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Interview I
Subject Name: Jacob
Subject Age: 21
Location: George Washington University
Nature of Encounter: Inside of study area (Library/Cafe). Approached him, introduced myself
and briefed the interview

Kaisheem: okay so can I have your name?

Jacob: Jacob

K: and where are you from Jacob?

J: uhhhhh, I'm from Boston.

K: Ahh, I've been to Boston before.

J: yeah it's a cool City.

K: yeah I was auditioning for schools down there yeah and it's pretty old Modern Age
yeah I'm from outside of Boston so not in the city but still near Boston

J:oh, oh yeah it's really cool

K: yeah it's a very calming Drive

K: okay so my question for you is: can you tell me about a moment in which you have
experienced or witnessed Injustice whatever it means you however you received it and you can
take as long as you want there are no right or wrong answers

J: So a moment in that I have personally have experienced injustice? or could it be a family

member of mine? Is that…

K: Whichever you would like to speak of.

J: Okay, um. I guess I could speak to, um. My grandmother was in the Holocaust, um, as a child,
so - I mean she survived but she was 4 years old and obviously the Holocaust is one of the
greatest historical examples of injustice in my opinion at least. Um so that has a large bearing on
my life and how I how I look at injustice towards any type of people, regardless of, um, doesn't -
whatever type of injustice. Racial, religious, um ethnic, um. So growing up knowing that like
basically my entire grandmother side of the family died because of - solely because of the fact of
their religion um, is is disgusting and it's really for me - I hate to say that it's had a positive
impact on my life but it's made me realize that like there's no real, um, what am I trying to say
um, there's no real *sigh* can’t think of the word

K: take your time

J: yeah Injustice is kind of random in a sense there's no reason behind it um. And that it's - it’s
really about the bystanders and you have to be an upstander not a bystander because that's how
my grandmother ended up surviving the war, and I think that's very important for that message to
be bestowed upon me and my brother and everyone else growing up during this time so yeah.

K:thank you for sharing that

J: yeah of course

K: I can understand that can be difficult to speak about

J:yeah naw it's it's fine

K:particularly with a stranger you just met

J:Nah nah I totally get it my grandmother's speaks to schools all around in Massachusetts by
story about Injustice in general yeah I went there a couple of times and I have spoken so I have
completely comfortable speaking about it so I don't have an issue I really appreciate you saying

K:wow thank you again for answering the question

J:of course

K:oh I forgot to ask you how old are you

J: Twenty one

K: senior?

J: Junior

K: hmmmm okay so one more year and then you’re done

J: yeah one more year and then I'm done.

Physical Notes:
● Toys with headphones
● Low pallate/low energy
● Soft focus
● Goes up for thoughts
● Rocking in the feet
● Occasional look to the side

Interview II
Subject Name: Phoebe
Subject Age: 21
Location: George Washington University
Nature of Encounter: Inside of study area (Library/Cafe). Approached her, introduced myself and
briefed the interview

K: can I have your name

Phoebe: Phoebe Van Ellen

K: im sorry, how do you spell that

P: Do you want me to uh ​*proceeds to spell the name out*

K: allen pahvebian

P: Oh, phoebe is my first name, van ellen is my last name

K: ohhhhhhhh, Van el- Phoebe Van Ellen Okay

P: Sorry, Im so sorry, yeah

K: Oh that makes sense

P: Yeah, im sorry

K: No its okay. So, where you from?

P: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

K: Oh, I have a friend from Philly

K: Okay so my question is: Can you tell me about a moment in which you have witnessed or
experienced injustice whatever Injustice means to you there is no right or wrong answer you can
take as long as you want to think about the question but you just tell me about a moment in
which you have witnessed are experienced Injustice

P: that's a pretty heavy question let me think about it for a second

K: that's all right


P: um, I guess for me it's never been like big moments of Injustice that I face or scene it's always
been like microaggressions like with Professor saying I don't know um getting validating things
about my sexuality or my friends gender identity is that kind of thing um

K: may I ask what your sexuality is?

P: I'm bisexual. so it's always been not like something major but rather um small things that
make me feel unsafe rather than necessarily acts of it

K: is there a time in which he made you feel uncomfortable in class?

P: um no because I tend to be a person that uh that's not out myself a situations where I feel that
way like if I feel like the professor wouldn't react well to that I wouldn't I don't know I'm sorry it
doesn't answer your question?

K: No it does I just wanted to know it's relatable as well just professor as well being on the edge
cuz I'm gay so thank you for answering my question

P: yeah sorry I wasted your time I was like thinking

K no it's okay thinking is part of the process you gotta think. I'm sorry I forgot to ask how old are

P: twenty one

K: so you graduate

P: ideally

K: so thank you again for answering my question

Physical Notes
● Fidgets with hand, sleeve
● Took long time to answer the question
● Uses fidget when nervous. Left hand.
● Looking up for thought
● Not lifted palette, slight rasp
● Soft spoken
● Relaxed-forward posture

Interview III
Subject Name: Quinn
Subject Age: 19
Location: American
Nature of Encounter: Inside of starbucks. Approached him, introduced myself and briefed the

K: so what's your name?

Quinn: Quinn

K: and where you from?

Q: Westchester Pennsylvania

K: a lot of people are from Pennsylvania yeah I have a friend in school she's from Philly

Q: mhmmm.

K: so every time I hear Pennsylvania I think of her

Q: oh really she's probably smiling ear-to-ear today

K: yeah, um okay. so, my question is can you tell me about a moment in which you have
experienced or witnessed Injustice whatever injustice means to you

Q: I have been lucky enough to not witnessed it with my eyes but like last year it was on this
campus um there was a racial terror incident

K: sorry im just getting

Q: its okay. there was a on a board in one of our buildings there was a racist sign on the board.
there was some Cotton On The Board as well and I think I ministration did a really good job
after that um and like once again I have been lucky enough to not see it with my eyes but I know
it's out there and I just think Injustice is more about like people people not getting a fair say in
things or like a fair role in Society um at least in American society so like (oh god)

K: Take your time

Q: so like its almost like when you hear in politics where is the big guy versus the little guy
almost and like you know people take advantage of others um because they feel maybe they're
superior to them um and you know that's not something that's really in our constitution like that's
not supposed to happen. um but I think injustice is everywhere and its kind of hard to describe i

K: hmm

Q: its very hard

K: its okay its okay. if you want to stop, you can. you don't have to.

Q: basically its just like people who think they can take advantage of others for their benifit and
that's injustice to me.

K: Quinn right?

Q: Yeah.

K: Thank you very much for your answer. That was really interesting to hear.

Physical Notes:
● Rubbing hands
● Quick eye flicker
● Slouched over
● Looked up for really distant thought
● Chill and warming demeanor