you want probably take years to create just one image! But
students looking to him for help and advice on to wake up the next day and can’t wait to get to for the future, I’d say that’s where I’d like to go.” 5

Advanced Photoshop

024-029_APM21.indd 29 17/7/06 15:42:50


Photos (c) Luqman at L’uzzine (www.pressbook.com/luzzine)

Retouching reality
Studio shots are rarely perfect, especially when it comes to fashion
and beauty where models and environments have to look flawless.
But perfection can be achieved with a little tweaking in Photoshop…

n this tutorial we’ll look at how to clean up and adjustments, remove clothing and more. A head
improve a fashion and beauty shot using replacement was also done because the shot we
On this month’s disc you’ll find a link to
Simon’s site where you can download the Photoshop’s image-editing toolset. You may be wanted to use had the butterfly glassware obscuring
images for this tutorial. These images are working with a beautiful model, but there will often the model’s body.
strictly for recreating this tutorial and are
still be plenty of cleaning up to do if you want to It’s a relatively simple task to composite two photos –
for use in non-commercial work only.
Photos (c) Luqman at L’uzzine. achieve a perfect look. Another thing is that if you’re taking the head from one and the body from the other
OUR EXPERT Simon Danaher not the photographer, you may not be available for – especially in a controlled environment like a studio. Far
Simon is a digital artist and author with five books and many the shoot itself. In these cases you can’t give advice trickier was removing the wooden table to create a
magazine articles to his name. You can see more of his work and to help make your touch-up work easier later. neutral, reflective surface. This involves a fair bit of work
get some free tutorials on 2D and 3D graphics at his website
In this example a lot of work was done to clean up to get the effect looking natural, but was essential in
the image, integrate composited elements, make skin order for the final shot to look clean.

Advanced Photoshop

030-34_APM21_masterclass.indd 30 18/7/06 17:39:29

Aiming for perfection
1 RAW essentials
The first step is importing the RAW image into 2 Maximum flexibility
For this shot we know that there’s going to be a
Photoshop. Photoshop’s RAW importer is an essential lot of work done, so this is reflected in how the RAW
Gradients and
tool for working with images because you have so settings are chosen. We’re not looking for the best final
much control over the unprocessed, uncompressed image settings here or making any artistic choices –
images from the camera. You also have control over the instead we’re looking for the maximum flexibility for
image resolution, allowing us up to 6144x4085 pixels for editing the image later. So we don’t want clipped When specifying a gradient, be careful that you
this particular photo – despite a little softening. shadows or highlights, though we do want some don’t get colour banding. This occurs most often
neutral tones. on large gradients that don’t have a lot of
contrast. Photoshop only has 256 shades in each
colour channel to create your smooth gradient
from, and banding occurs when there aren’t
enough shades to go round. Certain colours are
worse than others, but enabling the Dither
option in the Gradient palette can help. The
easiest way to eliminate banding without
tweaking the colours is to add noise, although
you’ll often need a lot to eliminate banding
altogether – which may be unacceptable.

3 Clean up the fringing
The result is an image that seems THE BEST FINAL
a little low in contrast and sparkle. That’s
fine, we want as much mid-range detail IMAGE SETTINGS,
as possible. Further editing is done in
the RAW panel to clean up things – BUT FOR THE
adjustment of the chromatic aberration
to remove some colour fringing and a
small amount of colour noise reduction.

Luminance smoothing is not used
because it softens details too much.

4 Three’s a crowd
Once the RAW editing is completed we can set to
work. Here are the three shots that we’ll use to create
5 Clean your background
First, we clean up the background using the Clone
tool to remove any marks. Then a gradient layer is
6 The path for separation
To separate the girl from her background we use a
path. You could try extracting her using the various
the final composite image. At the top is the main body applied using sampled colours from the backdrop in the selection tools or maybe a plug-in matte creation tool,
shot, at the bottom right is the shot from which we’ll image. This is overlaid with reduced opacity over the but it’s often a lot quicker and more accurate to simply
take the head and left is the butterfly glassware shot. image so that some of the original background shows draw a path. A good clean path is worth a dozen dodgy
There’s a lot of work ahead. through. We’ll duplicate the girl in a moment – all we’re selections, and it’s resolution-independent too.
looking at here is the smoothness of the background.

Advanced Photoshop

030-34_APM21_masterclass.indd 31 18/7/06 17:40:37

7 Swapping heads
The new head is dropped in from the other
photo. It is simply marquee-selected, copied and pasted
8 Hair today…
Path selection, as good as it is, can’t cope with the
hair, but we can create a separate selection for this and
into the main document, and then roughly aligned with add it to the path that’s converted to a selection. Here
the background body. Because the two shots are so the blue channel has been duplicated and edited to
similar it’s not a difficult task to get things looking good. give the most contrast to the fine strands of hair on the

The tricky part is removing the background. top of the head. This is desirable because it helps to
Gradient keep the shot looking natural and not too much like a
Photoshop comp.
Gradient blurs are a great way to create
photoreal effects such as depth of field or
attenuated diffused reflections. The traditional
way to do this is to create your gradient in a new
channel, load this as a selection and then apply
the Gaussian Blur filter multiple times using a
small value (say 2.0 pixels depending on image
size). However, Photoshop CS features a Lens
Blur filter, which can be used to produce a
graduated blur using a channel as a control, and
can do so in a single pass. You also get the
option of applying features such as highlight

9 10
bloom and noise.
Mask painting Hair detail retained
The path is loaded as a selection and saved as a The new girl mask is loaded as a selection and
channel. Then the edited blue channel is loaded as a is applied to a duplicate of the main image as a layer
selection and used as a mask through which the hair mask. This is placed above the gradient layer so that
detail can be painted, using a large brush, into the saved she’s no longer obscured by it. As you can see, with the
path channel. Although it’s a little scrappy, the hairs are mask applied the fine hair detail remains intact against
so fine and low enough in contrast to be unnoticeable. the smoother background, preventing her looking like a
crude cut-out.

SELECTION 11 Aligning the shoulder
12 Skin and bones

CAN’T COPE The head is attached to the body by

blending using the layer masks where possible, such as
The back has to be retouched to remove her
top and to make some subtle skin and bone

WITH THE HAIR, in the hair area. The shoulder is a little more difficult and adjustments. Cloning is one way to do this, but a simpler

requires cutting and pasting a small section of the chin/ approach is to just paint out the details with a brush, like
shoulder area, rotating it to align the shoulder and then traditional ‘airbrushing’. Skin tones are sampled from her

blending using a layer mask. back, and using a soft brush the unnecessary details are
then painted over. This is done in a new layer to keep

things editable.

Advanced Photoshop

030-34_APM21_masterclass.indd 32 18/7/06 17:41:07

13 14
Boob job
To remove the rest of the top involves a bit
more work. To begin with, we select and copy/paste a
Similar shading
Shading is painted in using colours sampled
from other parts of the image where there are similar
The right FXs
Integration is not quite right, but that can be
improved with a little layer effects shading. The Bevel
portion of her shoulder and arm to a new layer to serve shadow tones. Getting the right shadow darkness can and Emboss section is used to add a small highlight to
as the new skin. This helps because there’s already some be tricky, since the shadows vary at different locations. the leading edge of the skin area, while the Inner
shading and curvature to the skin from this area that Applying the paint layer in Multiply mode allows you to Shadow option provides further darkening nearer the
aids in the reconstruction. adjust the opacity to get the best balance. elbow. Linear Burn is used to keep the shadow area
the correct colour.

16 Butterfly babe
The butterfly is added next but is almost a
project in itself. Photoshop’s Layer Sets help a lot when
17 Flip it
Some reconstruction is needed to fold the
wings, otherwise the glassware will obscure the girl too
organising large composite documents like this. Once much. The butterfly layer is duplicated, flipped, skewed
again a path was used to cut out the butterfly from its and rotated to get the desired perspective, as if the wing
background – easier this time, as there’s a hard edge all was folded over. The unwanted sections of both wing

the way around. It’s dropped into the main document. layers are masked out using masks applied to their
respective layers.
Most cameras will generate some grain whether
they are film cameras or digital. When
compositing non-photographic elements (such
as 3D-rendered objects) or when replacing
backgrounds, be careful not to have too much of
an obvious difference between the grain in
these sections. You can easily add it back
though. Simply create a new layer, fill it will 50%
grey and apply in Overlay mode. Apply the Noise
filter to this layer, then blur it slightly, just
enough to match the grain in the photograph.
You may have to repeat this once or twice to get
the right match.

18 Get real
Almost invisible
shading is applied to the edges
of the butterfly. Although barely
perceptible when active, when
the shading is turned off the
result is unnatural and fake-
looking. The shading consists of
a smooth dark line inset from
the edge of the cut wing, as
well as a lightening as if
reflected from the girl’s back. It
helps to give the cut edge
some dimension.

Advanced Photoshop

030-34_APM21_masterclass.indd 33 18/7/06 17:41:41

19 Get consistent
The other shots in the series this was created
for (six in total) all have a silver sheet on the table which,
20 Transform your image
A small section of the board is copied and
pasted into the main document. Sections are duplicated
although cleaned up, is kept in the final images. In order and moved to increase the surface area, then stretched
to keep all the shots in the story consistent we need to across the whole width using the Free Transform
replicate the effect in the butterfly image. One of the
other shots is opened so that we can copy a small
command. This is just to capture some of the texture of
the board. The reflection and other surface detail will
portion of the reflective board to use under the girl. have to be recreated by hand.
Photoshop CS ships with the Camera RAW plug-
in, accessible when Photoshop identifies a RAW
image via its Open dialog or Adobe Bridge. Bridge
offers greater integration of RAW processing,
since you can apply RAW adjustment settings to
similar images in a set without having to open
them. The adjustments are visible in thumbnail
view and in the large preview panel in the Bridge
window. The latest version of Photoshop RAW,
3.4, can be downloaded from www.adobe.com.

21 Ripple and reflect

The girl layer is duplicated and flipped
vertically to make the reflection. It’s moved below the
22 Blur her
To make the reflection accurate it needs to
be blurred, but not uniformly. Using a gradient mask, the
23 Skirt the shadow
Along with the reflection there should be
some shadow too, since the surface is not entirely
main girl layer and set to Overlay mode. This is a good blurring can be varied so that the blur is stronger the reflective (ie, it reflects light diffusely). This is applied
blending mode for subtle reflections such as this. The further the reflection is from the girl. The gradient using a Levels Adjustment layer and layer mask to
opacity is reduced and then the layer is distorted a little channel can be loaded as a selection and then the control where the shadow appears. Using a soft brush,
using the Ripple filter, because the board is not meant to reflection layer blurred multiple times using small values the shadow can be painted in the desired locations
be a perfectly flat mirror. of Gaussian Blur. under the skirt and feet.

24 Back it up
More shadow is applied next, this time to the
girl’s back as if cast from the butterfly wings. Again, this
25 Lengthen the legs
Lastly, it was felt that from this angle her legs
looked a little short compared with her body. To fix this
26 And finally…
The background was adjusted with a radial
gradient to add some vignetting to the edges and bring
is painted in on a new layer using a soft brush and a flattened duplicate of the main document was the focus more strongly on the girl. A little noise was
sampling colours from shadow areas in the image (again created. This allowed us to extend the legs and the then added and blurred to match the film grain. This
it’s very subtle). Linear Burn is used as the blending reflection in one go. The legs were copied from the top helped blend the hair area and prevent the background
mode because this darkens the skin tones while also of the thigh down where the skirt is, making the join looking too false and clean compared to the subject. 5
keeping the colours in shadows look natural. easier to disguise. We’ve lowered the opacity so you can
see how much the legs were lengthened.

Advanced Photoshop

030-34_APM21_masterclass.indd 34 19/7/06 14:59:16


Advanced Photoshop

036-041_APM21_Money.indd 36 27/7/06 16:39:23


Making money with

Photoshop Is your copy of Photoshop just sitting there without earning its
keep? Never fear. We explore the many ways in which Adobe’s
seminal application can be used to generate extra income

t’s hard to believe that Photoshop, arguably the generate revenue in the millions – and we’re not just
most famous computer application of all time, talking about Adobe’s sales figures.
almost never got released. It began life first as a The beauty of Photoshop is, of course, its versatility.
program called ‘Display’ and then ‘ImagePro’, Over the last 16 years the feature-set has expanded to
written in the mid-Eighties by Thomas Knoll with the point where the program has a role in just about
help from his brother John, an employee at every possible digital art and animation process
Industrial Light And Magic. None of the publishers imaginable. Best of all, that versatility also opens up
they approached showed any interest at all in countless commercial possibilities for the market-savvy
the program, and in the end it fell to a scanner user searching for ways to harness their artistic skills.
manufacturer to release the first version of Whether looking to make a living or earn a little extra
‘Photoshop’ on an unsuspecting world, giving cash, Photoshop is the ideal tool for the job.
away around two hundred copies to purchasers Illustration and graphic design are the most obvious
of its hardware. commercial applications for Photoshop, of course.
Then Adobe entered the picture, and in February of Whether working as part of a team in a studio, setting up
1990 Photoshop 1.0 was released. Since then, successive a one-man business or dabbling with a bit of freelance,
versions have transformed the computer’s role into an there are myriads of opportunities for designers with an
artist’s tool. From visual effects for multi-million dollar affinity for creating marketable visuals for ads, product
blockbusters through to home users removing a little designs and more. But beyond these obvious and
red eye from their holiday snaps, Photoshop is owned visible Photoshop livings, there are countless other
and used by millions. What’s more, it’s also helped money-making avenues worth exploring.
Illustration by Magictorch

Advanced Photoshop

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Let’s start with the Internet, by search engines
SIMPLE IS BEST unquestionably the ideal
place for entrepreneurs to
watch.com)) as well as
network, advertise and sell their wares, all without the doing a bit of online
need for expensive investment. The trick is to networking with other
showcase your skills while also offering an extra Photoshop professionals and people working in
incentive for people to visit. Think hard about your related areas. Become an active part of the online
target market – career, age, gender, disposable community by posting at online forums such as www.
income, etc. Whether you’re trying to sell your design photoshopforums.com, www.advancedphotoshop.
skills or other Photoshop-related knowledge to co.uk/forum or www.purephotoshop.net – as well as
individuals, companies, even other Photoshop users, more general arts-based ones like www.cgsociety.
will determine just what value-added extras you org – and you’ll be amazed how your reputation will
should be offering. grow. And with improved stature comes a greatly
You could choose to start up your own increased chance of attracting paying customers,
Photoshop-related blog, for example, regaling the whatever type of Photoshop service you’re selling.
many millions of armchair Photoshop Elements
owners with insider tips. Or you could launch a Web work
full-blown website where visitor-friendly goodies such When choosing where to apply your skills, consider
as reviews, news snippets and downloads help raise how many other designers you’ll be competing
its profile. Don’t know how to design a good site? No against and how large the market is likely to be.
problem. Simply find a web designer who’s willing to Perhaps the most obvious online market is for
EXPLODING DOG: When creating a site to showcase trade skills, coding your site in return for some of your Internet-related design skills. The Internet is awash
your work, add something that’ll keep people coming
back and increase traffic. For inspiration check out Photoshop design work. with companies and individuals looking to attract an
Exploding Dog (www.explodingdog.com). Creator To ensure your web presence doesn’t go unnoticed, audience for online services or personal musings, and
Sam Brown posts a new image almost every day it pays to gain an understanding of how to get listed for that they require a strong logo, striking visuals and
an easy-to-navigate user interface.
While those who can combine Photoshop
ADOBE CERTIFICATION knowledge with HTML, Flash and similar skills are well
placed to provide a full web design service, remember
Adobe is now rightly famed for its certification and training it offers, whether it makes financial that there’s also a market for bespoke items such as
system, which enables keen Photoshop users to sense to take this extra step depends not only on individual company logos, front-page artwork, page
gain additional training and professional how serious you are about making money from templates or button designs. Try designing logos for
credentials. While just about any Photoshop user Photoshop work, but also the nature of that work.
friends and colleagues, or create a portfolio using
is likely to benefit from the additional experience If you’re selling merchandise to consumers it
sample designs, get them up on your website and
will be of little value, but if you’re planning on
offering logo or template design services to start contacting potential clients. Once you’ve got a
businesses then being able to flash the Adobe couple of successful commissions under your belt,
Certified Expert qualification will help you get you’ll be surprised how quickly word of mouth can
noticed, instantly gain the confidence of potential bring in new clients.
clients and stand out from the crowd. For those searching for a more modest entry into
Needless to say, it really comes into its own if the world of web design, it’s also worth looking to the
you’re hoping to teach others your skills. Some world of the blogger. Blogging has turned into a
training centres won’t even consider letting you genuine online phenomenon over the last couple of
loose on a classroom without ACE or ACP (Adobe
years, with seemingly every web user keen to
Certified Professional) accreditation. You can train
document their thoughts and experiences, and then
for certification either by buying a self-paced
course from Adobe or finding an instructor-led let the rest of the web community read all about it.
class. For further details log onto the site at And as more and more blogs vie for attention, so
www.adobe.com/support/certification/ace.html bloggers increasingly look for ways to give their own
site a unique visual angle.

Advanced Photoshop

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Making money with Photoshop

Case Study: Publishing Martin Evening

In addition to a successful career as a photographer, Martin Evening

is also author of Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Photographers. Evening
says his journey to authorship began when he first joined various
mailing lists and found he was able to offer Photoshop advice to
other users. “I was also involved in setting up meetings for the digital
imaging group and writing various articles for magazines,” he recalls.
“It was the culmination of all this work that led me to think about
writing a book about Photoshop.”
Evening says his membership of the Photoshop beta-testing team
also proved useful. “It wasn’t easy to get an invite to join, but by
building contacts with Adobe and learning how to provide the
e’s book
LD: Graham Rawl
WOMAN’S WOR abou t Photoshop, but
Photoshop team with useful information, I’ve built up a good
rld is not
Woman’s Wo Every word working relationship.”
with the program.
was put together news pa pers/mags and Now Evenings’ role as author has led to further Photoshop-related commercial work, in the form of
m old
was scanned in fro www. grah am rawle.com Pixel Genius: “That came about through friendship between myself, Bruce Fraser, Jeff Schewe, Andrew
laid out on-screen:
Rodney, Mike Skurski and Seth Resnick. Since agreeing to meet up once or twice a year, our small
company has now produced a series of automated plug-ins for Photoshop.”
Chong Xue Ling, aka XueZi (http://glossified.net/),
is a Singapore-based Photoshop user who has carved
www.photoshopforphotographers.com PIXEL GENIUS: Ma
herself a niche creating blogskins. “I started out using rtin Evening divide
www.pixelgenius.com between photogr s his time
custom-made skins found on www.blogskins.com, in studio Pixel Geniu work, membership of plug-
but soon got sick of using the same stuff as everyone s, and authorship
such as Adobe Ph of books
otoshop CS2 For Ph
else,” she explains. “Soon I was editing and otographers
personalising them, and so began reading tutorials
and tips and developing a style of my own.”
XueZi, who treats blogskin design as a part-time
sideline, admits that the availability of so many free
ready-made designs can make it difficult for designers
to charge for a unique service. “You need to offer
something more. I custom make blogskins according
to what my clients want, giving them the opportunity
to customise absolutely everything, from colours and
pictures to styles and themes. If you treat the clients
well they’ll keep coming back.”
She also emphasises the need to educate potential
clients, highlighting the fact that truly creative
blogskin design is something worth paying for. “Get
the customer to understand that a large amount of
effort and inspiration is needed to design a template.
It can take hours, with constant changes to the design,
just to create one single skin.”

Sideline success
In a similar vein, but this time catering for other
Photoshop users, why not try your hand at brush set
design? Again there are quite a few free ones out
there, but if you’ve got the skills to create truly
desirable designs then it’s perfectly feasible to make
money by selling them as downloads or on CD. Check
out David Seipp’s http://photoshopbrushes.com/
to see an example of good, simple Photoshop
brush marketing.
But why limit yourself to designing for other
professionals? The Internet is arguably even more
effective when selling direct to the public. Open an
online shop and you’ve got a globally accessible,

Advanced Photoshop

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OPEN AN ONLINE SHOP AND YOU’VE then it’s really taken off and become a pretty valuable
source of supplementary income.”

GOT A GLOBALLY ACCESSIBLE, OPEN- Prints, postcards and stickers are particularly easy
for the home Photoshop designer to create. But don’t

ALL-HOURS STORE WITH A POTENTIAL be put off by the idea of selling more labour-intensive
merchandise such as mugs, wallets or clothing. There

CUSTOMER BASE IN THE MILLIONS are many companies out there (again, easy to find on
the web) which can run up these sort of items using
your custom designs, while T-shirts can even be
open-all-hours store with a potential customer base bought plain and printed up yourself if you really
in the millions. There are already a good number of want to take a DIY approach.
design teams and even solo artists who have Or at the other end of the scale, websites such as
harnessed the power of the web to sell art-related Café Press (www.cafepress.com) simplify the whole
items direct to punters. Take a look at the website of merchandising process. For a fee they’ll create an
design duo Tado (www.tado.co.uk) to see how online store for you, handle all aspects of selling, and
simple an online shop can be, and what sort of even automate the entire product creation process,
art-related goodies are favoured by successful enabling anybody to create hats, clothing, prints,
e-selling artists. Tado’s success in this field is even calendars, toys, mugs and more. Dedicated websites
more impressive given that it was never conceived also exist for the sale of digital art and prints. Some,
as a serious business concern. “It was originally like www.4wall.co.uk, offer work from a very select
supposed to be just a bit of fun to help us range of artists, but others such as UKPortfolios
de-clutter the studio,” says Mike at Tado. “But since (www.ukportfolios.com) work on more of an open
house basis. And of course, stock image libraries are
BRUSH STROKE always looking for fresh, high quality material.
S: Ta
sell creations as do lented designers can Image libraries do focus more on photographic
CDs for customers. loads or by burning imagery, but even here Photoshop can prove
Seipp’s http://phot t inspired by David
oshopbrushes.co invaluable. Combine good snapping skills with strong
retouching work, and you’ve got a great chance of
finding a market for your photographic
imagery. It’s also possible to blend digital
design and photography even more overtly,
creating truly striking and highly marketable
collage work. Just a few years ago such imagery
was considered strange, but it’s now highly
prized by executives in the worlds of
are easiest. Create advertising, packaging and publishing. Check
TADO TS: T-shirts inting company
e a T-shir t pr out the book Adobe Photoshop CS2 for
design, us se
d run, then adverti
to turn out a limite s from Tado Photographers: A Professional Image Editor’s Guide
n come
online. This desig to the Creative Use of Photoshop for the Macintosh
and PC (Paperback). Written by Martin Evening

Case Study: Tutoring Jack Casement

Having bought his first copy of Photoshop in 1994,

only to discover that decent tuition wasn’t easily
available, Jack Casement set about applying his own
knowledge to help newcomers, initially offering
Photoshop lectures to camera clubs.
“I organised small workshops in my home office.
Then eight years ago I was approached by Bracknell
& Wokingham college, which was looking to start
Photoshop courses.” He progressed to teaching
digital imaging for a City & Guilds qualification.
Casement eventually moved away but soon found
himself teaching Photoshop once again, this time for
BEFORE AND AFTER: Retouching work by Jack Casement shows how effective photographic
Light & Land Wildlife Photographic Holidays. manipulation can be. Casement has been showing photographers how to get the most from Photoshop
Find out more at www.lightandland.co.uk. for almost a decade – teaching courses in colleges, at home workshops and for private businesses

Advanced Photoshop

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Making money with Photoshop

Case Study: Merchandising

Naature Clothing
Naature Clothing was founded by designers George Smith (aka
Precursor) and Jason Krieger, self-confessed fans of cool T-shirts who
decided to try designing their own in Photoshop. “To our surprise,
the first batch of designs we did was a major success, with only a few
now remaining in stock,” says
Smith. “The whole web-based
T-shirt business has really taken
off in the last couple of years
and is still up for grabs, but to
get into the game you need to
make sure you have some sort
of niche. Our whole goal to
MARKETING MERCHANDISE: Designing art stand out from the crowd
for merchandise is a great way to make extra was to offer fresh and
cash. Jon Burgerman’s distinctive work can be
different designs with a BACK TO NAATUR
found on prints, wallets, books, etc at his store E: Five
heavy abstract influence. new designs are to
launched in Augu be
Our personal artwork has st. Guest
and published by Focal Press, it provides an expert designers include
gained many followers Justin
Maller of depthCO
guide to the world of image retouching. over the years, so most of RE.com
and John Leigh of
Not that retouching work has to be limited to Karborn.
our customers were com – this design
is by Leigh
self-shot photos. Develop these skills sufficiently already there – we just
and it’s possible to earn a substantial amount needed to tap into them.”
providing a service for professional photographers, Smith suggests designers simply approach local T-shirt or
many of whom still don’t fully appreciate the ins and printing shops for a cost effective screen-printing service.
outs of this craft, or else prefer to focus on the “Watch out for setup fees and minimum quantities though.
image-taking and let another expert handle the TI ON : Na atu re Make sure you know what you’re getting into,” he advises.
r Jason
post-production work. Clothing co-founde op “Once you build up enough capital, you could invest that into a
Krieger used Photo ition screen printer and have complete control over the process and
d ed
Teaching trick to create this limite save a lot of money in the long run.”
T-shirt design
Perhaps the most inspiring way to make money using Find out more at http://clothing.naature.com.
Photoshop is not to use it to create designs that you
can market, but to actually sell your knowledge. From
ad-hoc private lessons and sessions at local Internet fact many camera clubs now run Photoshop teaching regularly contribute to this very magazine are
cafés, through to training at established creative evenings for beginners.” equally renowned for their contributions to the
training centres and colleges, there are a myriad of Not that teaching always involves dealing with a online community. For example, in addition to
tutoring opportunities for those with a real class of students. The very finest Photoshop experts writing for Advanced Photoshop magazine and
understanding of the program. might also consider whether they have the necessary enjoying a successful career as a digital artist, Sam
When it comes to college lecturing, Photoshop writing chops to get their hints, tips and artistic Gilbey (www.personalspaceinvaders.co.uk) is a
teaching expert Jack Casement notes that tutors are guidance published. The ultimate aim of many is to get regular at Pixelsurgeon (www.pixelsurgeon.com).
required to take a 7307 teaching course. But as these into print, either following in the footsteps of experts “I’ve always enjoyed writing, and my Visual Arts
classes are often aimed at high-end Photoshop users such as Martin Evening by authoring their own book, or degree required lots of it, so it was a natural thing for
(and command fees to suit), the extra effort can be by writing for magazines. But the easiest place to build me to start doing tutorials once I graduated and
well worth it. And remember, it’s not just budding 6 up tutorial writing skills is definitely online. became a professional graphic designer and
digital artists who can benefit from your knowledge. Again, forums or your own home page are ideal illustrator,” he explains.
Casement highlights the suitability of camera clubs for places to offer advice and put together tips and For Gilbey, one of the enjoyable side effects of
providing Photoshop tuition. “At least 75 per cent of tutorials while simultaneously raising your profile. writing tutorials is that it prompts him to analyse
the audience are using digital imaging now, and in In fact, several of the Photoshop experts who his own techniques. “You can’t help but end up
with a better understanding of your own strengths

PERHAPS THE MOST INSPIRING WAY and weaknesses, and as such you’re bound to
improve your own skills as well as (hopefully!) helping

TO MAKE MONEY USING PHOTOSHOP IS others. Ultimately it’s just a sideline, but I see it as a
valuable one.”

TO SELL YOUR KNOWLEDGE A healthier approach to the whole subject of making

money using Photoshop you’re unlikely to find. 5

Advanced Photoshop

036-041_APM21_Money.indd 41 27/7/06 16:51:00


Ink effects Something smells fishy. Create fantasy still life shots
by combining several source pictures BY EMMA CAKE

ON THE DISC n the world of Photoshop anything’s possible: techniques that will enable us to create a convincing
Make your own inky still life images using a selection of free ink
pigs can fly, money can grow on trees and even composition. Layer modes are an absolute must, as are a
photographs supplied on this month’s disc, courtesy of the most heathen of souls can walk on water. number of blending techniques and opaque brushes.
Shutterstock and iStockPhoto. Get snapping to create your other The key to creating a great constructed piece of art is You’ll also discover the benefits of lesser-used tools, such
source imagery. Alternatively, if you want to create this tutorial in
full you can download the fish bowl (file number ‘797211’) and the the use of flexible source imagery. as the Blur and Smudge. You can download the
goldfish (file number ‘520198’) from www.istockphoto.com. If your individual elements are stunning of their own elements from iStockPhoto to use with your free ink
accord then, with some careful mastering in Photoshop, images but we suggest making your own original ink art
you can make a faux still life shot that requires a second using your images as a resource. There’s no limit to the
glance. On this month’s cover disc there are a generous fun you can have with this!
batch of ink stock images courtesy of www.
shutterstock.com and www.istockphoto.com. Over
With weeks spent longing for some pets and a
the following pages one of these ink samples will be biOrb fish bowl, these scaly characters were the
used to create a still life with a difference. Using one of most obvious choice to appear magically out of
Emma’s ink art.
the ink images as a basis we’ll be looking at a number of

Advanced Photoshop

042-047_APM21.indd 42 24/7/06 11:54:53

Add ink effects to source images “THE KEY TO
1 The bigger picture
2 Another bowl
Here’s a handy way to make a larger canvas using Create a selection around the bowl and press
an original source image as a basis. We downloaded file Apple/Ctrl+C followed by Apple/Ctrl+V to add another


number ‘797211’ from www.istockphoto.com. Using bowl to the image on a separate layer. Display your
the Crop tool, create a marquee around the canvas and ruler guides by pressing Apple/Ctrl+R and drag a line

then expand the top, bottom and right-hand side of along the bottom of the bowls to make sure that they
the selection. The new work area will need to be able to line up correctly.
fit in another copy of the bowl to the right-hand side
and reflections. SOURCE IMAGES”

3 Goodbye, fish
Zoom into the goldfish in the
left-hand bowl and use the Clone
Stamp tool to carefully erase it out of
the bowl leaving just the source image
that we need. This will work best with
a Soft Round Airbush measuring 24
pixels. When you have got rid of the
goldfish go over the area with the Your own
Healing Brush tool to make sure that
the blends are accurate and don’t
look messy.
If you’re feeling a little saucy and fancy
scrapping the images on the disc and creating

4 Colour the ink

Pick an ink image from this month’s cover disc.
We’ve chosen one where the ink has spread out to give
your own source files, then here are a few
photographic tips:
1. If you’re pouring ink into a container or
us more scope to manipulate. Add another layer on top bowl then make sure you have an assistant
handy. It will be a nightmare if you have to do
of this and fill it with a bright orange using the Paint
everything yourself.
Bucket tool. Then, alter the Layer Mode to Color. Open
up the Levels command and make tweaks with the 2. Use a suitable backdrop, such as a white
sheet, so that the colours that are captured are
slider to brighten the orange and get rid of the dull
vibrant and clear.
background. You might find it helps if you Desaturate
the lower Background layer. 3. A camera with manual settings is essential to
take the shot. For ease, set your camera to
Program mode and take the shutter speed right
down. Your aperture will need to open up (a
smaller F-stop number) to avoid your image

being underexposed.
Add the ink
4. Natural light will be best for illumination if
Select and copy the newly coloured ink and go you’re unable to take your image in a studio
back to your main canvas. Paste this selection onto a setting. However, if you need fluorescent
new layer and the use the shortcut Apple/Ctrl+T to lighting then make sure you alter the white
transform the ink and move it to cover the left-hand balance on your camera.
bowl. You will need to reduce the scale to around 60%. 5. Keep an eye out for nasty reflections. Your
Alter the Layer Mode to Darken so the ink blends into shot won’t look very good if you’ve captured a
the water in the bowl and there are no nasty white messy bathroom in the reflection.
elements to the image.

Advanced Photoshop

042-047_APM21.indd 43 24/7/06 11:55:20

6 Tidy it up
Use the Eraser tool to tidy
up the ink. Make sure that the
7 On reflection
The bowl won’t look realistic unless there are a
few reflections. Do this by selecting the ink, copying it
top of the ink is level with the and then pasting it. You can flip the ink by pressing
water and get rid of the parts Apple/Ctrl+T and then altering the height in the upper
that cover the curved sides of toolbar to -100%. Use the Eraser tool to get rid of every
the bowl (in theory you part of this ink reflection apart from the area around the
wouldn’t see this). Reduce the base of the bowl. Lower the opacity of this level to
risk of the ink looking too around 16%.
regimented by erasing out
parts of the ink so it doesn’t fill
the entire water line.

8 On the side
Where the ink is nearly touching the right side of
the bowl duplicate this part and transform to a width of
9 A fishy tale
We located a fantastic image that included plenty
of goldfish in different positions, facing different
10 Blending in
Now concentrate on blending the fish into
the ink. Not only should you experiment with position
-100%. Drag the corner of the transform box to rotate directions. You can locate this by logging onto by using the Transform tool but work on the colours so
this slightly clockwise. Then, with the Eraser tool, carry www.istockphoto.com and typing in the file number that the fish matches the tone and shading of the ink as
out the same fading procedure as in the previous step. ‘520198’. Select one of the fish (thinking carefully how close as you can. Great tools for doing this include the
Open up the Liquify command and use the Bloat tool to well it could be incorporated into the ink) and then Color Balance command, Levels and Curves. Here, we’ve
distort this slightly to match the curvature of the bowl. paste this onto a separate layer in your main artwork. adjusted the Color Balance to a setting of Shadows: +75,
You may find that you need to use the Eraser tool to get +3, 0, Midtones: +35, -13, -1 and Highlights: +13, -4, +25.
rid of stray fins from neighbouring fish.

11 Smudge
and Burn
Colour alone isn’t enough to
make the fish blend into the
ink. Select the Clone Stamp

tool from the Colors palette
and duplicate parts of the ink

ALONE ISN’T pattern using a Soft Round

airbrush with an opacity of

ENOUGH TO around 80%. The Smudge

tool can be used to work

MAKE THE these areas into the fish. Once

you’ve done this, select the

FISH BLEND Burn tool from the Tools

palette and darken patches of

INTO INK” your little pet. Don’t go

overboard though!

Advanced Photoshop

042-047_APM21.indd 44 24/7/06 11:55:50

12 Blur it
At the moment the fish looks too sharp 13 A shoal of fish
Open up the fish image again and pick “REMEMBER
compared to the ink. You can fix this by applying a
Gaussian Blur. Select Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Alter the
another unsuspecting character. Remember, you can
experiment as much as you like with rotation, scale and YOU CAN
slider amount to 0.4 pixels. Make sure you check the
Preview button so you can see the effect before
flipping. You shouldn’t need to erase any of the white
areas around the fish as long as you alter the Layer Mode EXPERIMENT
committing to the blur. to Darken. For a more convincing blend select the
original ink layer and use the Eraser tool with a low AS MUCH AS
Opacity to knock this back a little.

14 Get organised
It’s very important to make sure you
keep organised with your layers. Every time you add a
fish to the bowl create a new layer for it. That way, if you
need to tweak colours when you take a step back near
the end you can jump straight to the correct layer.
Colours can also be adjusted using the Hue/Saturation/
Lightness command, although you will need to
Overlay the effect with the Burn tool so it blends into
the ink inconspicuously.

15 Unusual angles
We want to keep the fish in the ink bowl down to three as it will be more successful if it’s not too over
worked. For the final addition we’ve chosen a fish that’s swimming forwards, just so it doesn’t look too regimented.
You can really experiment with this one by tucking it into the ink.

16 Colour overlay
If you’re having
trouble getting the blend right,
you can sample from the ink
layer by selecting a square with
the Rectangular Marquee tool.
Paste this into a new layer and set Colour
as Overlay. This doesn’t blend the
light blue areas as well, so you
will need to use the Eraser tool
with a Soft Round Airbrush to get Your image could look perfect on screen but if
rid of the faint orange box. your monitor isn’t calibrated, those gorgeous
aqua blues may turn out looking like a muddy
swamp. We suggest getting your hands on a
Pantone Huey to make sure those pixels are
perfect. Log onto www.colourconfidence.com
to shop for one.

Advanced Photoshop

042-047_APM21.indd 45 24/7/06 11:56:18

18 Blur to blend
With the original ink layer selected pick out
the Smudge tool in the Tools palette (this may be

hidden underneath the Blur tool). Adjust the size of the
That’s magic brush using the ‘[‘ and ‘]’ keys and carefully pull areas of
Don’t underestimate the the ink so they blend well into the fish. Erase parts with a
benefits of using the Magic Wand. low-opacity brush if it looks out of place.
Although it has a reputation for
being one of the more primitive
selection tools it will come in handy
for tricky parts such as fish fin. To
make sure that the wand doesn’t
select too much, lower the
tolerance of the wand right down
to 1px. Then click and Shift-click to
add more areas to your selection.
When you’re happy, erase this part
of the Overlay layer.

“DON’T UNDER- 19 Correct depth

Zoom out and take a good look at the work 20 Group together
The artwork is in danger of getting a little

ESTIMATE THE you’ve done already. Do any of the fish look a little out of
place? You can fix this by applying more Gaussian Blur.
confusing with so many different layers and it will help
to be able to distinguish between the left bowl and the

BENEFITS OF Don’t go over the setting of 0.5 pixels for any of the fish
you’ve added or this will just look very out of focus.
right. Select ‘Create a new group’ in the Layers palette
and drag all of the layers you have added to the left

USING THE hand bowl into this folder, leaving the original

Background layer where it is.

If you want some inspirational ideas for how
you can use the ink images supplied on this
month’s cover disc, then check out the
gorgeous work of Lewis Mulatero (www.
lewismulatero.com). The photographer of the
recent Britvic Robinson’s squash images shows
you that it’s possible to make even the most
complex of subjects out of an inky image.
21 Adjustment
At the moment all of the ink
artwork looks a little bit too
red. Eventually, we want the
inky fish and the goldfish
we’re going to place in the
right-hand bowl to have
similar colour tones. With the
new group folder selected
add a Hue/Saturation
Adjustment layer and adjust
the Hue to +13, the Saturation
to +6 and the Lightness to -1.

Advanced Photoshop

042-047_APM21.indd 46 24/7/06 11:56:44

22 Another new group
Add another group layer to the palette and
call this ‘Right Bowl Art’. Drag this existing ‘Right Bowl’
23 Four’s a crowd
Add three more fish to the right bowl, using
the same techniques as before. Changing each of these
layer into this group folder. We’re going to add a few new layers to Darken mode should mean that they
more fish to keep the current one company in the right blend well into the bowl. Don’t forget you can reduce
hand bowl and balance out the artwork more. the scale and rotate each addition to make sure the
composition is accurate.

In this tutorial we’ve made good use of the Blur

and Smudge tools but only skimmed over the
surface of the Liquify filter. It’s a bit of a tricky
one to master, but not only can you use it to
blend additional images over your ink shots, it’s
perfect for manipulating your ink swirls to make
them more exciting. The best tools to use within
the Liquify filter are the Forward Warp tool and
the Twirl Clockwise tool (if you hold down the Alt
key you can alter this to a Twirl Anti Clockwise
Tool). Be warned however – the Liquify Filter
struggles under low memory.

24 Level
it up
When you’re happy with
the composition of your
image, save a PSD version
just in case things go

wrong later and flatten
the layers. Open up the
Levels command and
alter the Input Levels to 0, SKIMMED OVER
0.80, 255, just to make the
image a little brighter and THE SURFACE
more vibrant.
25 Reflection
Create a new path and use the Pen tool to draw a selection around
each bowl – one at a time. Once you’ve finished your path Ctrl/right-click and
choose Make Selection. Copy this selection and then paste on another layer.
Press Apple/Ctrl+T and then flip the bowl by changing the height to -100%.

26 Mirror image
Make use of the ruler guides to align the reflections of the two bowls. For
each of these two layers lower the Opacity to 30%. Then use the Eraser tool to rub
out the reflections for a feather effect – lowering the Opacity of the tool closer to the
base of the bowl. Finally, flatten your image and save. 5

Advanced Photoshop

042-047_APM21.indd 47 24/7/06 11:57:15


Star t

Advanced Photoshop

048-053_APM21.indd 48 28/7/06 15:36:29

Photoshop Relay

Relay The final three competitors get
their creative mitts on our image –
who will triumph? You decide

t’s a well known fact. Creative types are the ultimate prize – the opportunity to gloat over their
most competitive people you’re ever likely to fellow competitors!.
meet, and when the creatives you’re talking For your chance to vote either drop us a line at
about are at the top of their industry, you know advancedpshop@imagine-publishing.co.uk or log on
you’re going to have a scrap on your hands. to our forum (www.advancedphotoshop.co.uk) and
Taking control of the creative baton this issue are answer the poll. Be sure to take the time to say why
our final three Photoshop relay competitors. And what you’re voting for your winner and post your own
amazing challengers they are! The three top designers attempts – we love to see them!
within Imagine Publishing going head-to-head ensures And so, without further ado, our fourth challenger
you’ll see something special. takes up the stylus. Claire Kendrick, art editor supremo,
But this isn’t where it all ends. Once you’ve browsed takes the baton…
the newly trodden steps of the final three challengers,
it’s crunch time. You then get to decide who has
For those of you who missed issue 19 and the Shutterstock starting
added the most to the relay race and who should be image, we’re providing it once again this month. You’ll also find
crowned AP Photoshop Relay champion. The winner Emma’s image which is where we left off at the end of last issue on
this month’s CD.
will not only get a (small) trophy, they’ll also get the

The AP Photoshop Relay starting image is one of
Shutterstock’s thousands of images. The largest

Rela subscription-based stock photo agency in the

chal y
world, Shutterstock was founded in 2003 and is
now one of the fastest growing suppliers of
le ng
Claire er s royalty-free stock photography in the industry. Its
outstanding collection of premium images
vs Ro Kendrick combined with a user-friendly interface has made
vs Mass Andrew Shutterstock a trusted resource for an expanding
rk Ken s global customer base. Shutterstock currently has
dick nearly 900,000 images available to its subscribers,
and that number increases every day.

Advanced Photoshop

048-053_APM21.indd 49 28/7/06 15:16:04

1 Unify the image
To enable me to add more complex textures to
the image I needed to first simplify the colour palette. I
did this by greyscaling the image and converting it into a
duotone. I chose some subtle contrasting colours that
would not overpower any textures I want to overlay.
Then I convevrted it back to RGB.

3 Gaussian Blur
After taking away most of the colour from the
image I needed to replace some colour depth. On a new
layer I created a large circle, filled it in green and then
applied a large Gaussian blur to ensure there was a
smooth blend between the colour and the background.
As it’s on a layer this can be changed using blending
modes to achieve the correct amount of colour.

Claire 5 Stroke path

I wanted to add some extra highlights to the
contrasting bird shapes. Using the Magic wand I made a

selection around the bird, converted it into a selection
and added a 1pt brush to the stroke in white. I scaled
and offset them and removed any parts of the stroke
that were distracting from the bird’s features. I then
Art editor, Advanced Photoshop duplicated the layer and flipped it horizontally.

“Picking up the relay

challenge fourth
doesn’t leave me with
too many options. So
I’ve decided to build
on the textures and
composition using
symmetry to create a hi-key butterfly
Star t effect with the birds wings.”

Advanced Photoshop

048-053_APM21.indd 50 28/7/06 15:19:28

Photoshop Relay
2 Halftone pattern
After duplicating the duotone layer I selected the Ross
Halftone pattern filter from the filter gallery and applied
it over the image with a fairly large pattern size. The end Star t
result can be tweaked at a later stage using the blending
modes to get the desired level of contrast. I then flipped
Group Art Editor
it horizontally and applied it at 80%.

“This poor old

bird has been
through a lot.
Time to give it
some sweet,
sweet nectar to
sip from; oh and
time for me to show off some
flowery Photoshop skillz.”

4 Pin Light
Using the cut out bird layer from James’ relay I
placed it on a new layer, removed the colour and
1 Paths to perfection
Although I’m sure my rivals might accuse me
of switching to Illustrator, Photoshop’s path tool is
2 One had a stroke
Having loaded up the Calligraphic brush set I
picked the narrrow, vertical elipse. Creating a new
enhanced the black channel using Curves. I then more than up to the task of creating some flowing layer for each path, I stroked each one with white to
duplicated the bird layer and overlayed it to create a ribbons to break the symmetry of the image, giving create the basic ribbon shapes; I’ll worry about the
symmetrical effect using Pin light, so as to see it a little more dynamism. Although I originally colour next.
background glimpses through the wings. worked on one work path, I then copied and pasted
pieces into seperate paths.

6 Add a mosiac
The mosaic effect was added using the filter gallery
and then using blending modes applied as screen at 50%
3 Layer styling
To give the ribbons a hand-drawn penciled
look I double clicked a ribbon layer to bring up the
4 Doing it old-school
Although I love the many and varied tools of
Photoshop, sometimes you just can’t beat a little
to add further texture only in certain areas of the image. Layer Style window and added a one point black hand shading with the brush tool – which is exactly
At this stage I went back to the duotone layer and stroke. A trip to the Gradient Overlay section then what I did after merging the styled layers onto fresh
removed parts of the flipped image I felt were now gives me a nice gold sheen. To save a bit of time I Ctrl clean layers below each one (to rasterise the layer
unnecessary – the duplicated string and the hand drawn clicked the styled layer and chose ‘Copy Layer Style’, style) and creating new, clipped layers to paint the
character. I also add an adjustment layer to tweak the pasting it onto the other ribbon layers, where I could shading on, giving the ribbons more depth.
colour levels. then edit the gradient colours and angle.

Pa s s

Advanced Photoshop

048-053_APM21.indd 51 28/7/06 15:20:53

5 Flower arranging
The flowers are actually the easiest parts. 6 Time to grunge it up a little
My final step was to unify the image, and give
Instead of creating them from scratch, I cheated and it a little accent before passing in on to Mark. I started
copied them from Illustrator’s Flower symbols. They out by merging and duplicating my layers, setting
came as Vector Smart Objects which I could position, the lower one to Multiply, and adding a layer mask to
scale and rotate before rasterising them. I then the upper so I could paint out some areas. I finished
added two white borders around both the ribbons by grabbing some flower, line and dirt brushes from Creative Director
and flowers, keeping the lower one selected and Vered (www.vered.fredfarm.com/vbrush/main.html)
running the Wave filter to mess it up a little. and painted in some white and red detail onto select
layers, bringing everything together. “There have been
some tough arts to
follow. So rather than
trying to continue
their work I decided
to add a human focus
yet grunge it up a
little at the same time. My mag, my
company, my rules – I win! Ha ha.”

1 Beginning of the end

First I duplicated Ross’ set of ribbons and flipped
them horizontally. Next I added a new layer and

Star t adjusted the Hue/Saturation from there to brighten the

whole image.

2 Perfect symmetry
My second step involved buying an iStockphoto.
com image of a girl (ref no. 1898365) to add a human
element. This also adds another element of symmetry to
the piece. You can purchase this image from $1.

Pa s s

Advanced Photoshop

048-053_APM21.indd 52 28/7/06 15:23:36

Photoshop Relay
3 Flip it!
Next I imported the image and rotated it to match
the angle of the birds, before hiding the original.
Duplicate the layer and, using the Lasso tool, I crudely
cut around the hair, then duplicated this off as a master
and applied Find Edges.

4 All in the detail

Using the master of the face created in step three, I
erased away the non-essential details. Next I applied
Screen blending mode and set this behind the ‘Find
edges’ layer.

for your
favour ite s
Email us
visit our noer
online foru w

5 Frame her face

To create more symmetry across the top of the
image, I took the ribbons from Ross’ steps and duplicated
6 Cross the threshold
We’re almost finished now but one of my final
steps was to duplicate the hidden master from earlier
7 Last but not least
Finally, I applied a new adjustment layer and
lightened the entire image so it faded away at the edges.
them, laying them across the top of the piece. once more and apply Threshold (Image > Adjustments > Then I painted the details back in at the centre of the
Threshold), followed by a Color Halftone. image. Voila, your Photoshop relay is finished!

Advanced Photoshop

048-053_APM21.indd 53 28/7/06 15:25:20

Step-by-step Workshops


If you want to discover a new element in your artwork then look no
further than this tutorial. Making full use of Photoshop’s brush palette,
this step-by-step will show you how to produce Painter-esque effects

PEER PRESSURE 7 72 with ease. Just load up your brush and get started…

We’ve been inundated with fantastic Photoshop creations this month.

Here’s your chance to browse through our pick of the best. Seek
inspiration for new design concepts, swot up on new techniques and
check out the competition. If you think you’re up to the challenge then get
your designs to us by e-mailing advancedpshop@imagine-publishing.
co.uk. You never know who’ll be flicking through next issue and you may
even get to see your design on our front cover.




Add the finishing steps to your intergalactic Orso Major artwork as Ross
Andrews sends you and your favourite app into orbit

Combine bracketed exposures Adjust Photoshop settings to Sometimes even the pros need some
into a single frame with this nifty improve performance using these sound advice. We have the answers
new CS2 tool helpful hints to all your technical angst in this
month’s helpdesk

Advanced Photoshop

055_APM21_techintro.indd 55 24/7/06 11:53:59


This is the final frontier. With the warp factor up to max we complete the final
steps of our breathtaking nebula. Welcome back to space… BY ROSS ANDREWS
PART TWO: PLANET-SPEWING NEBULA showed how an innocent-looking circle could
OUR EXPERT Ross Andrews

be made into a beautifully glowing planet,
As group art editor Ross works on a range
you missed last issue then we suggest you complete with rings. Now the fun really of creative titles here at Imagine Publishing,
do whatever you can to try and get hold of begins, as you get to unleash your and he’s also a Photoshop supremo who
can point your pixels in the right direction
it, whether it’s giving our subscriptions imagination, warp factor 10, on the process of when it comes to inventive image creation.
department a ring, trawling eBay, or begging creating a fiery, planet-spewing nebula.
a copy from a pixel-pushing friend. We’re not Your nebula won’t be perfect straight away. A These steps are only guidelines; they recount
saying this because we’re trying to tout our fair amount of tweaking will have to be made in how we made the image shown here, but don’t
wares (although you will be getting a vital the first few steps before you start to see great feel you have to follow them exactly. Experiment,
collection of Photoshop tricks, tips and results, so whatever you do don’t get repeat steps and build up layer upon layer of
techniques!), but because we took you, step- discouraged. The key is to invest the time and textures, glows and clouds. You’ll have a lot
by-step, through the process of creating an effort into building up your swirling shapes, and more fun, and your image should end up looking
out-of-this-world piece of art. We walked you then as soon as the Smudge tool comes into the better for the hard work and energy you’ve
through using filters to create starfields and play, everything will quickly fall into place. put into it.

Advanced Photoshop

056-060_APM21_workshop.indd 56 18/7/06 17:34:03

n iqu
Don’t worry – it’s a shaky start
1 A word of warning
One thing we’ve discovered about
creating nebulae is that they begin looking
2 Bright light
Increase the brush size to around 800
pixels, and switch the foreground colour to
3 Smudgy smudgy
Now’s the time to start seeing some results.
Select the Smudge tool, with a size of around 50
awful. With that in mind, grab a 40-pixel soft white. Create a new layer and click in the same pixels, and set the Strength to 50%. Now, starting
green brush, at about 30% Opacity, 50% Flow, place on your nebula a couple of times to create from the white highlight, click and push the pixels
and on a new layer above the planet layer set, a highlight. Tweak the layer’s opacity to your out in flowing curves, so that the green and white
sketch a rough shape. After this, switch to a liking and then merge the two nebula layers. mix and flow together. Think of this process as
larger brush and add a haze around the shape. pushing wet paint around a palette.

4 Add some detail

When the paints are curving
gracefully together, dial the
Smudge tool right down to around
4 pixels, but take the Strength right
up to 95%. Zoom in to the image
and start feathering the swirls by
pushing out from the edges –
experiment with this technique and “ALWAYS
you’ll soon get the hang of it.
5 Big it up
6 Spot the difference
Now increase the size of the Smudge tool Your nebula will be looking more than a
to 125 pixels, but with the Strength still up at little flat and painted, so it’s time to add a more

95%, and perfect the shape of your nebula by realistic texture. Copy the nebula layer, ensure
nudging areas about so they seem to flow your foreground and background colours are set
together naturally. Keep tweaking until you’re to black and white by hitting the D key, and from
perfectly happy with the result. the Render section of the Filter menu select
Difference Clouds.

Paint with a soft brush

Many creatives shy away from hand painting, figuring that
their mouse control isn’t that great, but there’s one secret to
great results. Always work with a soft airbrush, set to a low
opacity. Below 30% works best, but it can be much lower
depending on your confidence. As you’re building up colour
instead of doing it in one stroke, any mistakes are harder to
spot and instead you get a smooth and perfect finish – it just
takes a little more patience.

Advanced Photoshop

056-060_APM21_workshop.indd 57 18/7/06 17:34:52

“YOUR AIM 7 Whoa!
8 Smudge some more

Sure, the last step will give you a cloudy, The cloud texture should look great, but
smoky texture, but it will also give you some probably more than a little artificial, so it’s a

TO BUILD UP strange colour and no doubt almost completely

obliterate your carefully-crafted nebula. Don’t
good idea to switch back to the Smudge tool
and smear the colours back along the curves

CONTRASTING worry though; experimenting with blending

modes and opacity settings can easily rectify
again. This still retains the smoky feel in the

AREAS, SO this. In our case we simply switched the layer

mode over to Overlay.


Give your nebula a realistic look with Smudge, brush effects and colour tweaks
9 Dupe
To start adding more contrast, duplicate the clouded nebula layer
and switch the blending mode to Color Burn. Don’t panic when this
10 Hue and cry
All it takes to get your nebula back to
looking fantastic, is a trip to
11 Let’s smudge again
Once again it’s time to reach for the
Smudge tool, and it’s back to the 4-pixel setting
blacks out most of your image – choose Image>Adjustments>Levels Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation. Leave the at 95%. Work across both the clouded layers,
and drag the white slider to the left past the middle point. Your nebula Hue slider alone, but drag the Saturation slider pushing from dark to light and vice versa to
may not look great, but it’ll look better. completely left to -100 and experiment with the build feathered, flaring detail into the image. It’s
Lightness to get the desired effect; in our case the contrast between parts of the nebula that
we dragged it up to +56. really give it depth.

Take a tablet 12 Build with

Put away the Smudge
tool and create a new
It’s probably the tip you’ll find most repeated across the
layer. Then, select the
pages of Advanced Photoshop, but it really rings true for this
Brush tool, and open up
kind of work. If you can afford it, buy a graphics tablet. For the
kind of flowing brush work you’ll need to replicate in this the Brushes palette. Click
tutorial it really is a valuable asset. You can of course do it with on Texture, select Texture
a mouse, but it’ll be much harder to get the same results. We Fill from the thumbnail
recommended using a model from Wacom’s Graphire range menu, and then the first
as it will give you the ability to be able to experiment with texture in that set. Drag
pressure sensitive functions. the Scale slider down to
around 50%.

Advanced Photoshop

056-060_APM21_workshop.indd 58 19/7/06 16:53:11

n iqu
13 Paint effects
With black
selected as your colour,
Stars of the show
Flow set to 50% and the If you want to make up your own nebula from scratch but
Opacity set to around 30%, need some reference material then check out http://
carefully start painting hubblesite.org/gallery/. There is a stunning array of images
some cloudy detail into the that really are out of this world. It’s a useful resource for not
image. Do this by clicking only checking out formations but also colours and tones.
If that wasn’t enough you can also download hi-res versions
the mouse, never dragging
of the files to place in Photoshop as a reference. Don’t
strokes. Again, your aim
forget to send us your creations - we’d love to see what you
should be to build up come up with!
contrasting areas, so work
against the white.

14 And repeat
When you’re happy with your
contrasting shapes it’s time to repeat a few
15 Experiment
Now that the nebula is looking a bit
healthier, it’s a good time to experiment.
16 Highlights
This should give you some pretty weird highlights.
Emphasise these by opening Image>Adjustments>Levels and
steps from earlier. Begin by using the Smudge Duplicate the main nebula layer (created in step dragging the white triangle to the left, exaggerating the effect.
to tease out strands of black and break up the one) and drag it to the top of the Layers palette.
obvious edge; you can also reverse your strokes Repeat the Difference Clouds filter and set the
to great effect. Then duplicate the layer, apply layer mode to Color Dodge.
Difference Clouds, lower the Saturation and
experiment with the Lightness. Set the layer
mode to Pin Light.

SEND UP THE FLARE 18 And repeat

When you’re happy with your
contrasting shapes it’s time to repeat a few
Adding highlights for effect steps from earlier. Begin by using the Smudge
to tease out strands of black and break up the

obvious edge; you can also reverse your strokes
Paint effects to great effect. Then duplicate the layer, apply
With black Difference Clouds, lower the Saturation and
selected as your colour, experiment with the Lightness. Set the layer
Flow set to 50% and the mode to Pin Light.
Opacity set to around 30%,
carefully start painting
some cloudy detail into the
image. Do this by clicking
the mouse, never dragging
strokes. Again, your aim
should be to build up
contrasting areas, so work
against the white.

Advanced Photoshop

056-060_APM21_workshop.indd 59 18/7/06 17:35:45

Keep working at it 19 Creator of worlds
Duplicate the main
planet from last issue’s tutorial.
The steps printed here are a record of how we created our Use Edit>Transform>Scale to
nebula, but it really is quite a random, organic process. Feel resize it and position over the
free to repeat any of the steps, building up multiple layers, flare point in your nebula.
trying different apply modes, smudge a copy of everything Experiment with its position in
and generally have fun with it – the more time, the layer order until you find a
experimentation and energy you put into it the better it will combination that looks great.
look. Constructing your nebula can be a mind-blowing task
Repeat this step to create a few
with plenty of layers inevitable. Get organised with your
more planets to scatter about.
Layers Palette by making use of Groups. As you work you can
then bunch layers into these folders. This will make it easier if Move the nebula layers under
you need to make adjustments and tweaks later on. the main planet layers but above
the starfield layer.

20 I like to move it
The positioning of your nebula probably won’t be spot on,
as you’ve created it quite organically. Select or link all the nebula layers
21 Colour shift
A top tip for most Photoshop
creations is to have a final experiment with
22 Colour the highlights
When you’re happy with the colour
of the nebula, use Hue/Saturation again to tweak
and experiment with moving it around the image until the colour before committing to an end result. Work the colour of the planets so that they match. For
composition works. through the nebula layer by layer using Hue/ the large planet in the nebula’s centre it’s also a
Saturation to tweak colour ranges until you find a good idea to push the saturation a little to give a
combination you love. Ours took a red hue by strong coloured glow.
taking the Hue slider right down to -111.

23 Sun burn
Finally, to tie the whole image together, create a new layer in the Big Planet set, and create a
layer mask using the planet as a selection (with the mask active, Cmd-click (Mac) or Ctrl-click (PC) the
planet layer, select Inverse and fill with black). Pick a light colour from the nebula and with a huge soft
brush at a low opacity, paint in a coloured highlight. The end result should look absolutely stunning. 5


Advanced Photoshop

056-060_APM21_workshop.indd 60 19/7/06 16:43:31

Merge to HDR
Introduced in Photoshop CS2, the Merge to HDR command enables you to combine a series of
bracketed exposures into a single image that encompasses the tonal range of the scene

ven with the most sophisticated digital cameras available today, you’re
only able to capture a relatively small portion of the visible spectrum. For
some scenes this limited dynamic range may be acceptable, whereas
under extreme lighting conditions, the results might be completely inadequate.
But with the new Merge to HDR feature in Photoshop CS2, you can now combine
a series of exposures into a single 32-bits-per-channel (bpc) High Dynamic Range
(HDR) image that encompasses the full tonal range of the original scene.

OUR EXPERT Trevor Morris HDR preparation

Trevor Morris is an official Photoshop beta tester Creating a HDR image requires a
and amateur digital photographer with more than a series of exposures with identical
dozen years’ design experience. He works as a senior
graphic designer for a Canadian web design positioning, so a sturdy tripod is
company and also maintains the Photoshop-centric absolutely essential. Additionally, the HDR IMAGE PREVIEW: The Merge to HDR dialog allows you preview your final
website GFX™ (http://user.fundy.net/morris).
scene must be virtually motionless, as image and corresponding histogram. In addition, you can toggle exposures on or
off, preview the white balance and select a bit depth for the combined image
differences between exposures will
appear as blurs or ghosts in the final
image, ruining the shot. Create a HDR with
Merge to HDR requires at least two
exposures, although for best results, a
Photoshop CS2
To create a HDR image, choose
Get the patch
minimum of three to five exposures is File>Automate>Merge to HDR. Select Adobe has released a Photoshop
recommended. The more exposures one of the following sources from the 9.0.1 patch that, among other
used, the better Photoshop is able to Use drop-down list: things, fixes a high-ASCII bug in
approximate your camera’s response ● Files – allows you to specify the Merge to HDR. Download the patch
from the Adobe website.
curves, which in turn results in a more specific files to be merged (via the
even tonal distribution. Browse button). ● Mac OS: www.adobe.com/
Each exposure should be separated ● Folder – allows you to specify the support/downloads/product.jsp?pr
by one stop: equivalent to doubling or folder of images to be merged (via the
● Windows: www.adobe.com/
halving the exposure time (do not Browse button).
adjust the aperture or ISO speed). For ● Open Files – allows you to merge oduct=39&platform=Windows
HDR EXPOSURE SELECTION: example, if your first shot was exposed the files currently open in Photoshop.
Photoshop Merge to HDR command for one second, one stop up (EV +1.00) If your photos weren’t taken on a
allows you to combine a series of
would be two seconds, and one stop stable tripod, you may need to enable the Image>Mode submenu after the
bracketed exposures into a single
32-bpc, high-dynamic range image down (EV -1.00) would be 0.5 seconds. the Attempt to Automatically Align HDR image is created. We recommend
Using images that are more than one Source Images, which significantly you use the default 32 Bits/Channel so
stop apart could result in posterized increases processing time. that you can save an archival version of
HDR from Bridge output (ie banding). Also ensure that After processing each exposure, a the HDR image before conversion.
● To merge a series of bracketed the brightest exposure contains no preview of the HDR image and Once created, the HDR may appear
exposures from with Bridge, simply blown highlights, and that the darkest combined histogram appears. Use the washed out. Use Image>Adjustments>
select the desired images and choose exposure is relatively noise-free with checkbox below each exposure’s Exposure to increase the exposure and
Tools>Photoshop>Merge to HDR. clearly visible shadow detail. thumbnail to designate which images reveal hidden shadow detail.
to include/exclude in the final image. Currently, only a handful of

Additional resources The slider below the histogram is used

to set the white point preview for the
commands are available for editing
HDR images in Photoshop CS2, but just
image. Although the white point as Photoshop’s 16-bpc support evolved
Visit the following links for more information about HDR imaging:
preview setting is saved with the 32- with each successive version, it’s
● HDR: High Dynamic Range Photography (CambridgeInColour.com) bpc image, it does not alter the data. almost certain that future versions of
www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/high-dynamic-range.htm If you choose an option other than Photoshop will have much more
● HDR features and tips (AdobeEvangelists.com)
32 Bits/Channel from the Bit Depth support for 32-bpc images. In the
drop-down, the HDR Conversion meantime, you’ll need to convert your
● Errors when you use Merge to HDR in Photoshop CS2
(Adobe Support Knowledgebase) dialog appears immediately after the image to 8- or 16-bpc (Image>Mode>8
www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/331730.html HDR image is created. This is the same or 16 Bits/Channel) for post-processing
as choosing the desired bit depth from and final output to screen or print.

Advanced Photoshop

062_APM21.indd 62 24/7/06 09:30:28


In Photoshop your brushes aren’t limited to being boring one-trick ponies.
Tim Shelbourne shows how the power of Dynamic Brushes can transform
Photoshop artwork BY TIM SHELBOURNE
hen it comes to using the Brush and tilt, drawing direction and even speed,
tool in Photoshop, many people producing incredibly lifelike effects. Via these
think that there are just two dynamics you can control the size of the brush,
The reference image used in this
flavours of brush tip: a soft-edged one and its colours, textures, opacity and a whole lot more.
tutorial can be downloaded at
www.istockphoto.com. You can hard-edged sibling. We’re going to use these Dynamic Brushes to
find it by searching for ‘1107104’. But nothing could be further from the truth. If create a very energetic image, complete with
However, the techniques used in
this step-by-step can be applied to
you’re armed with a pressure-sensitive graphics realistic flowing hair, a subject that is just made
any image, so why not try it on one tablet, you can open the door to a whole new for very responsive brushes. We’ll also be using a
of your own? world of creativity by exploring Dynamic Brushes. custom dual brush, which allows us to combine
OUR EXPERT Tim Shelbourne In essence, all of Photoshop’s brushes can be two brushes for some extra special effects. As
With 20 years’ experience as an artist and illustrator, Tim is made dynamic and can be configured to you work through the tutorial, watch out for the
one of Photoshop’s leading lights. As well as writing tutorials, respond in very specific ways. Dynamic Brushes tip boxes that will give you the low-down on
Tim’s book Photoshop Photo Effects Cookbook is a must-read.
can be set to respond to pressure, stylus angle configuring Dynamic Brushes.

Advanced Photoshop

064-069_APM21.indd 64 24/7/06 09:42:09

n iqu
1 Increase your image size
Open your start image and hit D to set
default foreground and background colours. Go
2 Prepare for tracing
Grab Layer 0 in the Layers palette and
drag and drop it above the white-filled layer.
3 Start drawing
Hit F5 to display the Brush Dynamics palette. In Other Dynamics,
set Opacity to Pen Pressure. Now, on the new blank layer, begin to trace
to Image>Canvas Size. Check the Relative box Now reduce the opacity for this layer to 40%. around the image of the girl using the Brush tool. Vary the pressure on
and choose Percent for the dimension units. Add a new layer (Ctrl+Shift+N) and name this your stylus to create thicker, more opaque lines
Enter 30 for Height and Width. Choose layer ‘Drawing’. Display the Colour palette via around the girl’s outline. Try and be very accurate
Background for extension colour and click OK. Window>Colour and choose a mid blue. Choose when tracing around the teeth to ensure realism.
Now double-click the Background Layer to the Brush tool, and from the Brush Picker choose
make it editable. Add a new layer and fill it with a small hard brush.
White via Edit>Fill>Contents: White.

4 Zoom for accuracy

Continue to outline the image,
zooming in to complicated areas to
ensure accuracy. Don’t trace over the
hair in the image, as we’ll be creating “WITH A
our own hair with some Dynamic
Brushes a little later. Once the GRAPHICS
outlining is complete, click the
visibility eye in the Layers palette to TABLET, YOU
hide the image layer. Click on the
‘Drawing’ layer and hit the Lock All ARE OPEN TO
icon in the Layers palette to protect
this layer from editing. A WORLD OF
5 Set up a brush
Click on the hidden image layer and add
a new layer (Ctrl+Shift+N). Name this new layer
6 Establishing skin tones
Paint this colour all over the face and
hands. Don’t paint over the mouth at this stage. Loading brush libraries
‘Skin Midtones’. From the Brush Picker, choose Now choose a deeper flesh tone and add a new
the Oil Medium Wet Flow brush. In the Brushes layer, naming it ‘Skin Shadows’. From the Brush In this project, we use brushes from other
palette, in the Other Dynamics category, set Picker choose the Spatter 36 brush. Set Opacity brush libraries than the default one that is
Opacity to Pen Pressure. In Shape Dynamics set to Pen Pressure and Minimum Diameter to 50% generally used in Photoshop. Although the
Minimum Diameter to 50%. Choose a medium in the Brush Dynamics palette. default brush library features a good
skin tone from the Colour palette and begin to selection of brushes, Photoshop has lots
paint over the face and hands. of additional brush collections that give us a
greater variety of brush tips and truly
dynamic brushes.
To load one of these additional libraries,
you need to click in the Brush Picker and hit
the small right-
pointing arrow at the
top right of the
picker window to
activate the fly-out
menu. From here
you can load any
brush library simply
by clicking on it in
the list.

Advanced Photoshop

064-069_APM21.indd 65 24/7/06 09:43:04

7 Add some shadows
Now, with this brush, begin to paint in the shadows on the skin,
using the supplied shadow map or the original reference image as a
8 Reinforce the image
Return to the original image layer and
duplicate it. Drag and drop this layer so that it
9 Establish the hair mass
Click on the top layer in the stack and add
a new layer. We’ll use this layer to begin forming
guide. Vary the pressure on your stylus to go from dark to light tones as sits directly above the ‘Skin Midtones layer’. Click the main body of hair. Choose a very dark
you paint for the best finish. With this same brush and colour, add the the layer’s visibility eye to make it visible, and burgundy for your foreground swatch. Using the
shadow area to the hands. reduce its opacity to 88%. Now go to same brush, go to the Brush Dynamics palette
Filter>Blur>Smart Blur. Use Radius 39, Threshold and set Minimum Size to 15%. Using the brush at
92, High for Quality and click OK. Use a soft a medium size, begin to paint in a rough shape
eraser to clear any unwanted parts of this layer. for the hair.

“THE BRUSH 10 Go with the flow

Remember, at this stage we’re not 11 The Burn tool
Now it’s time to change tools.

DYNAMICS concerned with painting in the fine strands of

hair, but simply with establishing the main hair
Choose the Burn tool from the toolbar and click
in the Brush Picker. In the Brushes palette, click

PALETTE IS body. As you paint, try to visualise where the

main tresses of hair would flow, creating
on Brush Tip Shape. Reduce the Spacing to 5%.
Now choose the Shape Dynamics category and

CONTROL flowing sections of hair with your brush, set the Size Jitter control to Pen Pressure. Set

controlling the brush size with your stylus. Minimum Diameter to 5%. So that the strands of
hair flow in the right direction, set the Angle

Jitter Control to Direction.

Brush Dynamics palette
The Brush Dynamics palette really is Control Central for a
project such as this and is key to exploiting the magic of
Dynamic Brushes in Photoshop. You can display the palette by
hitting F5 or by going to Window>Brushes.
The dynamic characteristics of the brush are split up into
separate categories, which you’ll see down the left-hand side
of the palette. To

adjust the dynamics
within a particular Burn tool setup
category, you simply Click in the Other
click it in the list and Dynamics category and set
place a checkmark the Exposure Control to Pen
next to it to activate Pressure. In the Options bar,
those dynamics. choose Shadows from the
Within a particular Range Box and set Exposure
category, the Control to 5%. Now, using this brush at
Options relate to the
about 125 pixel size, begin to
way the brush reacts
add some darker tones to the
to a pressure
sensitive stylus, so hair in long sweeps. You can
set this up to suit adjust the size of the brush
your needs. via the square bracket keys on
the keyboard.

Advanced Photoshop

064-069_APM21.indd 66 24/7/06 09:43:32

n iqu
13 Darker
What we’re doing here is
14 Brush for highlights
Add a new layer, naming it ‘Hair Lights’. Choose the Brush
tool. and select the same brush from the Picker (Stipple 12), and use the
adding some dark accents same settings in the Brush Dynamics. In Other Dynamics, because this
to the hair, to create a sense is the Brush tool and not the Burn tool, you won’t have an Exposure
of volume and to add some option. Instead, set both Opacity and Flow Control to Pen Pressure.
light and shade. Use very
little pressure on your stylus
and use long sweeping
strokes that follow the flow
of the hair. A flick of the
wrist with your stylus will
ensure hair-like end strands
as we have brush size set to
Pen Pressure.

15 Fore/background colours
Click the foreground swatch and
choose a medium burgundy colour from the
16 Add life to the hair
Use the softest pressure setting on
your graphics tablet and vary the size of the
17 Take your time
This part of the painting can be a laborious process, but it’s
worth taking you time with it as the more stands of hair you add, at
colour picker. Now click the background swatch brush regularly. By using the brush at a bigger varying angles and sizes, the more realistic the finished piece will look.
and choose a slightly more saturated shade of size, you can add broader sections of hair. Be careful to finish off any blunt ends of hair with the brush at a very
this colour. Return to the Brush Dynamics Conversely, use the brush at a very small size to small size. Clean up any parts of the initial drawing on the lower hair
palette and click in Colour Dynamics. Set the drag out wispy strands of hair to break up the layer with the Eraser tool.
Foreground/Background Jitter Control to Fade. outlines and add realism.
Now, using the brush at a small size, begin to
add some light strands of hair.

18 New brush,

new settings
Time to change brush

again. Still working with
the Brush tool, click in the
Brush Picker, load the Thick
Heavy Brushes and choose
the Smoother Round Bristle
brush. In Brush Dynamics, ADD, THE
set the Size Jitter Control to
Pen Pressure and the MORE
Minimum Diameter to 50%.
In Other Dynamics, set the REALISTIC IT
Opacity and the Flow
Control to Pen Pressure. WILL LOOK”
Advanced Photoshop

064-069_APM21.indd 67 24/7/06 09:44:23

“SAVE THE 19 Skin highlights
20 Highlight accents

Click on the ‘Skin Shadows’ layer and Increase the size of the brush and
add a new layer, naming it ‘Skin Highlights’. For paint in some rough highlight areas on the

BRUSH AS A the foreground colour swatch choose a very

light yellow colour. With this brush at a small
cheek, chin and jaw line. Now choose white for
your foreground colour swatch and paint some

NEW PRESET size, begin to add subtle highlights to the far

side of the face and the nose. Vary the opacity
tiny accent highlights over these areas to add
focus and polish to the image.

SO YOU DON’T of the stroke by using a little less pressure on

your stylus.


21 Dynamic eyebrows
Zoom into the girl’s eyes with the Zoom tool. Activate the
Brush Tool and click in the Picker. From the fly-out menu, choose Reset
22 Super realism
Click on the ‘Skin Shadows’ layer and
add a new layer, naming it ‘Eyes’. For the
23 Adjust for eyelashes
Change your foreground colour
to a very dark brown. In the Brush Dynamics
Brushes. From the brush thumbnails choose the Dune Grass brush. foreground colour swatch choose a very dark palette click Shape Dynamics and reduce Angle
Open the Brush Dynamics palette (F5). Set the Size Jitter Control to Pen brown. Position your brush over the widest part Jitter to 0%. Now click Brush Tip Shape and
Pressure, Minimum Size to 5%. Set the Angle Jitter Control to Direction of the eyebrow and adjust the brush size to suit. check the Flip X box. Grab the arrow point on
and the Angle Jitter slider to 7%. Now use this brush to paint in the eyebrows. the brush map in the dialog and drag it
Use heavy pressure on your stylus for the wide clockwise until the brush is at the correct angle
parts, less pressure for the narrow tails. for the eyelashes.

Saving a new brush preset

After you’ve gone to all the trouble of carefully adjusting the
dynamic capabilities of a brush, which can be quite time
24 Paint the
Now paint in the
consuming, it’s a good idea to save the modified brush as a eyelashes with this brush,
new brush preset so that you don’t have to go through the again controlling the size
procedure all over again to recreate the brushes effect. You can of the brush marks via the
easily do this via the Brush Picker. Activate the fly-out menu pressure applied to your
and choose New Brush Preset. Give your brush a descriptive
stylus. You can increase
name and click OK. When you change to a different brush
the intensity and darkness
library, you’ll be given the opportunity to save the current
library containing your new brush. of the eyelashes simply by
working over them two or
three times with the
brush. Before moving on,
crop the unwanted space
from the right of the
image with the Crop tool.

Advanced Photoshop

064-069_APM21.indd 68 24/7/06 09:45:35

n iqu
25 Brush Picker
Click in the Brush Choosing colours
Picker and, from the fly-out
menu, load the Special
and sampling
Effects Brushes. From the There are a number of ways to choose colours in
thumbnails choose Drippy Photoshop and we use a lot of them in this
Watercolour. Choose a deep project. One of the simplest ways is by using the
red for the foreground swatch Colour palette. Using this palette, you can
and a mid-golden yellow for simply hover your mouse over the colour
the background. Go to the spectrum and click to choose a colour. You can
Brush Dynamics and check even use the sliders to make very fine
Colour Dynamics. Click Dual adjustments to the colour. Remember, when
you choose a colour by this method, it is always
Brush and set the Scatter
applied to the foreground colour swatch, so to
slider roughly central. In
choose a colour for the background swatch, hit
Other Dynamics set Opacity X on the keyboard to swap foreground and
to Pen Pressure. background first.

26 Liven up the background

Click on the white-filled layer at the
bottom of the stack and add a new layer. Now
27 Add a keyline
Choose a very deep blue for the
foreground swatch. Add a new layer at the top
paint roughly over parts of the background with of the stack. Go to Select>All. Now go to
the Watercolour brush. Use the brush at a fairly Edit>Stroke. Enter 15 for Stroke Width and
large size, leaving plenty of white areas choose Inside for Location. Hit OK to apply the
remaining. Choose the Eraser tool and erase any stroke around the image.
parts that show through the face. Reduce the
opacity of this layer to 65%.

28 Add eyeshadow
Return to the ‘Skin Shadows’ layer.
From the Brush Picker load the Thick Heavy
29 More highlights
Change your foreground colour to a
pale yellow. Still using the same brush, add
30 Tidy and adjust
Finally, check each individual
layer for any ragged edges or over-painting. Use
Brushes set. Select the Smoother Round Bristle some more broken highlight lines here and the Eraser tool to tidy up any rough edges.
brush and set the Dynamics options as in Step there throughout the image to strengthen and Remember you can always change the tone of
18. Choose a light blue/green from the Color clarify it. Remember, you control the width of the painting on any of the layer via the Levels
palette and paint over the eyelids at low opacity the stroke by varying your stylus pressure. command. Here we’ve darkened the skin
to add a touch of eye shadow. shadows a little. 5

Advanced Photoshop

064-069_APM21.indd 69 24/7/06 09:46:03

Optimising preferences for better performance
Optimising Photoshop to take advantage of your current system and preferred
workflow can significantly improve performance and decrease startup time

Trevor Morris here’s no arguing that CS2 loves
Trevor Morris is an official Photoshop beta tester
a fast processor and lots of
and amateur digital photographer with more than a RAM, but before you run out
dozen years’ design experience. He works as a senior and spend a heap of money upgrading
graphic designer for a Canadian web design
company and also maintains the Photoshop-centric your system, try configuring
website GFX™ (http://user.fundy.net/morris). Photoshop to take advantage of the
hardware you already have. Of course,
you won’t be able to double
Photoshop’s performance or halve the
load-time, but you should notice a
significant difference. Just for fun, you
may even want to jot down the
approximate time it currently takes to
apply a memory-intensive filter or the
time it takes to boot Photoshop, and
then compare the results after
optimising your system.

Memory management
Photoshop’s performance is most
RESET PREFERENCES: To reset all significantly affected by the amount of
palettes and preferences to their factory available RAM, how much of it is
default settings, hold down the Apple/ allocated to Photoshop, and what it
Ctrl+Opt/Alt+Shift keys while booting MEMORY MANAGEMENT: The Preferences dialog allows you to customise the
Photoshop. Be careful though, as this is used for. amount of memory and scratch disk space allocated to Photoshop, based on your
will overwrite any custom presets that To begin with, choose Photoshop/ particular hardware configuration and the demands of your workflow
you haven’t saved Edit>Preferences>Plug-Ins & Scratch
Disks and select the drive(s) and/or select a fast, dedicated drive (or The Memory Usage setting
partition(s) you want Photoshop to use partition), such as a RAID 0 partition. determines what maximum portion of
as scratch disks (virtual memory). You Never use network and/or removable physical memory should be allocated to
can assign up to 64 exabytes of scratch drives as scratch disks, since their read/ Photoshop. There are two vital factors to
disk space over four volumes – that’s 64 write speeds are far too slow. Also avoid consider when setting this value. First,
billion GBs! For best performance, assigning Photoshop’s scratch disks to entering a value that’s too high may
the same volume used for the operating deprive the operating system and other
system’s virtual memory, as this may applications of the RAM they require to
Additional resources result in a competition for resources. function adequately – which could
Next, choose Memory & Image Cache ultimately result in poor performance for
For more information about optimising Photoshop’s performance, check out (Apple/Ctrl+8) from the drop-down at all applications, including Photoshop.
the following articles from the Adobe Support Knowledgebase: the top of the Preferences dialog. Here Second, Photoshop will only use as
● Optimise performance of Photoshop CS2 you can configure the number of much RAM as there is scratch disk space
Mac OS: www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/332270.html low-resolution previews Photoshop will available. So if you only have 500MB of
Windows: www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/332271.html store in memory to speed up screen scratch disk space, Photoshop will use no
● Memory allocation and usage redraws for high-resolution images. The more than 500MB of RAM, regardless of
www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/320005.html higher the Cache Levels, the more how much memory you assign. I
previews Photoshop stores: however, recommend using a memory setting of
● Slow performance and screen redraw problems in Photoshop CS2
higher values also require more RAM between 55% (the default for Windows)
on Windows
www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/331412.html and cause images to open more slowly. and 70% (the default for Mac),
Acceptable values range from 1 to 8, depending on how much RAM you have.
There’s also plenty of useful information in the Adobe Photoshop Read Me
file located in the root of the Photoshop installation folder. See the section where 1 disables image caching Adobe suggests using a value that’s
titled Improving Performance and Troubleshooting. altogether (ie, only the current screen several times more than the largest
image is cached). The default value is 6. image you typically work with.

Advanced Photoshop

070-71_APM21_Insider.indd 70 18/7/06 17:28:02

n iqu
Bigger Tiles plug-in trim presets is to use the Preset Manager
(Edit>Preset Manager), but you can also
● If you have more than 1 GB of RAM, use the individual preset palettes (eg, Where’s that folder?
you may wish to enable the Bigger
Styles palette, Gradient Editor dialog Assuming a default installation, the locations of the folders referenced in this
Tiles plug-in (Plug-Ins>Adobe
box, Customer Shape picker, etc). In article are as follows:
Photoshop Only>Extensions>Bigger
Tiles), by removing the tilde ( ~ ) from either case, simply Opt/Alt+click on a
the filename. When enabled, Bigger preset to delete it – the cursor will turn FOLDER NAME MAC OS PATH
Tiles speeds up redraw time by into a pair of scissors – or drag the Photoshop <hard drive>/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS2
increasing the size of image tiles. preset(s) onto the Trash icon. Plug-ins <hard drive>/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS2/Plug-Ins
Note that because the tiles are larger Although it’s always wise to back up Presets <hard drive>/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS2/Presets
they may appear to draw slower, but your settings/files before running <hard drive>/Users/<username>/Library\Preferences/Photoshop
overall, the image is updated sooner CS2 Settings
around madly deleting things, you
than with the default smaller tiles. Colour Profiles <hard drive>/Users/<username>/Library/ColorSync/Profiles
needn’t worry too much in this case, as
Adobe Fonts <hard drive>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts
there are two simple ways to restore
<hard drive>/Library/Fonts (<hard drive>/Users/<username>/
Palette preferences Photoshop’s default preferences. To System Fonts
Many of Photoshop’s palettes provide restore an individual palette to its
thumbnail previews, such as the Layers, default state, just delete the FOLDER NAME WINDOWS PATH
Paths, Channels and Animation palettes. corresponding palette preferences file Photoshop C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2
However, these previews also come at (PSP) within Photoshop’s Settings folder. Plug-ins C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Plug-Ins
the expense of both memory and To reset all settings to their defaults, Presets C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Presets
application response time. Every time hold down Apple/Ctrl+Opt/Alt+Shift C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Adobe\
Photoshop\9.0\Adobe Photoshop CS2 Settings
you make a change to your image, all while booting Photoshop. Just be careful
Colour Profiles C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Drivers\Color
associated thumbnails have to be that you don’t trash your own custom Adobe Fonts C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts
updated, and the larger the thumbnails presets at the same time! System Fonts C:\Windows\Fonts
the more resources are required. Another way to speed up Photoshop’s
In order to configure the size of the boot time (and save some memory) is to Also see ‘Where things are’, a PDF document available from
AdobeEvangelists.com: www.adobeevangelists.com/pdfs/pscs2/
previews for each palette, Ctrl+right-click disable any plug-ins you don’t use. For
on an empty area of the palette, or example, Photoshop comes with a set of
choose Palette Options from the Digimarc plug-ins that read, write and
corresponding palette menu. Choices detect digital watermarks. These plug- that will only be recognised by Adobe
include: None (static 12 x 12 icon), Small ins not only add to Photoshop’s boot applications – however, you should limit
(28 x 28 thumbnail), Medium (52 x 52 time, they also increase the time it takes the number of fonts in this folder to
thumbnail) and Large (76 x 76 to open every single file! To disable those you use on a regular basis. The
thumbnail). ‘None’ requires least these filters, locate the Plug-ins\ System Fonts folder contains fonts
resources but provides only generic Digimarc subfolder and add a tilde ( ~ ) installed by your operating system and
thumbnails, while ‘Small’ requires to the beginning of the folder name (for may be used by many applications,
relatively little RAM and processor time, example, ~Digimarc). including Photoshop. It’s recommended
and provides real thumbnails. Follow the same procedure to disable that you don’t remove any of the fonts in
Another palette that can potentially any file formats (8B? files) that you never the System Fonts folder.
use a lot of memory is the History palette. use: open the Plug-ins\File Formats Unfortunately, you can’t hide fonts in
That’s because every history state (and folder and add a tilde to the beginning subfolders prefixed with a tilde. All fonts
snapshot) requires additional scratch disk of their filenames (eg, ~FilmStrip.8bi, – even those with subfolders – will be
space, and for large images these states ~Pixar.8bi, etc). To disable multiple files enumerated by Photoshop upon startup,
can add up very quickly. To configure simultaneously, place them in a so if you don’t use them, move them to a
the number of history states, choose subfolder whose name begins with a location outside the fonts folder.
Photoshop>Edit>Preferences>General. tilde (for example, ~Disabled). Like fonts, all colour profiles (ICC and
The default number of history states ICM files) installed on your system are
is 100. Use ‘em or lose ‘em read by Photoshop upon startup, so it’s a
Upon startup, Photoshop checks both good idea to remove any profiles that SMALL THUMBNAILS: To save
Improving load time the System Fonts and Adobe Fonts aren’t required. additional memory and improve
There are several things you can do to folders to determine the number of Photoshop’s response time, try
reduce the time it takes Photoshop to fonts available for use with the Type Preventative reducing the size of the
thumbnails for the various
load. One way is to delete (or archive) all tools. If you have a lot of fonts installed, maintenance palettes (eg, Layers, Channels,
the presets you don’t use, such as the this can significantly increase the time it Finally, make sure you defragment/ Paths and Animation)
default Styles, Tool Presets, Custom takes for Photoshop to load. The Adobe optimise your hard drive on a regular
Shapes and Brushes. The simplest way to Fonts folder may be used to store fonts basis, as this will improve the read/write
speed for files and programs on that

“PHOTOSHOP CS2 LOVES drive. A good rule of thumb is to defrag

your drive at least once a month – or any

A FAST PROCESSOR AND time you notice your operating system

becoming sluggish. Note that for large

LOTS OF RAM” and/or significantly fragmented drives,

this procedure can take several hours.

Advanced Photoshop

070-71_APM21_Insider.indd 71 18/7/06 17:28:14

Eye-catching imagery that
inspires and challenges

ne thing that never fails to impress us here at
Advanced Photoshop is not only the skill of
our readers but the huge variety of different
Ice cold
approaches that you all take. It’s a healthy sign to see NAME: Joe Upton
EMAIL: zachtlr@yahoo.com
so many different creative styles emerging from your
good selves, and this month’s Peer Pressure shows off
Joe Upton is a meat cutter by trade and both an amateur
those skills better than ever before. Have you got a photographer and an avid Photoshopper in his spare time. He has
digital masterpiece up your sleeves that you’d like to been using Photoshop for about three years and is often seen with a
share with your fellow readers? Canon Digital Rebel XT in his hand. This image was inspired by the
Sending your images in to us for inclusion in Peer ice tutorial featured in Advanced Photoshop 17. “Choosing an image
Pressure is an ideal way to get your name out there. You with the proper skin tones and highlights was more challenging
never know who’s browsing through the magazine looking than I originally supposed it would be. One particular problem with
for a new Photoshop guru to front their company. this image was that the right shoulder was almost all highlight and I
If you’d like to see your own work on these pages, please feared it would appear blown out. This was solved by choosing a
foreground ice image that would hide most of the right shoulder.”
send us low-res versions to advancedpshop@imagine-
publishing.co.uk – we’ll get back to you for more
information and higher resolution copies if we want to
print them. Alternatively, please log on to our forum
website at www.advancedphotoshop.co.uk/forum and
scroll down to Peer Pressure in the Creative Projects section
to post a link to your image samples.

You’ll stand a better chance of seeing your work in print if
you adhere to the following criteria: make sure that your
images are high-quality TIFFs or JPEGs (RGB or CMYK),
300dpi minimum, and can be printed at 15cm x 15cm
minimum. Don’t forget to include a short text file detailing
how you created your work, too.

Advanced Photoshop

072-075_APM21_peerp.indd 72 19/7/06 15:17:12

n iqu
The colour of pink BB EE
NAME: Daniel Sehlstedt IN INSH ST
EMAIL: danne@dannei.com S OW
WEB: www.dannei.com
If yo
Be u think y
s O W
the t In S ou’ve go
This image was created as a token gesture for Daniel’s girlfriend. “I was feeling imagn send youhow in netxwhat it ta
uninspired and my girlfriend told me to create something for her.” To begin with a Your ine-publr images t t month’s kes to be
gradient overlay was created using a blend of pink and white. “I needed a background Spydefforts couildshwining.coo.uuskat adAvdavnacncedtPhheoto
texture and found a nice wavy pattern for which I altered the blending mode and Cal er2PROyou a fantast edpshops@hop
changed to an overlay. I reduced the opacity of this as I didn’t want it to get the full For m ibrat Moni ic
www ore inform or wo
.colo ation rth £ tor
attention.” Daniel then added some text into the background and used a layer mask to
hide the sides of the text to make it blend in more. Finally, he polished off the piece by urco on this 195
adding a few marks with different brushes and the ‘color of pink’ text. nfide prod
nce.c uct vis
om it

NAME: Matthew Kempton

Matthew taught himself

Photoshop and has been
learning for two years. His
current job as an in-house
designer for a small
company doesn’t require
much Photoshop so he tends
to practice in his free time.
Inspired by Vault49 and
Flatliner Matthew’s piece
was an idea conceived from
a conversation he had on
purgatory. “I thought it would
make for a rather interesting
project, so I started off by
doing a bit of home
photography, taking various
self portraits in anguished
poses. Once I had a photo I
was happy with I started
working on getting the body
to look as if it was about to
combust.” The result was
achieved by working with
several duplicated layers
(with subtle filters applied)
that were then combined
with layer effects.
“The sides of the image
were built up using a
combination of photographs
that were traced using the
Pen Tool and filled with solid
colour. Some brushes that
were sourced from
deviantART were used to
add the final touches.”

Advanced Photoshop

072-075_APM21_peerp.indd 73 19/7/06 15:17:38

Discover the thinking behind the art



think of how our great-grandsons would
live in harmony with nature and went for a
‘shoal of fish’ analogy. As often with my
pictures this looked quite dull before the
very last few steps. It only came together
after I added distance blur, light rays, small
dithers and a global colour retouch”

CITY HOPPER: The picture was created using a grasshopper as the main source
image and replacing each part with a mechanical element. “I couldn’t find sources for
the limbs of the pilot so I photographed myself in the position and incorporated this
into the image. Sometimes it’s the only way to get a weird perspective to match”

recurring theme in my
pictures is the depiction of
everyday scenes in a
futuristic and mechanical
world. I wanted to show the
robot having a good time,
riding his new hover car.”
Joan used a motion blur on
the background to spice up
an otherwise static scene.
“I also turned the car into a
convertible to suit the
overall feeling”

SUNRISE ON LILYVILLE: “The piece combines several key approaches I had used
previously. I created a deep perspective by the multiplication and blurring of elements
in the background. A dreamy light was important as sunshine and sunrise always
makes for a nice ambiance. As for sense of scale, the man on the boat is there for a
reason – it ties the whole thing together. It’s very important in pictures to give the
viewer a way to understand the proportions of the elements”

Advanced Photoshop

072-075_APM21_peerp.indd 74 19/7/06 15:18:00

n iqu
NAME: Joan Charmant
EMAIL: joan.charmant@gmail.com
WEB: www.joancharmant.com

Joan has been dabbling with

Photoshop for just under two
years. With previous
experience in graphical arts
he knew that photo-montage
would be the right style for
him. “It’s something that
combines the freedom of
illustration with the impact of
photography. The possibility of
developing my imaginary
worlds into convincing
pictures instantly attracted
me.” Joan has learned a lot
about his digital imaging by
“trial and error” constructions
in the daily competitions on
www.worth1000.com. It may
surprise some to learn that
despite his terrific Photoshop
skills Joan isn’t interested in
going professional. “I work for
the software industry. I do
Photoshop as a hobby and I
wouldn’t want it otherwise. I
sometimes feel that having an
art director can spoil the fun of
creation. I want to keep it pure
leisure, even if it means I’m not
getting any money out of it.”

BUNCH OF GEARS: This was one of

Joan’s earliest works and is one of the first
pictures he was happy with. “I did this
over the course of an afternoon, with a
pretty simple concept in mind. I replaced
each and every flower with a gear of the
same size and perspective. There are a
couple of things I would definitely do
differently today, but I guess its
symbolism still works quite well”
World Cup Fury
NAME: Gareth Julien

Gareth is a 26-year old project manager and multimedia student from

London. “I’ve dabbled with Photoshop since the days of the Apple Mac
Classic and would probably be a guru by now if I’d stuck at it.” He tells us
that this was quite a simple piece to create, but “involved a lot of playing
about to achieve the correct blending results.” Gareth painted the red flag
strips onto the material and adjusted the opacity and the different
blending options until he had a convincing result. The Warp and Brush
tools were used to manipulate the ‘England’ text and the German strips.

By submitting images to Advanced Photoshop’s Peer Pressure, you hereby grant Imagine and, if relevant, clients to
whom the relevant work has been provided, an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free licence to use intellectual property
in relation to work similar or equivalent to the work. This includes the right to showcase work on multimedia formats.

Advanced Photoshop

072-075_APM21_peerp.indd 75 19/7/06 15:18:18

Our Photoshop pro tackles your editing woes and sets
you on the path to image enlightenment BY JULIE EASTON
lighting can look off when different images
from different cameras are comped together.
I shoot under Tungsten lights, and set both
cameras to the pre-set Tungsten white-
balance setting, but they both produce
different results. What’s going on?
Simon Tucker

This is a common problem and it relates to the different ways

in which camera manufacturers describe Tungsten lighting.
Tungsten covers a wide range of different colour tempera-
tures from 2000-24000 degrees Kelvin for domestic bulbs, to
3200-3400 degrees Kelvin in studio setups. It depends on what
the particular manufacturer has based their Tungsten setting
on as to what colour the resulting image will be. Generally
cameras will be matched to the studio setting (which is what
Tungsten film was balanced for), but some cameras will aim
to reproduce in accordance with domestic values, which will
FLOWER POWER: Use the Saturation command as a last produce cold tones if used under studio lighting.
resort to avoid blocky colours; try increasing the contrast The best thing that you can do to achieve consistency
HUE’S THAT GIRL? between your different cameras is to use a manual white
I am having trouble getting strong colours which is where the “uncomfortable transitions” make their balance setting if there is one available. Measure the light
from my digital SLR and I spend a lot of time appearance. Digital saturation enhancement will exaggerate using a piece of white card underneath the lighting that you
in Photoshop increasing the saturation, but the differences in tones that are usually too subtle to notice, intend to use for each of your cameras and hopefully the
the results still aren’t as vivid as when I and this will lead to the loss of texture that you describe. images will comp together naturally. If you can, shoot in RAW
worked with film. I use a lot of flora in my Before jumping right in and using the Saturation so that you maintain the image data and can adjust the
digital artwork and I really need the texture command in Photoshop, try enhancing the contrast first, as white balance settings in post-production.
and vibrancy of flowers to remain. this may help to bring out the tones in your image without
LIGHTEN UP: Measure your white balance
However, I find that Photoshop tends to turn losing pixel data. Also, use the Levels and Curves adjustments manually if working under studio lighting
colour into solid blocks and there are options to make subtle changes to your image. Use the
uncomfortable transitions between different Saturation command as a last resort and hopefully you’ll find
colours. Can I avoid this effect when that your floral images retain more detail, but still have plenty
adjusting the saturation? of contrast and colour.
Sarah Dunn

Increasing the saturation of an image in Photoshop leads to BALANCING ACT

blocky colours and unwanted artefacts because you are clip- I use a couple of different cameras to
ping the pixel data and forcing tonal values too high. If you capture images that I later comp together for
are selectively increasing one colour channel, then you might digital projects. I am having trouble getting to
find that some pixels are changed and others nearby are not, grips with my white balance settings and the


Advanced Photoshop

078-079_APM21_Helpd.indd 78 18/7/06 17:24:08

n iqu
I’ve done something silly and accidentally
I am weighing up the odds of buying a handheld light meter and wanted your advice. I
deleted some images off of my memory
have a Canon 5D with reflective light metering and was wondering if I would benefit from
card. It was a long and tiring shoot and the
investing in a handheld meter that has both incident and reflective metering options.
thought of having to do it all again is not
Ian Clifton
exactly filling me with joy. I have heard of
rescue software; can you recommend a
All DSLRs have reflective light metering built in, which measures the light reflected by the subject toward the camera.
product, and will it work?
Incident lighting measures the light falling onto the subject, and can give more accurate light readings. With a handheld
Jane Dorman
meter you can get in close and take a meter in the same light as the subject, figuring the results into your calculations. The
main advantage of using a handheld meter is if you are photographing light, bright subjects like snow, which can often
There are programs that can recover images from a memory
fool a camera’s built-in metering into underexposing the image. They are essential under studio lighting to ensure correct
card to a reasonably good extent so don’t panic just yet! A
exposure of your subjects. Sekonic (www.sekonic.com) does a good range of light meters to suit all budgets.
quick Google search reveals a number of different software
solutions that you can use. PhotoRecovery is available
from www.gorecovery.com and comes in both Mac and
PEN TROUBLES Windows versions. The software costs £22.78 ($42) and can
be downloaded as soon as payment is made so you can
I am using a PC with Photoshop CS2. I love
begin your attempt to recover images straight away. There
your magazine and your tutorials are really
is no guarantee with this sort of program, however, so don’t
excellent, but unfortunately something is
be disappointed if your images are beyond saving. In the
holding me back from being able to really
meantime don’t use your memory card or format it, otherwise
move forward creatively. I just can’t get my
your chances of recovery disappear completely.
head around the Pen Tool, therefore I can’t
create any of the great stuff in your magazine
that relies on this. It’s completely my fault I
know, but I just can’t get past what has now
become a major hang-up with my Photoshop
usage. I have studied web tutorials on using
the Pen Tool, but it just doesn’t click for me.
Would there be any chance at all of some
help with this? I’m sure I can’t be alone in SENSITIVE TYPE: The larger sensor on the D50 make it a
finding the accurate plotting of points for better choice for good image quality than a prosumer camera
tracing completely mystifying.
Antony Baker, via email PIXELS VS POWER
I want to invest in a new camera but I am
You’re definitely not alone in this one, Antony. A lot of people
confused as to what is the most important
have trouble getting used to the Pen Tool for cutting out
thing to look for: megapixels or image-
objects, but it is an essential tool to get to grips with if you
processing capability? I need to be able to
want to further your Photoshop skills. The trick here really is
print out comfortably at A4 and possibly
practice, practice, practice. The web is full of great tutorials
larger, and I am torn between a nine-
that can help you, though some are more complicated than
megapixel Fujifilm S9500 prosumer model, or BRING IT BACK: You may be able to save deleted images
others. One good tutorial can be found at http://retouchpro.
a six-megapixel Nikon D50 DSLR. I’ve been on your memory card with software like PhotoRecovery
com/tutorials/?m=show&id=30, which isn’t the best-look-
working with film and scanning my images
ing of step-by-steps but it is a good one for simple explana-
in, but now I think it is time to go digital.
tions. We wish we could offer you a quick-fix solution, but
Jamie Donaldson
unfortunately this is one case when there really isn’t one.

Once upon a time it was all about the megapixels, but that
race seems to be finally slowing down. Manufacturers are
realising that pursuing higher resolutions isn’t worth it when
most users don’t print out large enough to notice a difference.
What is more important is the size of a camera’s sensor.
Prosumer models, like the S9500 that you mentioned, have
tiny sensors meaning that the enlargement ratio for printing CALL FOR QUESTIONS
out at A4 is a lot bigger than on the D50, which, like all DSLRs, Want help with your Photoshop problems?
has a larger sensor. This means that at A4 size you will get Then let our team of experts sort you out.
better quality images from the lower-resolution Nikon than
the nine-megapixel Fujifilm. You will also benefit from less Send your emails to us at:
noise and better contrast. Therefore, if picture quality is advancedpshop@imagine-publishing.co.uk
your only concern then we’d definitely recommend going
for the DSLR option, although you will have to take other Remember to specify whether you are
OUT OF CONTROL: The Pen Tool is tricky, but you just things into consideration like cost, additional lenses and using a PC or Mac and the version number
gotta learn how to use it. Online tutorials can help portability before making your final decision. of your edition of Photoshop.

Advanced Photoshop

078-079_APM21_Helpd.indd 79 18/7/06 17:25:06

Do your Photoshop on the move
with these powerful laptops that I CALL A
pack a mean punch

f your love for Photoshop is as big in the office. But if, like most of us, you need to be Although you won’t want to carry around an
as ours, then those times when budget-conscious, then you will need to install unnecessarily large model, a generous monitor
you’re away from your computer the same package you have on your desktop onto size is a must to make your Photoshop work easy
are painful. Staring out of the your new laptop. The Adobe CS2 licensing allows on the eye. Most new models don’t scrimp on
window on a train or watching an awful you to install a package onto a maximum of two this, but try to opt for a widescreen that measures
rom-com when jet-setting seems like a waste of different machines. There’s no hybrid version of more than 15 inches so you can spread out your
precious practice time. Similarly, if you have an Adobe Creative Suite 2, so if you’ve already gone windows and palettes.
important appointment with a client and want the way of the Apple at home, you’ll need to get Finally, there will be more freedom using your
to prepare a presentation without worrying a MacBook. You’re less limited when it comes to laptop if you choose a piece of kit that comes
about the hardware you’ll be greeted with, it’s Windows systems, because there’s plenty more with a good quality DVD writer, so you can burn
probably time to think about getting a laptop. choice for model types and brands for a variety and back up all those essential files.
There are so many models on the market that of budgets – although you may find the system
parting with your hard-earned cash can be a less intuitive. Go shopping
decision nightmare. It’s easy to get carried away by There are a few pointers to remember when There are plenty of places to pick up your laptop
the temptation of a sleek and snazzy model, but if buying a laptop. Because you’ll be working with models. The obvious place is a company website
the specs aren’t up to scratch your purchase could large file sizes that could easily slow down your to mail-order your pieces of kit, although this
be a big mistake. machine, plenty of memory and hard drive space won’t necessarily give you the best deal. A local
(around 100GB) will be invaluable. Of course, you chain store is another option, but let’s face it,
The model for me? can always attach a portable hard drive to save getting your ear talked off by a shop assistant on
If money is no object and you don’t mind your storage from being used up, but your commission isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
splashing out on another software package, then Photoshop work will be tedious without that extra The best deals will come from scouting the
you won’t have to worry about matching up your oomph of good speed. web. If you’ve got Del Boy tendencies and fancy
operating system with your hardware at home or Working with high-resolution images will mean trying your luck with a bargain, check out eBay
that a good graphics card is essential. Steer away and start placing your bids. A potential bargain

PARTING from integrated graphics cards. You’ll be able to might immediately come to light by logging on


upgrade your machine far easier without one to our favourite price comparison website,
and always make sure you’re up to date with the www.pricerunner.co.uk. Here, you can compare

BE A DECISION best graphics technology (this is particularly

useful if you ever want to upgrade your software
prices from reputable outlets, read up on
customer reviews, check out the star rating and

NIGHTMARE – you never know what new releases are around

the corner).
save yourself searching high and low for those
cracking deals.

Advanced Photoshop

080-083_APM21_laptops.indd 80 18/7/06 17:17:20

When high resolution, fast speed and huge
storage space are a must

AR Series
Web: www.sony.co.uk / www.sony.com
Contact: (UK) 0870-2402408 / (US) 1-888-476-6972
The AR series is Sony’s designated multimedia PC range, fusing premium
technology and entertainment features, and they all look pretty slick. Included in
the range is the first VAIO notebook with Blu-ray disc. The benefits of a model from the
AR series include a large hard disk capacity – perfect for storing large image files – and a
17-inch WideUltra XGA2 black LCD screen to make your Photoshop work a joy. All of the
monitors include a dual-lamp and a multi-layer anti-reflection surface treatment to aid the
display’s contrast and brightness.

Price : £1,999 / $3,688
Operating System: Microsoft Windows Media
Center Edition 2005
Platform: Intel Centrino Core
Memory speed (MHz): 533
Memory size: 1024
High Drive capacity (GB): 200
Optical Drive type: Blu-ray Super Multi Double layer DVD +/- RW/ BD-RE Drive
Display: 17-inch (1920x1200) X-black LCD with double lamp technology
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce Go7600 GT with 256MB dedicated video memory


Price : £1,499 / $2,765 Price : £1,199 / $2,213
Operating System: Microsoft Windows Media Operating System: Microsoft Windows Media
Center Edition 2005 Center Edition

THAN A DVD Platform: Intel Centrino Core

Memory speed (MHz): 533
Memory size: 1024MB
Platform: Intel Centrino Core
Memory speed (MHz): 533
Memory size: 1024MB
High Drive capacity (GB): 160 High Drive capacity (GB): 100
Optical Drive type: Super Multi Double Layer DVD Optical Drive type: Super Multi Double layer DVD
+/- RW Drive +/- RW Drive
Display: 17-inch (1440x900) X-black LCD with Display: 17-inch (1440x900) X-black LCD
double lamp technology Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce Go7400 with
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce Go7600 with TurboCache supporting 256MB
128MB dedicated video memory

Blu-ray eration optical

know, Blu-ray is the next gen
For those who aren’t in the and embraced by
Blu-ray Disc Association
disc format developed by the wel l known HD DVD format in
against the
Sony. It’s currently competing
true VHS vs Betamax style. r (25 gigabytes
s more information per laye
A Blu-ray disc can store load elen gth . However,
ause of the shorter wav
instead of 15) than a DVD bec ens ive to pro duc e.
far more exp
the drawback is that they’re

Advanced Photoshop

080-083_APM21_laptops.indd 81 18/7/06 17:17:51

Web: www.rockdirect.com
Contact: ((UK) 08709 909090
rock has been producing
yea rs. Although that’s st innovative
notebooks for over ten ops offer some of the mo
oun t of tim e com par ed to its competitors, its lapt IT exp erts.
a pretty short am ch is often applauded by
technology on the ma rket
There are a whole host of
to satisfy rigorous Photosh
. It’s

a rea
lly serious competitor, whi
s. All
le from
roc k’s
roc k, all catering for different
products have a three-year
nee ds, wit h ple nty of power
collect-and-return warran
es with an option al second
ty, Apple
Web: www.apple.com
awry. The CTX T2500 com
mind if anything does go on the move. Great for tho
so you can have peace of rs of extra pow er Contact: (0800 039 1515 (UK),
t swa ps wit h the DVD writer to give over three hou form anc e.
battery tha rificing screen size and per 1800 88 20 29 (Ireland)
op on the train without sac
who need to use Photosh 1-800-275-2273 (US)

rock Xtreme CTX T2500

Apple delivers the goods with the MacBook
and MacBook Pro, offering not only superb
specs for speedy Photoshop work but also
Price : £1,644 / $2,995 stunning design. Not only can you rely on
t Windows XP Home
Operating System: Microsof
Duo T250 0 Apple to provide a notebook with plenty of
Platform : Intel(r) Core
welcome extras, there’s always great
Memory speed (MHz): 667
Memory size: 1GB support both online and over the
: 100 telephone. Both of these models are similar
High Drive capacity (GB)
l Layer +/- DVD Writer
Optical Drive type: 8x Dua en in style, but vary a little according to size
17-in ch (168 0 x 1050 ) WUXGA+ X-Glass TFT Scre
Display: and technical specifications.
IA GeFo rce Go79 00 GTX with 256MB
Graphics Card: NVID The MacBook offers 2GHz of Intel Core
dedicated video memory
Duo Power and up to 80GB hard drive, with
able that swaps an optional DVD burning SuperDrive,
Optional second battery avail
with the DVD write r to give
over three hours of
battery on the move
– good for people
who need to use Photosho Price : £749 / $1,099
on the train without sacrificin Operating System: Mac OS X v.10.4 Tiger
and perform ance .
screen size Platform: 1.83GHz or 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo
Memory speed (MHz): 667
Memory size: Up to 120GB
High Drive capacity (GB): Up to 120GB
Optical Drive type: Super Drive with double-layer

read support (DVD+R DL/DVD +/- RW/CD-RW)
Display: 13.3-inch glossy widescreen TFT display

Graphics Card: Intel GMA 950 graphics
processor with 64MB of DDR2 SDRAM shared
with main memory


Advanced Photoshop

080-083_APM21_laptops.indd 82 18/7/06 17:18:39

Web: www.alienware.co.uk/
Contact: 0800 279 9751 (UK), 1-
If you’re not one to trundle along
with the masses then an Alienware
notebook could be the right
option for you. Alienware offers
award-winning products with a
unique style and hefty performance. There are plenty of models to
opt for with varying specifications, but all have the distinctive
Alienware casing that will be sure to make heads turn.

Aurora MALX Elite Assassin

Price : £2,599 / $4,792
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition
Platform: AMD Turion 64 Mobile Processor
Memory speed (MHz): 400
built-in Bluetooth, wireless-ready bandwidth. The standard is a
Memory size: 120GB
Airport and up to 2GB of RAM from 15.4-inch display which comes with High Drive capacity (GB): up to 120GB
$1,099 in the US, with the nasty tax 2GHz or 2.16GHz Core Duo, one Optical Drive type: 8x Dual Layer DVD +/-RW/ 24x CD-RW
man adding a little extra for the UK at FireWire 400 and two USB 2.0 ports. Graphics Card: 256MB Nvidia GeForce Go 7900 GTX SLI Enabled
£749, while Europeans get it for €1,119. However, we’d suggest the 17-inch
For extra punch, the MacBook Pro is
five times the speed of the PowerBook
display, which has 2.16GHz Core
Duo, one FireWire 800 and three USB THE DISTINCTIVE
G4, with eight times the graphics 2.0 ports.
Price : £1097 / $1999
Operating System: Mac OS X v.10.4 Tiger
Platform: 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo
Memory speed (MHz): 667
Memory size: Up to 2GB
High Drive capacity (GB): Up to 120GB
Optical Drive type: 4x SuperDrive (DVD +/- RW/ CD-RW)
Display: 17-inch (1680x1050) TFT Screen or 15.4-inch (1400x900) TFT Screen
Graphics Card: 17-inch – ATI Mobility Radeon x1600 with 256MB of GDDR3 SDRAM and dual
link DVI. 15-inch – ATI Mobility Radeon x1600 with 128MB of GDDR3 SDRAM and dual link DVI

Advanced Photoshop

080-083_APM21_laptops.indd 83 18/7/06 17:19:46

Giving you a creative head-start
Push the limits of Adobe’s image-editing app
with these essential resources

GET FLASHY: The latest,

greatest gadgets on page 90

software 86
Everything you need to know about
Vista, the new Windows system

gadgets 90
Bring some gadgetry to your desktop
with our selection of tech toys

books 92
From game art to digital photography,
we’ve got it covered

websites 94
Recom Learn online with these top Photoshop
sites and resources

C reating in Photoshop has never been an ‘all work, no play’ affair. Engineering digital images is a
fun and creative task, and your work area should reflect this. Giving you a helping hand to
obtain the ultimate home office, we’ve compiled a list of the coolest gadgets around. With some
proving invaluable to your work within days and others being a more frivolous spend, you’re sure to
find something to suit your needs.
And that’s not where our creative researching has stopped this month. We’ve had Steve Jenkins,
Windows XP Made Easy’s reviews editor, give us the lowdown on the impending launch of Vista.
Whatever you need to know about the release, we’ve got it covered.
There’s also a wealth of books between these resource pages, covering topics from creating video
game art to using Corel Painter successfully with Photoshop.
Finally, we’ve included a directory of the finest Photoshop websites around. Whether it’s inspiration,
tutorials, news or reviews you want from the Internet, these sites will set you on the right path.

Advanced Photoshop

085_APM21_resources.indd 85 18/7/06 17:15:34


A view of
Windows Vista
With the next generation of Microsoft Windows
just around the corner, will it be worth the wait?
he next generation of Windows, officially
BY STEVE JENKINS titled Vista, has been a long time in the
making. Its predecessor, Windows XP, first
appeared in the public domain in 2001, making
the transition almost six years – and that’s if Vista
makes its scheduled debut!
Although Microsoft has insisted Vista will be
unveiled to the public in the first quarter of 2007, the
launch has been plagued with problems. Even if that
exact date is still open to speculation, when the OS
finally does make an appearance, Microsoft assures
its waiting consumers that it will have been worth
the wait.
Will Vista prove to be the powerhouse Microsoft
claims or will it be a case of ‘don’t believe the hype’?

Looking good
With several betas and the CPP (Customer Preview
Program) available, much of the mystery of Vista has
already been dispelled. However, one component
that’s been gaining plenty of attention is the new
user interface.
With the right hardware, the visual sophistication
of the new interface can be fully appreciated. Vista
introduces glass effects to home and office

ALL GROWN UP: The vastly

improved graphics engine
brings with it visual
sophistication and the option to
make standard Windows
elements semi-transparent. The
new Start menu finally grows up
and becomes a new mature self

Advanced Photoshop

086-089_APM21_Vista.indd 86 19/7/06 15:10:34

computing, enabling elements such as the title bar
and taskbar to become semi-transparent so users can
focus on the task of actually using the software. This
opacity also allows for users to view underlying
Get ready for Vista
The appearance of a new OS
content without the inconvenience of having to
brings with it one prevailing
minimise or close a window. This may be a simple
question. Will my present
feature but could be worth its weight in gold,
machine be powerful enough
improving productivity no end.
or will I need to upgrade?
Alongside the new UI, the other famous feature of
History dictates that
the Windows Desktop – the Start menu – has also
Microsoft’s minimum specs are
been given a major reworking.
liberal to say the least. As a
The first, most traffic stopping change is that it no
general guideline, you’ll need
longer bears the moniker ‘Start’. Sporting simply the
to double whatever Microsoft
Windows flag that brings forth the new improved
states to gain acceptable
menu with a single click, the new look Start menu is
performance from the OS. At a
sure to cause some excitement. The gateway to
quick glance, users will need
Windows also now boasts a redesigned layout, giving
for a Vista Capable PC,
the menu a far more compact look and feel. The ‘My’
according to guidelines, a
tag has been removed, with My Documents, My
modern CPU (Intel, AMD or Via
Pictures, My Music, etc simply becoming Documents,
at least 800MHz), 512MB of
Pictures and Music. This rejuvenated menu helps
RAM and a DirectX 9 class
give the impression of a far more grown-up and to find out if they are ready for BE PREPARED: It’s best to play
graphics processor. For a Vista safe and double up on whatever
mature system. an upgrade to Windows Vista.
Premium PC, a 1 GHz processor, specs Microsoft gives in order to
And that’s not where the menu updates stop. The This can be found at www.
1GB of RAM, 128MB graphics get a reasonable performance
cascading All Programs menu system has also been microsoft.com/windowsvista/ from the operating system
memory plus 15GB of free disk
given the boot, and space within the menu is reused getready/upgradeadvisor/
space and a DVD-ROM.
to display a sub Contents menu for quicker default.mspx.
For further assistance you
interaction. In addition, an integrated desktop search For replacement PCs, users
can try the latest beta of The
known as Instant Search offers the option to find and need to look out for the
Windows Vista Upgrade
launch almost any file or program instantly. Windows Vista Capable PC logo
Advisor. This is a small
which identifies hardware that
application that runs on
Take control current Windows XP machines
meets or exceeds the
The Control Panel is an essential and central point requirements to deliver the
for modifying the many settings that Windows LOOK FOR THE Windows Vista core experience.
currently possesses. The new improved Control Panel LOGO: The For a better Windows Vista
retains some of the old favourites, but boasts plenty Windows Vista
experience, be sure to get a
Capable PC logo
of new additions as well. In fact, there are now a will identify the Windows Vista Capable PC that
total of 54 Control Panel applets waiting for hardware you need is designated Premium Ready.
your attention.


Advanced Photoshop

086-089_APM21_Vista.indd 87 19/7/06 15:11:51

Security is an issue that has been at the heart of developers. And Microsoft has thought of you if you
A NEW BROWSING Windows for many years, and Vista proves to be no have too many gadgets to know what to do with.

different. Microsoft states that its latest OS will be the The Windows Sidebar is a panel that resides to the
most secure version of Windows yet. To this end it has side of the desktop and lets users organise Gadgets
included a host of tools and features to prevent for easy access.
A big player in the Windows universe and the
unwanted intrusions. Automatic Updates and As you might expect from a new Windows OS,
World Wide Web, Internet Explorer has been
Windows Security Center can help you keep your PC Microsoft has included a host of media tools that
given a long overdue overhaul. The latest beta
up to date with the latest security patches, while the begin to take Vista beyond a PC operating system.
improved Windows Vista firewall will help repel Included is an updated version of Windows Media
mspx) introduces a sparkling new interface
hackers, viruses and worms. Windows Defender Player with a new improved interface and all round
and a host of new features including the much
(already available in beta) helps protect you against manageability. Integrated into the player is URGE, a
vaunted tabbed browsing. This finally brings it
spyware and other potentially unwanted software. new digital music service from MTV Networks. Vista’s
in line with its few competitors (mainly Firefox).
Plus there is the inclusion of the Malicious Software own version of Media Center with updated interface
Web searching straight from the toolbar,
Removal tool, which scans your PC looking for known makes an appearance making it easier than ever to
reading and subscription to RSS feeds, and
prevalent viruses. find, play and manage all your digital entertainment
improved support for cascading style sheets
on your PC or TV using a remote control. It’s almost
(CSS) are also included. The ‘ools menu gives
way to the all-new and improved Phishing
Gadgets and Sidebar like you never had a PC. Alongside the big players
Vista is by no means going to be all work and no play, there’s the updated Movie Maker, now with support
Filter, which offers Automatic Website
though. A new addition, that Mac OS X and even for HD video and burning to CD/DVD plus DVD
Checking to ensure that a site is safe.
Google users might have seen the like of before, is Maker for creating DVD interfaces.
Gadgets. Essentially, Gadgets are mini-applications
Much like the old Control Panel, the Vista version is that are web services delivering information to the A Photoshopper’s paradise?
available in two views – Classic and Category – with desktop. These include news updates, weather But what about Photoshop users? Will Vista be
the Category view now expanded. Tailoring the look information and Internet radio streams. These are but a paradise for us, or will we find that like the
and feel of Vista to suit personal requirements is now the tip of the iceberg though with Gadgets being brand new Intel-powered Macs, Photoshop has not
within easy reach thanks to the Ease of Use Center. capable of integrating with installed applications – been considered?
User Accounts and Family Safety provide control over Media Player, or being standalone apps – Calculator. As usual, the app giant is being tight-lipped about
how children access and make use of the PC, as well Alongside the standard Vista set, further Gadgets any forthcoming changes to software to encompass
as giving the option to impose time limits. can be downloaded from a wide variety of new technology, although one Adobe spokesman

MINI APPS: Download, install and manage a host of MUSIC: Get to grips with the all new interface of
CONTROL PANEL: The Control Panel is where the mini applications with the help of the Windows Windows Media Player 11, and take control of your
heart of Windows Vista lies and a visit will reveal a Sidebar and a pool of Gadgets available from music and video. Plus, expand your music collection
host of new improved applets, an amazing 54 in total developers and manufacturers across the globe with the integrated download service URGE


Advanced Photoshop

086-089_APM21_Vista.indd 88 19/7/06 15:13:05

Windows Vista
”Admittedly we’ve had to wait a long time for a major upgrade to Microsoft’s
Windows, but despite that it looks like we won’t be disappointed as there’s
definitely a lot to get excited about in Vista – from the fresh new
sophisticated look including desktop gadgets and the 3D Flip view to
simplified system management and improved security features.“
Stuart Tarrant, Editor – Windows XP Made Easy

did tell us: “We have supported Microsoft operating www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2006/

systems consistently, so it’s a natural evolution for feb06/02-26WinVistaProductsPR.mspx. INSTANT VISTA
us to support Vista. Beyond this, it is Adobe
corporate policy to not comment on future versions
Vista is expected to hit the streets in Q1 2007.
However, much in the tradition of all that is Windows,
of our software.” even this date could prove to be flexible. Originally
The advent of a new OS brings with it plenty
set to be released in 2005, Vista (codenamed
of online information, and Microsoft sites
And there’s more Longhorn) has jettisoned many a feature to make
among many others can be found in
Any insight into Vista would not be complete even the ‘07 date. This includes the recent removal of
abundance. The main instigator of the latest
without the mention of the Windows Vista product WinFS, its relational file system once described as one
Vista news and general information lies within
line-up. This will consist of six versions, two for of the pillars of Vista. The recent €497m fine from the
the Microsoft site itself.
businesses, three for consumers and one for European Commission for a ‘near-monopoly’ of the
● Official Windows Vista
emerging markets: Windows Vista Business, Windows Windows System hasn’t helped matters either.
Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Microsoft recently said that efforts to improve
Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Ultimate and security in Vista were largely behind the delays. Vista
This is the starting point from which users can
Windows Vista Starter. The three contenders for chief Jim Allchin commented, “We’re trying to do the
branch out, discover and expand their
the home users are Windows Vista Home Basic, responsible thing here.” Well, let’s hope so, and roll on
knowledge of the next generation OS.
Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista 2007 when we can finally see the fruits of the
Ultimate. For an in-depth view, head on over to software giant’s labour – and it had better be good. 5 Additional official websites that make the
grade include:
SUPREME CONTROL: Take control of access and get PHOTOS: Browse your carefully arranged photo ● Get Ready
peace of mind all in one easy-to-set-up centre. Limit collection via a selected month or day, or view your www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/getready/
access to undesirable websites, impose time limits highly rated favourites. Give the not-so-good a
and block programs on your machine helping hand with a click of Fix
This page provides links and insight to
Windows Vista Capable PCs, Windows Vista
editions, Upgrade Advisor and the Customer
Preview Program.
● Windows Vista Community
This page includes Vista featured articles, links to
popular blogs, up and coming events,
newsgroups and community MVPs.
● Windows Marketplace
Provides a selection of Windows Vista Capable
and Premium Ready PCs that are available today.

For an unofficial view of the latest and greatest

Microsoft OS, pay a visit to:
● ActiveWin
The Active Network is a huge resource that’s
dedicated to Windows in all shapes and forms.
Alongside its dedicated Windows XP section,
users will find the Vista section which offers an
in-depth guide to the OS.
● Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows
This site embraces all versions of Windows with
FAQs, reviews, Tech Showcases and its own
dedicated Windows Vista Activity Centre.

Advanced Photoshop

086-089_APM21_Vista.indd 89 19/7/06 15:14:28

gadgets When you’re stuck at your desk, a cool gadget or
funky flash drive can fire up your inspiration

TADO Hero Flashdrive High-tech treats

Price: £64 / $117.95
Web: www.mimoco.com PQI U510

Price: £35 / $44.99
ou’re probably familiar with the work of TADO (www. Web: http://www.pqimemory.com
tado.co.uk). A design company that produces its own If you thought your flash drive was small,
cartoon-esque worlds through Photoshop, Illustrator and then check out the latest offering to be
Flash, Mike and Katie are well-known in the design industry. announced by PQI. The U510 looks set to be
the world’s slimmest flash drive at just 3mm
Expanding their creative wings further than their illustrations
thick. That’s not much bigger than your
and range of toys takes them, they’ve now designed a series of credit card!
flash drives. Imagine tucking your work onto these funky drives Designed to fit neatly in your wallet or
– you’d be the envy of the design world! Check out www. pocket the U510 has a built-in retractable USB
connector, works with Macs and Windows,
mimoco.com, where you’ll find designs by lots of artists
and holds an amazing 16GB of data!
and the storage goes up to 2GB – not bad. Convenient Although the some information remains
and portable, these drives are an essential working tool, unobtainable (at time of print) the U510 will be
and with one this design-friendly, you’ll never lose it. 5 mends available in iron grey, metallic silver and a
Recom football-inspired design. 5
Rating: 5/5 Rating: 4/5

Logitech Cordless Desktop

Photoshop Shortcut S530 Laser for Mac
Price: £69.99 / $127

Web: www.logitech.co.uk
Designed specifically with the stylish white
Macs in mind, the new S530 is the ideal
Price: £10.49 / $18 companion for your monitor, scanner and
printer. Complete with a one-touch button
Web: www.editorskeys.com
that allows you instant access to your music

I deal for those new to the Adobe app, this gadget is and photos on a Mac, the Desktop also
compatible with both PC and Mac keyboards. Allowing includes a cordless, ergonomically designed
keyboard with extended battery life and a
you to work faster than ever by giving you easy access to sculpted laser mouse for extra precision.
shortcuts, the Photoshop Keyboard is fully compatible Perfect for those using Photoshop.
with the default shortcuts in Photoshop 5 and above. Although if you’re a PC user this one is
Transforming your keyboard couldn’t be simpler – just stick definitely not for you, with the USB mini-
receiver and stand, this is the perfect package
and go for a potential increase in your productivity. Although
– even if you’re designing on the go. 5
we’re not huge fans of keyboard stickers like this, they can be
Rating: 4/5
and invaluable resource while you’re learning and can be easily
disposed of afterwards. 5
Wacom Graphire4 Classic
Rating: 3/5 Price: £54 / $99.95
Web: www.wacom-europe.com/uk
Even those put off by some of
Wacom’s more expensive

tablets can’t turn their nose
up at the Graphire4 range. Recom
Starting at just $99.95
Price: TBA (around £54) the tablet is
cheap enough to let you get the
Web: www.availabot.com feel of the stylus, without feeling like you’ve

N ow this really is a frivolity. As yet only a prototype, the

Availabot is designed to make you aware when your
instant messaging friends are online. For example, when
spent a fortune.
The Graphire4 Classic has everything
you need to get going with a tablet – a
working space of around A6 (which is great
your mate is online Availabot stands up straight, and when for enthusiasts, although pros might find this
they go offline your desktop buddy drops to the floor. a tad restrictive), 2000 dpi to allow pinpoint
A purely fun way of showing whether or not your mates are accuracy and a pen compartment to
store your new cordless and battery-free
online at any given time, the Availabot has one more trick up its
Wacom pen.
sleeve to ensnare you into buying. It can be made to look like Of all the gadgets you may want, this is one
you or your friends! No word yet on when this little gadget is you actually need. 5
going to be released or how much it’s likely to retail for (at time Rating: 5/5
of print), but we reckon unless it’s under a tenner, this is one
office gadget we can all live without. 5

Rating: 3/5

Advanced Photoshop

090-094_APM_21_resources.indd 90 19/7/06 15:16:09

High-tech treats Pantone Huey
Price: £69.95 / $127
Logitech MX1000 Laser Web: www.colourconfidence.com
Cordless Mouse
Price: £49.99 / $91
Web: www.logitech.com T o be able to work to your best, you have to be sure
your technology is working to its best too. And what
most people can overlook is proper colour
This was the world’s first laser mouse and
remains to this day a decent product. With calibration for their monitors.
an incredible 20 times more sensitivity to The Pantone Huey is a breakthrough. Able to
surface detail – or tracking power – than
work with LCD, CRT and laptop screens and
optical, laser can track reliably even on
compatible with Windows 2000/XP or Macintosh
tricky polished or wood-grain surfaces.
The MX1000 also offers some advanced OSX 10.3 and above, Huey is the size of a small Recom
features that will make you more productive marker pen and is the first monitor calibration device
and more comfortable, these include the to continually adjust a monitor as room lighting
sculpted thumb support and finger grips for
changes. With calibration complete in less than three
enhanced control, tiltable wheel for scrolling
sideways and illuminated four level battery minutes, you’ll be left with plenty of time for creativity. 5
indicator. One more plus point is that it’s
available in two hues – gunmetal silver and Rating: 5/5
onyx black – so no matter what your setup,
this will look fab. 5
Rating: 4/5

American Express
Price: £1028.99 / $1499
Web: www.apple.com Butterfly
Do you like to stand out Recom
mends Price: N/A
from the crowd? If so your
next purchase should be the
Web: www.americanexpress.com/uk

MacBook black. f you’re starting your own design business, could there
We’re all used to seeing the white Macs. be a better way to impress clients than to buy lunch on
People on trains rub them in our faces
(metaphorically only of course), students show
an American Express? Yes: buy it with the new Butterfly.
them off in the local parks and TV shows seem Only available to Gold Card holders, the butterfly comes in
to sport more than their fair share. However, its own sleek case that can be worn around the neck, but its
they’re all white. show-stopping feature is the fact it is jointed to bend in half.
The new MacBook from Apple features
The Butterfly, although not available to everyone, is embedded
Intel technology, a screen over 13 inches wide
as well as all of a Mac’s usual fare, and comes in with status and style that means it’s sure to turn heads. But a
either traditional white or the bold black. whole host of people wearing their cards round their necks in a
Which will you choose? 5 recognisable case can mean only one thing. Trouble. 5
Rating: 5/5
Rating: 3/5
HP TravelScan 860 Business
Card Scanner
Price: £36 / $67
Web: www.usbgeek.com/prod_detail.
php?prod_id=0283 Sony Mouse Phone
For people who are always meeting new Price: £55 / $100
clients, business cards can become more of
Web: www.sony.co.uk
an annoyance than a resource. However,
with this cool little portable scanner from

HP, that might all be about to change. f you want decadence, look no further than the Sony
As you get a new card you can simply feed
VAIO VN-CXI – a mouse and phone in one. If you like the
it into the miniature scanner and it’s stored
directly on your computer. The scanned concept, it could be the perfect gadget for a home office.
images can be converted into text using In mouse mode the VN-CXI is highly responsive, featuring
built-in optical character recognition 800dpi resolution that makes navigating files and the Internet a
technology, and can be imported directly into breeze. As an Internet telephone incoming calls are announced
Outlook or another client. Costing just £36,
by a LED on the mouse or by a ring tone if you prefer and the
you get the black and white scanner, cable,
software and carrying case. 5 device opens at the touch of a button to become a handset for
Rating: 4/5 hands free or normal calling. Weighing in at just 67g the VN-CXI
is available in black, silver or blue, but it’s the question that’s on
everyone’s lips we just can’t answer. Why? 5

Rating: 4/5

Advanced Photoshop

090-094_APM_21_resources.indd 91 19/7/06 15:04:07

Not all books are made equal, so we sort the wheat from
the chaff in the digitally obsessed literary world
Further reading
Artistic Techniques With Adobe Photoshop The Book Of Digital
and Corel Painter Photography
Author: Chris George
Publisher: Ilex
Price: £20 / $36
Author: Deborah Lynn Ferro ISBN: 9781904705857
Publisher: Amherst Media Web: www.ilex-press.com

Price: £21.99 / $34.95 Available from August, The Book Of Digital

ISBN: 1584281650 Photography is described by its publishers
as “its most ambitious single volume
Web: www.amherstmedia.com photography title to date” and after taking
a look at it we’d have to agree.

I f you want to branch out of the realms of Photoshop

and explore some new apps then this book is for you.
Looking at the way Photoshop works with Corel’s Painter,
Anyone trying their hand at being a snapper
will love this book. Looking at everything from
depth of field to focal length, lighting and
shutter speed to all aspects of manipulation.
this volume teaches even old hands at ‘Shop, new tricks. Because of the breadth of subjects, some
From selecting the right hardware and software to make your aspects are skimmed over that should be
digital masterpieces to revealing tricks to combine the effects of explored further, but for people with a good
basic knowledge, this is a fantastic book. 5
these two powerful apps, everyone will find something new in
this read. Possibly one of the most useful features of this book is Rating: 4/5
its advice on marketing and selling your images. Looking at the
advantages of producing limited editions, as well as revealing From Guttenberg
the must-knows behind pricing, marketing and the media, you’ll Moan over – as a whole the volume will teach you some To Opentype
find it invaluable. essential tools to combine the power of Corel and Adobe to Author: Robin Dodd
Publisher: Ilex
The book however, is severely lacking in photographic create collages, painterly effects, pencil sketches, watercolours Price: £19.99 / $36
presence. Although packed full of step-by-step tutorials on how and more. ISBN: 1904705774
Web: www.ilex-press.com
to create images within both apps, the lack of visuals makes the Top notch for a tenner, but for over 20 pounds you might feel
An informative and comprehensive history
techniques harder to follow and ultimately uninspiring. A few a little disappointed. 5 of type from the earliest markmaking to the
more photographs and a few less words would make all the present day, this book is a must-have for
difference to this book. Rating: 3/5 anyone working closely with typefaces.
A beautifully designed and laid out read, the
400 images to 192-page ratio certainly gets our

3D Game Textures: Create Professional

approval. Starting with the beginning of the
written word, to the introduction of printing, this
volume really sets the scene. Once we get to the

Game Art Using Photoshop modern day the book focuses on specific
typefaces and where they originated, looking at
how they are still used today. A little samey after
Author: Luke Ahearn a while, especially if you have no real interest in

the area, although if you’re looking for a new
Publisher: Focal Press
font for your site this might help out. 5
Price: £29.99 / $54 Recom
Rating: 3/5
ISBN: 0240807685
Web: www.focalpress.com
Automating Photoshop To
I t’s no surprise to learn that a lot of Photoshoppers are
also gaming and Internet enthusiasts. Spending most
of our time locked onto the computer for one reason or
Get Twice The Work Done
In Half The Time
Author: Matt Kloskowski
another, it’s great to know we can create what we’re Publisher: Peachpit Press
Price: £24.99 / $45
looking at. ISBN: 0321441656
3D Textures teaches you how to create professional-looking Web: www.peachpit.com

videogame textures with step-by-step tutorials. Also focusing This book reveals all the tricks, tips and
on teaching you the most efficient workflow critical for game techniques behind automating Adobe
Photoshop to save time and effort.
development, this is not a book that speaks down to you.
Written by Matt Kloskowski, education and
Using just Photoshop the book explores the skills needed to curriculum developer for the National
create grungy urban settings or rich fantasy worlds. From start Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP),
to finish the volume looks at the research behind the games, to the book can help you master Photoshop’s
powerful tools, and leave you wondering how
creating effective bullet holes, blood splatters and blast marks.
you ever got along without them. This guide will
Written by Luke Ahearn, a professional game developer with you want to part with your hard-earned cash, the CD-ROM extra also show you hidden actions and automation
more then 13 years’ experience in the business, this is not a read might just be. Packed full of everything you’ll need to get gems that are already loaded when you install
for Photoshop beginners. Ahearn was involved in the started developing your own game textures, the CD is the Photoshop CS2 – if you want to increase your
production of Dead Reckoning and America’s Army as well as perfect accompaniment to a great book. 5 speed, and get twice the work done with half
the headaches, this is the book for you. 5
having a hand in the backgrounds of some of EA’s biggest titles.
If the thought of learning from the best isn’t enough to make Rating: 5/5 Rating: 4/5

Advanced Photoshop

090-094_APM_21_resources.indd 92 19/7/06 15:04:33

Whether you want some Photoshop community, advice,
tutorials or inspiration, you’ll find it all on the web

Photoshop User What’s on the web

Web: www.photoshopuser.com
Photoshop Support
R un by the National Association of Photoshop
Professionals (NAPP), Photoshop User is the place for
training, education and news on Adobe’s finest app.
Web: www.photoshopsupport.com
Finding a site that provides you
with access to great brushes,
Although you have to become a member to enjoy the full plug-ins and offers can begin
benefits of the site, those benefits are numerous. From all the to seem like a challenge once Recomm
latest news on the Photoshop Expo to getting money off of you’ve trawled through the
net a few hundred times.
hardware, software and the like, or being able to showcase your
If you haven’t yet found Photoshop
work on their online portfolio and receiving the Photoshop User Support though, you should pop over there
magazine, the list is comprehensive. soon, as this fantastic site provides you with
However, membership does come at a cost and that isn’t opportunity to purchase many apps at a
discount, as well as providing a host of brush
cheap. Starting from $99 the membership will allow you access
and plug-in downloads.
to Photoshop TV but you might find you can get similar Other resources found on the site include
benefits elsewhere and for less money. 5 Flash and Dreamweaver tutorials as well as a
photo and Hard Drive recovery centre –
Rating: 4/5 providing lots of advice and support. Easy to
navigate and a good source of inspiration. 5
Rating: 5/5

Photoshop Café Photoshop Killer Tips

Web: www.photoshopkillertips.com
Web: www.photoshopcafe.com Produced by the NAPP, this site provides

visitors with access to an abundance of
roviding visitors with access to all things Photoshop,
Photoshop tips to make creating Actions,
the Café is a great place to visit. From online forums to batch processing, Histogram updates and
discuss your ‘Shop woes, to some fantastic tutorials more, easy.
provided by imaging experts, it’s all here under one roof. Subscribe to the site for free and get the
Created originally by Colin Smith, the site has grown to tips delivered straight to your Video iPod or
iTunes player (iTunes version 6 or higher only),
become a one-stop resource shop for image editors of all so no matter where you are you won’t miss
persuasions, including coverage of new features of CS2, out on the top tips.
competitions, book reviews and lots of useful links to Although other resources on the site are
thin on the ground – there’s just a handful of
Photoshop inspiration across the web.
links and the archived tips – the hints
A particularly fine feature on the website is the tips
themselves are well worth a look to improve
page. Whether you want to know how to create custom your Photoshopping abilities. 5
gradients easily or how to create a composite layer, this site Rating: 4/5
covers it all. Well worth a visit next time you’re online. 5

Rating: 5/5 Photoshop Contest

Web: www.photoshopcontest.com
We’re only too aware from our own forum
(www.advancedphotoshop.co.uk) that

Planet Photoshop you lot just aren’t happy unless you’re

being creative. And you’re even happier
when being creative also means being
Web: www.planetphotoshop.com really competitive!

Photoshop Contest hosts all the
f you want to chat to fellow Photoshoppers about web competitions one person could need. There’s
design, advanced techniques or just the basics, there’s a daily one to test your skills as well as
few finer places than within the Planet Photoshop forums. long-term contests to give you some extra
thinking time. You can also take a look
Although the community is still fairly small, it’s friendly and
through the site’s past winners in order to get
you’ll start seeing lots of familiar faces. But that’s not all this site some inspiration.
has to offer. Tutorials on the site cover a host of subjects – And that’s not all. With tutorials, forums,
photography, effects, text, web and so on – and the tip of the news, galleries and more, this is one site that’s
day is a really nice feature. sure to hold your interest for more than just a
moment. Highly recommended. 5
If you’re based in the US the most useful function will be the
events listings, which is a handy feature to help you see what’s Rating: 4/5
going on near you. For those based elsewhere in the world, the
resources tab brings up a page of useful links – making a
specific Photoshop search much easier. 5

Rating: 4/5

Advanced Photoshop

090-094_APM_21_resources.indd 94 19/7/06 17:10:07