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You must possess at least one Skill Rank in Martial Melee in order to enter this Expert Profession

Legionnaires usually carry themselves off as military

consultants, infiltrating aristocratic families, mercenary
bands and other fraternities in order to teach the martial
disciplines. Slowly but surely, the Legionnaires sways
their students into becoming barbaric killers, changing
from simple drills to ritualized gladiatorial combat and
hardened discipline to blood-addled sacrifices.

The Sanguine Legionnaire does not suffer the wizard,

seeing no value in anything but flesh and metal. That in
there lies their greatest weakness: they are often so
caught up in battle lust that they fail to plan, strategize
or even watch their own steps. Some never retreat out
of their self-inflicted rages, caring little for the
consequences. The Prince of Violence cares just as little,
for even a occultist’s death fertilizes the Material Realm
with blood and bone.

Slathering your weapon with sacred oil, you call forth to the Prince
of Violence to guide your hand. Hopefully, your invocation is
answered… but there are no guarantees when you toy with
Effect: You can Channel Power in order to increase
your chances to succeed Combat-based Skill Tests. This
follows many of the same rules as Channeling Power to
cast Magick, but with these specific requirements: you
must have a weapon in-hand, you must be able to see
Though all Daemons field a number of fearsome and speak, you substitute Resolve in place of
warriors, none are more unnerving than the battle- Incantation and a phial of sacred oil must be poured
hungry Sanguine Legionnaires. Forming the bulk of the onto the weapon before striking. This sacred oil is
Prince of Violence’s hordes, these bellicose soldiers see determined by your GM, based on the weapon you
the battlefield as their church and the blood of their intend to bedevil with chaotic might.
enemies as sacrament to their unyielding god of
bloodshed and war. Knowing their nature, the You may Channel Power by between one and three
recruitment of Sanguine Legionnaires is rather insidious, steps. However, if you generate one face ‘6’, you invoke
for the Prince of Violence knows that being too visible a Petty Manifestation. If you roll two face ‘6s’, you
will result in the elimination of His cult. Thus, Sanguine invoke a Lesser Manifestation and if three or
more face ‘6s’, you invoke a Greater Manifestation. Furthermore, if a Chaos Manifestation inflicts any sort of negative
effects upon you to Cast Magick, apply them instead to your Combat-based Skill Tests. The GM will change the effects
of the table to best match the mechanical results.


You obtain power, but at what cost? The eyes of your Daemon are fixated on you, judging you – eager to reward, or punish.
Effect: You immediately gain a Disorder. In addition, select one of the Prince of Violence’s Aspects and replace your
Order Alignment with it. Instead of gaining Fate Points, you may opt to gain a Daemonic Gift. Aspects and Daemonic
Gifts are found in Chapter IV: Liber Umbra. When you generate face ‘6’ with Chaos Dice, you invoke a Chaos
Manifestation. Furthermore, you must add 1 additional Chaos Die when Channeling Power. Finally, you can never be
affected by Magick intended to benefit you, nor can you adopt any Profession that uses Magick, ‘unlearning’ any spells or
Rituals you may have known before becoming a Sanguine Legionnaire.


SKILL RANKS Simple Ranged TALENTS Indifference
SKILL RANKS Toughness TALENTS Military Formation
SKILL RANKS Warfare TALENTS There Will Be Blood

Most Characters in grim & perilous games are institutions, or loss of faith. A Preacher fits the bill
vehemently opposed to the spread of Daemon- here; apathetic because the gods will not step in to
worship. Adopting a Daemon for a god seems help the meek, and frustrated because the gods uplift
detestable from a narrative sense. Although the wealthy. This may lead the Preacher down a
Characters are sometimes torn in two different alternative path; by pursuing heretical avenues, one
directions (referencing their Order and Chaos could bring change themselves without the aid of
Alignments), most lean towards Order to gain the religion or regency. One could simply say that there is
reward of Fate Points. However, in games that no overarching reason why people turn to devotion
embrace the more ‘disorderly’ elements of the system, of a Daemon. And because the reasons vary, one
one may be called towards the inevitable Daemon person’s motives to join may seem detestable, but
demigods of old. another’s motives may be entirely innocent. Daemon
worshippers are called occultists, and generally are not
People are drawn into the lure of Daemon-worship of the stereotypical bend: women and men, bearing
for a myriad of reasons. Some turn towards them due horned helmets, high collars, borne entirely in black
to their own curiosity or ambition. Take for instance and raising their glasses around the table to toast ‘To
the Cultist: a Profession which prides itself upon Chaos!’. No - instead, they are everyday citizens of the
drawing power from banned deities, far-flung god- community. They may be the local miller, a stone
heads or simply forgotten spirits that resemble gods. worker, a merchant or a community leader. They
Their lust for power may lead them towards the path likely attend church and pray to the local gods (albeit
of homage to Daemons. Others may turn to uttering devotion to Daemons within the church’s
Daemons due to their frustration with cultural privy), pay tribute to the law (but silently protest
beneath their breath) and do their best to blend into parted with their soul in exchange of a Daemon’s
common society (carefully hiding their own mutations power in the Material Realm. Unlike other faiths, the
beneath a veneer of politeness). It is only when their veneration of Daemons is almost always centered
shades are drawn and the sun goes down do they give around a charismatic leader. They seduce folk to their
praise their Daemon lords. Living a double life, they flock, using mental (and sometimes physical) tools to
take great pains to hide their affiliation and afflictions, break down the individual until they truly believe.
as Inquisitors and others are always on the look-out These agents have no illusions about what they do,
for heretics. and precisely know what role they’re playing. If you
choose one of the handful of Expert Professions that
Daemons are entirely unlike traditional gods Whereas are specifically designed to as an
a god’s flock venerates them in preparation for the occultist of a Daemon, you are likely one of these
afterlife (to seek absolution), those who devote same individuals: a wolf-in-sheep’s clothing, whose
themselves to Daemons are strictly concerned with charge is to convert others to meet your Daemon’s
earthly matters (a conflict of passions). Occultists end goals in the Material Realm.
aren’t guaranteed an afterlife, as they’ve willingly


Traditionally, Corruptive offenses will send a Character down the path to chaos, and the gods or whomever watches
over them will ‘reward’ them with Fate Points. But for occultists, the opposite is true. By acting against the
Daemon’s desires and giving into petty emotions, they continue down the path of chaos. While the Daemons may
be borne of chaos, it is by fulfilling their aspirations and motivations that Daemonic influence spreads, thereby
raising the occultist’s favor.

Every Daemon has three specific Aspects - strong feelings and desires - which drives their agendas. They are human-
like characteristics of the Daemon - an extension of their metaphysical personality that spreads their Corruptive
influence into the Material Realm. Occultists commit themselves to one of the three Aspects to further the
Daemon’s cause.


The Black Lodge Dirge Singer Depraved Vexing Xenophobic
The Endless Gullet Butcherpriest Antagonistic Caustic Voracious
The Hellfurnace Sirocco Prophet Destructive Incendiary Wrathful
The Outsider Opener of The Way Anarchic Mutinous Nihilistic
Prince of Change Infernal Saboteur Inexplicable Manipulative Treacherous
Prince of Decay Minister of Rot Cancerous Entropic Parasitic
Prince of Pleasure Ecstatic Celebrant Decadent Perverse Sadomasochistic
Prince of Violence Sanguine Legionnaire Homicidal Ruinous Vainglorious
The Slavering Maw Witch Doktor Brutal Cunning Greedy
The Thirteen Grey Vivimancer Cabalistic Tyrannical Zealous
The Witch-Queen Rime Maiden Cold-hearted Narcissistic Vindictive
selected, replace your Character’s Order Alignment
with the Aspect. However, unlike standard Order
Ranks, you’ll grow in ‘Aspect Ranks’ as you fulfil the
motivations of your Daemon. This means that
whenever you act in defiance of this Aspect (playing
to your Chaos Alignment), you’ll gain Corruption (as
outlined under Corruptive Offenses from the
Gamemastery chapter in ZWEIHÄNDER).
However, if the offense furthers the desires of your
Daemon, you do not gain Corruption points for it.

‘Pastor’ Sterling turned away from the gods long ago, and
became an Infernal Saboteur in Advanced Tier. His Order
Alignment was Duty, and Chaos Alignment of Fatalism. He
then replaced the Order Alignment with the Aspect of
Manipulative (as required by his new Expert Profession).

Faced with a situation where action was necessary and could be

turned into his immediate favor, Pastor Sterling leaned into his
Chaos Alignment of Fatalism and did nothing. However, his
Daemonic god demands that he fulfill the Aspect of being
Manipulative. The GM then gave Pastor Sterling 6
Corruption for defying the will of his Daemonic master.

Once an Aspect is chosen, it is immutable. Unlike an

Order Alignment, you cannot change what Aspect of
Once entering an Expert Profession that is devoted to the Daemon you represent.
Daemon, you’ll choose one of three Aspects. Once

Whenever you would increase your Order Ranks to 10, you would traditionally gain a Fate Point. However, an
occultist to a Daemon offers an enticing alternative. When your Order Ranks are equal to 10, either reward yourself
with one Fate Point, or roll on a table to gain a Daemonic Gift. This reflects the attention your patron Daemon has
given in your favor for spreading their desires upon the Material Realm. Daemonic Gifts will be spelt out later in
this excerpt.

Cut from many a stripe and fashion, not every Daemon is necessarily ‘evil’. They do, however, espouse a universal,
callous indifference towards the betterment of mankind. Daemons implore their followers to spreads the ‘faith’:
meaning, remake the world in their vision by embracing their earthly passions, sharing their wants and executing
upon their desires. This is all done irrespective of the faith of gods upon the Material Realm, oftentimes putting
them at odds with one another. Save for the Abyssal Princes - who are Chaos Made Manifest - Daemons are usually
conflated with the eldritch gods and elemental spirits of an older age. Many an Old Believer prescribes to their
worship, sometimes without realizing that the godhead they invoke is indeed a Daemon.

What follows are a mere inkling of the myriad of Daemons of a grim & perilous world. We have only included the
Prince of Violence for our excerpt.


The Prince of Violence is perhaps the most well-known of all Abyssal Princes, making His presence well-known in
the Material Realm. He embodies the powers of hatred, rage, bloodshed and cruelty. He sees no allies in the other
Princes, rather just worthy opponents that must be struck down. He has an enmity towards Magick of all types, and
thus does not grant any of his followers the use of spells. Instead, he instills within them a medium to disrupt the
Æthereal Veil by channeling raw chaos-stuff from the Abyss into their weapon. He is often associated with the
sanguine humour, the color red, the number eight, the element of fire, young bulls and summer.

Those who devote themselves to the Prince of Violence are called Sanguine Legionnaires. Forming the bulk of the
Prince of Violence’s hordes, these bellicose soldiers see the battlefield as their church, and the blood of their
enemies as sacrament to their unyielding god of bloodshed and war. The Sanguine Legionnaire does not suffer the
wizard, seeing no value in anything but flesh and metal.

FORBIDDEN LORE: The Prince of Violence bears a special hatred towards the Prince of Change. His occultists
are particularly brutal and sanguine, bristling at any moment to strike down their enemies with bloody vengeance.
Prince of Violence’s bronze and onyx fortress roves across the torrid Abyss atop the backs of millions of tortured
souls that sold themselves to Him in life. The stench of sulfur and death surrounds the Prince of Violence, as he sits
atop a crumbling throne of goat skulls.


the exsanguination of the dead, everything must be
done with an inflamed spirit. Your Daemon does not
often condone premeditated murder, but in you, He
demands it. Although you are beyond a shadow of a
doubt a cold-blooded killer, the killings you do are
highly ritualized and always done to spread His
influence. Sanguinary outcomes portray your
reverence, and every sacrifice must be a part of a
larger scheme or plot.

RUINOUS: It is not enough to kill, but to also lay

bare - burn the village; salt the earth; hear the
lamentations of the women. The Prince of Violence
wants to reseed the world with the blood of His
enemies. Only through wanton violence can your
Daemon prosper, and civilization must be scourged,
flayed and hanged to build upon His throne’s dais of
skulls. The end is nigh, and you are its instigator.
Blood for the blood Daemon, skulls for his skull

VAINGLORIOUS: There is no value in senseless

killing, no sport in slaughtering the lame and
younglings are unworthy to be brought before your
sword. Pride is not a sin - it is a path to reaching a
greater glory with the Prince of Violence. Only by
dominating the strong can come the harvesting of the
weak, and this harvest shall be bountiful! All must
HOMICIDAL: The Prince of Violence is large in recognize and honor your martial prowess, and those
actions and motives - whether it be burning hatred or who doubt it will be brought to heel.

D100 Gift Description
Upon receiving this Gift, roll a 1D6 Chaos Die. If the result is face ‘1-2’, your skin turns pitch
black (permanently add 1 to [BB]). If the result is face ‘3-4’, your skin turns ruby red
Annealed (permanently add 2 to [BB]). If the result is face ‘6’, your skin turns to brass (permanently add 3
1 to 10 Sinew to [BB]). In all cases, you no longer suffer from the Dangerous Quality while unarmored.
11 to Every time you suffer Damage, you must attempt to succeed a Resolve Test. If you fail, you
20 Blood Frenzy immediately succumb to the effects of 3 doses of red cap mushrooms.
21 to Unsettling Whenever you first encounter another Character, you may provoke Stress if you're in Basic Tier,
30 Countenance Fear if you're in Intermediate Tier or Terror if you're in Advanced Tier.
When you suffer an Injury or begin to Bleed, all those who are caught within a Burst Template
must Resist with a Resolve Test or be made subject to Confusion. While Confused, they must
roll 1D6 Chaos Die as their Turn starts. If the result is face ‘1‘, they lose 1 AP on this Turn. If
the result is face ‘2‘, they lose 2 APs on this Turn. If the result is face ‘3‘, they elect to run in a
random direction. If the result is face ‘4‘, they elect to attack the nearest ally. If the result is face
‘5‘, they do nothing. However, if the result is face ‘6’, they are left Helpless. Once subject to one
31 to Fetor of of these effects, they can attempt to Resist at the beginning of their Turn to shake it off. Foes
40 Hatred who attempt to Resist must flip the results to fail their Skill Test. You are immune to its effects.
Your hand (and any weapon you wield within it) takes upon the effects of the spell Anoint
Weapon. Upon receiving this Gift, roll a 1D6 Chaos Die. If the result is face ‘1-2’, your hand
glows red-hot on command, and provides a significant amount of heat and light (equivalent to a
torch). If the result is face ‘3-4’, your bare-handed attacks can now cause Serious and Grievous
Injuries, thereby gaining the Vicious Quality. If the result is face ‘6’, you permanently fuse any
single one-handed weapon to your arm. Although you gain the penalties normally associated
41 to Hand Of with the Veteran's Hand Drawback, you can never be Disarmed with that weapon. It also takes
50 Doom upon the Castleforged Quality.
51 to You suffer a permanent loss of 9% to Fellowship, Intelligence and Willpower. However, you
60 Hell-bent permanently gain 9% to Brawn, Combat and Perception.
61 to Living When you are treated by a healer for any purpose, they never require bandages. In addition, you
70 Sutures automatically recover three steps up the Damage Condition Track every 24 hours.
71 to While Engaged with a foe, you may make an Opportunity Attack bare-handed. If successful, it
80 Malice's Smile inflicts no Damage, but injects a single dose of scorpion venom.
Whenever you Resist Magick, you may flip the results to succeed at Resolve Tests. Whenever
81 to Wretched you are targeted by a Magick spell cast at you (referring to the Distance entry for Magick), your
90 Collar foe must succeed two Incantation Tests to be targeted (unless it is a Critical Success).
Unless your foes invoke your True Name before casting Magick, it fails to affect you. This also
91 to means that Magick, Rituals and other miscellanea can be used to summon, contain and control
99 True Name you.
Your forehead is marked with a symbol of your Daemon, visible only to your Daemon's
occultists, by Wytchsight or Magick. You gain a set of chaos armor, which has no Encumbrance
but acts as munitions plate. It also takes upon the Castleforged Quality, As a result, you ignore
Mark of the Heavy Quality of armor to cast Magick. Additionally, add +9% to Brawn. Finally, you may
100 Violence flip the results to succeed Fellowship-based Skill Tests with those of your same faith.
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