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D19 ny things happen every day in kodambakkam which moves the wheels of time.

once in while something comes along, which affects the entire fabric of Indian
Cinema, it happens so rarely we that we have to grasp it in that moment.
Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru is a crime thriller directed by a 21 one year old Karthik
Naren from Coimbatore. Said to be inspired by the likes of movies like Prestige and
Kannathil Muthamittal, he has written and directed this Thriller starring Rahman in
the lead. We give you 8 exciting reasons why you must absolutely see this Movie.
1. Rahman is the lead. The actor of Puriyadha Pudhir, Sangamam plays the Police
officer investigating the crime.
2. This movie has no speck of commercial element. It�s a pure out and out
thriller flick that does not waste any time in unnecessary sequences.
3. Every character has to do something in this movie and their own significance.
You will miss those little details if you get distracted even a bit. Beware.
4. Excellent pssssscsdssdsd
erformances by every single character. Rahman is the only familiar face on this
movie. Everyone else is new.
5. This movie�s locations are present in real life, including the apartments
mentioned in the movie.
6. D16 has the highest rating in IMDB from the movies released in 2016. It is
rated 9.2, one of the highest ratings for any Indian movie.
7. This movie is his own production house, Knight Nostalgia Infotainment.
8. This movie is praised by critics and audience alike and is still running in
theaters and available on HeroTalkies now, in HD 5.1 surround sound.