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Gil Peretz International Releases a New Book 'Barack Obama’s Secrets of

Influence and Persuasion'

Survey: 60 Percent of Israelis: “President Barack Obama’s Best Quality is His Power of Persuasion
and Public Speaking Skills.” 50 Percent: “Obama is the Best Speaker among Western Countries’
Leaders.” Poll: 60 percent of Israelis view “Power of persuasion and public speaking skills” as
President Obama’s strongest personal characteristic. 10 percent consider that his strongest quality
is “daring.” A further 10 percent consider that “the striving for excellence” is his most prominent

Tel Aviv, Israel, September 13, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Poll's additional disclosure: fifty percent of Israelis
view President Obama as the best speaker among the leaders of the western countries.

These findings were revealed by the first survey of its kind undertaken in Israel by Market Watch, a
research and public opinion poll company. The telephone poll was carried out on a national sample of the
mature Jewish population in Israel, (aged 18 +), in celebration of the publication in Israel of the new book
“Barack Obama's Secrets of Influence and Persuasion,” by Gil and Nili Peretz.

According to the survey results:

Almost half of Israelis rank President Obama as the best speaker among leaders of the western world.

Poll results:

President of the United States, Barack Obama - 47 percent.

Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel - 12 percent.
President Sarkozy of France - 10 percent.
Prime Minister of Italy Berlusconi - 7 percent
New Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron - 2 percent.

Analysis of the survey's findings reveals additional results:

A: Gender comparison: 66 percent of men in Israel think that President Obama's most prominent quality
is his power of persuasion and rhetoric. A little more than half the women chose this quality (53 percent).

The percentage of women, who chose “daring” as the President's dominant quality, is almost double the
number of men (12.9 percent of women versus 6.8 percent of men).

Comparison among the leaders, more than half the men (54 percent) chose President Obama as the best
speaker, compared to 41 percent of the women.

President Sarkozy received the support of 11.5 percent of womens votes, in comparison to 7 percent of
mens votes.

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B. Comparison by age: young people at the ages 18 - 24 chose the “daring” quality twice as much as the
rest of the population age groups, as President Obama's strongest quality: 19.8 percent of young Israelis
chose this quality. 50.1 percent of them chose his rhetoric ability facing an audience.

The book “Barack Obama's Secrets of Influence and Persuasion” was written in Hebrew by an Israelis
couple who are experts in their fields: the international speaker Gil Peretz, together with the excellence
researcher, Nili Peretz, and was published in Israel by “Matar” Publishers, who publish Hebrew
translations to works by Jack Weltch, Tom Peters, Spencer Johnson, Ken Blanchard, Lee Iacocca, Harvey
Mackay, Robert Kiyosaki, Dan Arieli and Rudolph Giuliani.

Gil Peretz lectures across the globe on Obama's effective secrets of communication, and the manner they
can be utilized in speeches, presentations, sales meetings, and appearances in the media. Over the last two
decades, Peretz has been advising and coaching company directors, international corporation chairmen
and politicians in various countries, in preparation for important appearances in the media, and toward
significant speeches in their career.

Among others he has in the past coached and advised two Israeli Chiefs-of-Staff, ministers and

Gil Peretz has worked with directors of international organizations such as: Microsoft, Allergan,
Merck/MSD, Teva, HP, Hilton, British American Tobacco, Manpower, M-systems, SAP, and more.

Gil is a member of the American NSA (National Speakers Association) and each year has been invited to
appear tens of times across the globe at conventions attended by several hundreds to thousands of
participants. Gil is considered a virtuoso speaker, with rare presentation talents, and a special ability to
bond with any audience. Participants at his lectures feel that he speaks to each and every one of them
individually, as if it were an intimate talk. The participants always leave with insights for immediate
implementation, and no less important, with a sense that they had taken part in a special intellectual and
emotional experience.

Media Contact:

Gil Peretz
Telephone: ++972 50 5702640



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