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Asia Pacific College Students

February 250, 2018

Project Proposal: Bakit laging kulang?


In essence, the group project focuses on establishing or improving the Financial Literacy of
students. Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works: how someone makes,
manages, invests, and expends it. A student makes financial decisions every day, and this project
aims to prepare and inform the youth to live a lifestyle that is financially balanced, sustainable,
ethical and responsible.

Conducting seminars in Asia Pacific College (APC) will inspire students to make the most of what
they have, which will affect the quality of their lives significantly, and ultimately influence their
leading a comfortable debt-free life. At the end of the program, the group aims to convince
students to store their savings in a very responsible way—by keeping a bank account.

For the completion of their subject Applied Project 2 (APPROJ2), the group hopes to accumulate
meaningful experiences that will hone their skills as future responsible, professional accountants.

The Objectives are to help students to:

• Improve financial literacy

• Minimize the attitude of buying things or spending “just because you can”
• Articulate the benefits of having a spending plan
• Construct and commit to a budget
• Recognize the importance of saving money for an emergency fund

By the end of the seminar, the group will invite interested students to join a savings challenge.
Those who are willing to participate in this game will answering questionnaires regarding their
personal financial lifestyle. After compiling the data, an assessment will also be made regarding the
lessons they’ve learned during the seminar. The group would also encourage the students to use or
create their savings account. With this plan, the group will be able to track their deposits and
balance to see if there have been changes made because of this project. Students who have made
the biggest improvements in their financial lifestyle will receive a prize at the end of the project. In
conclusion, the group hopes that the participants would be able to enhance their ability to utilize
their resources for the best outcomes.

Asia Pacific College Students
February 250, 2018
Project Proposal: Bakit laging kulang?
Activity Dates
Approval of speaker February 20 – February 26
Advertise seminar February 23 – March 09
Conduct seminar March 09
Identify respondents of savings challenge March 09
Collect data from respondents March 23
Analyze results March 23 – March 30
Final output passed to professor April 20

Proposed by:

Professor Dr. Myrna Belen

Group leader Ma. Teresita Loren Rosaria
Members Lance Espedido
Janella Bonrostro
Ma. Teresita Loren Rosaria
Evenelle Velcaso
Alexis Imee Pasiliao
Georgia Galimba