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Curriculum Vitae

Cornelis P. Willig
Senior Management Advisor – Risk Assessment

June 2001

DEPENDABLE Industrial Automation Consultancy B.V.

Herman Heijermanslaan 2; NL 2106 ES Heemstede
P.O. Box 42; NL-2110 AA Aerdenhout

Facsimile: +31 (0)23 547 1407

Email: office@diac.nl, cpwillig@diac.nl

Registered at the Chamber of Commerce Haarlem, no. 34099540

Curriculum Vitae - Cornelis P. Willig

Project role Project Manager, Senior Advisor, Senior Consultant.
DEPENDABLE Industrial Automation Consultancy B.V.
Herman Heijermanslaan 2; NL-2106-ES HEEMSTEDE,
P.O. Box 42; NL-2110-AA Aerdenhout; The Netherlands
Mobile telephone: +31 (0)6 53 644 328
Facsimile: +31 (0)23 547 1407
Email: office@diac.nl, cpwillig@diac.nl
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (Energy Systems), 1976.
M.Sc. Mechanical Control Engineering & Cybernetic Ergonomics,
Delft University of Technology, 1983.
Year of birth 1954.
Nationality Netherlands
Languages Dutch - Mother Tongue, English (fluent), German (fluent),
French (working knowledge)
Security status ‘B’: Secret (by BVD, Netherlands’ National Security Agency).

Safety Strategy and Safety (SIL) Classification for production plants.
Classification of Safety Systems: determination of required Safety Integrity Levels
(‘SIL’, IEC61508, IEC61511). Quantified Risk Assessment.
SIL Classification of plants, units, processes, initiators and final elements.
Strategic Design of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems.
Automation System evaluation and selection.
Reliability, Risk and Availability Assessments: analysis of costs & benefits.
Estimation and calculation of maintenance man-year efforts required for achieving target
availability levels of defined system missions.
Maintenance strategy for ICT, Instrumentation and Electrical Systems.
Risk Assessment, Validation and Qualification of Process Automation and ICT
systems in the Pharmaceutical Industry (GAMP: Good Automated Manufacturing
Dependable Advanced Control strategy & applications using e.g. on-line energy and
economical optimisation. Selection of Instrumentation, calculation of measurement and
control uncertainties.
Technical Audits & (Mechanical) Design Reviews of instrumentation, valves and
transmission drives.
Training. Defining and outlining training requirements.
Design of training programmes and congresses.

Industrial Automation Consultancy
Curriculum Vitae - Cornelis P. Willig


2000, 2001 Risk Assessments Water Manufacture.
2000, 2001 SIL Classification and Design Reviews of Final Elements.
2000 Process Simulation in Design Stage. Heat-exchanger control.
1999/ 2000 Valve Manufacturing: Reliability Assessment Shut-off Valve
Assessment of field performance of High Integrity Pressure Protecting System shut-off
valves in demanding safety-related applications. Review of new design standard.
1999/ 2000 Paper Industry: Reliability-related Technical Audit
Technical audit reliability survey on the current status of paper producing machines.
1999/ 2000 Food & Beverage: Dynamic Energy Control & Management
Master Control & Dynamic Energy Management of 4 combined cycle type steam and gas
turbine driven electrical generation units matching economically a medium to large plant
size’s requirements taking into account dynamically varying efficiencies.
1998/ 1999 Pharmaceutical: Risk Analysis GAMP-related ICT Systems.
GAMP-related Risk Assessment of Information & Communication Technology Systems
of a multinational pharmaceutical company featuring global company networks (Intranet,
Extranet, WAN, LAN; GAMP: Good Automated Manufacturing Practice).
1998/ 1999 Process Industry: IEC61508-related Safety Assessments & functional
safety system design.
1998 Aviation: Year 2000 issue.
Systematic assessments of Y2K issues for missions considered being vital by The
Netherlands’ National Government. Strategic Millennium Contingency Planning.
1998 Gas Industry: Maintenance analysis Gas Energy Delivery Registration
System. Economical analysis of man-years maintenance associated with target degrees of
availability performance under given maintenance strategies.
1997/1998 - Gas Industry: Availability Analysis Gas Energy Delivery Registration
System. Availability analysis of centrally registered custody transfer measurement data
using nation wide telecommunication infrastructure as well as comprehensive
Information, Communication Technology (ICT).
1997 – Rail: RAMS Specifications for Netherlands Railways Mega Projects.
Specification proposal of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety assessment
approach and specification of targets for new High-Speed train routes.
1997 - Chemical Industry: Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Classification of A Chemical
Production Unit. IEC61508 based determination of the required Safety Strategy and SIL
considering personnel safety, economical & equipment losses as well as possible
environmental consequences. Main design of the safety system.
1997 Chemical Industry: Electrical Systems’ Availability for a large size
production plant. Risk assessment identifying weak spots in the current electrical supply
system. Main design of improvements. Production loss costs estimations.
1997 - Chemical Industry: PFD and Spurious Trip Rate Analysis of An Existing
Safety System. SIL Performance of safety sensitive pipeline ring system.
1996 - Chemical Industry: Analysis of A Mass Balance Based Pipeline Leakage
Protection Safety System. Includes measurement uncertainty analysis.
1996 – SIL Assessment of High Integrity Pressure Protecting Systems.

Industrial Automation Consultancy
Curriculum Vitae - Cornelis P. Willig

1999 – present Lloyd’s Register. Senior Management Advisor Risk Assessment
contractor as a Lloyd’s Register Associated & Subsidiary Company.
1998 – present Univalid B.V. Eurovalid – Arthemius B.V. and Vipquip B.V.
Senior Advisor Computer Validation & Risk Assessment contractor
for the Netherlands’ Pharmaceutical Industry.
1996 - present AEA Technology Netherlands B.V.
With effect 10-2000: AEA Technology United Kingdom
Senior Consultant contractor Electrical and Instrumented Safety
Systems for the Petrochemical and Oil & Gas markets. SIL
Classification of production units and instrumentation; main system
design (AEA: non-nuclear commercial branch-off of Atomic Energy
1994 - present DEPENDABLE Industrial Automation Consultancy.
Own company activities concentrated on consultancy services as
outlined in the Key Skills section.
1994 - 1998 Utrecht Polytechnic Institute. Part-time Principal Lecturer
Operational Technology, Facility Management & Mechanical Eng.
1989 - 1993 Shell International Training Centre. Course Co-ordinator.
1985 - 1989 Shell Nederland Chemie. Location Moerdijk.
Section Head Internal Instrumentation Department.
1983 - 1985 Shell International Petroleum Company. Central Office.
Development Engineer Instrumentation & Process Control.
1981 - 1983 Deutsche Shell Raffinerie Harburg, Germany.
Process Control Engineer, introduction Estimated Quality Control.
1981 Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). Fleetwood and Welwyn
Garden City, Great Britain. Advanced multivariable control.
1978 - 1980 Royal Netherlands Navy. Commissioned Officer Special Services
1975 Stevin Dredging Company. Location Beverwijk, NL.
1975 Wacker Chemie. Location Burghausen, Bavaria, Germany. VC
unit detailed thermodynamically based efficiency assessment.
1974 - 1975 Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM), NL. Trainee
mechanical workshops, oil & gas field operations.
1974 Svenska Kullager Fabriken (SKF), Veenendaal, NL. Trainee
statistical process control high precision bearing mass production.
1972 - 1976 Geveke (Caterpillar), Amsterdam. Various holiday work.

Industrial Automation Consultancy
Curriculum Vitae - Cornelis P. Willig

Petro-chemical and Oil & Gas Industry:
• AEA Technology Netherlands B.V. (Atomic Energy Authority).
• ARCO Chemical.
• DOW Chemical (NL and Germany).
• DSM (various operating companies).
• EXXON Chemical.
• Kvaerner Process (for Shell Chemical Moerdijk)
• Mokveld Valves.
• NV Nederlandse Gasunie.
• Process Management & Control (PMC).
• Safety Service Center B.V. Safety Systems Consultancy
• Raytheon Engineers & Constructors (for Norsk Hydro Produksjon a.s).
• Tyco Valves & Controls (e.g. Vanessa, Biffi, Raimondi, FCT, project support).
• Zellweger Analytics (Gas detection & SIL issues).
Pharmaceutical Manufacture:
• Eurovalid-Arthemius b.v. (Risk Assessment, GAMP).
• Vipquip B.V. (Pharmaceutical Validation).
• Mallinckrodt Medical B.V.
• Microsafe B.V.
• Organon International N.V.
Food & Beverage Industry:
• Cerestar B.V.
• Tetra Pak Tebel B.V (manufacturer of automated cheese production plants)
• Turnkiek Business Improvement (advanced Statistical Process Control).
Pulp & Paper Industry:
• Lloyd’s Register.
• Parenco.
Ministry Of Defence:
• Royal Netherlands Airforce.
Water Manufacture:
• Duinwaterwaterbedrijf Zuid-Holland (DZH), public water productions company.
• NV Nederlandse Spoorwegen.
• SBC, PBNA – Elsevier Opleidingen (commercial in-company training).
• Ten Hagen Stam (invited co-author of Process Control Handbook).
• Delft University of Technology (guest Principal Lecturer).
• Post Graduation Education – Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. (Design,
development and re-modernisation of Courses, notably during 1994 and 1995).

Industrial Automation Consultancy
Curriculum Vitae - Cornelis P. Willig

• In-company presentations to Management Team of projects (examples: ARCO,
DOW, Gasunie, Mallinckrodt, Cerestar, DZH, Vanessa,).
Various presentations, for example:

• ISA (Instrument Society of America), March 1997 (‘Costs & Benefits of E-Systems’
• Dutch Society for Risk & Reliability (NVRB), May 1997, March 1999.
• Process Automation Days 1997 (collaboration of e.g. ISA, WIB, Royal Institute of
Engineers KivI, NIRIA, FME, Het Instrument, the branch organisation of
instrumentation in The Netherlands), November 1997 (‘ICT in Reliability Centred
• Euroseminars, April 1998 (‘Process Safety vs. Process Availability’).
• “De Leergang”, a traditional congress during the national exhibition of
instrumentation systems and (medical) laboratory systems, organised by ‘Het
Instrument’, October 1998 (‘Influence of Common Cause/ Dependent Failures’).
• ‘Risk Assessment & Computer Validation’ at the course ‘Advanced Good
Manufacturing Practices for Biotechnological Products’, April 1999.
• Dutch society of Industrial Pharmacists (“Nederlandse vereniging van Industrie
Apothekers”), May 1999, (title: ‘Computer Validation: Risk Assessment’.
• Mikrocentrum, Eindhoven, workshop chairman & presentation, June 1999, (title:
‘Vertical Integration: Strategic Considerations’).
• ISI (Industrial System Integrators), Rhoon Castle, ‘Software Quality Assurance: how
to achieve Credible industrial software integrations’
• Process Automation Days, 17 & 18 November 1999, Measurement & Technology
Session, C.P.Willig and Albert Visser (N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie): ‘Veiligheid en
Betrouwbaarheid in de Plant’ (Safety & Reliability in the Plant).
• Introduction to Reliability Technology for the Water production manufacture,
Duinwaterbedrijf Zuid-Holland, April 2000.
• SIL Classification related presentations for ‘Het Instrument’ (NL Branche
organisation for instrumentation, 10-2000) and Zellweger Analytics (11-2000).


• Member of the Royal Institution of Engineers KIvI.
• Board member of the KIvI sections Control Technology (MRBT: ‘Meet-, Regel-en
Besturingstechnologie’) for the maximum allowed 6 year term up to April 1999.
• Member of the Program Committee of the Dutch Society for Risk & Reliability
(Nederlandse Vereniging voor Risico en Bedrijfszekerheid).
• With effect from 1984 Organising Committee member of various national and
international workshops and congresses in the fields of Safety, Process Control,
Management Information Systems and Environmental Technology.

Industrial Automation Consultancy